Lost in Spaaace! (RP Thread)

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"... sure if you heard this yet Eli...have some intruders, you ar...stay put and do wh...keep your ears open and hide if you he...adioed you beforehand. Okay?"

Finally "Yeah I copy most of that, comms are kinda buggy down here." He replied. "Don't know if you caught my last, but I've found a fair bit of ammo." While he'd been waiting for a response earlier, Eli had explored the poorly lit bay some more. They had obviously begun loading the bay with supplies before the attack, because the place was littered with crates that had been throwing about.

Unfortunately aside from the crates of Culler ammo, most were of little use. One useful thing he did find however was a powered pallet jack and using that, he was able to make a decent barricade in front of the door...assuming the intruders didn't have explosives. That done, he moved all the ammo he'd found to a workshop at the far end of the bay, and built a second barrier with more crates. Once he was finished, Eli cut the lights to everywhere but the workshop.

Johann placed the headset over his face, activating it as he did so. A small map appeared in the left-hand corner of his eye, with a blue line winding it's way across it. Their route, he supposed.
He nodded to David, and turned to Jake's group.
"If all goes well, we'll radio you and we can meet back here, along with our Extra-terrestrial friends if they feel like coming along. If they seem to want you to come aboard their ship, politly refuse. Keep your voice at a calm steady level, and don't make any hand movements. And please for the love of god put that gun where no-one can see it. Attempt to play cards with them or something. Or just talk. But please don't do anything that you deem significant without asking me. I', trained for this."
He cleared his throat.
"Right. Off we go then."
He turned and set off towards the stairwell without checking if David was following.

David was starting to sweat excessively.
"Right...offf we go..." He voice breaked a little as he followed Johann with his Rifle on his back and his gun in his hands, despite this, he didn't feel at all safe.
once out of ear shot of the others he asked "Sooo...howw likely is they, them, the aliens going to attack?...just errrrr...uummm...I was onnnllyyyy. Trained for Human combat, yeah..."
He really didn't want to reveal his fear of Aliens.

"If all goes well, we'll radio you and we can meet back here, along with our Extra-terrestrial friends if they feel like coming along. If they seem to want you to come aboard their ship, politly refuse. Keep your voice at a calm steady level, and don't make any hand movements. And please for the love of god put that gun where no-one can see it. Johann laid it all out, Jake made sure the culler wasn't peeking out by buttoning his suit-coat to better hide the shoulder holster.

Attempt to play cards with them or something. Or just talk. But please don't do anything that you deem significant without asking me. I've trained for this...Right. Off we go then." with that Johann and David walked out of the room.

"Okay, we are headed to Hydroponics, which is pretty damn close. At least this will be all over quick." Jake looked back at Iskierka trying his best to appear confident. He went off down the hall and within a few moments was closing on their destination.

In the Medical Labs, As David and Johann got closer and closer. Room after room until the two of them heard a bone shattering crack. "Rebal uor doqim duer ami." an oddly effeminate voice said. "Fssiru er ma baak, xyd op rdessss oxsi da dird vedu ed. Dolq Flard uor mad doqim duer ami, ra ruossss yri ed hal ossss dirdr."

As the two got closer and closer behind an open doorway, they would see something... Someone. It would be downright immediately obvious that it was not human. Though, humanoid would best describe it. "Scacheri, Ka mad seqi duiri vesss-ssed olior!!" It would shout as it stood in front of an operating table. The table had what looked like a WWI era rifle, mostly made of wood and with a metal barrel. A bolt to load each round, and a rather large magazine affixed to the top of it. It ignored the rifle as it worked on the dead man on the table.

The creature itself had large, darkened demonic scaled wings. It had a slight red tinge to them, but not from blood. It would appear natural as it's wings would disappear under what looked like a bright silvery coat. It was extremely similar to a lab-coat in the sense that it hit most of it's figure as it procured syringes out from underneath to do it's horrible work, holding it up with a scaled hand to inspect the needle for a moment, showing off odd fabric strips, red in color with white trim wrapped around it's arms. "Scacheri." It said, it's head hidden by what actually looked like a short length of black hair, and the collar of the coat.

