Lost in Spaaace! (RP Thread)

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"Although I can't do any heavy-lifting, can I come anyway? I'm sure there's something I can do," Ace said, grabbing the opportunity to exercise his leg and be of use to the group. He desperately wanted to stop being the third wheel and start helping them. After seeing David hurt, he couldn't bear sitting around and doing something. For the first time in his life he wasn't content with relying on someone or something else.

"Any make-shift crutches?" Ace asked, realizing that although he could walk, it would still tax his recovering leg.

David looked around for something for Ace and found a piece of Metal off a broken sign, It was just about long enough to work with.
"Will this do?"

When the Aliens had left the meeting, Iskierka kept an ear on the conversation and turned to a nearby computer terminal. Through it, she waited for the alien ship to disengage from the Aurora. In her own opinion, she didn't like the idea of revealing her presence until the last of the potential enemies had left. She laughed a little at her own attempt to be strategic and tactical - David was no doubt far better at the task under normal circumstances that did not involve his obvious xenophobia; she would probably need to ask for tips on combat tactics for the future if it took them less than a day to have a first encounter.


When the ship did finally disembark, she breathed a sigh of relief, unaware she was even holding her breath. With it, she stowed her gun away, carefully concealing it, as she rejoined Jake and his new companion just in time to hear talk of moving the dead. "Sounds like a good plan. If we do run out of room though, we could find an out-of-the-way room and drain the atmosphere - cold vacuums make for good storage environments." She knew the tip wasn't particularly helpful, but it seemed a good way to interject herself into the conversation.

"Looks good enough," Ace said, accepting the broken sign from David. It suppourted his weight and was sturdy, good enough for Ace. "So, where are we going?" he asked. He had no choice this time in following or leading, not that Ace could have done the latter. He had to be extra careful, not just for the sake of himself but for the sake of the others. The ship's scarce medical supplies deserved to be used on someone with a more legitimate injury, rather than someone who fell from a vent.

"Sounds like a good plan. If we do run out of room though, we could find an out-of-the-way room and drain the atmosphere - cold vacuums make for good storage environments." Iskierka said walking into the conversation.

"Good to know. This is one of my fellow crew members, Iskierka Capek. This is our guest, Theailan." Jake introduced the two, not really sure where to get started on any of the tasks.

"I'm Heading the the Armoury or whats left of it, Knew the guy who worked the Firing Range, He understood the quality of a fine weapon..." David reminisced about a friend of his.
"*Sigh*...Still don't know how the Martians found us. Anyways, if you find it painful to move, don't. Your in a bad enough state without making it worse. PHIL! ME AND ACE ARE HEADING OUT! WATCH THE PLACE!" He shouted as he motioned for Ace to follow him out.
He walked as he always did, With his eye down the sights of his Magnum.

Johannwoke with a start, an incoherant string of word sflying from his lips. He looked wildly around, and noticed he seemed to be insome sort of relaxation room.
Rec room A5, He thought. Johann got to his feet, and stretched, working out the tense muscles in his back. He sighed and looked around the room again. Something seemed strangley off..as if he had forgotten something...
David...Johanns eyes widened in horror.
"Oh god, I left him with that alien! Why did I do that!", he excalaimed to the empty room, taking off at a sprint to the Mediacl Wing.
I'll stop by the armoury first. He thought.This Culler isnt going to cut it

David and Ace continued down the ruined hallway towards the Armoury until someone was seen running past.
"Johann? That you?" David said as a bolt of anger entered his mind, oh what he was gonna do to him.

Johann grasped davids shoulders and shook him wildly.
"David! You're alive! Where are the aliens!"

David smiled and nodded.
"Well First off..."
He stuck Johann in the Gut, winding him. CQC
"That...was for leaving me, I-...I have a fear of aliens...so your actions didn't help..."
He picked him back up and said "Second, They come in peace and even left one of their own on board to help us, you can meet her later. for now, We're cleaning bodies..."

Johann lay on the ground, winded. He stared at the ceiling, and raised an eyebrow.
"David, that was completly uneccessary. I was not to know you suffered from xenophobia."

"Still, This was a first fucking contact man! and you run out screaming!? You could've killed us all then!" David added as he helped Johann back up.
"That and it made feel less bad about when I-....you know what, never mind."
David nearly let slip how he pissed himself.

Theailan looked at Iskeirka. "Issss~Keir-Ka." She tried to pronounce, she would then smile and stand up a little more straight for a short moment with a smile. The alien had to be around the 7 foot mark if her posture was, well... Normal. "It, iss nice to meet you, Iskeirka." Theailan would add after a short moment.

