Lost in Spaaace! (RP Thread)

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Johann paused at the odd question. Name a cat? At this particular point in time?
"call it Mozart."

David got another 7-Coke and downed it in one again.
"ooooo that's good stuff...Codex: you have any tasks that require my skill set?..." He asked the AI.

"Mozart? I like Mozart. I've played a bit of Mozart. Sounds good," Ace replied. He wondered why that particular name. The cat certainly didn't resemble him... "Why Mozart?"

"My scanners appear to be damaged, but I will provide a detailed analysis. There appears to be a large amount of organic life in the anomaly, along with large amounts of Cobalt, Molybdenum, and Titanium. The anomaly is extremely difficult to track, but appears to be on a course in our general direction. The anomaly is creating, and appears to be responding to Analog Signals, as well as a single Digital Channel. I am unable to decrypt, nor do I have a Codec capable of reading the Digital Channel. I am attempting to Capture and record the analog signals, but it is extremely difficult to capture a length of information in proper condition."

"Very well, let us know if you manage to decode anything or if they appear to be trying to make contact."

"I will attempt evasive manoeuvres, but my steering is crippled. I imagine it will take most of a day for us to reach the station with the maximum fuel conservation. I will also begin broadcasting a Save Our Souls."

By now Eli had made his way back to the Mess Hall. "Cancel the evasive manoeuvres. I know it's S.O.P. but there is no way in hell we could out fly anything in our condition. Save fuel and only manoeuvre if it looks like we're on a collision course." Snagging a drink, he dropped into a nearby seat and brought up the ship's comm. interface on his HUD. Seconds later the general quarters siren sounded.

"To All Hands" Eli said, his voice coming from every speaker. "Codex has picked up what at best guess is to be another ship. They are not transmitting to us as of yet, and we are unable to tap into their own signal. I began transmitting a general distress a few minutes ago, and with a lot of luck they'll take pity on us." Taking a swig from his drink he sighed, somebody was probably going to flip shit on him over this...but fuck it, it's not like they had a lot of options.

"Thank God, Might live though this after all." David chirps in, Glad that there was some light at the end of the tunnel.

"Because Mozart is an excellent name." Johann sighed, feeling slightly irritated with the man who called himself Ace.
They arrived at the Mess Hall.
"Dammit," Johann thought, feeling the dull pain in his temples flare up again. He grasped the packet of pills from his pocket, flipping it open. He swore. Loudly.
The packet was empty.

David heard Johann flip out in anger.
"Hey, You alright over there?" he asked as he got up and walked over.
"Huh, what are those? Pills?"

"Iskierka," The AI would quickly respond. Though, there was no monitor for her, as the monitoring station for the reactor already had rather important information. "Some damage still remains. However, we are no longer leaking Radiation. Mooring required to repair the remaining damage. I have pooled some cold water for the use for the SUC. The repairs on the pipe systems should already be complete, All you would need to do is simply flick the switch. If warnings are present, please quickly disable it."

"If SUC cooling is enabled, the Reactor should be able to output at approximately 85% maximum capacity as a Mark 2 reactor."


As the cat was picked up (Heavy little fucker!) he'd be pretty tolerant. The feline would look around, showing off that he only had a collar with a bell on it. The blue collar would read on it "Safe Cat" and would probably break apart if his neck got stuck on anything.


As Eli walked into the Mess Hall, The AI would finish answering David's inquiry. "Currently, David. No action is required at this time. The log indicates that you may need additional training with your Culler. You are more than welcome to gather, and distribute additional supplies among those who are located in the Bastion. Please prepare this Mess Hall as a Base of Operations."

The face would turn to grab Eli's attention. "Affirmative, I will continue turning and attempt to pass the Anomaly. We may reach the station at this speed in approximately 4 hours." The AI paused for a moment. "I will not attempt to Moor with the station I will await a protocol I can understand."

"Understood, I'll see if I can't reach the bridge and get some of the gear from up there, Anyone what to come with?, help pick out the more important bits..." David asked the mess hall group.

"If SUC cooling is enabled, the Reactor should be able to output at approximately 85% maximum capacity as a Mark 2 reactor."