"Scacheri?" it asked, taking a step back with one large metallic boot to look over it's shoulder. It's face now visible, showing off a lot of similarities between it, and humanity's image of a dinosaur. She had bright, golden eyes, and what looked like quite visible eye-ridges, probably to show off expressions the same way we do. It seemed to have a rather rounded snout as well, but her mouth was slightly open, something that would show off what looked like some awfully sharp teeth upon inspection, white teeth as a heavy contrast to the darkened scales on it's face.

What would this 6 and a half foot feminine figure see?


"Both creatures have entered Hydroponics." The AI warned Jake. "All of the doors have closed normally. Therefore, I have locked them. The door you open will be the only way out."

Once the two, Jake and Iskierka have entered the long hallway, a bright white door with a symbol of a plant on it would be between them, and the creatures. It was now, or never. The door would open quietly, after all... Studies have shown that plants react to sound. Between the rows upon rows of plants were two figures. Both, quite obviously non-human, but humanoid is an excellent word to describe them... Or at least one of them.

A tomato was tossed up in the air and caught by a small creature, maybe just under 5 feet. "Yay veru, i'ay vaysk iod duiri..." It said cheerfully. Walking toward the other figure. This one, that spoke with an average tone in it's voice had blackened hair, darker scales and what looked like a protective, padded suit. The suit was dark in color, and the pads had a lighter tinge to him. On the small of it's back, above where a tail would be on the creature was what looked like a small tank. In it's other hand, it held what looked like an ancient rifle, using it as a walking stick, butt of the rifle on the ground as it ate the tomato. "Wi ruaysk doqi duiri xovq."

"Ssssesimvi! Tuiri vliodylir. Tuii onniol da uozi ipxikkik Kelom Sulemi emda duiel issivdlamevr." The other figure replied, shouting at first, but then calming down as it inspected an embedded computer into the wall. The computer more than likely contained information regarding the monitoring if water, and health of the plants. This large figure appeared to be dressed in rags, sewn together with large thread. It's posture appeared to be hunched over slightly, possibly not by choice as a large cable, running from the right mechanical hand ran along it's arm, up to it's neck. Her other arm, in it's entirety was also mechanical, but skeletal and primitive in design. It appeared to have two holes on the back of it's shirt, showing off what looked like two amputated stumps for additional, yet quite small limbs.

The Cybernetic creature also had a rather primitive "spring" design prosthetic leg. The scaled creature was as black as space itself, It appeared to have strange strips of fabric around it's body, a bright purple one, around it's neck. A set of sandy-tan ones around it's legs, shin, and thigh. These had a silver trim, while bright yellow strips wrapped around it's feminine figure, around it's stomach. "Wuod? Hav er duod narrexsi!?" The smaller one asked, tossing the tomato aside and grabbing it's rifle to run to the one with prosthetics. Despite it's awful posture, the smaller one was still dwarfed by the one with prosthetics.

"Id er vssiolssi rebm." The larger one replied as the two started to get a little two close to the computer system across the room, inspecting it very closely.

Iskierka tried her best to remain calm as she followed Jake toward Hydroponics. The drones wouldn't arrive before they did, so they would be walking in blind. Iskierka NEVER enjoyed the feelings associated with lacking knowledge - it introduced too many variables, too many possibilities, too much uncertainty, and too much danger.

As she and Jake made there way through the dark metallic halls, she kept her hand on her gun, fingering the safety with nervous energy. She fiddled with the extra magazines she had; memorizing their positions, moving them to be more accessible, and repeating the cycle endlessly like a computer program caught in a loop. Time passed at speeds both too fast and too slow. Each second felt like an eternity in the dark halls as the slowly moved forward. Yet, simultaneously, as they grew closer and closer to the bay, the fear tightened it's grasp, each step drawing them toward the unknown danger within - time could not pass slow enough.

All this proved only one thing: relativity was bullshit.

After what was both too long and too short, they arrived outside the solid door to the agricultural bay. Looking at her fellow doctor, she asked him "You ready, Dr.". As she said it, Iskierka took a position next to the door to provide cover should worse come to worst.

As if to answer her question, Codex opened the door. Taking a peak around the doorway she watched the exchange between the two in-human beings. Her breath remained caught in her throat. It took all her mental fortitude to pull away from the sight - returning her breath before she passed out from oxygen deprivation. She turned to her companion, equally stunned, and whispered "Okay... aliens are real and on our ship... any idea what to say?"

