Lost in Spaaace! (RP Thread)

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Her HUD returned, she put the device back on and discovered she had missed several messages from David. After listening to them, she sighed a little for 2 reasons. First, the bridge did not have a good view of the ship either and Second, that David was incapable of pronouncing her name. She turned her back to Phillip, missing the moment where he placed his hand on his knife, and started to call back David.

"David: thanks for checking. By the way, Codex found another survivor here in the medical lab. His name is Phillip Day and he's a chef. I'm going to lead him back the the Mess Hall where everyone met up originally. Also, my name is Iskierka Capek." she said, pronouncing each syllable. "If you're having such a hard time with it, make up a nick name, just stop butchering my real one." she concluded, her venting complete.

"Fair Enough, Doc, Me and Ace will be right there..." He grunted as he moved some wreaked metal towards his makeshift pile.
It would hold and it should support their weight as well as reaching high enough to the Vent.
He put the last piece in place and said "Ace...After you..."

Philip slowly retracted his hand from the knife and dug his hands in his pockets, waiting impatiently for Iskierka, kicking idly at the ground as he did. "So, we going to get going or what? Doesn't feel right, staying here with all these corpses."

"So, we going to get going or what? Doesn't feel right, staying here with all these corpses." Phillip said, growing impatient. "Right, sorry." She replied, a little sheepishly, before jumping into the maintenance tubes.

Philip took once last glance at the corpse before pursuing Iskierka through the tubes, once caught up eith her he follows closely, making sure she's always within reach. "Y'know, that was an odd thing to suggest. That I would kill you. Especially considering or circumstance." Philip remarks with an attempt at keeping his voice in a casual tone. His hand slips again into his shirt as he follows her.

"Y'know, that was an odd thing to suggest. That I would kill you. Especially considering our circumstance." Phillip said, catching up to her. Iskierka didn't register the comment for a moment. "Hm... oh, yeah sorry. I tell bad jokes. Its a defense mechanism. Sorry if it was uncouth." she responded, continuing the climb up a ladder.

Moving with Jake, Eli continued to silently curse his prosthetic. Damn this piece of crap! I should just hit the Med Bay and snag a pair of crutches, they'd probably be easier to walk with. Thoughts like this echoed through his mind for a bit until he was struck with a flash of inspiration.

"Codex, we were supposed to receive a few suits of Marine power armour so we could double check their system integration with the shipboard maintenance systems. Do you know if they arrived before we were attacked?"

"We have to go through there again? Give me a sec," Ace said, emptying the crate and trying to hold as many Cullers as he could before throwing the rest into the vent. "I've decided I don't like vents much," he said while climbing up the make-shift ladder, which to Ace's surprise, held together under his weight. He went in deeper to allow enough space for David.

"Keep going forward am I right?" Ace asked. He felt more relaxed with David giving him direction in the steel labyrinth of darkness.

"Yeah, just keep going forwards, back the way be came, no turns or anything, just forwards." David called out as he climbed up afterwards.
He picked up the Remaining Cullers and followed behind Ace.
"Just stay calm, we'll have that wound of yours looked at, just keep moving." He reassured him as the Vent creaked a little.

Jake stopped walking abruptly as he heard the faint sound of metal hitting metal, he listened...

"Keep going forward am I right?"

"They're coming back through the vents" Jake looked over and sure enough saw a opened vent with a removed cover next to it. "Uhh...sounds like Codex may have led us on a pointless errand, really no point of fixing things unless we want to try to get some doors opened and establish a more direct route to the bridge but in its condition that may not be smart." Jake felt genuinely bad, Eli had to run all the way down here with that leg and it looked like it may have been a pointless endeavor.

"Cheers," Ace replied, continuing his patterned shuffle. He couldn't have asked for more. Here was David directly reassuring him that he would get to the end. With friends like these, who needs luck? A few minutes later, Ace saw the end of the vent. "We're here," he said with glee, shoving the Cullers out and carefully dropping down. "Where should I put 'em?" he asked. Ace wanted to get his leg and head checked but prioritized finishing the job.

Jake watched as the vent spit handguns onto the floor, that were shortly followed by Ace "Where should I put 'em?" he said to whom Jake could only assume was David because Ace had yet to notice him.

"I'll help you carry them back to the Mess Hall, seems like pretty much everybody is headed there already." Jake offered.