Iskierka thought it over for a minute, thinking over the repairs once more before she activated the system. The task complete, she pressed the switch, signalling the system to self-diagnose. It claimed to be in working order - save the problems mentioned by Codex. "Great, now I just have to hope the sensors are right." A second later, Eli spoke over the comm-link.

"To All Hands. Codex has picked up what at best guess is to be another ship. They are not transmitting to us as of yet, and we are unable to tap into their own signal. I began transmitting a general distress a few minutes ago, and with a lot of luck they'll take pity on us." he said, a sense of what sounded like worry in his voice.

She activated her comm-link, to call him back. "Eli, All possible shipboard reactor repairs are complete; it should allow for 85% energy capacity. Do you want me activate the reactor now, or wait for the unknown ship to make its move? You know the situation better than I, please advise."

"And an excellent composer too," Ace replied, still wondering why he had chosen Mozart. Why not Bach or Beethoven? Why not Ace? They were all excellent names to Ace. But he decided not to press the issue any more, he wanted to focus on helping David. Ace wanted to help in any way he could if it helped them getting back to Earth faster and kept his mind off his luck.

"I'll come. Johann, take care of Mozart for me will 'ya?" Ace said, gently handing the cat over.

Jake realized he had been sitting at his desk entirely too long, lost in some daydream. His head was swimming as he had allowed himself to drink a little more than he intended. well, I've taken the edge off at least. A grin slowly formed on his face, this situation was so ridiculous, the odds so impossible but now he was able to fully comprehend just how bad it was without pesky fear getting in the way. He returned everything to his desk and locked it. Getting up from his chair, he noticed he retained almost perfect posture, exiting the room and walking down the hallway. Deliberately following a line, walking it perfectly straight, years o' practice, my boy. Jake directed himself back to the mess hall.

"Fair enough, Follow me, it's the one place I know on this ship." David answered before spinning his Revolver on his finger and leaving the Mess Hall, entering another Dark Corridor.

Te cat was not only large, heavy, but long too. As he was passed around like currency. He would squirm a little. "Meryowl." He squeaked as he looked up. Those fangs sticking out from under his lip might only make him look dumb.


The AI would seem to follow David again. "Caution:" She warned the Security officer. "I understand your attempting to go to the Bridge. Please note that this part of the ship is missing from my visual range. In fact, Scans indicate that the Primary Bridge, Secondary Bridge, and a few other sections from the front starboard side are missing. If you require diagnostics from a command station, please attempt a Tertiary Command Bridge. Danger! Shortly after my reactivation, I detected a death in Auxiliary Engine Control. Please exercise caution and beware of any environmental dangers before proceeding."

Flashes of light and blotches of colour flashed through Eli's head as he slept. After the announcement, he'd put his head down for a second...now he was snoring softly.

"...tion better than I, please advise."

"Mrphger" He mumbled as Iskierka's message tugged, unsuccessfully, at his ear. Meanwhile, in the Mess Hall, Eli slept restlessly, his dreams invaded by shadowy figures digging away at his soul.

"Mrphger" Eli responded over the comm-link, clearly exhausted. When she heard no more of a response, She grimaced and made her choice.

Walking over to the system, she put her hand by the switch, then engaged the ship-wide broadcasting system Eli had used before.

"Attention all crew, This is Dr. Capek. I have finished all ship-board repairs to the reactor. I will reactivate the system now." she spoke calmly into the microphone. She waited a few seconds, then flipped the switch to start the reactor.

"Thanks for the head's up, Galdos." David answered as he proceeded.
A damaged ship is damaged? You don't say...
He pressed on and came to a damaged hall-way, locked down of course.
He checked the computer next to the airlock for any of those repair robots back in Robotics.
"Oh joy, Windows 23...Fucking machines..." He groaned as he attempted to use the computer.
Technologically Inept (-1) in action

As David was attempting to pass through a damaged blast door, something the AI would deny him, as there was not a whole lot on the other side, the AI would set out a ship-wide announcement.

"Notice: Reactor systems online. Shields have been restored and are operating at 15% capacity. Full power has been restored to the entirety of the ship, and Scans are becoming more accurate. I have secured and reopened all safe blast-atmosphere Doors. If a door is closed, please do not attempt to bypass it."

