Thugs - A Team Rocket RP (Started, accepting sheets)

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... How about you?

Zane was shocked. First Mayu and now this kid? If he had known that the Rockets took people so young he wouldn't have lied about his age.

"This is my first mission with the Rockets, but I've been doing this sorta thing solo for years." He shrugged. "Needed a little more direction I guess. And wanted some protection. It's hard to make it as a solo criminal out there. I wanted a team that could match my skills, and a group that'd keep me safe. Going for bigger game you know?" He grinned and looked at Kuro. "I want to be challenged. How about you? You've been with the Rockets for four years?? You musta seen alot. How do you like it? What kind of things you do?"

Damian saw the rest of the rockets start to head out. Not wanting to be left behind he downed the rest of his beer fast and fell into line. Looking around he saw some people who looked like they were at least half way capable but he did not know their names. He just followed the rest of the group waiting for something to happen.

You musta seen alot. How do you like it? What kind of things you do?
It's not so bad, I guess... A lot better than the alternative...

Well, I usually go with any team that needs a stealth operative...
Or just someone who knows how to get past security...
Missions that require a full stealth team are rare...

Though sometimes there are solo missions...
Like around September I had to infiltrate a high school for rich kids and steal some rare pokemon the school had locked up in a vault, along with some data.

And at other times there is training...

... And at other times there is training...

Zane kind of liked this kids manner. He seemed like he didn't really know how to talk; everything was quiet and soft, like the kid was constantly hiding. Which Zane was actually comfortable with... He began to drop some of his own bravado as he became more comfortable. Quieter.

"The school in Celedon? The really one by the Gym? I tried to break into there once with my Mankey! It was damn near impossible, ended up having to sneak out past security with nothing. Howd you do it?"

Howd you do it?
"Well, as I said, I infiltrated...
Had to pretend to be a new student for a while...
After a while they let their guard down...
They weren't as worried about one of the students trying to get into their vault as they were about outsiders..."

Well, move out damn you!
Dylan quickly got in line.
" At last, we're going to do something... its about time"
He Takes a quick look at Alex, and based from his facial expression, it looks like he found out the owner of the Ditto earlier.

Waiting was something Dirk was accustomed to. What was somewhat less usual was having some weird guy with a baseball bat suddenly appear, telling him to get moving. Presumably, this guy was a higher up of some kind. Dirk was just glad he didn't have to talk to him as he didn't appear to be the accomodating sort.

Trudging through the streets Dirk took stock of the rockets around him. He could see both Dylan and Max from where he was standing but he'd already talked to them and didn't think he was going to aquire any great new insights from some idle chatter. He could also see a female grunt with glasses and a ponytail who had been talking to a few of the others back at the game corner. Probably best to hear her out.

Dirk sauntered over to where she was walking. Now, primary reactions could be a good way to see what a person is like so...
"What's a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?" Said Dirk, making sure to keep the sarcasm present but subtle.

Hopefully she wouldn't hit him but however this plays out it should be informative.

"What's a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?"

Leela looked over at the voice that called her pretty, nothing new there. It was the undercurrent of sarcasm that interested her. She'd spent most of her life around high-society types, and though she relished the fact that she no longer had to deal with the stick-up-their-ass "gentlemen" and "ladies", it was sometimes refreshing to meet anyone that was more than blunt, to put it lightly.

She looked the voice's face over and saw that the man had obviously had a rougher life than she, but who hadn't? Other than his face he was mostly average, well, that and the bright blonde hair that kept falling over him at strange angles.

"If you have to ask that question, the reason your face is as disfigured as it is becomes crystal clear." She replied, her face bored, and her voice dripping with sarcasm.

...As they were about outsiders.

"Huh. Thats... Really impressive."

I never even thought of trying to do that. Wouldn't have worked for me though. Bunch of stupid kids. I would have ended up pummeling half a dozen of them within the first day.

Zane grinned at this thought, and briefly relished the fantasy of putting some of Celedon's elite heirs in their proper place. He shook himself back to reality.

"That's really neat man. I would never have thought about trying to be a student. Who came up with this idea?"

"If you have to ask that question, the reason your face is as disfigured as it is becomes crystal clear."