Ace and David soon slid out from the Vent after the Cullers were dropped.
He picked them up, doing a Robocop spin with one of them .
"So how is the survivor Cap-peck found? he okay?"

"Thanks. I'm Ace by the way if you didn't know. And you are?" Ace asked, handing a few Cullers over to Jake. While doing so, he heard David mention another survivor. Meh... They were of no harm to him anymore, quite the opposite as they were actually friendly and helping. His faith in others was proving to be more useful than his luck.

Just as Ace was about to make his way to the Mess Hall, his limp became worse. His body was urging Ace to hurry and he wished he could hurry too. But as much as his head and leg ached, he knew that they would be able to treat him.

"Eli," the AI would respond. There is one suit remaining in the Cargo Bay, but there are no weapons for i currently. Furthermore, I do not have the necessary equipment on board to install the suit on a human being. It may be possible to install the suit using conventional tools, but it would be impossible to complete the required vacuum seal. Caution: Extreme care will be required during installation and uninstallation to ensure the safty of the individual inside."

A few moments after her announcement, there would be a crunch and a crash from the vents. Thankfully, David and Ace got through in time, but going back to the bridge... They'd need to find another way.

"My scans indicate that Ace and David are secure. I am able to see them again. Please note that all of my sensory equipment in parts of the ship that may be free-floating are non-functional. I apologize if my warnings were in excess."

"Ahhh...don't worry about Codex...Also try to see if you swing the ship around so the Starboard Side is facing the incoming ship, we might stand a chance then." David replied to the AI as he carried Ace on his shoulder and made his way for the Mess Hall.

"Just an odd thing to accuse a stranger of. Is all." Philip said, almost as if speaking to himself. He darted up the ladder after Iskierka, keeping her within sight and reach.

"Thanks. I'm Ace by the way if you didn't know. And you are?" Ace said taking a few steps forward limping, David swung Ace's arm over his shoulder and mentioned another survivor.

"I'm Jake, Ace, I've got some pain-killers in my satchel back in the mess hall, you look like you might need one...or six." Jake said with a grin, " I have yet to meet the new survivor but it sounds like he's fine from what I've heard." Jake said as he walked along with the two.

"Captec is Stitching him up right now from what I've heard, Here's hoping he ain't too far gone." David replied as they trio neared the Mess hall.
"Say, You got some Caffeine Shots in there?" He asked Jake, God how he loved those.

Johann awoke with a start. He looked around the mes shall, noticing that everyone seemed to have returned from their assignments. He rubbed his face with his hand, blinking the sleep from his eyes. Turning to the others, he cleared his throat.
"Seeing as we have aquired all the essential supplies, and the ship is no longer in danger of exploding, I suggest we all prepar ouselves for first co-"
He paused, tilting his head to the side. There was one more person than they last time.
"Who is this?" He said, pointing an accusing finger at Philip.

Philip jumped a little, having only just got into the Mess Hall with Iskierka and already being questioned. He took a moment to catch his breath, his eyes landing on the accusing finger pointing at him with a certain sense of uneasyness.
"Philip Day... Chef... Can you stop... Can you stop pointing at me like that?" He shifted uncomfortably on the spot, disliking being in someone's attention, his head ducked slightly, letting some messy hair fall over his face a little to obscure it and he dug his hands deep into his pockets.

"Say, You got some Caffeine Shots in there?" David asked.
"No, just medication." Jake answered, he wasn't really a fan of those things, people taking them now and again was okay but just like any drug, addiction was possible and he knew of people who became pretty much reliant on those things which was unhealthy to say the least.

Jake entered the Mess where a scene was unfolding.

"Who is this?" Johann said sitting up from the table and pointing a finger at the new crew member.

"Philip Day... Chef... Can you stop... Can you stop pointing at me like that?" Philip said looking very uncomfortable.

"You can relax Phil, Mr. Isaacson is harmless... relatively. I'm Dr. Gallows...Ace, did you want those pain-killers?" Jake looked back towards Ace as he continued through the room towards his satchel.

"Its Philip. I said Philip." He mutters to himself as he peers around and finds a table towards the corner of the room, away from the group, he sits himself down at it with his head ducked down, watching the rest of the survivors with wary darting eyes.

"No, just medication."
"Alright, just like the Kick it gives ya, That and some of them taste nice, like Red-bull if it wasn't fried Piss."

