Lost in Spaaace! (RP Thread)

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"...You're leg is damaged, Bone is shattered. If we don't remove it, toxins will build up in your body and...." David finally answered, unsure of what to say to the man.
He felt guilty for letting this happen to him, It was his plan to enter the bridge that caused this.
"....I'm sorry man....I really am..."

Sorry for Late post, This RP slipped my mind

Iskierka looked on quietly as David said it, and she was thankful. There was little she could do; a fact that annoyed her to no end. Still, she felt the need to say something.

"The biggest problem is that your immune system is eating your cartilage. If this were earth, and I were a proper medical doctor, they would suggest amputation and advanced prosthesis. But, as this isn't earth, and I'm not really a medical doctor - I see three solutions.

1) I can wrap the leg as tight as I can, and give you every immune-represent I can find and hope that you have some seriously good luck.

2) We can amputate, and I can try and find a replacement off one of our former crew mates - then make a jury-rigged connection. We'll again be lucky if we find a suitable prosthesis, and even luckier if I can find a way to rig the connections together without the proper equipment. All-in-all, it will be hard and time consuming.

3) We can amputate and make a harness and peg-leg. It will work, but walking will be difficult. As a doctor, I have to suggest this one as it has the best chance of success given our... situation, but the choice is yours." she said, letting the words sink in

As David opened his mouth, time slowed down for Ace. He made himself comfortable for the music that he would be hearing. After all, the song that would sing the end to his luck was beginning. "...Your leg is damaged," was the intro to this symphony and even though it would be the lightest piece of news he would hear it was still hard-hitting. "...bone is shattered." The chorus was crescendoing into darkness. No, it was already in darkness. "If we don't remove it," There's always an if Ace mused, trying to ignore the elephant in the theatre. The song was coming to a finish, all it needed was a climatic coda. "toxins will build up in your body and...." Ace's eyes widened and the symphony turned into a cacophony of despair. It didn't matter that David hadn't properly finished the song, anything would have provided the push into insanity. Ace wanted to scream and join in with the madness but nothing would come out. All he could do was stare blankly at David. AAAAAAAA-

David saw Ace's reaction to the news and did his best to comfort him.
"Hey, It's all right, We'll get out of here, back to earth, they'll fix you up, good as new, It's alright man." He said, holding onto the fact that they would return home some day after all this.

David's mouth was moving but Ace couldn't make out what he was saying. Whatever it was, Ace hoped that it wasn't important. He turned to the doctor and noticed that she was talking too. Ace opened his mouth to reply but no words came out; it was as if he had forgotten how to talk. Even if something audible was coming out, they didn't seem to understand. Ace gave up and closed his eyes. He needed to think.

The world's luckiest man, literally, blocks out the bad news he hears. Ace was in a grim situation, his leg had gone to hell and now he had to, presumably, make the decision to amputate or something similar. The sheltered world Ace had lived in was gone, taken away by whatever higher power there was. The shield that was his luck was gone, leaving Ace defenceless against the world. He felt naked without his luck, vulnerable and exposed. Bad things were already happening to him, enlightening Ace of reality. In his fantasy world he had no friends, but he was comfortable most of the time. In reality he had friends, or rather he could make friends, but he was uncomfortable most of the time. Ace disregarded all thoughts of comfort, accepting reality. At least, in the end, he would die surrounded by people that he loved. Ace liked that.

"Sorry, could you say that again? I sort of zoned out after you...you know," Ace said.

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Johann gripped Aces shoulder.
"If it has to be an amputation, we can use my knife."

David shot Johann a deathly glare, he was finding more and more reasons to hate that man.
"Look, Ace, We ARE going to get out of here and you WILL get a new leg. Just now we want you to decide: Cut it off or pump you full of drugs, just the Drug MIGHT save your leg but it's very risky..." David explained to Ace again.

Iskierka looked between David and Johann, and decided to step in. "Don't worry, we have all the medical equipment we need. Thank you for the offer however." she said to Johann, then giving David a look that said 'please let it go'

Returning to Ace, Iskierka repeated herself in full for his benefit, then said to him. "Ace... I know this is hard." she then pulled up her sleeve to her shoulder to show the metallic replacement in its full form. "It's difficult to lose something you care for; a limb in this case." she said, not letting on it wasn't the loss of limbs she was thinking of before concluding. "but we need a decision soon, if I'm going to be able to do anything."

Needles or a saw, hmm... Ace couldn't remember the last time he had been injected by a needle so his past experience wasn't going to help him make his decision. Anything sounded more appealing than sawing his leg off, even if the other option was risky. But on the other hand, he wouldn't be awake during the amputation. Would he? "I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but we have anaesthetic right?" Ace asked. He wanted to be sure of everything before making a decision, even if it was obvious. As a person about to go through a dangerous medical procedure -for the first time in his life too- this would be the first of many inevitable questions.


Johann raised an eyebrow at the glare David sent him. He couldn't fathom the reason why the man seemed to dislike him so much.

"I assume so. Theres always alcohol if we don't have any."

"I'm not entirely sure, Ace. We should be able to find some, just....brace yourself if otherwise..." David answered, knowing their luck, there wouldn't be any but there was a chance that they could get lucky.
"Doc, We have any?"

"Doc, We have any?" David asked.

Iskierka's eyes rolled up and toward her right, searching her memory. "I'm not sure. The ship was supposedly fully stocked with medical equipment and supplies already, but I don't know if it's true or, if so, how much of it survived the impromptu FTL jump. Codex: do you have any log of anesthetic shipments?" Iskierka answered and asked.

"Codex: do you have any log of anesthetic shipments?" Iskierka asked.

The lack of certainty on having anesthetics worried Ace. Shouldn't these things be cleared up before even considering an amputation? And if there aren't even anesthetics, what are the chances of having drugs that can save his leg? Because Ace never had the need to worry about anything for most of his life, his primal instincts told him to go through a mental snow-ball. What will we use to saw my leg? Do we even have needles?

.......So anyone else still want to go on?

Im good with going on

Should we wait for BeerTent or just wing it?

Should we wait for BeerTent or just wing it?

Pretty sure BeerTent is gone from this, I've been checking up randomly but haven't bothered posting since the end of July since I never got a response from Codex, that was like a month ago.

Shotgun Guy:

Should we wait for BeerTent or just wing it?

Pretty sure BeerTent is gone from this, I've been checking up randomly but haven't bothered posting since the end of July since I never got a response from Codex, that was like a month ago.

Oh Well....

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