Lost in Spaaace! (RP Thread)

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"Cheers Dr. I'm glad it wasn't too serious and no my leg is quite content," Ace said, gently raising his leg to prove this. After accepting the pills, Ace somehow eased even deeper into his chair. He accepted the pills with a nod and thanks and placed them in his clarinet case. It was full as ever but as long as it could hold together Ace didn't care. Eavesdropping onto the groups conversation, Ace tried to recall their names. Johann...Mozart...David...Jake...Dr.Capek...someone I don't know...

Ace liked David, he had helped him out on many occasions and was proof that relying on people was more effective than superstition. Johann wasn't the friendliest but he wasn't unlikable either. Dr.Jake, as Ace learned, was nice too. Nice like the Dr.Capek.

Realizing what he was doing, Ace was a little startled. He wondered if he had really been that detached from properly interacting with people all his life. He knew, at the very least, he had many friends before the incidents started. He knew that he still kept them, for quite some time, even though they were dying before Ace's eyes. He no longer regretted it. Interacting with family, on the other hand, was different. Or was it? They both provided him comfort during the tough times, and both groups died just as easily. Or perhaps they were incomparable. Ace left it at that and tried to get some rest, ignoring, as best as he could, the steel touch of the rather uncomfortable but bearable chair. His leg and head was better, he had no right to complain.

"Okay, just don't be too overt about it, I've seen people get pushed over the edge simply because they perceived everyone to be ganging up on them. I don't want that to happen here."
"Rest assured, I know what I am doing..." David said as he went to grab some drinks for him and the new guy, See if he couldn't get him to lighten up a little.

Captcha: Stranger Danger.

Philip busied himself in the kitchen, checking the stocks of what they had left, what was still good to eat and what needed to be thrown, he he paced around the kitchen he plucked a knife from the counter, swinging idly between his fingers as he walked around, it caught a stack of pans and they all came clattering noisly to the ground, he clumsily fumbled with them, putting them in a rough pile before dropping them back on the counter.

"Hey, Philip, You thirsty?" David called out as he placed a Can of 7-Coke on the counter and slid it over.
"So where did Captk find you?" He asked as he took a sip of his drink, trying to make idle conversation.

Philip looks up to the source of the voice, plucking the can from the counter, peering at it briefly before placing it carefully back down.
"No thank you." He said, a little quietly before ducking his head and moving round the kitchen, placing another counter between him and David before answering his second question.
"Med bay, I just woke up." He replies, rubbing the wound on his head, grimacing and wobbling slightly.

David noted the Wobble.
"Med Bay?...I heard from the radio during the attack that it got messed up, if you were found there, then you should relax and rest up, the pots and pans can wait." He said as he took another drink and walked towards Philip in case he fell or fainted.

"I'm fine, just a bump on the head. Nothing serious." He says with small amount of uncertainty, he places the knife down on the counter and leans heavily on it.
"Is there anything else you came in here for?"

"Just making sure you are alright, We're short-handed as it is without something happening to you. Just...Take it easy, alright, Buddy?" David nodded as he walked out.
He stopped just before the exit and said "Actually, just one thing, what is there to eat anyways?"

"Whatever I can throw together from what we have left... There's more than enough here for us, considering how little we are..." Philip trails off in thought before going over to the food stores, peering inside again and beginning to form plans for meals.

"mmm...Alright, Well, Like a said, don't work too hard, See you later..." David said before he left the kitchen for good.
Inside, he hoped he wouldn't cause a fight, it wouldn't end well for anyone.

Johann frowned at Gallows' comment, and stood up from the table. He strode over to Ace, noticing David leaving the kitchen. He stood next to the muscician, leaning against the table.
"Id on't like him. There's something off about him." Johann muttered, glancing towrds the entrance to the kitchens.

Opening his eyes, Ace woke up from his half-sleeping state to answer Johann's question. "Him? Well I can't say I like or dislike him. Seems a little jumpy to me but frankly I don't blame him."

David rejoined the others, peering over his shoulder in case Philip followed.
"Yeah, there is something up with him, Everyone, act normal, We need all the help we can get right now and I don't want him to Snap, Now then, What else needs to be done?"

As Eli went lower and lower (Figuratively) the tone of the ship around him seemed to change. Brightly lit hallways changed to dark red chambers. In this part of the ship, where there were little to no sensors for the AI to Track him, there would be a lot of heavy blast doors covering any doorway that lead to a "dangerous room" where Atmosphere would leak out.