"Philip Day... Chef... Can you stop... Can you stop pointing at me like that?"

"Philip Day, Eh? David West, Formerly of 21st Sniper Unit, Now Ship Security, Pleasure to meet ya." David introduced himself after helping Ace sit down on one of the tables.
"God, I'd murder for some Chicken dippers right about now..." He joked.

The rest of the journey to the mess hall had been quiet. After expressing his distaste at her, admittedly tasteless joke, an awkward silence settled over their conversation. Fortuitously, the distance to the mess hall had been mercifully short, preventing the silence from becoming too unnerving.

As they arrived, Johann who had apparently decided to take a nap, awoke and became bewildered by Phillip's presence. The result was several minutes of idle chit-chat between crew members. Of greater concern to Iskierka was the state of Ace's leg.

Placing her freshly acquired medical supplies on the table and tossing the pills she had retrieved for Johann, she approached the injured musician. "Ace, do you need any help with your leg?" she offered, a medical kit in her hands.

On their journey to the messhall, the pain was becoming steadily worse. His condition was deteriorating. Rapidly. Ace tried to ignore the pain, knowing that he would get help from the Dr once he reached it. This gave him more than enough motivation to bite his tongue and not complain. The group arrived at the messhall and Jake offered his pills. "I certainly wouldn't mind some," Ace replied, taking the pills while easing into his chair. Then Dr.Capek offered medical assitance for Ace. "Ace, do you need any help with your leg?"

"Definitely. A little check on my head wouldn't hurt either," Ace said, pointing at the part of his head that had been hit.

"For the record, Doc, He got the wound from where the Vent fell from the roof, He got stuck in some rubble, had to cut him out with this Axe." David said to Capek as he pointed out said Axe on his back holster.
"Don't know if that helps but, the more you know..."

After following Jake and the rest back to the Mess Hall, Eli had stuffed himself in an out of the way corner to work. Well I can attach the actuators at the knee, save me a pile of fab...the suits are pretty modular so that...but what about cont....AHA! The life support subroutines, brilliant! "FUCK YEAH!" He shouted in triumph, while working with his PDA, after a moment he looked up and flushed red as he realized everyone was looking at him. "Oh..umm...sorry, got a little carried away..."

Pulling himself to his feet, Eli started to make for the exit. "If anyone needs me I'll be down in the Assault Bay. Dr. Capek, please try to not let them break anything important while I'm gone." As he was passing the group, he finally spotted Philip. "Oh, another survivor? Perfect, we need all the help we can get. I'm Eli, Eli Stroud." With that he was off down the corridor, the rhythmic clicking of his prosthetic gradually receding.

"Don't know if that helps but, the more you know..." David finished, explaining the causes of the injuries the musician had sustained. "Thanks, that should make this easier." She offered back. It was a lie, the cause of the injury had little meaning when it came to treatment in the case of wounds, but there was no need to say it. Besides, if the cause had been exposure to some strange chemical, disease, radiation, etc. the information would have been invaluable; meaning there was every reason to encourage more information.

As she was about to begin the task at hand - or leg rather - Eli shouted in triumph. After a few bewildered seconds, he explained and made for the assault bay. "Dr. Capek, please try to not let them break anything important while I'm gone." he said to her as he passed. unable to restrain herself, she shot back, lost in the moment of levity. "Us? Break anything? Please. I'm a scientist, not an Engineer." she replied, a wide smirk on her face. The smirk disappeared when she finally remembered who Eli was. Who his brother had been. Her face paled slightly at the memory, then quickly returned to her Ace's wound. Angry at herself for the action, for joking with HIS brother, she buried herself in her goal so as to prevent her own self-destructive thoughts.

She started by pouring water over the wounds to clear away the excess blood. She needed to see what was happening if she was going to do her job. Reaching into her medical supplies, she grabbed a small tube of cream. the chemical name on it was all but impossible to understand, but the word "Local Anesthetic" told her it's meaning. She quickly checked the medical database and Ace's files to confirm he had no allergy to it, then started rubbing it into his wounds. "You may feel a tingling feeling. It's normal. I know it's annoying, but try not to itch it or the other steps will be painful." she said. Ace seemed to comply.

When the cream was used, she moved to the next chemical and one she was all too familiar with: isopropyl alcohol. Tearing a strip from the bottom of her ab coat, she made a small towel and moistened it with the rubbing alcohol. "This is going to hurt a little. Just try to hold still." she said before applying to make-shift towel to the wound. Ace flinched involuntarily at the sharp pain, but seemed to be holding up.

