Lost in Spaaace! (RP Thread)

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Looking over the body... There were quite a few things terribly wrong.

He's been dead for a while. More than likely caused by a broken neck. He also had a broken rib or two. Small strips of fabric were removed from his shirt and pants, but they did not seem significant at all. All pockets were empty, however his ID badge remained clipped to the shirt.

It also appeared that the last digit of his pinky finger was removed. The cut was very clean, but there was some sort of bluish substance where the cut was made. There was no blood as a result.

The man's left eye had a speck of blood on it, suggesting that someone may have extracted fluid from it, and his hair looked very short in one spot. If Iskierka checked, he'd find some spots where a syringe may have extracted more fluid in certain places on his chest.

Saving the worst for last, there were a few other needle holes in his upper arm, just under where the sleeve had been pulled up. His forearm, however, did have teeth marks, and she was 100% certain that no human could have done this. Flesh had been torn off, and exposed both, the radius, and ulma bones. Very few teeth marks were also present on the bone itself, possibly by mistake, or a bite or two.

Ace left David and the Dr. for them to do their business and went to find meds. Knowing that they would read the label before trying them, he simply took as many as he could. He looked around for a container of any kind and found a briefcase. It was empty. Strange. After a few minutes of frantic searching for meds, the briefcase filled up. Content with what he had found, Ace sat down on a table and tried to relax his taxed leg.

"The Aliens were checking this guy out as me and Johann showed up. It seemed that they didn't want us to see what they were going. Also, I noted that they had a WW1 Era Rifle that might've belonged to him." David explained as Capek went to work.
"So Why did they care so much for this one Doc?"

Jake hadn't followed the group, he stayed behind. He managed to locate a metal cart with a large flat surface, he was now pulling it behind him with a few bodies laid across it. What a degrading, sad thing to put the dead through.

Still this was better than rotting corpses throughout the ship, he continued his work, appreciating the solitude and the chance to think, he'd reconnect with the crew later but for now he wanted to make a real dent in this body clean-up duty.

"So Why did they care so much for this one Doc?" David asked, the curiosity evident in his voice.

"Not sure. It looks like they, or maybe someone else, took some samples for some reason - looks like from the hair, eyes, blood, chest, and maybe the hand given the finger." Looking over her findings, it was impossible to determine the cause of death, but judging by the broken neck and damage to the ribs, the ships jump was a likely culprit, but not the only possible one. While she thought about it, she wrote down notes of the observations she made, adding the WWI rifle to the list of unknowns - a list that was growing each minute much to her displeasure.

Tossing David the badge, Iskierka gave the soldier a task. "David, can you go over to that console over there and see what you can find out about this guy? What was his position? Any important family? Any special access he had - maybe requiring a fingerprint? Any medical conditions?" Iskierka asked. she didn't really believe that the cause could be so simple given their alien encounter, but you never knew - the ship had been attacked for some reason after all. Beside that, David standing over her shoulder while she worked was distracting.

Grabbing a petri dish and a clean scalpel, she scrapped all of the blue-substance from his finger. She had at least three tests she wanted to do on it. The first was a chemical analysis; if she could determine what it was made of and if it was on the ship, she could determine what it was used for - maybe even it's source. The second was a test for DNA. If the substance was organic and from earth, it would have DNA. If not, but was still organic, then it was alien - a decent way to determine the vector of contamination. The last was she wanted to put it under a microscope and see it for herself. As she put the cover on the dish, she couldn't help but mutter a quick prayer that it wasn't something infectious.

Moving on, she tried to check various gauges for time of death - including level of rigor mortis, decay, and internal temperature; she needed to know if he died before the alien encounter or after. There after, she grabbed the scanner device she took from the science lab and started to make a 3-D rendition of the bit marks. "Codex; can you see if we can get a match on the bite radius and teeth distribution of the bite marks I'm sending you, I want to know if we are dealing with a known earth animal or something more...unique." she said, keeping her voice low so as not to scare the xenophobic soldier.

Finally, she came to the hard decision: someone had knowingly done some test on the poor man and definitely taken some samples. This left her with a choice: should she take the same samples as the unknown individual, their value unknown but presumably high given the difficulty taken to acquire them or should she let the dead rest. She stood staring at the body for several minutes before she made a choice: to ask someone more qualified.