Already her mind was running through all the information she had witnessed - they had decaying tech, yet had made it to a their ship. Were they scavengers? Pirates? And what were they looking at with the water system? Did they need it? Is water precious in this corner of the universe - well more precious? What more, how were they supposed to communicate with beings who not only didn't speak English, but had never even heard of it.

Johann fraised a finger to his lips, and quietly opened the door. His eyes widened as he saw the creatures.
"Well, here we go...
He took a step foward into the room, and coughed.

David just stood there totally frozen with fear, they were just as bad as Xenomorphs, at least in his eyes.
His mind commanded him to run but his body didn't answer so instead he just stood there, eye glazing at that "Thing".
He was like in a nightmare he couldn't wake up from.

The winged creature eyed Johann in the Medical labs. More of her figure could be seen better now. Behind that coat were a few straps of syringes on her thighs. Most of which had something red, or clear in them. Her actual body was quite thin, and appeared light. Down low, where her boots could not cover her shins, one could see the fabric, similar to the strips around her arms, only these ones were just red. It was a heavy contrast to her dark clothing underneath.

As she stepped back, reaching behind her for the rifle, another voice could be heard, a low tone, probably from something you could only assume was big, burly, and tough could be heard. "Da mad, Scaskan." The winged one kept her hands by her side after hearing that.

Another creature entered the long room, ducking down through the doorway. This one looked a little more male in it's appearance. It's head almost reaching up and hitting the ceiling. Thankfully, the lights were embedded in the ceiling above. As it walked down the room toward Johann, it's armor would probably make Cullers seem a bit less effective. Shoulder pads, dark padded clothing. Even through the pads were a lighter color, it was easy to see why these creatures might prefer a darker environment for safety. Attached to each thigh was a long blade, probably about 2 feet long. The handle could be held so that the blade would always point away from a closed fist.

Finally, he appeared to have a rather heavy piece of cloth, hiding the space between it's legs. Probably, also armor, but more decorative it appeared, just like the strips of cloth wrapped around it's body and legs. Black, with red trim around the shins, Black, with gray trim around it's arms, An odd teal color around it's body, and finally, a short dark blue one was around it's neck. It kept it's distance from Johann, getting down on one knee so he could probably be a little more on level. There were some facial differences between the two, his had a bit more of a boxy snout, and a calm demeanor. "Wisvapi!" It said before placing a hand on it's chest. "Scacheri."

OhgodohjesusshitasscockprickFFUCK! David cursed to himself as the Guy Alien neared Johann.
He was half-thinking of unloading all his ammo and getting to the escape pods if there were any left, but seeing as he could get himself to move let alone aim straight.
He quietly prayed to god that this "Thing" would get bored and leave with it's Facehugger Children.
A Warm wet feeling flowed down his le-....
"Oh Shite..." David realised he just pissed himself.

The door slid open silently to hydroponics and that's when reality was forever changed. Jake didn't understand the language he could hear and the voices speaking them sounded strange...almost like they were being produced by something inhuman. As he leaned forward the creatures came into view, the hairs stood up on the back of his neck and he experienced something that felt like blood rush to the head. He froze, only able to stare, he was in unfamiliar territory here, all the signs, the body cues, the speech differences, everything he had come to rely on to help him understand someone were useless here. What looked like anger could easily be joy for these creatures, he had absolutely nothing to go on.

"Okay... aliens are real and on our ship... any idea what to say?" Iskierka whispered. You could have prepared for this moment millions of times, in a million different ways and you'd still feel unprepared. Jake noticed the discarded tomato on the floor, it had been partially eaten.

"Well, that's something at least." Jake whispered looking towards the fruit, he reached over and plucked the nearest fruit he could find, a bright green apple. "Stay back, no reason to expose both of us just yet." he whispered to Iskierka.

Jake walked out into the open, stretching his arm out, palm up, holding the apple, "share."

"Stay back, no reason to expose both of us just yet." Jake said, grabbing an apple as he walked into the room. She agreed, and remained beside the doorway, ready to pop out if needed. A second later, she heard him say. "share". presumable offering the apple. to one of the creatures.

Unwilling to leave him completely exposed, she drew her gun while still out of view and listened closely for the sound of conflict. Then she waited, her breath caught in her throat.