Thankfully, the Assualt Bar Survived... Unfortunately, it was in complete turmoil. Supply boxes were strewn about, a lot of them were empty, and some of them had some culler rounds in them. But with the room pitch black without a flashlight, It would be very difficult.

The Marine armor was there, but it was mostly in pieces. The armor was designed to be installed around someone with an automated process, once every piece was loaded in, a machine would hold someone in one spot, and install every part of the armor around him to ensure a proper vacuum seal around him. Ensuring they survive safely on an environment like Mars. Elie would have a very difficult time getting the parts he needs.


Mozart, on the other hand... Might find his way to the kitchen. The large cat would rub up against Philip's leg on the way to a cabinet. The cat followed it's nose here, and whatever was in that cabinet, it wanted it. He'd scratch at the door a few times before sitting back and looking up to the cook. "Mrreow!" Almost as if saying, 'Open it for me! I command you!'

"Oi, you're not supposed to be in here..." Philip frowns deeply at the cat, he moves his body to block the cabinet, so the cat can't jump in, before opening it to check what's inside.

Here's something that probably shouldn't belong in the kitchen.
Inside were two, large 4KG bags of "A taste of he wild" Cat food. It seemed pretty obvious now why the Maine Coon wanted in, now that there was a tiny rip in the top bag. Mozart would headbutt Philip's calf before playing it off as a rub all along as he walked around. He was probably hungry, waiting to be fed.


Capitcha: Describe K-mart! "Horrible!" apparently works... XD

Philip sighed deeply and grabbed the intact bag, throwing it out of the kitchen door before doing the same with the bag with the small rip in it, he picked up a couple of pans and clashed them together towards the cat. "I feed the people. Not the vermin. Out!" He shouted at it.

Jake glanced over and noticed Phillip tossing cat food bags out of the kitchen while yelling at the cat to leave. Jake walked over and looked down at the cat, who was eating bits of the food that had fallen from the rip in the bag. Jake bent down, "I guess he doesn't like cats either, huh buddy?" Jake ran his hand down the cats fur, the cat hissed quietly, "Okay, okay, you don't want your meal interrupted."

Jake stepped into the kitchen, "sorry for yet another interruption, I'll be out of here in a second, you seem like a man that values his privacy." Jake reached into the same cabinet that the bags came from, just as he expected two large dishes near the back. Jake filled on with water and left the kitchen. He sat it down next to the cat, who switched to drinking as opposed to eating from the corner of the opened bag, Jake picked the bag up and filled the other dish with food, closing the bag when the dish was full. "You can thank me later."

"Heh, Guess our friend ain't an animal person..." David chuckled as Jake fed Mozart.
"So anyways, What's next on the agenda? Something I can do would be good..." He asked the group and AI.

"So anyways, What's next on the agenda? Something I can do would be good..." David asked, turning to the group members still present in the room. Iskierka thought the question over for a minute then gave her reply.

"Well... I'm most concerned about the incoming object." she offered, pausing for a moment to gather her thoughts. "Johann, Any thing in your diplomat training cover First Contact?" she asked before returning her attention to David "And you know more about the ships defenses then anyone - got any suggestions in case they are... less than friendly?"

"And you know more about the ships defenses then anyone - got any suggestions in case they are... less than friendly?"

"Well, when I was up in the Bridge, I managed to find a terminal for Weapons, most of the working ones are on the Starboard Side as I radioed out to you guys, so we'd want to turn the ship or at the very least, Rotate it and hope for the best, Just if this is First Contact then we would be painting a massive target on Humanity by pissing them off...That is how that works right? Eh, Anyways, if they board, that's match point..." David said as thoughts of what would happen to them entered his mind.
"They're Coming out of the Goddamn Walls!

"Jake, Any thing in your diplomat training cover First Contact?" Iskierka asked, looking at Johann.

"Johann is the diplomat." Jake smiled, not bothered by the simple slip-up.

"Just if this is First Contact then we would be painting a massive target on Humanity by pissing them off...That is how that works right? Eh, Anyways, if they board, that's match point..." David said.

"I doubt we are dealing with aliens but I suppose it is a possibility...our best bet is to be as friendly as possible with whoever this is, we don't have much of a chance in a fight, boarding or not. Turning the ship can be seen as a sign that we are willing to let them board. Maybe we can try negotiations." Jake offered.

"Turning the ship can be seen as a sign that we are willing to let them board. Maybe we can try negotiations."

"Huh...yeah, that could work...but there still is one minor issue, Can they understand us and can we understand them? Us being friendly could be seen as us walking to eat their children..Hmmmm...Codex, How are you with translating?" David asked the AI.