"David... someone clearly took samples of this man - samples that must have some value. Should I take the remaining set or let it pass?" she asked, completely caught between her love of science and her ethics. She hoped the soldier, trained to make tough calls, could act as her moral compass.

David followed his order and used the badge to access the ships files, stopping and letting his hand hover around the keyboard before every button press in case he deleted something or something else of that nature.
"Think I have that File..."

David... someone clearly took samples of this man - samples that must have some value. Should I take the remaining set or let it pass?"

"Take them, I want to know what They know. And what kind of Samples?" He asked as he slowly tried the open the file.

And what kind of Samples?" David asked, still staring at the console

"Hair, eye fluid, blood, DNA... a finger. I can't think of its value, but they mast have taken it for a reason right?" she said, as she started the sampling. It was too late for a good blood sample, having dried in his veins, but she could at least get an idea of why it was taken - even in its dried form

Johann stared at the corpse, an expression of digust on his face.
"Capek, who is this man? And moreover, why is he dead in the med-lab, on a table, when none of us would have been able to move him?"

"Capek, who is this man? And moreover, why is he dead in the med-lab, on a table, when none of us would have been able to move him?" Johann asked, an expression of disgust on his face.

He was Dr. Cliff Homyak. As for how he got on the table - someone must have put him there. I don't remember seeing him here when I found Phillip, but I was more concerned with finding medical supplies and the life sign then I was with looking under every piece of cloth. I don't know if this is the work of the aliens or someone else, that's why I'm going to run some tests." she answered honestly, trying to make sense of all the information.

Moving to the nearest testing area with functional equipment, Iskierka proceeded to divide the blue substance into four sections - one for a microscope sample, one the DNA sample, one for the chemical analysis, and the larger fourth set for other tests she might need to run later. After setting up the two automatic tests, she proceeded to look through the microscope at the blue chemical sample.

David Smacked the side of the Computer as the Subject File took ages to load.
"Load you piece of Crap! Grrrr... Computer seems to be running slow, Can't say I blame it." He said before leaving it alone to start looking again for Medical Supplies.

[Sorry! Family is eating my weekend.]

As Jake helped with the bodies, Theailan wouldn't wander far. Her methods of transporting bodies was far less than graceful, or dignified as she picked up one person with her mechanical arm to toss in front of a bot controlled by the Ship's AI. As the Psychologist looked up, She would stop the small, simple robot as she seemed to sing to the corpse. "Kelo, nsiori vodvu azil duer haliebm vliodyli ah omaduil xaki or Dobam vapnsidir dui dleosr ynam edr raysss."

Infact, as she walked away. He might notice that wasn't the first time she said that. She's been saying the same speech every time with minor adjustments. He might have even heard her incorporate the word 'Humann' in there once as a bot on tracks used it's arms to pick up a body off of his cart to help transport it down the hall. "Jake." Codex would appear on a monitor to grab the man's attention. "This not a task that a normal solder would need to do. If you need to take a moment to step away, feel free to do so. Otherwise, please focus on bodies that are in difficult to reach locations, or trapped in debris."


"Apologies, Some data is corrupt." Codex said to David and Iskierka. The other two were also easily within earshot. "I am processing all of your requests now."

Finally, the monitor displayed some information. Cliff Homyak was a Canadian Doctor. He specialized in the standard first aid operations, and pharmaceuticals. He was relatively low-ranked, and the only special permissions he had was access to additional drugs. A fingerprint was not required, as everything was based on the AI. No AI meant no access for his permissions. Finally, he was recorded as MIA until an hour ago, when he was "Found in Medical Bay by intruder." Current status is "DOA/KIA"

A few more moments later as Iskierka looked through the telescope, the results of the other tests displayed.

Codex would speak up again to the group. "After attempting to search for all known crew-members, including the newly found feline not included in the shop manifest. I have come to the conclusion that the bites and scrapes are both, non-human, and with a probability of 68%, possibly not intentionally on the bone. Probabilities of 82% state that the intruders may have done this."

Looking through the microscope, Iskierka could still see some movement. Barely noticeable, but something tiny, even on the microscope's range was slowly wiggling as she looked through what looked like dust, bone, and blood.

