Lost in Spaaace! (RP Thread)

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"Philip?...That jumpy ass cook?...Wait...So did he kill the guy or just take out his anger on him?..." David said, pointing to all the bodies. Iskierka looked at him, still skeptical, but let it slide when he agreed to talk with him. Considering her first experience with the man was him jumping at her with a knife, she didn't really want to leave anything to chance.

"That's fine I guess..." she answered, her lack of firm belief in the method evident, but still excepting it. David had proven to be a sort of defacto leader in the situation, so she was willing to trust his judgement.

"On a side note: I think you pronounced my name correctly back there." she said, smiling at him for one of, if not the, first times. "Now all you need to do is learn to say Iskierka." she said, laughing a little at the security officer's expense.

Ace acknowledged David's order with a nod and limped into the Coroner's Room. Leaning on the wall, he began to scan the floor. Not a camera, not a camera, not a camera... It was at the fifteenth time he told this to himself he realized he couldn't just look for it with his eyes. Ace sighed at this thought, he really didn't want to look through the sea of papers and junk for what may or may not be a working camera. However, if David wanted it he would deliver. Putting aside his personal feelings of laziness, Ace went on all fours and dived in. Too often he found an empty case and too often he hurt himself by mindlessly putting his hand into the next pile. Come on baby, I know you're there! Sifting through the piles, Ace wondered why it was so hard to find a working camera in a Coroner's Room. He also wondered why there was so much fucking stuff. It was after he felt a hole in what should have been the wall he realized that the 'stuff' wasn't Coronary 'stuff' and that it had found its way into the room because of the hole. Sighing again, he stood up and cleared the desk. He stopped shoving when he felt something cold. Cold and fleshy. Ace gasped and jumped back to reveal the Coroner, lying in his chair with his mouth open. Ace shook his head for being so scared by a dead body and reached into his front pocket to find a camera. He won't need this anymore.

Satisfied with his find, Ace went back into the medical room and began ID'ing the bodies, click after click.

David shared a chuckle.
"Yeah...never was good with foreign words...Heh..." He said as he finished moving the body.
"Look...Sorry if I seemed morbid about what I said, But unless he did kill the man, I don't want to cause a fight, because if I do, no-one will win, Now..."
He pulled out his gun and spinned it on his finger.
"...Guess I'll go and have a chat...You want to back me up?..."

"...Guess I'll go and have a chat...You want to back me up?..." She thought it over and decided against the plan - David was right with his first instinct "Maybe we should just let it go for now... It's pretty obvious the man died in the FTL jump. If he is up to something, letting him know about it would hardly help." After a long pause, Iskierka continued. "I vote we just keep an eye on him for now," Iskierka said, before adding. "that way we don't rock the boat unnecessarily."

"Sorry, but I have to make sure that he doesn't hurt what is left of us. By whatever means..." David coldly said before heading back to the Mess Hall.


Once he was back in he decided to holster his gun to not freak the guy out.
"PHILIP! You There?! Need your Help with something, Come on out..."

Johann stood next to David, and unholstered his gun, flicking off the safety.
"One of us should be armed. Just in case."

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"Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy..." David replied as he took the gun and locked the safety back before handing the gun back.


"PHILIP! You Still there?..." He asked as he entered the kitchen.

Johann frowned and holstered the gun.
"David, if he did kill Philip, whats to stop him shooting us as soon as we go through that door?"
Johann slipped a hand under his suit and lightly touched the holster of his Kukri. He could get it quickly, but not quicker than a bullet..

"Yeah, because us walking in with guns is REALLY going to help...PHIL!....Come on..." David said as he advanced into the kitchen, motioning for Johann to stay outside.
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Philip was in one of the large walk in freezers, humming to himself as he shoved a box full of the unspoiled food he had sorted into a corner, along with a couple of knives and a pistol he had aquired while the others were on body clean up.

The box was hidden in a corner under a pile of plastic sheets, he stood up, and walked out of the freezer, hearing David's calls he paniced for a moment, flattening himself against the wall, a hand reaching to the handle of a knife as he pondered the reason for him being called, he decided to wait until David was in reach or announced what he wanted.

David walked in and was greeted with silence.
"Philip? Come on...Need your help to find a Trolley, Think 50 dead bodies move themselves?..." He asked out again as he took small steps and scanned the area with his eyes.
Plenty of weapons in here... He thought.

Philip took in a deep breath before rolling from the corner, taking his hand from the knife in his coat, he smiled to David, humming to himself and stopping in his tracks.
"Oh! David, when did you get here?"

David was a tad bit confused and answered "Sometime ago, didn't you hear me calling?...Look, We need to talk about something...and someone...".
His mind raced with what his target's possible moves were going to be.

"I was in the freezer, sorting out food, honestly, you could be screaming your lungs out in there, no one'll hear you... I thought you said you wanted a trolley?" Philip tilted his head slightly, watching David warily, his hand moving to scratch his chest and slip inside his coat, gently gripping the knife handle.
"So what's this something and who's this someone?" He asked with an air of suspicion, casually turning to tidy up an already practically perfect work surface.