In Hydroponics, the two creatures seemed rather focused on the panel... The large cybernetic one almost seemed to be doing something with it at Jake approached them. When he said the word, he'd grab the attention of both of them, the smaller a lot more abrupt than the other.

As the smaller, suited creature turned around, letting out a "hunh?" Jake got a good look. It appeared to have brown eyes, and dark scales around it's box-like snout. "Aah!" it shouted, lifting the gun up to point it at Jake. Very quickly, the other one was able to look around, assess the situation, and grab the gun, pulling it up, and out of his hands as she smacked the back of his head with a mechanical hand. "Yay oli om ekead." The cybernetic one told the other as he put a hand up to where he was hit.

The two of them watched Jake for a moment. The smaller one in a suit was rubbing the back of it's head, while the cybernetic one, much taller hunched over a little, inspecting Jake with a bright red mechanical eye, and her natural organic gold colored eye. Other than the bare-bones prosthetics, another notable difference was her snout was a bit more rounded as well. That, and she had a very feminine figure under the sewn rags that covered her body.

"Soneimd?" the smaller one asked, stepping forward to take the apple. The other one appeared quite smug as it kept the rifle pointed down at the floor. It appeared that her mechanical hands were quite a bit too large to properly use it.

(Captcha: for keeps? XD)


'oh, shite...' was right. In the Medical Bay, both of the creatures looked at David. The one with the coat chuckled, with a smile, moving a hand up to hide it's face, as the other creature, the large one close to Johann looked away for a moment. "Capi vedu pi." The large one said in it's low voice, waiving an arm as if to say 'come over' as it stood up, turning away slightly. It looked over at the winged one and added "Yay daa, Scaskan."

The response was a panicked turn around. The winged one started to put everything away, then, as an after-thought, put a blanket over the cadaver she might have been working on. She grabbed her rifle and kept it pointed down to the floor with a smirk.

David pointed to himself as the Alien seemed to wave him over.
He sobbed slightly out of fear as he edged over.
David made a note of the female...-ish... Alien with the rifle, though given how shaken he was, He knew for a fact that if she did want to plant eggs in his chest, there would be little he could do.
His mind raced with panicked thoughts and he was half thinking of running for it should the chance occur.

Jake was at a loss for what to do next. "Soneimd?" the smaller creature said as it stepped forward and took the apple from Jake's hand. It could have meant anything, maybe it was asking if it could take it, maybe it was saying 'food', it sounded curious by its tone at least.

These were the types of stories that would be remembered for all time, talked about for the entirety of humanities existence, meeting others among the stars, this had the power to end the war.

Or I could be dead in the next thirty seconds, focus.

"Hello, I am known as Gallows, I don't understand your language, if you understand me please try to communicate that fact to me." Jake gestured to himself as he said his name and he offered a look of confusion as he explained his lack of understand. If these creatures could understand it would go a long way.

[Waiting on Sigma(Johann) for the MedLabs.]

The two creatures exchanged glances at each other as the smaller one took the apple from Jake. Eyeing it for a moment before taking a large, happy chomp out of it. He seemed quite pleased with the offering. The cybernetic one placed one of it's large, skeletal mechanical hands on his shoulder and said, "Adok!" She paused for a moment as he looked up to her. She then moved the hand back to her chest and said "Theailan!"

As the two interacted with Jake, he might notice another difference. The smaller one seemed to have strange teeth. It looked flat, thick. Whereas the other one had sharp, pointed teeth, something that would be exposed one more time as she reached behind her back, grimacing for a moment as she pulled a wire out from her neck. She took a moment to show Jake a bloody computer port. It looked like it might be compatible with something... After all, a computer jack was a computer jack, right? "Cammivdeam, Kmavssikbi." She seemed to demand.

Jake looked at the creatures, the smaller one appeared to enjoy the apple, he noticed its teeth, flat and thick. The larger one exposed sharp, pointed teeth.

It's been a while since I've had a science class but the smaller one is obviously at least a herbivore and the teeth seem to suggest that. I'm betting this bigger one is a carnivore by its teeth...shit.

The larger alien pulled a wire from its neck and showed what looked like a computer port. Jake wasn't entirely sure what to do, he walked in a wide circle over to the computer the creature had been inspecting. He flipped open a panel exposing ports, he pointed to the ports and looked at the alien.