Making his way to the Assault Bay had been relatively easy, finding what he wanted...not so much. Staring into the massive lightless void that was the Assault Bay, Eli was not amused. "Can't a guy catch a fuckin' break!" He muttered. Light from the corridor only illuminated the immediate area, and the chaos he saw was not very up lifting.

Using his HUD to project a maintenance overlay on to his field of vision, Eli lurched, tripped, and stumbled his way to the bay main breaker box. Throwing the tripped main, there was several loud cracks and a few brilliant flashes from some damaged fixtures, but at least a third of the lights came back on. "Well that's better than nothing..."

Moving through the shambles of the bay he found several crates of ammo, as well as the helmet for the power armour. "Well these'll be useful." Marking the locations of the ammo on his HUD, he pinged all working HUDs, and opened a comm. channel. "Hey all, found a few crates of ammo in the Assault Bay, but they're too heavy for me to move with my tin leg. If a couple of you aren't busy maybe you could take them up to the Mess."

After 'hanging up', Eli continued to search for the components he wanted. A while later, he'd netted a few more bruises on his good leg, scrapped knuckles, a couple more crates of ammo, and the back half of the armour's cuirass along with the entire right arm. Hmm, not what I was really looking for, but it'll do.

"Securing the Bastion and ensuring the safety of the crew is always an option, David." The AI responded to his first question as she looked around the room. "Due to the large amount of sensory black-outs, your old, assigned quarters may not be the best solution, as I am not able to monitor your health. Furthermore, my optical scans are picking up a large number of images that may not be considered healthy imagery. Beds, Supplies, food, ammunition, and comfort items are a must in the Bastion."

The AI would pause, to allow for further discussion. "I have turned the ship to allow for weapons targeting on the Anomaly... Unfortunately, I'm not able to see the target with my scans anymore. As for Translations, I am able to integrate seamless Translations in English, Russian, German, French, Quebecois French, Polish..." Her speech immediately stopped, as the avatar just now seemed to realize something.

"I-..." She started looking around. "I am detecting intruders. However, I am having difficulty detecting their location... Running a lower level diagnostic. Starboard Moor Point 7 appears to be damaged. This damage is new, however, the vacuum seal is still in place. Human Investigation Required! Please do not move throughout the ship unless you are in a group of two or more!"

David went back into his PTSD style Trance.
It took some time for him to snap out of it.
"Alright then...I guess...I'll Lead....Anyone who's coming, grab A Culler and lets go..." He half heartily said as he made his way towards the exit.
Images of Xenomorphs and Facehuggers raced though his mind as he went down the hall.
Fear of aliens in effect -1

"Alright then...I guess...I'll Lead....Anyone who's coming, grab A Culler and lets go..." David said, blood rushing from his face in fear. "That's... not a good sign." She thought. If even the security officer was afraid... what chance did the rest of us have?

As fear began to set in, Iskierka reached desperately into her mind for ideas. "Codex: is it possible for you to lock down passageways - guide them into an area we have an advantage like..." she said, pausing to check her map. Mooring was on H-deck with the tramway, med bays, and the... SCIENCE LABS! "Can you guide them into the damaged science labs? That way, if the encounter goes south, we can open the emergency airlock seals and flush them into space." She finished. She didn't wait for a response before she was on to the next idea.

"Also, if they came in through Mooring bay 7, then we have a rough idea that their ship is docked there. Could we point some of the guns in that direction in the event they are hostile - slowly so as not to draw attention to them." she once again asked the A.I.

As she was making these inquiries, she went to the nearest console, to see if she could get some cameras in the area, piloting one of the maintenance drones she left after the reactor repairs toward H-Deck.

Turning to the rest of the group, she asked "Any one else have an ideas?", he face as pale as Davids.

Codex paused for a moment. "I am able to aim some of the starboard Flak Cannons at the anomaly." She replied. "If they try to leave after a Hostile encounter, I can ensure that the creatures will have a difficult time." Codex paused for a moment. "I am detecting two groups, mostly moving through scanner dead zones. They seem to favor darker areas. I will attempt to lead one group to the Science Labs, however, the other group is beyond my Scans. The other group... May be on D-deck."

Johann nodded at the AI's words.
"I'll accompany the group to the lab. Jake, you will have to be our impromptu diplomat for the other group. Once you find them, take them to the lab, and we can begin negotations. If we're all dead, then...shoot them or something."
He took out hiship flask and took a drink from it, shaking his head slightly before placing it back into his pocket.
"I suggest you keep your weapon holstered. They will likely be armed, and understandably jumpy."
He looked around the group.
ŁOkay, who will accompany me to the lab, and who's going with Jake?"