David kept his guard up as he flat out said it.
"Capek found a body, with a Knife in it, She thinks your...up to something. Care to explain what that is if anything and I'll Know if you are lying. And I also won't care what it is. What happened before now is worth shit to me, What I want to know is what your going to do and if it involves the Crew I was sent here to protect, We have a problem..." He flatly said as he stood with his feet apart, like what people used to call a "Cow-Boy at a Duel".

Philip froze briefly in the process of tidying up before continuing as he spoke.
"A knife in it? Well, that's not me, all mine are accounted for. And what the hell does Capek think I'm going to do? I'm the cook, not a damn soldier." He shifted a large pile of pots and pans to the other end of the work surface, keeping his back to David.

"I know you are. She doesn't know, I don't know, just know if you so much as think of hurting what is left of us, I will Know and I will Find you..." David warned as he picked up a 7-Coke and downed it in one go.
"Christ, they don't make them as big was they were...So About that Trolley..." He asking hoping this would defuse the tension between them.

"Who the hell do you think I am? Fuck, who the hell do you think you are, accusing me of planning to hurt the group?" Philip's hand moved to the handle of the knife in his coat, gripping the handle tightly as he gripped the worktop with the other hand. He let out a deep sigh and leaned on the worktop with both hands before jerking a thumb over his shoulder, down the hallway he came from.
"You'll find one down there."

Iskierka stayed in the lab, working tiredly to remove the last of the bodies from the room while the computers ran their tests. It was difficult work but not because of the physical aspect. She had gone through basic training, so she was at least strong enough to move a body or two when it counted. It wasn't even the mental strain of the realization of her own mortality or the loss of the crew - she had experienced loss before so it was hardly a revelation. The difficult part was the emotional aspect - it was a reminder of her reason for being here. A reminder of Issac. A reminder that her half-baked plan for revenge was all but ruined. A reminder that things would never truly be right again.

"I need a drink." she muttered to herself as she tossed the next body into the already crammed freezer.

David grabbed the trolley and a few more cans of soda before he said "Who I am?...David West, Security...It's my job, alright...".
And with that he pushed it out of the kitchen and motioned for Johann to follow him back to the Med Bay.

"Iskierka. I have completed all the required tests." The AI would chime near the Scientist. "Please return to the DNA sampler for more information. As we speak, I am preparing to Move Sample 2 for additional Testing, However, I require human input for what to search for."

Seeing the monitor again, the DNA sampler would read the following...

Sample 1 - Unknown Sample - It is not based off any life on earth, but has some similarities. It is reptile in nature, and more than likely a Female. There are some possible irregularities, but it is somewhat similar to that of a Human. However, these similarities are few and far between. There is extremely trade amounts. This sample was destroyed.
Sample 2 - Unknown Life - It is not based off of any life found on earth. This organism appears to be extremely simple, and is primarily a single-cell organism. There is a massive amount of irregularities. Additional scans are required."
Sample 3 - Human - Male, Matches that of one of our own crew. I can state that this is a 99% chance this is the crew-man I have analysed moments ago.

Johann stepped up next to David, walking at a brisk pace.
"So, he was not the killer?" Johann murmered.

"I'm not sure, couldn't get anything out of him, just gonna have to wait and see. In the meantime, Avoid him when possible..." David warned as he pushed the Trolley back into the Med Lab and started to load bodies.

Iskierka looked over the newly finished testing information then asked her questions of Codex

"For sample 1; what about it is similar to a humans? In addition, would you say that if the DNA were extrapolated, it would resemble our new crew member or one of her compatriots?" Iskierka asked, as she read through the summary of the results. "For sample 2; what kind of "irregularities" are you seeing?" she continued, as David returned with a trolley. As she started to load a body onto the trolley, to help move it to a freezer, another question popped into her mind. "For sample 3; was their anything odd about the DNA, any evidence that the bluish substance did anything to it?"

After loading about 10 Bodies onto it, David made the trip to the Armoury and the cold Storage he had Codex Set up.
On the way over, he was careful to avoid any contact with the Alien, Despite Capek's Findings, a lifetime of fear doesn't just go away.

Codex would continue with her analysis with the Scientist. "Iskierka," She started "While I do require additional testing, calculations state that the DNA of Sample one has some similarities, as do the cellular structure. If you will allow me to assume, It is very possible that the owner of this sample may be capable of intelligence, and strength equal or greater to that of a human. While I do require another sample, Theailan would be a very good example of what may come from this DNA. I will predict a 73% probability that this is the case."

Codex paused. "Unfortunately, however. I require more information." She would add.

"For sample two, as you may know, all life on earth has some of what is known as "Junk DNA." We are unable to ascertain any possible function, and over the years, this has been pushed from 98%, or 86%. Again, it is impossible to state with any accuracy without further tests, but The DNA in this organism appears to have little to no function. This is not Junk DNA in the sense that I am unable to decipher it, but more in the sense that it continually contradicts itself."

"Finally, for the third sample..." Codex paused again, as if bringing in more information. "I am required to place a 1% margin of error on all analysis. Currently, I do not see any possible changes between the sample provided in the manifest, and in the third sample."

