Lost in Spaaace! (RP Thread)

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"Thiss one and... Jake, were to go to the medical labs for the decceasssed. Are there more urgent matterss?" Theailan asked, trying to understand priorities.

"No, not really. But I'm headed back to the medical labs as well, so there is no confliction. I just need to ask a question." Iskierka said, answering the alines inquiry. She waited for a moment for the message to translate, then made her question known. Reaching into a small pack, she withdrew the small vial of bluish liquid-gel and asked "Do you know what this is and what it does?" Iskierka handed her the sample carefully, so her alien companion could get a closer look at it as they walked back toward the decks below.

Johann leaned against the desk Ace was sitting at, and looked over at what he was doing.
He frowned.
"Why not just space the corpses? It's not as if we have much hope of getting back. And we don't need those bodies rotting when the power eventually fails..."
He fished out his PDA, idly scrolling across to the map.
"There's and undamaged Airlock not far from here. We just leave them there, and let the Ai do the rest"

David was rather put off with Johann's Idea.
"Now you listen here...These men and Women gave their lives for this Ship and everyone on it, Each and every soldier here fought for us when the Martians attacked. I believe that they deserve a little more respect then that. And we WILL get home and we WILL see to it that these people get a proper clean burial, Got it?." He said before finished loading the trolley.
"I know things look like shit now, but thinking like that ain't gonna get us anywhere..."

Ace liked Johann's idea. They died in space, it would be fitting for their burial place to be there as well. He didn't like the idea of just dumping them out in space though, that would be rather messy and disrespectful. Ace wanted a proper space-burial, like the ones in science fiction. "Maybe instead of just dumping them out, maybe a space-burial? It's only fitting you know," Ace suggested, awkwardly shuffling the printed papers.

Theailan took the sample from [b]Iskierka, she seemed to hold it as if the slightest touch would shatter it into a million pieces, eventually, she held both hands in a cup to hold it, and inspect it carefully. "Thisss~" She started, taking a closer look. "This one does not know... This.. Substancce..." She said. "Thiss, looks almost like eoina'vlh." The Alien would add after taking a closer look. "Where wass it found?"

"Where wass it found?" The alien asked her, trying to figure answer her question to the best of her ability.

"We found it on the arm of one of the former crew members in the med-lab. What is "eoina'vlh" may I ask?" Iskierka put forth, butchering the word despite her best efforts, always out to learn new things.

"It may very well be." Theailan replied, slowly handing the sample back. "Thiss one knows little. It is used in... Medicine. It allowss the reconstruction of living flesh, and the protec-tion of expelled life. When thisss one's daughter was broken, much was ussed." She paused for a moment, looking away, deep in thought. "To, transslate properly. You musst ask a Biological Constructor. But I cannot know if they will answer your quesstion..."

"Interesting... I will have to do that if I get a chance." Iskierka said, mostly to herself, before asking her next question. "Is this stuff normally used to treat animal bites?" she asked, remembering the bite marks on the body - her next concern.

Johann raised an eyebrow.
"It was just a suggestion, David."
He yawned.
"When was the last time any of us got any sleep?"

"I can't remember, is that a bad thing?" Ace replied, half-joking and half-serious. Now that Johann mentioned it, Ace was tired. It was the sort of tired that made you fall asleep, not the sort of tired that simply lying down and relaxing could relieve. He could remember resting a few times but doubted he had gotten a solid sleep after the incident. "Hey David, since my work's done and all do you mind if I get some sleep? I'm feeling rather er sleepy," Ace asked, hoping to get permission. He wouldn't mind if he was needed further because that meant he was in need. In fact, he dared to hope that his sleep would be postponed.

David realised it was sometime since the ship was wreaked.
"Sure thing, I'll help you back to the Mess hall after I'm done with this load if you want." He answered as head off with the last Load of Bodies for the Armoury.

"All Bloodletting Wounds." Theailan replied to the scientist. It appeared this stuff was quite common. "Exxposed woundss, must be treated and protected." she would add. "Thiss would include living incisionsss, injury, and sample collection."