A shit-stirrer, just perfect. This may have been a mistake. On the one hand he didn't feel like getting into a verbal sparring match right now as those things usually ended up being more trouble than they were worth. On the other hand she had outright insulted him and he couldn't really stand for that.

"You really should watch that mouth of yours sister. It'll get you in trouble." Said Dirk putting on his best scowl. He didn't really want to smack her down like this but she was a punk and if he didn't show that he wasn't screwing around he'd never hear the end of it.

Mayu eagerly moved out with the rest of the group, eager and willing to show that she could keep up with them no matter what! It was hard on her small body but since she was in the back of the group, she had plenty of room to move around. She would definitely take the advice that had been given to her, so she planned on watching and listening for this first break-in, so she could learn as much as she could before doing it herself.

"You really should watch that mouth of yours sister. It'll get you in trouble."

She offered a smirk and comment as a reply,"Sure didn't take much to ruffle your feathers, did it? A shame, here I'd thought you might be a nice little distraction from some of the others here, guess I was wrong. A pity, back to dreary, old Rocket life then, I guess. And don't go calling me sister, the name's Leels."

Giving him her name had been more of an afterthought, but the way things were going, it really was turning out to be a boring existence as a Rocket. She'd turned back to marching along in their nice little - if somewhat haphazard - formation. It really did inconvenience her that he'd been that much of a push-over, he's ruined the fun just as it had started. Oh well, there had to be someone else here that up to her standards. She'd had enough of the Zanes of the world, they were much too easy to manipulate and play with, she craved someone she could match her wits against, someone like that Weiss fellow.

He was out of commission though, according to what she'd overheard after the meeting in the basement. The idiot had refused to give up any of his pokemon, not even offering an empty pokeball to tempt fate. She sighed again, a few seconds of hope, crushed by the fool pride of men, yet again. Not that women were any better, they'd stage "accidents" if they felt threatened in any way, shape, or form.

There was something a little jarring about her tone, dissapointment maybe? She was probably just some thrill seeker with a death wish. They didn't typically last long. Sure this stuff could be fun for a while but either shit happens or you get sick of it. Facing up to challenges and living on the edge was just tiring. All Dirk really wanted is to get through the day, excitement was just a pain in the ass.

Dirk went back to staring at the ground, hunched over, putting one foot in front of the other.

Walking in the group Damian had a good view of the little incident. "Undisciplined." He let the word escape his mouth but he did not say it very loudly. "This mission is going to turn out to be very interesting." He thought to himself.

Sighing he continued on with the group hoping that they'd do something soon to give him something to do.


Who said that? Dirk looked at the prepetrator. Another big type, this one looked really dangerous. Weird thing to say though.

"What, me or her?"
Dirk thought he knew what he meant but the quiet ones could be really strange so its best not to assume too much.

Alex kept on going but Max stopped most of the rockets. Some kept going with Alex to block off the area from prying eyes.

"Alright you scumbags, houses 104, 106, 118 and 121 are getting hit tonight. A cart will be brought up to the house until you're done looting it but we're going to do this fast."

He assigned teams without really thinking about who was in them. Mayu ended up paired with Zane, Damian with Leels and Kuro with Dylan. Scott and Dirk ended up taking 121 with Max's team.

"Make a mess, take their good shit and destroy what we can't carry out the front door. Don't torch the place, just make it clear Rockets came to collect. If you seen any Pokemon, nab them and they'll go on the cart. If anyone gets in your way.... Well, deal with it."

He didn't stick around for questions as he led his team of grunts towards 121. A group of Rockets from the game corner came up with several Tauros Pokemon, each with its own cart for taking loot away from the scene.

He looked at Dirk and Scott.

"You guys grab the basement, I'll start at the top floors. We'll meet in the living room with the rest of these goons."

He smashed through a window with his Pokeball and Nidorino emerged, breaking down the front door from within the house.

They all rushed in. This is what being a Rocket was about. The bullshit at HQ was always worth it to be on a raid. He ran up the stairs behind his Nidorino.

Damian looked up at the man, the first thing he noticed was all the facial scarring. It would have startled the average person but it did not bother him. He sighed for a second before replying.