Johann gritted his teeth in pain as the headaches flared up again. He walked over to a medical cabinet, and began rummaging through it for his pills. nothing.
He went to another, and began looking alittle more desperatly now, throwing things out of the cupboard. His eyes found a small blue tub.
Practically sagging with relief, he popped the cap and swallowed two pills.

"82%... that means there is a 1 in 5 chance this is something else. I'd like to reduce that error." she said aloud, mostly to herself. Turning to the DNA tester, she saved her results to the ship database for further analysis later. Then she selected the auto-separation function on the machine - she had kept the extra sample for just this kind of problem.

As the DNA analysis machine did it's job with renewed vigor, she turned to look at the chemical tester. The readout listed several compounds, all of them common enough. She looked over the list and made her initial analysis

Iskierka stared at the data. The combination of substances was so vast, it could have had any number of uses. It didn't mention any ribonucleic substances, so it shouldn't be a live, but everything in it suggested an organic compound (with the exception of the Copper Sulfate - a highly artificial substance). Without further data, all she could do was make guesses at its use in this situation. Many of the compounds had medical applications, so perhaps it was used as a sort of biological band aid. At the same time, it could be a venom from some creature, all the complex elements drained below the resolution of the device. Heck, it could even be digestive juices for some alien life form - there were still too many unknowns

"Damn it; each answer gives more questions." Iskierka pushed away from the the machine, clearing her mind, rubbing her fingers on her temples. If the situation were ideal, she would step back from the problem, get a snack, and take a nap, then return to the problem renewed; shame the situation was hardly ideal. "What would you do Issac?" she questioned herself, trying to find a solution. Shaking her aberrant thoughts from her head she muttered the answer Issac would have given. "Genchi Genbutsu." It meant "go and see" - look through the microscope and watch what it does.

She stared through the lenses, trying to find it's pattern and use. she stared at the substance for a long while before she saw it - movement! She zoomed in on the small creature, as close as the scope would take her, trying to identify the organism. "I swear, if this is a Tardigrade messing with my data again..." she said, letting the threat hang.

David looked though the file then to Capek.
"So what ever chewed this guy up wasn't human? Meaning that these Aliens are Cannibals?...Just the image I need in my head..." He groaned as he walked over and watched the Doc go all CSI on the Samples.

After sometime, she said "I swear, if this is a Tardigrade messing with my data again..."

David seemed dumbstruck and asked "Tar-dig-rade?...Ain't that something in Energy drinks?..."

"Tar-dig-rade?...Ain't that something in Energy drinks?..." David asked, confused by the word.

Iskierka was drawn from the scope by the sound. "Hm? Oh, sorry. they are a microscopic animal that can survive in extremely hostile environments - vacuum included. They were brought on board as a part of Dr. Rush's experiment and they have been getting everywhere. There is just a small... something in the blue stuff and I'm hoping it's not just one of them messing with me."

"Huh, More you know...So where does that leave us with this guy? And try to keep it in english..." David asked as he eyed up the body some more.
Why would a Guy like this have a WW1 Era Rifle? No mention of it in the file...Hope it's a M1917 Enfield, Been looking for one of those for ages... He thought.

"Huh, More you know...So where does that leave us with this guy? And try to keep it in english..."

Iskierka considered answering all further questions in Polish out of spite, but wisely decided against the action. "It leaves us with more questions then answers and the only solution I can think of is to ask our alien compatriot about it." she said, resigning to the fact that unless something new was found with the organism, they would be forced to ask for help.

Iskeirka returned to her microscope, searching for the movement in the sample.

"It leaves us with more questions then answers and the only solution I can think of is to ask our alien compatriot about it."

"Right, Guess Jake can do it, He seems calm enough around them. I'll be moving the bodies if you need me. Ace, Johann, Lets get to work." David ordered, compete with hand signals, before entering the room where Philip was found.
He thought for a moment as he looked at the massive pile of bodies before him.
"I need a Trolley..." He said before trying to think where would one be.

Having heard his name, Ace snapped out of his daydream and gently placed his leg down. While he wasn't bad at science, he wasn't overly interested by it either. Frankly, Ace had seen enough dead bodies for a life time. If he had a choice, he'd rather pass.
"Oh yeah, Dr.Capek, I have meds," Ace said, opening his briefcase and revealing his find. He walked over to her and dropped them, quietly and softly, not wanting to bother her.