Hopefully this is what it wants, I really hope it isn't planning on trying to stick that wire into my neck in an attempt to upload data.

Having fortified himself in the workshop, Eli began to work. Arranging the scavenged armour components before him, he sat and removed his leg, putting it on the workbench. Using his own tools, and those in the shop, he quickly had the arm dismantled and the elbow components before him.

Several more minutes of work saw the actuators grafted to the knee and ankle joints of the prosthesis, and so with that done, Eli now had to figure out how to interface the bodge job with the neural receptors that had been implanted in his thigh.

Duct tape and paperclips +2

The cybernetic alien smiled, looking through the port. She turned around to hand the smaller one it's rifle back with what sounded like a stern warning. "Cappymevodi xovq. Amk eh iay heli duod, iay vessss imk." The smaller one put the half-eaten apple down on a platform and held onto the rifle. Slowly, he reached up to press a small button on the collar of his suit. "Faymk vliodylir. Wi ruoss dli' om ynsemq. Miid xovq od Calziddi?" he asked before turning away, looking at all of the other closed doors.

The cybernetic one turned back around, looking at the port for a moment before deciding it might fit. Amazing! It'll actually fit! She seemed quite careful about installing the jack, but once it was in all the way, the AI would appear. "Caution, illegal access requested." She warned Jake. It would spook the little herbivore, causing him to ready his rifle, looking around, up, and pointing his rifle toward the open door.

"It appears to be requesting a lot of data. However, defending myself should not be a problem. The access appears to be near you, Jake. If you would prefer to have full control over the situation, then you may tell me what to return to the illegal entity. It is extremely persistent."

"It appears to be requesting a lot of data. However, defending myself should not be a problem. The access appears to be near you, Jake. If you would prefer to have full control over the situation, then you may tell me what to return to the illegal entity. It is extremely persistent." the AI requested.

"Try to give it ways to better understand our language and communications. Stay away from overly personal information about the ship and focus on sending it info about our culture, anything that looks like it belongs in a documentary, try to make us look good, no statistics on genocide or anything like that...and for the love of god, don't give any info that could help them locate Earth. Beyond that it is completely up to you, if you could siphon any info from its computer than go for it." That was all Jake could think to say at the time, hopefully the creature wouldn't realize it was being given the PG version of what it wanted.

"Very well." Codex replied. "As an experiment, I will send a Dictionary, my Vocalization dictionary , some information on our culture and daily lived wihin the military, as well as numerous images of our planet. All climates and weather conditions." As Codex finished, the Ailen unplugged herself from the computer. She looked a little dizzy, having a difficult time holding her footing, but she seemed otherwise alright after shaking her head a little.

"Ir izili'duemb aqoi'?" The smaller one asked. "Theailan?" The cybernetic one looked at him for a moment before turning to Jake. "Transslate!" She said, almost excitedly. "Myself, under... the ssss-... Understand." She then added. It was far from perfect, but nobody has ever done this before. The fact that it worked seemed amazing. She placed her mechanical hand on her chest and added. "No Voice. Scacheri, our voice, you must follow!" She would turn back to the smaller herbivore, and speak back in his language. "Wi pyrd sssiok duip xovq. Tuer ami vom rnioq duiel sssombyobi! I ymkilrdomk duip mav."

The smaller one smiled and nodded. He kept a watchful eye out, but he started to walk toward one of the closed doors. The AI would have to open it soon for them, moreso if Jake came along.


In the Medical Bay David would see the winged one get a little two close to Johann, whispering something in his ear. Johann waned to follow, and do his job... But something seemed to strike him. Maybe he snapped, and couldn't take it? Perhaps the situation and thought that never seeing home again hit him? He bolted, ran out the room, and down the halls. The winged one seemed to laugh at this interaction. Although, the large one that requested David to follow noticed this too and let out a loud angry yell.

Now, the tables turned. The winged one was now terrified as she backed up against the wall. "Da mad pol duer vamdovd! I vess mad uozi o rijhyos kizeomd lyem ayl vuomvi od hemkemb osseir opamb dui rdolr!" the large one shouted. "Ripoem uili. Amk ka mad pazi hlap duer laap ymsirr i'ay uozi boduilik oss ropnsir, omk miik da lidylm."