"Okay, who will accompany me to the lab, and who's going with Jake?"

And just like that Jake had become the leader of a yet unspecified group, on a hunt to find a group of intruders beyond the AI's scans.

"First things first, guys." Jake raised his hand in an attempt to pause everyone, he then activated his radio, "not sure if you heard this yet Eli but we have some intruders, you are safe where you are, stay put and do what you need to do but keep your ears open and hide if you hear someone coming who hasn't radioed you beforehand. Okay?"

Jake turned back to the group, "I'm thinking whoever this invading force is might have swatted Marcus like a bug on a wall, he was outside of the ship and still hasn't reported in, be careful guys." *

"David, you need to relax, you look kinda ill, go with Johann to the science lab. I need at least one person to come with me." Jake said looking at the others.

"I suppose I'll have to hold down the fort," Ace said, feeling rather useless. Even if he wasn't injured, at best, all he could do was provide a distraction and Ace didn't like the idea of being bait. He couldn't rely on his luck to protect him, and he doubted that the others could stop whatever the invaders threw at him. If they weren't friendly. He hoped they were friendly. Not just for the sake of himself or the others but for the journey back to Earth. He still had confidence in their return, despite their current location and the state of the ship. Perhaps part of him still believed in his luck and that it would take him home. Or maybe it was his faith in others. He didn't know. But he knew one thing: he would rather die than return alone. If everyone else died, it meant that he was still haunted. Even after he forsook it for faith in people.

It was still a new sensation for him. It had been so long since Ace had created bonds with people, gotten close to people. The Hedgehog Dilemma for Ace was at its extreme. The hedgehog dilemma is when the closer two people get together, the more they hurt each other. Hence the Hedgehog analogy. Of course, there aren't many cases where one person ends up killing the other one. Ace was used to breaking bonds and keeping relationships at a minimum, even making others hate him to keep them away. But now that there were other survivors, he didn't need to keep them away whether it be through his grim or overly light attitude. They had survived what he had survived too. His luck wouldn't affect them. The game hadn't changed at all. It ended. Or at least, that's how Ace thought of it so far.

"David, you need to relax, you look kinda ill, go with Johann to the science lab. I need at least one person to come with me." Jake said, looking expectantly at the rest of the group. Iskierka closed the console she was working on, having forwarded drone control to her HUD. "I suppose I'll have to hold down the fort." Ace said, indicating his leg.

"I guess that's me then." she replied to Jake's questioning stare. "Not sure how much help I will be, but if worse comes to worst, I've been through basic, so at least I know which end of the gun to point at the enemies." she said, admitting her own less-than proficient gun knowledge.

"I guess that's me then...not sure how much help I will be, but if worse comes to worst, I've been through basic, so at least I know which end of the gun to point at the enemies." Iskierka said truthfully.

"I've always felt safer with somebody at my back, even when it is unlikely to change the outcome. It's kind of stupid but it just feels a hell of a lot better than doing it alone." Jake said as he ejected two clips from spare cullers that laid on the table and stuffed the clips into the pocket of his suit-coat. That made four clips if you counted the one in the gun and the spare he was given with the weapon after completing the training. Jake adjusted his shoulder holster making sure the gun and the clip were still in place and headed for the door. "Codex can you give me a route that to the best of your knowledge will get us as close to these guys as possible? Also keep me updated if you happen to get them on scanner again."

"David, you need to relax, you look kinda ill, go with Johann to the science lab. I need at least one person to come with me."

David shook off his nerves and answered "Hey, alright, I'm fine...I'm fine...Wait...Isn't Johann the....so we are....ahhhhhhhh....ok....okkkkk...." David gritted his teeth as he realised he would be part of the First encounter.
And ergo, the first to meet the Aliens, ergo....
He regained composure and took the safety off his magnum.
"Right...when you are ready..."

"I have been monitoring your conversation." The AI reported. "Both Groups have entered areas where my scanners are more effective. I will attempt to secure one group of two in the Science labs... They appear to be moving much slower. The other group of two is extremely close to Hydroponics, which appears to be their destination. Jake, if you follow the proposed route on your HUD-Gear, you will have a very slight height advantage. Please do not shoot the plants if it comes to that."

The AI would pause for a moment. "I am finding additional functions of the HUDgear that I could not previously access. If you have HUD-Gear, please wear it. You should be able to follow an Augmented Reality Navigation Line along the floor to your destination."

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