Ace frowned, unsure whether it was because there was nothing left to do or his leg stopped him from helping or he wasn't needed. All were painful, in their own unique way, to him. Did it mean his current set of skills wouldn't help? Did it mean he was only good for laborious or menial tasks like the ones he did so far? Was it out of pity for his damaged leg? David did mention his leg but that didn't help at all. Despite Ace knowing that pursuing his negative thoughts was an unhealthy habit, he still do so, not wishing to fight the human tendency to blow things out of proportion. It was a strange feeling, worrying. After he accepted he couldn't and wouldn't die Ace lived life with no worry and positivity. But this incident had changed that. Or did it?

"Er no thanks David, it's feeling better now. Say, are you sure? If I'm needed, I'll be happy to help. It's really feeling better," Ace said, desperately testing his thoughts. What the fuck am I saying? I asked him if I could sleep! Ace was about to try and take it back when he realized that his reply could put his thoughts to rest. He bit his tongue and waited for a reply.

Iskierka sighed in relief - her worst fear abated. That there was some horrible alien monstrosity on the loose had been one of the worst possibilities; with it gone, she felt much of the stress she had been under since the discovery of the body melt away.

It left her both relaxed, close to exhausted. She heard the others begin the discussion of getting some well earned rest, and she could not help but be in full agreement. "I think sleep would do us all some good. Unless anyone objects, I'm going to take care of this...group," she said, indicating a small pile of remains, before continuing "close down the medical-bay, and finish up tomorrow."

"That does seem like a good idea, mistakes are bound to be made if we keep at this in our current state." Jake said in agreement with Iskierka. "Theailan, I've just realized that I have no comprehension of how your species rests. We have plenty of beds available if you are tired, although I also have no idea what kind of sleep cycle you work with either. The average for us is something like 16 up and 8 down, personally I tend to be closer to 18 awake and 6 sleeping but it varies." Jake explained himself to Theailan, this was a very weird but nonetheless relevant conversation.

David dropped his last load of bodies and returned to Capek and Jake as they talked with...that Thing.
"You guys can get some shut-eye if you want, I'll see what else I can do. Military are used to long shifts." He explained, keeping a hand where he could reach his gun as Theailan came into his view.

"Estimates state that it has been approximately 30 hours since I have been activated." Codex interjected to the group. If that was the case, then everyone has been up for quite some time.

Theailan paused, eyeing Jake for a moment. When she finally looked away she replied, "Thiss one... Has... Difficulty, with your methodsss of time." It seemed that she was confused. "Many prayers still need to be given. Resst, if you wissh." The creature would add, noting that she was still able to work.

Codex would chime in at her words. "Very well Theailan, I will guide you closely to wherever you feel you need to go within reason." the AI would quip before her attention focused on the rest of the crew. "Danger: Some crew-members have gone MIA last I checked. I will still get the drones to make 8 makeshift beds in the Mess Hall. I recommend the crew sleeps together to form a sense of community. However, if Iskeirka prefers, throughout the night I will increase my monitoring. I will move your bed to another room nearby to provide with more privacy."

"Thank you Codex, but that won't be needed." Iskierka said, understanding that the value of keeping the group together was greater than any ideas of social etiquette and privacy. Looking down at herself, she did however realize there was one social custom that she did wish to follow for highly practical reasons - that of not wearing the same work clothes she had been wearing to sleep. Now stained in a combination of blood, sweat, tears, and chemicals, she had no desire to sleep in such cloths and was fairly certain to do so would risk disease - something they were ill-equipped to combat. "If, however, you could direct me to where I might find a clean uniform, I would consider it a kindness" Iskierka finished, helping to move the last group of bodies for the day.

Then she turned to David, the defacto leader of their little unexpected expedition. "I understand you can stay up longer due to your training, but I would suggest against it. We aren't in a combat situation that requires a long night, and that could change at anytime. You're the only person with any real military experience. If things do go bad, we need you in top condition. That means you need to sleep when you can." she offered, trying to deter him from the late night

David gave Capek's words some thought before glancing back that that Alien.
"Well, I understand your concern, But don't worry about me. I've done this plenty of times and I can assure you, It never affected my skills."
Checking the Alien again, he put a hand on Capek's shoulder and in a hushed tone said
"Besides, I am not gonna be able to sleep while *THAT* thing is walking about..."

Maybe I'm just over-thinking it...sleep is sleep. Now get the fuck to sleep. Ace forced a smile and told David that he would be in the rec sections, F something, and left the medical bay, camera still in hand. He hoped he wasn't stealing. After all, no one would be needing it anymore and Ace could put it to good use. Take pictures of the famous incident. Ace liked the sound of that and thought about their return to Earth all the way to rooms. Finding a relatively intact dorm, he made himself comfortable and tried to get to sleep. Tried.