"With some controlled damage, you can introduce a hole in a nearby room. I can segregate both, the freezer and the room from the rest of the ship, and drain Atmosphere. However, due to the location, that mess-hall would have to function as an emergency airlock. I would be required to deny access to that area for safety reasons." Codex explained.

Theailan would look at the monitor and ask "Interface. Can we speak again?" The AI would change her focus to the new question. "Supervision from a known crew member would be required if we were to do that again. I do not have the programming to make that call on my own. The information sent would need to be at the discretion of the individual watching over the transaction." Theailan would nod. "Very well." she replied, before turning to the others. "This one would like accesss to known locations of... 'hard to reach placesss.' Can this one connect to find these locationss?"

Dived brushed some non-existent dirt from his suit.
"True, first-contact protocal advises against running away screaming. I aplogise for leavin you there, I had expected you to follow my lead. No matter. I gather the aliens are friendly? Or at least want to put eggs inside us without killing us?"

Iskierka smiled at the alien... something. Why did English not have a good word for it? Person maybe? Regardless, she smiled, and held her hand forward. It didn't even occur to her that the idea of a "hand shake was alien to some humans, and could have a bizarre fax-pas for the alien.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Theailan." she said, glad the first encounter had gone so well. She couldn't help but laugh however: the alien creature from worlds away had pronounced her name better then the man from the UK.

"Friendly, Yes and I didn't see any eggs or facehuggers so I think we're good..." David said they neared the Armoury.
He stacked up next to the door and checked the Status of the room.
"Yo, Codex, mind giving me a read out? computer seems busted..."

Johann stopped suddenly. He frowned, and turned to David.
"If the aliens are indeed friendly, then what happened to Marcus?"

Theailan paused, looking at Iskierka's hand for a moment. She reached out and grasped it for a moment, her own cold prosthesis managed to maintain a lighter grip. Thankfully... Requests for access would have to wait until later, it seemed.


Codex would spawn herself on a nearby console. "It appears that power here is limited. Making some minor changes." She said. It would be a short while until the Armory doors opened. "Access Granted." Codex replied. Looking a bit smug.

Behold, the glory of the armory. Steel cages lined the walls, a desk for which someone to sit at to actually manage the scores of firearms that was to be stored here. Shelf after locked shelf, this room was certainly to be the center of attention at one point. There was so much...


The cages were empty, the desk was abandoned, and all that was in here was an opened crate. Inside the crate was a small pack, almost looking like a harness. UPS-PSS was written on one of the straps. In conjunction with heavy armor, solders would wear this to give them a few extra chances. Unfortunately, Battery life was limited and charging the unit was in no way, shape, or form easy.

David looked around the Armoury and sighed.
"All Units, This is West, Just got into the Armoury, Seems Cleaned out, I'm guessing a De-pressurisation, Only thing here is a PSS, Gonna check for bodies, Update soon." He radioed before advancing though the empty room.
I don't get it...Ain't even any blood stains, That missile hit dead on, more then enough force to blast a limb off... He thought.

Ace walked into the armoury after David. He didn't think much of the lack of blood or bodies and simply leaned on the wall. He scanned the room, observing what an armoury looked like. He was confused at first as to why it was so empty but figured that it must have been emptied by a vacuum. "No bodies huh? Where to next?" Ace asked innocently.

"Errrr...mmmmm...Think Capeak said there was several in the Med Bay..." David said as he found no trace of anything in the room.
"Codex, I'll use this room for Cold Storage of the bodies, Plenty of room, Nothing of Value any more aside from the PSS, Heading for Medical..." He said before he motioned for his team to move out towards the Med Bay.

Johann stopped for a minute, and looked around the armoury. Everything was gone. Even the locked cages were empty. And for a room whihc apparently took a hit from a missilr, it was supiciously lacking in wreckage. The entire room should have been blown open, yet it was mostly intact.
Johann frowned, and jogged ahead to catch up with the others.
"How many weapons were there before the attack, David?"

"More then Enough...I've checked before take off..." David said as he realised something.
"Don't say this too loud but I think there was...or is...a Mole on this ship, they knew where, when and who to attack this ship, If that is the case, then here's hoping that bastard is dead..."
He neared Medical when he called Capek
"Doc, It's West, What was the state of the Med Bay when you found Philip?"

Captcha: "Give or Take: How many bodies?"

After meeting with the alien, Iskierka got to work moving bodies to containment and debris to wherever it was convenient. It was during this heavy labor, she received the message from David.

"Doc, It's West, What was the state of the Med Bay when you found Philip?"

Activating her HUD, and creating an audio link, she replied. "David, The place was a mess - medical supplies everywhere, lots of damage... lots of bodies." she finished, trying not to think too much about it. After thinking about it, she decided she would meet up with them. "I'm going to meet you down there. While I was there, I grabbed the lead doctors access card - might come in handy. Besides that, The room is a disaster zone; you'll need all the help you an get."