There was a pause between the two. The winged one didn't look happy as she returned to the table the two had found her at. A crackled voice from a low-end sound system would play through a small device on the large one's armor. "Faymk vliodylir. Wi ruoss dli' om ynsemq. Miid xovq od Calziddi?" it said. The large blinked slowly before turning back to David. It smiled, and offered it's hand. It wanted to be sure that David was committed to following it, before it left the room.

"JOHANN! YOU COWARD, DON'T LEAVE ME!...awwwwwww shit...." David cursed as Johann ran away screaming.
This was it, this is how he would die, he was sure of it.
The Large one offered a hand, all he could look forward to was being a host to a Facehugger and the eggs that would burst out of his chest and kill him.
But if he was to fight back, he would doom all of Mankind to this fate.
With tears in his eyes he followed, he would eat a bullet if things went as they would most likely.
"Ok...I'll follow..." He said as he took the alien's hand.

"Transslate! Myself, under... the ssss-... Understand." The alien said, excitedly struggling for the words.

Holy shit, it actually worked!

"No Voice. Scacheri, our voice, you must follow!" the alien said and then said something to the smaller one, they moved towards the exit. Jake pretty much had to follow, hoping they weren't leading him to his death.

"Okay, I'll FOLLOW you." Jake said.

Iskierka, tell me you heard the exchange and are following me at a distance.

He'd feel safer knowing she was watching over him but he had no way to signal her further without it becoming obvious to the now English speaking alien.

"Okay, I'll FOLLOW you." Iskierka heard Jake say aloud. All she could do was hope that they missed the tone in his voice giving away the fact he had allies.

Iskierka waited a few minutes until she heard the sound of the doorway close behind them. "Codex, please patch into Jakes comm-link as well as my own. keep an eye on where he goes and tell me when he takes prolonged breaks." she said. Her plan was simple: stay about one room or hallway behind them, so if things went poorly, she would only be a few steps away from range while maintaining a distance they wouldn't notice.

"Also, let me know what he says. Tell him to use the words "my friend" if he is trying to send me a message." she finished telling the A.I., hoping the plan would work in their favor.

She waited another few seconds before darting into the hydroponics bay after the aliens and their potential hostage. "God I hope they are friendly"

"Very well, Iskierka." The AI would respond. "I will make an Augmented Reality icon on your HUDGear, so that you can track his relative location. This is a direct feed from the ID Card Scanner system I have access to." As long as she wore her HUDGear, A small greenish diamond would appear in her sight, slowly moving. "I am unable to track the intruders so accurately." The AI would warn. "Please note, you two now have a direct link via your HUD-Gear Headset. There may be additional interference." With the diamond in her view, she'd be able to figure out where Jake was, without getting too close, or within sight.

It was perfect.


As David was lead down the hall by the massive reptile, ducking under doorways that the AI opened for the two of them. Unbeknownst to the rest of the crew, the winged one would be locked in the room behind them. He'd occasionally look down to David, smiling. "Id'r oslebud, rposs ami." He'd say.

As Jake was lead down the corridors, the stairwells, and eventually, yet another hall, he would get a new objective assigned to him, as well as a small crackle of audio from his HUD-Gear headset. The small one kept his rifle at the ready. The mechanical one kept an eye on Jake. She seemed a little out of it. Occasionally stumbling, which seemed odd, even with her prosthetic leg. "Ssnow..." she eventually said with a shiver.

The objective read the following.
Capek is following you, Use "my friend" to signal her. Your communications have been assigned together. You may hear additional interference.

Actually, the interference was pretty-much non-existent for him.

Eventually, David would see two creatures and a familiar face... And Jake would see David holding hands with an 8 foot tall alien. The behemoth smiled, he appeared to be wearing heavier armor than the other two. Whereas the two that were with Jake, well, one of them had mechanical hands, and a skeletal like arm. Her basic prosthetic leg still get a good job of keeping the hunched dehumanized figure up, whereas the smaller one wore what looked like a decompression suit, keeping him safe.

If one were to assess the situation, the Cullers would only be really effective on the Cybernetic one. It would take most of the magazine of hollow-points to down the smaller one, and the large one... Good luck.