Thereafter, she started to examine the wounds. The leg was a fairly clear cut, with no visible debris, but the head wound had a few metallic shards embedded within it. Grabbing a pair of tweezers from her supplies, she began extracting them. Unlike with the alcohol, the Anesthetic did it's job, numbing the pain of the procedure. This part of the procedure took a long time, her cyber-limb lacking the finesse to do the job with any sense of proficiency.

Finally, with the wounds cleared out, she began wrapping bandages around his leg and head. She wasn't sure the extent of the injury to his leg, and wouldn't until they had the medical bay up and running again, so she chose to play it safe. Grabbing a piece of tubing from the damaged vent system, she attached it to Ace's leg as a splint, reenforcing it, until it had healed properly.

When it was all done, she stood back up and wiped the sweat from her brow. "Let me know if your leg is in pain and I'll adjust the splint." she said to Ace, content in her work.

Jake approached Ace and Capek, he handed Ace a bottle of pain-killers. "You can hold onto the bottle, just don't take more than one every hour and only take them if it hurts, they are pretty strong." Jake advised.

"Now, Dr. Capek? I don't think I've had a chance to properly introduce myself, I'm Dr. Jake Gallows." Jake offered his hand.

"You found this Phillip, right? Is everything...okay with him? His on-ship profile is pretty thin." Jake whispered to her, he had already pulled up and scanned through Phillip's profile on his HUD after Phillip had muttered something and walked off earlier, it was always smart to watch the weird ones, Jake was hoping he was just anti-social.

"...I'm Dr. Jake Gallows." The man said, offering his hand. Iskierka took it. "Dr. Iskierka Capek. It's a pleasure" she said, exchanging pleasantries.

"You found this Phillip, right? Is everything...okay with him? His on-ship profile is pretty thin." he asked, cutting straight to his point. She mulled the question over for a moment, then answered.

"I think he's still dealing with our... situation. When I found him, he was injured and unconscious. I started to patch him up, then he awoke with a jolt. In his fear, he drew a knife he had - cut my arm with it." She said, pointing at her arm before continuing. "I talked him down and finished tending his wound. Then he searched around the medical lab for a while; said he was looking for something. There was another chef there, I'm guessing a friend of his. Understand, the medical lab had a lot of people in it - I don't think he has come to grasp that he survived. It's... hard, surviving when someone you care about didn't." she finished. She stopped there, not wanting to think about the topic any further.

"You found this Phillip, right? Is everything...okay with him? His on-ship profile is pretty thin."

David looked at Philip as Jake said that.
"Hey, Anyone noticed how...Jumpy...he is? I mean given the situation, I understand, but...there is something a tad bit off about him..." He whispered to him as Capek told the events leading to his staying here.

"It's... hard, surviving when someone you care about didn't."
"Alright, but I'll keep an eye on him, I heard stories about people with PTSD, not many of them were petty, People the instant he begins to look like a threat, report it to me, understood?" He ordered as placed a hand on his hip, next to his side-arm.

"It's... hard, surviving when someone you care about didn't." Iskierka said, she was clearly speaking from experience.

"Alright, but I'll keep an eye on him, I heard stories about people with PTSD, not many of them were petty, People the instant he begins to look like a threat, report it to me, understood?" David said, Jake had planned on keeping the conversation between the doctors but David overhearing wasn't necessarily bad.

"Okay, just don't be too overt about it, I've seen people get pushed over the edge simply because they perceived everyone to be ganging up on them. I don't want that to happen here." Jake replied to David.

Philip strains to listen in to the conversation, keeping a wary eye on the whole group, with a frustrated sigh he stands and heads towards one of the exits, he turns to say something before shrugging and contiuing out of the room, heading towards the kitchen.

"Us? Break anything? Please. I'm a scientist, not an Engineer."

Eli smiled at Iskierka's retort. Perhaps she might actually warm up to me...stranger things have happened.Putting the thought aside, he bent his mind again to the problem at hand.

His plan was to cannibalize the leg from the armour for its movement actuators, and hopefully increase his own ease of movement. This was all assuming that the Assault Bay had survived the attack, unfortunately it was also one of the areas that was part of Codex's sensor blackout.

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