Meanwhile, In the chamber where Iskierka was managing the reactor systems, The AI would speak in a more joyful tone. "Excellent work. I will continue to manage these systems, no further human input required until an objective is assigned. My scans indicate that Radiation is contained for the most part, but prolonged exposure to the reactors without protection is not recommended. If you wish, I can notify you of any changes I have made to the operation of the reactors for your reports and analysis."

On one of the monitors, the AI was right... Calculations were coming on... SUC was operating initially at 50%, but those numbers were climbing rapidly. The reactor changed from M1 to M2 as Energy output, energy use, and Battery all climbed to safe levels...

Mark II Reactor, Efficiency C, SUC Cooling
SUC: 94% (Wat.Temp -40C) . Out: 85% (AI Controlled) . Use: 47% (AI Controlled) . Bat: 68% (Increasing)

"Work you piece of...Grrrrrrr...." David growled at the computer.
He gave up and went around to find another way.
He found a maintenance entrance for the Vents and popped it open before getting in.

"Another fucking tight-space, great. Lead the way Dave," Ace said, mentally preparing himself for what could be another long trip. He was glad that he had someone else with him, someone much stronger than himself. With David, Ace was confident that he wouldn't become lost or trapped again. As he went through, his mind began to wonder. After briefly coming across the subject of his luck, he switched to the first random thought he had. I wonder how the cat is...

After several minutes of crawling, David broke the ice and asked "Christ, where does this thing even go?! As he stared into the endless darkness before him.

Johann sat in the mess hall. The large cat he had christened 'Mozart' had settled down by now, and dozed peacefully in his lap, slowly retracting and extending his claws. Johann absent-mindedly stroked the cat between it's ears, eliciting a soft rumbling purr from the animal. He took stock of his situation. He was stranded, possibly several billion light-years from home, with a crew full of complete strangers. First contact with an unknown race was almost certain. And he had no way of getting the medication without finding the Medical Wing. And without the small pills, he knew it would only be a matter of time.
He activated his comm link, linking himself to Ace's headset.

Jake walked into the mess hall, the doors hung wide open which seemed odd seeing as generally they would be set for opening on proximity, although this situation was anything but general. Jake tossed his satchel onto the closest table and took a seat. Johann was the only other person in the room and it appeared he had acquired a cat. There has gotta be something that needs doing around here.

"Hey Codex? Do you have any outstanding jobs or should I just sit here and wait for whatever is coming next?" Jake asked loud enough for the AI to pick up his voice.

Mark II Reactor, Efficiency C, SUC Cooling
SUC: 94% (Wat.Temp -40C) . Out: 85% (AI Controlled) . Use: 47% (AI Controlled) . Bat: 68% (Increasing)

Iskierka read the report, thankful the system had worked. "Thanks Codex. Unless you have any other systems that could use my help, I'm going to make my way back to the hanger bay and see if I can get a look at this "incoming vessel" - I'd rather make sure it's not a ballistic missile out to destroy the ship." As she said this, she made her way out of the reactor chamber and back to the hanger bay, leaving the radiation sponge in the room to finish sterilizing the room.

Oh jesus christ he can't even help. You're fucked now Ace. Ace began to feel anxious. It was the same crap happening to the same person, except now he had someone else to share his concerns with. Although that wasn't reassuring, Ace preferred to be with someone else. At least this way he had someone to talk to. Or so he thought...


"Erm yes, I copy. What is it? I never knew this thing worked for me...anyway go ahead," Ace replied, initially glad but then going into despair again.

Wait how does this help me? He had hoped that he could just follow David, be a follower. Get out of the ship by doing what others told him to do. But when the leader didn't know what to do, that didn't sit well with Ace. Maybe my luck will get us out? Or maybe I'm just exaggerating and I'm just stuck in a bloody vent.

After several more minutes, A Creaking Noise is heard coming from the Vent walls.
"Hey, Ace can you hear that?...."
Then the Vent gave way and dumped them from the roof to the floor of the Bridge.
David turned as he fell to land on his back, but was still winded from the fall.