"Alright I'm going to head up to Mess then. Oh and David if you change your mind nobody will think less of you, there are a lot of alternative locations to sleep in, plenty with very good locks." Dr. Gallows didn't doubt that David was used to long hours but it was obvious that he was uneasy about Theailan, more than everyone else was anyway. What really worried Jake was that now they hadn't heard from Eli in an extended period, you add that to not hearing from Marcus and you have both of the only remaining engineers vanishing.

Foul play? Bad luck? Maybe Eli was fine.

Jake would let Codex deal with it. There were some important issues that needed to be brought up but they could wait till everyone had a fresh head for dealing with them. Jake began the long walk to the Mess Hall.

"Night Jake..." David said as he watched Dr. Gallows walk off, leaving him, Capek and "It".
"...I'm...just gonna get that name print out..." He said to break the ice before taking the chance to leave the room.
Several thoughts raced though his mind, Can it read minds? Can it sense movement? Is it's Blood Acid?
Sneaking in a quick slap to the face to wake him up a little and stop that train of thought, David waited for the print out to process.

Johann walked into Reprographics and handed Dvid a sleeping bag.
"The Personal Survival Storage was intact, thankfuly. Since it's getting rather cold, I imagine a sleeping bag would come in useful. It's King-size too, so you can share with Thelian."
Johann walked out, struggling to surpress a grin.

David merely closed his eyes and nodded, clearly annoyed by Johann's comment.
Yep, I am so punching him... He thought as he picked up the list and sleeping bag and made his way to the Armoury.
He would sleep with the dead as long as it was away from the Alien.

Iskierka watched the exchange and, for perhaps the first time since the accident, she laughed. Not cruelly - she knew David must have a reason for his fear - but for lack of a better response. The entire exchange, their entire situation, was preposterous! They were light years from earth in a direction they were unaware of, in a metal tube, floating in a vacuum with the first sapient life form humanity had ever encountered, struggling to survive, and yet here they were, making jokes about sleeping bags. No word had been developed for such an unbelievable circumstance; only "preposterous" would suffice. All in all, it made the conversation the most hilarious thing she had ever witnessed, causing her to keel over in laughter.

Her scientific side knew the laughter was just a response to the stress - it needed to laugh to cope with the piles of nameless sailors and the undercurrent of fear the situation created, but she didn't care. If her brain said it was time to laugh, well who was she to argue.

David was nearly out the door as Capek had her laughing fit.
He glanced back and saw her keel over at his expense seemingly.
"Sure...Laugh it up, Doc, good for you, good for you, good *FOR* you..." He remarked before leaving the unstable doctor, rolling his eyes in annoyance.
Aliens, Jokers and Nut-Job. They don't pay me enough... he thought as he imagined the rewards he would get should he return.

Iskierka wiped the tears of laughter from her eyes and, after only a small amount of struggling, managed to squeak out a response, with intermittent chuckling. "Sorry... *chuckle* I'm laughing at *laugh* everything... *chortle* this whole situation *guffaw*, not just *giggle* you..." she managed to get out before the laughter overtook her once more, trying desperately to be rid of the overwhelming fatigue and anguish.

After a short while longer, the laughter ended and she could finally express herself in full. "Sorry, it's just everything; here we are, Lost in Spaaace!, unsure if we will survive another day, surrounded by potentially hostile aliens... no offense intended Theailan... and the bodies of our former shipmates, while our home is probably under attack by Mars, and all we can do is argue about sleeping bags." she offered, suppressing the urge to laugh this time. "It's all just so impossible." she finished, shaking her head free of the humorous impulses.

"Yeah, I know, hence why I said Good. FOOOOR You..." David shot back as he kept walking towards the armoury.
He understood Capek state of mind, but he wasn't really in the mood to deal with it right now.
What with the chance of waking up with a Face-Hugger violating him.
Once he was in the Armoury, he set up a space to set down his sleeping bag before looking for the lock for the Armoury to prevent "IT" from entering while he was sleeping.