Codex finished her explanation, and Iskierka knew only one more solution.

"Guess I had better go find Theailan then." she said as she made her way out of the medical bay and off toward where she thought Theailan would be, taking a body with her as she left - no sense wasting a trip. As she picked up the body to take it down, she found that the formor good-doctor had been carrying a bottle of whiskey with him, fitting the shipboard surgeon stereotype perfectly. She grabbed it as well, thinking This will come in handy when this mess is finally done., intending to wash away the bad memories as soon as time would permit.

Dr. Gallows wiped his brow, the rows of bodies in cold storage were getting fairly large, he had certainly put a dent in the collection process, he was glad Theailan stuck around, she was quite strong. Now though Gallows was alone and having trouble finding more bodies in the vicinity, maybe his work was finally almost done. He hadn't seen any of the crew in a while, the size of the ship was starting to get to him.

I'm sure they're all fine, probably busy working on some other problem.

Gallows didn't feel forgotten but he certainly hoped they didn't think he'd forgotten them.

On the way back after another Load of Dead, David happened to pass Jake and the Alien.
He was about to speak until he realised that Theailan was standing next to him.
After a awkward pause, he said "Jake, If your running short, there are plenty more in the Med Bay...".
It was at that moment, he realised that he was staring at the Alien.
After a second to compose himself, David headed back to the Med Bay, Cursing his luck on his way down.

"Come on Theailan, lets head over towards Med Bay and lend a hand" Jake said pulling his cart along behind him. David seemed really freaked out by these aliens, Jake hoped that Theailan understood that it wasn't anything personal.

Ace was on his last body when David returned. He didn't seem too happy but Ace didn't make a deal out of it. "Hey David, I finished tagging. Should I just keep the records or give them to someone?" Ace asked, revealing the notes he had made and the pictures he had taken. Truth be told, Ace had no real idea what ID'ing was and was simply taking pictures, identifying bodies and writing their names down. He hoped it wasn't too big of a deal and assumed it wasn't. Carefully pulling off his gloves, Ace threw them away and found an empty table to lie down on. It had been a taxing task but he was glad he had helped.

"Right, Get those records and print them out. I'll put them with the rest of the bodies for reference, It'll make it easier to bury them when we get back..." David said in-between loading bodies, He'd been to some nasty places before with similar body counts but it never gets any easier carrying around the dead.

"Sure, just give me a minute," Ace replied, massaging his leg. While doing so, he wondered if the Mortician's computer would still be working. Not wanting to waste time going around the entire ship, Ace decided to try there first. He then let his mind wonder, knowing that time flew faster when he did this. He wondered what would happen next after clearing away the bodies. What else did we have to do? Can't we leave now? How long has it been anyway? Ace cracked his neck and then began to contemplate what would happen when they return. Surely there would be questions, from the government and media alike. Will any of us return to our normal lives? I'm just a fucking musician!

Reminded by the thump of bodies, Ace snapped out his wonder. Being content with his leg, he then shuffled over to the familiar office. Getting past the paper, Ace sat himself down in the Mortician's chair. Making himself comfortable, Ace then began to look for a computer of some sort. He slid his fingers over the surface of the desk but, to his surprise, he got no response. Either the Mortician didn't use the latest-tec, or late-tec, or the power was out. Ace stubbornly assumed it was the latter. Trying to find a power source, Ace pushed every button and switched every switch. It was when he pushed a red button with a line in a semi-circle he heard the faint sound of machinery. The desk came alive with a brrrr sound and a panel appeared from the desktop. Curiously investigating the strange buttons and symbols, Ace realized that this was the interface. There was no touch-screen, just a few buttons and slots. Being unfamiliar with such technology, Ace, once again, tried everything. This time, it did not work. Realizing that you could only do so much with a few buttons, Ace looked to the camera for answers. He looked for a memory chip and was greeted by a pop! Knowing exactly what to do, Ace plugged in his camera and notes and began to print. So this is a printer ey?

Iskierka finally crawled free of the maintenance tubes for what must have been the 5th time that day, muttering "That's it, when this is done, I'm clearing the debris to the lift" to no one in particular. She took a moment to dust herself off and ensure that her precious cargo - a sample of the blue substance - was intact. It was to her relief. With any luck, their newest crew member could tell her something about it.

It took the doctor several minutes of searching before she found the large alien, still moving bodies with strength that seemed impossible. Iskierka waited until the alien had finished moving the latest pile of debris, before stepping in to talk to her. "Theailan, mind If I borrow you for a moment?" she asked the creature, speaking slowly so the translation would be accurate.

As Theailan finished a prayer and heard David's nervous words, she nodded. "Thiss one can navigate." As she and Jake started to walk down the hallways, Theailan scanned around and quickly saw Iskierka coming from her left. "Theailan, mind If I borrow you for a moment?"

The alien paused for a moment, deciphering what she meant before stretching her back for a moment. [i]"Thiss one and... Jake, were to go to the medical labs for the decceasssed. Are there more urgent matterss?" she asked. Her tone seemed calm, suggesting that she wasn't annoyed by Iskeirka's request... Just her wording was still a little off.

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