"Wait what?" Ace said before falling onto the floor with David. It took him by complete surprise and resulted in him knocking his head again. He tried to locate David but only saw a blur, like the first time he fell. He once again checked to see if it was bleeding but was relieved at the lack of blood. His head still hurt though and Ace knew that the next time he could be less lucky. I wonder if Dr.Capek could check my head...I'd be in gratitude and hell somebody's gotta give. Wait are all doctors doctors?

He tried to kick the vent so he could crawl out but it was stuck. He was literally trapped this time.

"Dave! I'm stuck!" Ace yelled, still kicking even though he knew it was futile.

"Uhhhh...wha?...Shit! Hold on..." David said before he saw that he was stuck in a section of the Vent that hit the ground, the dents caused by the impact prevented Ace from Escaping.
"Alright, stay with me, I'll have you out in a minute, I just need to find something to pry you open, I'll be right back..." He said before he went to look for a crowbar or even just a sharp shard of harder metal.

Johann raised an eyebrow at the noises coming through the phone.
"If it's not too much trouble, I need you to stop by the Medical Wing. If theres a bottle with the name E-17 on it, grab it. It's for my migranes."

Iskierka hurried through the hallways - away from the hanger bay. Much to her chagrin, The ship was approaching from the opposite side. After checking her map, Iskierka determined the closest view port that would meet her needs was on G-deck. This of course meant one thing - back into the cramped maintenance tubing.

When she reached an undamaged port, she opened the cover and made her way into the system. Activating her Comm-link, she decided to ask a question. "All, I'm headed from E-deck to G-deck to find a view of the unknown vessel. Is there anyone in the area of G-deck and, if so, is there anything anyone needs from the intervening decks?"

"All, I'm headed from E-deck to G-deck to find a view of the unknown vessel. Is there anyone in the area of G-deck and, if so, is there anything anyone needs from the intervening decks?"

"West Here, If you're heading towards the Bridge and the surrounding areas, be careful, the Vents are unstable, Me and Ace just fell from the one in the Main Bridge. Also, keep an eye out for anything that might help us move some of the more mobile computer systems." David radioed in as he found a Fire Axe.

Ace could no longer hear David anymore. It was him and possibly Johann. He had been in worse situations in the past, stuck under rubble and held at gunpoint. Why was he now worried? His luck would get him out, he knew it. He accepted it. It had been the one truth in his life, the one thing he could always rely on. It made him feel powerful, untouchable even. That had been his little world, sheltered by the walls of his luck. The horrific truth Ace had to accept to live his life.

But now the walls were breaking down. Ace was not the last one out. He wasn't the only survivor. In this situation, he was the weakest and most useless. He was the likeliest to die. And now he was stuck in a vent... What was this new emotion? Terror? Ace couldn't even remember what it was as it had been a very long time. Ace wanted to believe that he would get out, hell maybe everyone could get out too. Ace wanted to believe that his luck had rubbed off onto the others but what if it was gone? The seeds of doubt had already taken root, but what was sprouting was a completely different emotion...

David returned, Axe in Hand.
"Ace, Listen Closely, I had an Axe, but I need to Make sure where you are before I start to cut you loose so I don't hit you. I know this is messed up but I need you to trust me. I know what I'm doing." He told Ace as he picked out the best spot to crack open.

Shit, shit, shit. This isn't helping David. Get a fucking axe! What the fuck!? Terror was slowly gripping Ace, the thought of an axe ripping apart the vent he was in did not comfort him at all. "Err...there's a little space on the f-front. Don't miss eh?" Ace said. It was all he could manage to say. He tried to crawl back but he was stuck. All he could do was trust David to not hit him. Faith in others... He closed his eyes and hoped for the best.

"Alright, Move away as far as you can..." David said as he laid the sharp end of the Axe where he was going to cut.
He braced himself and bought the Axe down.
And Again.
And Again.
And Again.
He stopped and pulled open the Vent shaft and saw Ace, unharmed.
"Huh...Deep down, I didn't think that would work..." He admited before tearing off a bit more of the vent, enough for him to get out.
"Are you alright?, can you walk?"

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