"Both of you. Like it or not we are all apart of the same squad now. If you get at each others throats now it can only lead to problems down the road. One of my other squads had that problem and I do not want to go through that again." Damian explained. Memories of his old squad started to come back, most of them were filled with the ceaseless fighting. He did not want to go through those again.

Just then he heard orders barked. "Robbing a house, easy enough." He thought to himself. He saw that he was teamed up with the girl from the incident earlier. "Name's Damian if you didn't know. Introductions can wait since we have a job to do." Damian said before walking up to the house that they had to rob.

Damian threw one of his pokeballs into the window, it smashed the window and his farfetch'd appeared. "Go on farfetch'd, go see what you can find." Damian said while jumping into the window. The little bird squawked and ran through the house leek in wing.

Even if he wouldn't admit it, Dirk knew he was right. He'd seen more competent groups than theirs ruined by internal conflict. As he was going to reply he was cut short by Max barking out some orders.

Dirk followed Max and entered after his nidorino had broken down the door, heading for the basement as ordered. This sort of wanton destruction wasn't something he had done a lot of as he liked to exercise a little subtely.

Not that he was complaining. At least this stuff was easy.

Mayu was pretty happy with her pairing, since she and Zane had made their amends with each other already for the misunderstanding from before. She had been chosen to be his partner in this raid and she thought it would be pretty fun. Looking to Zane, she said. "I'll follow your lead! I've never done this before and I want to learn as much as I can from it!" Taking all three of her Pokeballs, she tossed them in the air and said. "Alright guys, let's have some fun!" She knew that her Vulpix and Ratatta would emerge from their balls, but she wondered what would come out from the other.

That's really neat man. I would never have thought about trying to be a student. Who came up with this idea?

"...It was Shiro's idea... He thought it was a good chance for me to get some more experience exploiting the human element in a security system...", he said, almost directly quotong what Shiro had said...
"Uhm... Shiro is one of the senior stealth operatives..."

Then there were some orders...
Make a mess?
That was quite an unusual order, usually it was leave no evidence...
He guessed that was why they're only sending him with Team Yellow for the first time now.

"Well, better get started, I guess..."

He looked who he was teamed up with, it was a kid who couldn't much older than him, with Silver hair and glasses.

"I guess you're kuro then..."
Dylan said. " The name's Dylan, nice meeting you. I've heard your name before somewhere. Seeing that we have the same specialties, well almost, I think I'll have a nice time working with you. Now let's move before we get scolded at."
Dylan reaches out his hand for a handshake.

"...Nice to meet you too...", he said while shaking Dylan's hand.

"So, what kind of house are we targeting?"
Dylan opens his bag to find the tool he will need.
"Aw man... I forgot... that max guy totally wrecked my stuff... oh well, I guess I'll do it the old fashioned way. *sigh*"

"Just a regular house, I presume..."
He said while taking a pokeball from his belt.
"Hannah, come out."
The haunter came out of her pokeball.
"Go see what kind of security we're dealing with."
And so the Haunter floated into the house through the walls, while Kuro took out some lockpicks.
"What kind of stuff were you planning on using?"

"Depends. I think I had an X-ray scanner there. And an automatic lockpick. and a small spy cam for my Ditto. Well, time for work."
He brings out his grimer and his drowzee.
" How's the lock?"

"That's a lot of stuff... They never let me use automatic lockpicks... Want me to know how to do it manually...
Oh, it's just a standard tumble lock, nothing too fancy.", Kuro said, while he begins picking the lock and it clicks open within a few seconds.
Then Hannah came back. "Haunter Haunter"
"It seems like there's a only single sensor down the hall."

At first Zane was a little dismayed at being paired with Mayu... She was eager enough, but he didn't want to babysit on his first mission! When he had given the advice to her earlier he hadn't even thought he would be the one to have to teach her.

After a second he calmed down though. Mayu wasn't so bad, and this house was going to be easy. He supposed he could teach her a thing or two. And when heard Max's instructions, and saw Max just throw his Pokeball willy nilly through his houses window, he grinned in excitement.

He let his Mankey out of it's Pokeball as he turned to Mayu. "Hey this won't be so bad. You don't even have to worry about stealth apparently. We are just gonna wreck the place after robbing it blind." He said, handing a set of lockpicks to his Mankey. "Though if you want to learn; the first lesson is if your Pokemon is better at something than you are, you let it use it's skill." He turned to Mankey. "Isn't that right Mankey?"