"Scacheri! Id valqik!" The cybernetic one shouted excitedly once the two groups were close enough. "Suoss vi vamzilri uili?" The tall one asked, guiding David a little closer to Jake. David didn't smell the best... With the two a bit closer together, and the three aliens standing on the other side of the hall, the Cybernetic one said. "Transslate, Scacheri, you... Translate." She then looked up to the tall one. He spoke, but it was too difficult to focus on his speech when the Cybernetic one speaking in her tone over him. "One is Scacheri. The voice of people in godlessss void. We sseek communcattiion. Why you have come? What, Response to uss?" Her translation seemed a little off... But it was easy to tell a few things... She was learning, getting better, but this was still awkward.

A loud 'whoop' of triumph echoed through the Assault Bay. "Damn I'm good." Eli said to himself as his right leg moved back and forth, holding off the floor. His 'new' powered prosthetic was still nowhere near as good as the one he'd lost, but it was a damned improvement over what it had been.

As the thrill of success began to wind down, he realized he hadn't heard from anybody else in a while. "Shit." He muttered. "Hope things are well..." Pulling out his PDA, he sent a message;

Eli here,
How are things going? Is it safe, or should I start blowing sections into space? If I don't hear from anyone within the next ten to fifteen minutes, I'll assume all are lost and blow the reactor...always did want to go out with a bang.

David stared on at the aliens as the one who called itself Scacheri asked some questions.
He knees were weak, if he hadn't pissed himself earlier, he would've now.
He started to have a major panic attack, What do I say? What do I do? What will they Do?
His mind spun faster and faster with all the horrible ways he could die, he breath in and out but he wasn't getting any oxygen.
This panicked him more, if this kept up, he would pass out.

"One is Scacheri. The voice of people in godlessss void. We sseek communcattiion. Why you have come? What, Response to uss?" The alien Jake had been brought here by asked, it was hard to figure exactly what it meant.

David looked like hell, he was pale, drenched in sweat and smelled like piss. Jake put a hand on his shoulder, "Just take it easy, breathe, I'll handle this."

"Scacheri? The voice of the people in a godless void? I'm not sure what you think is going on here but I assure you it is nothing supernatural, we are simply two species meeting for the first time. We are lost in space. It's completely up to you how our species remember this moment because we come in peace and all that." Jake laid it out, hell, worse come to worst and the whole ships gets blown to hell, Eli's message had been sitting open on Jake's HUD for nearly two minutes now. It was their one last play, the thing the aliens had no knowledge of. It could render this meeting moot or it could cause all out war between the species. It was the gun pointed at the head of the universe.

The cybernetic one turned to the tall one and spoke. "Tuii' roi' duii' daa, oli baksirr. Tuod duii' oli sard. Tuiri amir ka mad qmav uav da nlaviik, or duii' uozi mad riim yr. Tuii' veru niovi." she said, gesturing with her hands a little as the small one looked around for a moment. The tall one nodded and then spoke while the cybernetic one translated again. "Uss, wish for peace. Forgive our, caution. Your ship is masssive. For war. Thiss has happened in the past. Homes were losst. We musst know. How are you here? Who were you fight-ing? How are you losst?"

Feeling better, Ace stood up and stretched his leg. It still hurt but walking was bearable now. He knew the doctor wouldn't approve but frankly he wanted to do something. Playing the clarinet wasn't an option, the sound didn't travel well in rooms like these. Rec rooms were designed to be places of music and relaxation, mess halls were designed to be places of food and relaxation. Now that he thought about it, he was feeling peckish. Wanting a light snack, Ace walked slowly over to the kitchen. He spotted the cat looking for food, away from Philip's line of sight. "Philip was it? Got anything to eat? I'm feeling a little peckish. Got anything for the cat too?" Ace asked, oblivious to Philip's resentment of the 'vermin' despite the fact that it was clearly hiding from him.

David calmed down a little in time for the Translator's response.
After hearing it, he was confused., didn't help his nerves up much.
He pulled over a chair and sat on it, a sicking squish from his pants as he did.
"Jake...sorry about this, just...Personal issues...Not in that sense, just some....some...Childhood trauma...I'll explain later, for now, mind doing the honours?..."

"Jake...sorry about this, just...Personal issues...Not in that sense, just some....some...Childhood trauma...I'll explain later, for now, mind doing the honours?..." David said while sitting.