"Some gloves couldn't hurt either," Ace suggested. He didn't suggest this because he didn't want to get his hands dirty, but because he knew all too well the danger of lack of hygiene when handling bodies.

"Some gloves couldn't hurt either," Looking down, Iskierka realized that in her rush she had neglected her safety equipment. It was a stupid mistake, one she should have learned from when she lost her arm.

"Thanks Ace. Glad someone is thinking here." she offered kindly and genuinely. Reaching into her coat, she withdrew her safety glasses and air filter. She also took the pair of gloves Ace offered, using them.

"Some gloves couldn't hurt either,"

"Eh, if you want..." David said un-interested as he moved some of the bodies out of his way as he looked for a trolley.
"See, Dead people don't bite..." He joked morbidly as he moved deeper into the Med-Bay.

Johann rolled his eyes and followed after David.
"As ever, your humour is astounding", Johann said with a half-smile.

Fighting his urge to show his glee from the Dr's comment, Ace bit his tongue and simply smiled. However, this did not stop him from shouting fuck yes! in his head. Rushing off after David and Johann in a limp, Ace almost forgot his make-shift crutch. Having caught up, Ace put on his own pair of gloves. "If you guys change your mind, there's always more," Ace said.

"Iskierka," The AI started as the DNA Machine Started after her observations. The Machine read "AI ASSIST ENABLED" as it slowly worked on separation, hiding the sample away in a locked door. "I am bringing up additional information on the project you mentioned. However it will take some time." Codex added. She seemed very helpful with Iskierka's work, pushing things forward at her pace.

As the Scientist looked through the microscope, it appeared that there was a few single cell organism's. A few here and there. Upon closer observation, It would seem to consume another substance, and stay closer to any human blood. This is what it seemed It was too early to tell if this is the case.

David and Co. Managed to sort out and organise all the fallen members of the Aurora in the Med Bay for transportation to the Armoury.
David still was wreaking his head trying to think where there might be a Trolley or somekind of Forklift.

Iskierka stared through the scope, blinking, not really believing what she was seeing. From the looks of it, the substance was PROTECTING the blood cells from foreign matter, but how was that even possible. It had to be artificial, which meant someone had genetically engineered a single cell organism. While this wasn't a particularly impressive feat, the fact that they had stabilized and prevented evolution showed a level of sophistication that bordered on science fiction more then hard science - much less actual engineering.

that or it was a natural species that had evolved that way, which was even more unlikely - what were the odds of running into a bacteria from another planet that protected human blood despite the two things never having met before.

Iskierka grabbed a towel from beside her, formerly used to wipe up blood, and threw it in - either this was the work of aliens with technology so advanced as to make humans look like barbarians with pointy sticks or he work of a god or gods which amounted to the same difference.

Sorting bodies was no easy job, especially for Ace. The result was him becoming overtaxed incredibly quickly, the pain in his leg sharply increasing as if something was being shoved in deeper and deeper. He tried not to show it and continued working. Fucking dead bodies...fucking leg... After his second body, the pain reached a climax and if it wasn't for his 'crutch' he would have fallen over. Realizing that he was the slowest out of the three Ace asked David if there was anything else he could do. He remembered him talking about a trolley of some sort...

"I'm sorry but I'm not really the best at this. Still thinking about that trolley?" Ace asked, leaning quite heavily on the metal board.

Johann leans uncomfortably close to Ace, and looks at him dead in the eye.
"Ace...there is no trolley...there is only the matrix..."

David counted the bodies as Ace and Johann talked.
"Johann, Check Storage for a Trolley, Ain't no way we'll move all these by hand. Ace, Start IDing these bodies, Get a Camera from the Coroners Room and use it, When we get back, I want these people to have a decent burial, I'll be in with the Doc, That's a Order."
He said before walking back into the Room Capek was in.
"Talk to me, What we got?"

"What we got?" David asked, re-entering the medical bay.

Iskierka looked up from her long list of notes and looked at him while shaking her head. "Not much. I found some creatures in the blue substance that look to be defending human blood cells. How they work is easy - looks like they react with the non-hemoglobin soluble" she said before catching herself. "They eat anything that not filled with human DNA." she said, giving the short version.