He sang lullabies, turned off the room's power and forced his eyes to close but none of them helped. Ace tossed and turned in his bed, banging his head on the pillow that provided no comfort. Comfort. It was a couple of hours before he admitted to himself that he would have to think about it. The thing that killed his family and friends. The thing that provided him comfort. Comfort. The thing that, once again, saved him from being another casualty. The thing that was keeping him alive, but for how long? Had his luck ran out? Or had his luck spread? He was alive, that suggested his luck was still there. But the others, the others... Them. They were an anomaly. Why were they alive? Ace liked them but it raised so many questions. He had assumed his luck had ran out and that it was the other survivors that had saved him but that made no sense. If his luck was still there, guarding him, it would mean that he would live. But what about them? They deserved to get out of this mess. Was it my luck that they survived? Is them surviving part of the luck?

Maybe his luck had ran out, now unable to help Ace further after saving him from death one last time. Luck had been with him all his life but now, as a goodbye, it had given him a chance to live in normality, with the fear of dying and the terrible feeling that followed after realizing that you could die. But, at the same time it was a chance to socialize, experience true friendship. All things Ace had forgotten. It made much more sense now. It was his fate to bond with them and Ace would embrace it. It did not matter whether or not he survived. Luck had given him a chance to experience the part of life he had shut off, perhaps for one last time. At death's doorstep, Ace could finally live life!

With that in mind, Ace finally drifted off to sleep, content with his conclusion.

David secured the Armoury, locking the door behind him before heading to his quiet corner away from the Dead.
He scanned the area for movement as he slipped into the Sleeping Bag Johann gave him.
He would keep his eyes open until he started to drift off.

Iskierka, her laughter contained, made her way down to the medical bay to shut down the equipment - they needed to save energy after all. One by one, she shut off the lights and computers, trying to stay awake just a little longer. With one final flick of the switch she said "Goodnight Codex" and made her way to the mess-hall-turned-barracks. A quick detour to change into a clean uniform and a a few hundred more meters of walking, and she arrived.

Ace was already asleep, his walking brace lying on the floor beside his cot. She made a mental note to check his leg out in the x-ray the next day - hopefully she would remember said note. It only took her a few minutes to find an empty cot and pass out into a mercifully dreamless, deep, stress fueled slumber.

Gallows walked back into the Mess Hall surprised to see all the lights down, he'd detoured to the bathroom for a moment to clean sweat and grime from his forehead and arms. He could only barely make out two other figures both asleep from appearance. He found an empty cot and sat on the edge of it, he removed his suit jacket and carefully folded it, he slipped off his dress shoes and kicked them under the cot, lastly he loosened and removed his tie. Glancing around he took his wallet out of his pocket and removed a photo, in the dim light he could just barely see the three faces, his wife and his two daughters, his three angels. Dr. Gallows quietly sobbed into his hands, he most likely would never see them again. Soon enough he'd be asleep.

Several Hours of Sleep later
David was the last to sleep and the first to wake, as the only on call Guard on the entire ship, He owed it to the remaining crew to be as active as possible.
He sat up from his sleeping bag and wiped the sleep from his eyes before remembering where he was.
Sighing at being back in this living nightmare, he began to unlock the Armoury, happy that he didn't wake up with a crap ton of Facehugger eggs in his chest.

[Sorry I haven't posted recently. Thanks for keeping things active.
Not sure what to do with the AWOL's. Might send a message to ask if still interested. If not Might look out a bit more.
That said, keep an eye on what EVERYONE posts. We've lost a person or two as a result of someone ignoring the other. That ranks pretty high on the annoying-enough-to-murder scale. (For the internet...)]

Before the group went to bed, the Alien would smirk at the laughter before she went her own way down the hall. Out of sight, and out of mind. She would resume her selfless task for the duration of the night.

Shortly after David had awoken, The lights on the ship slowly started to grow brighter. The dim lights were meant to simulate the darkness of night, and with him awakening, "the sun would rise" in the ship. Eventually, this would have the purpose of awakening the crew in the Mess Hall. Ace might be lucky, or unlucky enough to miss the rise of brightness.

As David walked out of the armory, the temporary storage of bodies, He'd notice the occasional drip of blood on the floor from the copious amount of work that occurred in the past 7 or so hours. The Alien creature however, was nowhere in sight.

David began his morning ritual of walking around to wake himself up, taking the long way to the Mess Hall, checking the route for "It".
He kept a hand on his Revolver and secured his Rifle on his back out of habit.
I swear to god there better be Coffee when I get there...

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