"Yeah, I can handle it, just take a few minutes to compose yourself." Jake replied, things were looking up, David was in no condition to help but at least he was managing himself. Jake had been worried he'd pass out or pull out his gun, now it seemed that type of crisis had been averted.

"Uss, wish for peace. Forgive our, caution. Your ship is masssive. For war. Thiss has happened in the past. Homes were losst. We musst know. How are you here? Who were you fight-ing? How are you losst?" The cybernetic alien said.

Don't get too excited, they might just be playing at peace but it is a start at least.

"Caution is fine, I understand caution...and yes, this ship is for war, our people have divided. Some moved to another planet, these... heretics have caused much trouble for us on the home planet and we wish to bring them back, not through force but just with the hopes that the possibility of it would be enough. Unfortunately the heretics surprised us and routed our defensive perimeter, causing major damage to our ship and forcing us into a blind space jump for survival. We ended up...wherever this is by accident." Jake explained the situation.

"Now if you don't mind me asking, when you say this has happened before...do you speak of yet another species or do you mean a sect of your own?" If these aliens had already met another group aliens and found them hostile it could spell disaster for any type of public relations.

Philip looked up from the two piles of food he had amassed on the main table in the kitchen, he eyed Ace warily and picked up a packet of dried food. "If you're not looking for anything fancy, this will do... Otherwise... You'll have to wait." He slid the packet over to Ace before nodding to the door into the mess hall. "Cat's food is out there. I feed the crew, not the pests." With that he nodded to himself and returned to the piles of food, peering at the packets and placing them in one of the two piles.

The mechanical one turned to the larger one and translated again for the group. "Tuiel lovi er seqi aylr. Byd kezekik xi' nsomidr. Tui ruen vor oddovqik, omk dui aduil ryxrivdeam ah duiel rniveir oddovqik duip. Tuii' vili halvik da poqi o xsemk gypn, omk imkik miol Saylvi." She replied. "Tuii' kireli da qmav, ah dui Yolona Oss." That last word, seemed... Different, unnatural to their language. She even had some difficulty pronouncing it as the tall one paused for a moment, and then nodded. The translations began yet again.

"I now understand... Fear. Destruction... We were found in the past. By a race we called the Yolona Oss. Their ships rained destruction on our home for a period of time, destroying our first void-home. When both of our great leaders contacted them, however. They would not listen until one would become the voice of the people. When I have become that voice. The destruction stopped. I had told them many things of our race, our gods, our sands and Biological-Technology. In exchange they uplifted us. Theailan, aah... Is, a Product. Of their technology, and ours." The two paused for a moment and looked at each other. "Tell us of your technology... Of your many homes, and how you survive in such a cold climate?" She would then translate one last question. Again, with her speaking over the larger one, it was still quite difficult to focus on what he was saying. More so because it was probably better to stick with the conversation.

"Tell us of your technology... Of your many homes, and how you survive in such a cold climate?" The alien asked.

These creatures were quite curious, although that wasn't at all surprising, conversation certainly beat open battle. Jake only hoped that the curiosity was out of genuine interest and not in the search of weaknesses. These creatures had been found by another species of alien but it seemed they'd like to avoid hostilities, for all Jake knew these creatures had been left in shambles by their war or maybe they were subjects to some great intergalactic empire that would now attempt to fold humanity into its wings. However it sounds as if these 'Yolona Oss' caused some sort of technological boom for these creatures, 'uplifted', 'Theailan', Jake couldn't make sense of all of it but it seemed as if it was important.

"You appear as if you may be reptilian in nature, I'm guessing you are cold blooded, you'd said you live among sand and if you figure our climate to be cold, I'd assume you are suited for heat. Our species is more accustomed to a colder climate, less sand and more vegetation, like you saw in hydroponics, the room where we met. My species is warm blooded, to put it simply our bodies heat themselves, making it preferable to be in slightly cooler locations. As for technology, look around you, you are seeing a lot of it right here, some of it on our home-planet may be superior but this is a good general lesson in what we have. As for homes, we tend to live with our families, birth-givers and children, usually among other families in cities...I, this really doesn't seem too prudent, didn't you get a lot of this in those computer files anyway?" Jake was becoming slightly annoyed, maybe it was explaining family, the thought of his own, but he really didn't want to lecture anymore.

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