"I'm going to meet you down there. While I was there, I grabbed the lead doctors access card - might come in handy. Besides that, The room is a disaster zone; you'll need all the help you an get."

"Alright, Me, Ace and Johann will meet you there, Ace is still wounded but he insisted on coming, He'll help you sort though the meds...or something..., West Out." David replied before motioning for his group to stack up on the doorway, then realising that they had no idea what he was going, just opened the door and moved on.

Captcha: Don't Stop. This guy needs a name!

As Iskierka and Jake worked to move bodies, Theailan would try and help wherever possible, moving wreckage, even making a new doorway by bending a metal wall to make way to access a maintenance tunnel. It might be safe to say, that if she did turn aggressive, it would be an awfully one-sided fight if she got a hold of that person.


"Command Received, David." Codex replied to David. "I will lower the temperature of this room to 8 degrees." Codex added. "Deceased members will be stored here temporary."

Meanwhile, in the medical bay, things were indeed still a turmoil. However, eventually David, Ace and Johann would come to a room two of them would recognize a little better. Where one of the creatures was examining a human body. Where Johann ran after the winged one whispered in his ear, with her hand on his neck, the other, getting closer. Where the taller one, took David by the hand, and walked away...

Those, though, were just memories. This room had changed a little. The man on the table now had a sheet over him, and even though there was a broken glass syringe over the hefty blood-stain on the sheet, the pool underneath the observation table, dripping down the side was quite unnatural. There was something wrong here, amiss the other bodies, the other damaged medical equipment, and wreckage...

Johann cast a disspassionate eye around the med-lab. He rolled his neck, cracking the jionts, and yawned.

"Oh yeah...This room..." David groaned as he entered, eyeing up the body and hoping that he didn't leave a stain where he wet himself.
He advanced over to the Body and the strange pool of...whatever it was...
He grabbed the cover over the body and braced himself.
"Don't be facehuggers, don't be facehuggers, don't be facehuggers." He repeated over and over before pulling off the cloth.

That would be the source of the blood right there...

White could be seen. It wouldn't kick in at first, but that was his bone. His sleeve was rolled up past his elbow. His flesh looked like it was torn off his arm, as if some animal was eating it. Bite marks from something could be seen around the wound.

Someone, could be a more accurate descriptor.

David stared at the wound and tried to picture what could've caused this but nothing but Aliens came to mind.
He bought up his Radio, Called Capek and said "Doc, I got a Body here I want you to look at, the Aliens where checking it out eariler and I want to know why, Get over here ASAP."
He poked the body with his Magnum to made sure it was dead and not just hosting Chest-bursters

Iskeirka heard David's report just as she reached the correct deck - the maintenance tubes were hardly the most efficient means of travel. reactivating her comm-link, she returned her message. "David'I'll be there any minute. Do me a favor and gather as many medical supplies and tools for when I do the analysis - it would be a huge help."

Deactivating the link, she hurried down the halls, back toward the medical centre turned morgue.

"Anything I can do? I can't really pick up bodies but I can find some medical supplies. Just give me a name and I'll do my best," Ace said, once again leaning on the wall. He hoped that whatever he had to carry wasn't too heavy but at the same hoped that he would ease the workload and help the group. My time to shine.

"Yeah, Start looking for Meds and First Aid, Doc wants as much to work with as possible." David said as he left the body and proceed to check the nearby drawers and cabinets for anything that could help.

Johann stepped over an overturned desk and walked towards the medical terminal. He fished his ID out of his pocket, and swiped it against the Authorisation pad. As the terminal flickered into life, Johann smiled slightly. Being a diplomat did have it's benefits.

After close to fifteen minutes of duct crawling, she arrived back in the medical bay. After having spent some time moving debris and bodies, then stuffed in a cramped tube, she was covered in sweat and dirt - the last thing she wanted to add to it was blood. But, despite her misgivings, she knew it was a job that needed to be done and done as quickly as possible. So, she arrived in the medical suit, happy to see many of the medical supplies had been moved into position by the combined efforts of David and Ace.

"Thanks for the help" she said, glad to see her job had been made just a touch easier thanks to the pair of them. "Remind me I owe you a drink if we ever find a planet with alcohol" she said, smiling listfully at the idea of arriving on an alien planet to find a bar. She could only imagine how David would handle being drunk while surrounded by extraterrestrials - It would take every skill Johann had to fix the "diplomatic situation".

"So David, Ace; where is this body that's so import..." the sentience died in her throat as she saw the body, still partially covered by the cloth. She was glad she didn't eat lunch, else she would have lost it.

she stopped all jokes at that point, and moved to the body, reluctant to begin despite the necessity of it, then started her autopsy.

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