His Mankey hooted in excitement and began to pick the lock on the door. It's quick paws and clever fingers had the door open in seconds. He turned back to Mayu. "See? Mankey and I have this. Since we are gonna be wrecking, be ready for a fight. I'm sure the houses owners will... Object. To our helping ourselves to their stuff. Stick beside me and be ready for anything." He and Mayu walked in the door, Pokemon out.

Scott nodded when he was told what team he was on. "Rolling with the commander he thought to himself. He didn't like it, did Max think we were incapable of hitting a house on our own? Or was there something more? Did he need us with him?

Scott walked into the house after Dirk,

"I really don't think its going to take both of us to loot one floor of a house. I'll stay up here, keep you covered in the basement." Scott said to Dirk once Max had disappeared up the stairs.

Scott pulled the second pokeball from his belt and threw it towards the stairs leading to the basement. A poliwag appeared. "Alright Polly, I want you to stay there while Dirk goes into the basement. Keep an eye on the door make sure he's covered. When he gets back use water gun and flood that basement!"

Scott released another Pokemon from his belt, this time a Growlithe. "You cool with this?" Scott said to Dirk.

"Really? Ok then. Grimer, you know what to do buddy."
Grimer crawled carefully and shorted out the circuit for the sensor. He comes back after a few minutes.
"Well, that takes care of the security. After you my good man :)"
Dylan puts on his head phones and turns on his music player. It was playing "On the blue danube"

Dirk glanced over at the grunt he had been assigned to. It was the one he had noted as being suspiciously nice before. Still, that didn't seem to have any bearing on the current situation.

"Yeah, sure. But if Max asks why you disobeyed an order its your ass on the line, just so we're clear." He didn't think Max would give a shit but he wasn't about to let himself get admonished for it if it turned out that he did.

"Make sure that tadpole doesn't flood the place before I'm done, ok?" Again, Dirk didn't know that it was strictly necessary to reiterate that but rocket members did tend to be on a lower IQ bracket. Although this one seemed to know what he was doing at least.

Leela debated quickly which of her pokemon would be better suited for the job, it didn't take long for her to decide on Machoke. She threw the ball out and Machoke appeared in a flash of light.

"Ok, Machoke, the plan is we break into the house, steal whatever looks valuable, and try to make nice with the bird pokemon in there. And Damian,call me Leels, nice to meet you, I suppose. Now lets do our jobs and get the hell out of here."

Machoke walked to the door and reached out a hand to open it by the handle before instead making a fist and shattering the door. Leela followed her through. She patted the arm of her Machoke,and whispered to her,"Good job, girl. Thank you," She raised her voice,"Anyone that is still home, get out now! Team Rocket is taking everything you have. If you want us gone quickly, give us your valuables and we will be out of your hair within a few minutes! Thank you and make sure to support your friendly local Rocket hideout!"

Hmm, that has a nice ring to it, maybe I'll start using that...

He goes in.
"Well, better empty this house..."
He begins taking everything he can and carrying it to the front door.

"Da dudududun... Dun Dun... dun dun..."
Dylan hums the song while looting the house.
He checks upstairs to see whether they have more valuable things there.
" Oh great, a TM case... and its filled with rare ones too..."
He hears the growling of a growlithe beside him.
"Oh hi there. Aren't you cute... are you having trouble sleeping? My drowzee could help you..."
The growlithe fell asleep, and Dylan continues searching for valuables.
" I guess I should leave that growlithe. Damn my conscience."
He goes back downstairs with his sack full.
"Well, that's all I can find."

"Are you sure? I think I heard some kind growling..."

Dylan removes his head phones and checks for any "growling".
"Really? Let me check again."
He goes back up, but now, the growlithe really is nowhere to be seen.
"Where is that pokemon? Did I just imagine that?"
"Hey Kuro, you should check this floor. Maybe I missed something. I need to drop these off the cart. Its getting kinda heavy."
With that, Dylan went out the house and unloaded the contents of his sack.
" Well, whether or not that growlithe gets caught, its not my problem anymore."

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