Leaning back in her chair, she squeezed the bridge of her nose, trying to relieve some of the eye strain. "What I don't know is how they can even exist! We're light-years from the nearest place a human has ever been, but our second alien species is a creature genetically tailored to protect humans... Either evolution needs to be reevaluated, and the law of god reinstated, earth has been visited before for advanced medical experimentation, or someone has managed to isolate the genes for "what makes a soul" for every species in existence and used it for the benign task of disinfectant... I don't know which answer scares me more." she finished, having all but given up.

"Unless the DNA test gives me something more concrete with the human and non-human samples, I think I'm way out of my depth." she amended, her tone surrendering the fact she had effectively given up deciphering the riddle.

"Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! Science! They eat anything that not filled with human DNA."

David relaxed after hearing that, He could finally sleep soundly.
Lest until they laid eggs inside him. 0_0
He listened to the Doctor go on about god and evolution and was totally mind blown.
"So...What your telling me is...Those guys out there are Space Angels?...and that blue stuff...is Soilent Green for Sink and Kitchen?..." He asked as he pulled up a chair and sat next to the Doc.

"So...What your telling me is...Those guys out there are Space Angels?...and that blue stuff...is Soylent Green for Sink and Kitchen?..." David asked, looking somewhat confused, a touch worried, and utterly shocked. The last of these was the correct response as far as she was concerned.

"Well, it's not made of people of that's what you're asking... at least I hope not... DNA test will answer that question I think. As for what those aliens are, for all I know they may as well be. Maybe they visited earth in the past and took DNA samples... Dear god, that would prove the ancient astronauts theory... I spent most of my life making fun of that theory... ah damn it, now I'm one of those scientists." she said, thinking the problem through. It didn't really matter to be honest - they were light years from home with no reasonable way to get back, she could prove anything she wanted and it wouldn't matter.

At this point, Iskierka stood up and started to walk around, trying to think things through. finally she got to the main point. "Truth be told, unless I suddenly get some serious inspiration and a new physics book to account for all I've just seen, I think we will need to ask our new ship-mate if she knows anything." she said, surrendering to the fact that she was truly and surely out of her depth.

"Well that or I could just blow it out the air lock and forget it eve-GAAH!" she started to say before tipping over something in the medical bay, that was covered in a cloth. "Ow..." she muttered, rubbing her head, having hit it against a metal table.

Looking down to see the cause of her accident, she was face to face with a very frightening sight - that of a human corpse. She recoiled at the sight - she didn't like the idea of touching dead things - she was an astrophysicist, not a biologist. Even as she pulled back however, she noticed something odd about it. The body, while obviously dead from a blow to the neck, had a wound from a sharp protrusion postmortem, but there was no such object around. it looked like it had been caused by a thin, sharp object like a piece of shrapnel, a medical tool, OR A KNIFE! it only took a moment for her to realize the body was the same that Phillip had been looking at before they had moved on. Could he have...

"David... I think we have a problem." Iskeirka said, her tone lacking any levity

David hung on every word, That idea that for God only knows how long, ALIENS of all things were protecting mankind.
He kinda felt like a prick for being so fearful of them now, Only kinda though.

"Well that or I could just blow it out the air lock and forget it eve-GAAH!"

The Doc went down.
"Capek!" he shouted as he went to see if she was alright, not realising he finally got the name right.

"David... I think we have a problem."

"Wha- What are yo..." He trailed off as he saw another body.
"...Great...You mean I have a problem, Grrrr Now I gotta drag this to the pile..." He deadpanned as he helped Capek up and began to drag the body by the arms.

"...Great...You mean I have a problem, Grrrr Now I gotta drag this to the pile..." David said as he began to drag it outside.

"That's not what I meant. Look at his chest - he has a knife wound, no blood so he was dead when he got it... I think Philip was looking at this man before we left here..." she said, letting the information settle in.

"That's not what I meant. Look at his chest - he has a knife wound, no blood so he was dead when he got it... I think Philip was looking at this man before we left here..."

"Philip?...That jumpy ass cook?...Wait...So did he kill the guy or just take out his anger on him?" David said as he checked the body, Knife wound was made after he was dead but what killed him?
"Look, If it was just him venting out his anger on a dead body, I can't really Blame him, I mean...Come on..." He said as he gestured to the rest of the bodies.
"Still...I'll have to talk to him about it..."

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