Thugs - A Team Rocket RP (Started, accepting sheets)

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"A little." Scoffed Max.

Come on Alex, you didn't share all the intel with me. What is this guy worth to Giovanni?

They were coming up to another flight of stairs when something hit Max right in the head like a sack of bricks. It was a Geodude and suddenly there were guards sliding down the rails to surround the small group.

"Rockets huh? Well, we kno-"


Alex had slugged him already with his bat and Pokeballs flashed everywhere. Nidorino charged into the fray while Max struggled back to his face, his face bloodied.

"Alex, get rid of that rock. I'll take the guys above us."

Alex, too busy enjoying the fight didn't even seem to mind taking the order. Sometimes he needed to be aimed in the right direction...

"Well, we're looking for a connor so...wait, was it connor or conner? I forget." Dirk paused. He had legitimately forgotten and was wracking his brain trying to recall, his face scrunched in concentration.
"Shit. Err, you guys remember?"

"I think it was E-R, but we won't know until we open the door, now will we?" After gently pushing the other two out of the way, she opened the door slightly before kicking it open with her boot(for a more intimidating and dramatic effect),"Support your local Rockets, Mr. Conners, we've come for you!"

The room was suspiciously quiet and empty, and, if it wasn't for the slight squeek coming from behind the desk, Leela would've left it at that. She looked to the vents in the room and after seeing that they were intact, ran to the desk and jumped atop it, squatting before grabbing the edge and leaning over the gap, at least those two excruciating years on the gymnastics team weren't completely wasted. Inside the hole was an obviously terrified woman, older than herself, Leela noted.

"Heeeeeeellllloooo, Mr-Ms. Conners, we've come for you. You ready?"

Mayu gasped when she saw Max getting hit in the face by the Geodude, and once she regained herself, she hurried to his side and said. "Are you okay Boss? I'll help you up!" She offered her hand to give him a more 'stable' lift off the ground. Her Pokemon had surrounded the two of them defensively, so they were protected at least a little bit. She wanted to help in taking out the ones above, so she said. "I want to help you fight the others, so please tell me what to do!" She was relying on his guidance after her previous failure to prove herself. Maybe if she showed that she could take orders, he would have a better opinion of her.

Dirk was a little surprised by Leela. He kind of wished that she would start acting a bit serious. This whole cheerful thing was making him tired just from proximity.

She was pretty clearly just messing with this conners now. She was wasting time, a luxury that was in short supply.

"Quit goofing around. If its a woman then she isn't the target. Just take her stuff and lets keep looking."

He knew that he might be spoiling her fun. In fact, that was the point.

"Quit goofing around. If its a woman then she isn't the target. Just take her stuff and lets keep looking."

"Yeah, Yeah, Slouch. Alright lady, watches, earrings,bracelets, any kind of jewelery, and of course, any pokemon you may have on you."

"S-s-s-sure, take it all, take it all!"

The woman jerked out her earrings, took off her rings, and handed Leela her necklace, who then proceeded to stuff it into her satchel. It was getting a bit cramped in there and Leela took her pocketbook that was laid out on the desk, full of cash,cards, and licenses.

"Thank you,"She commanded Bellsprout to release sleep powder,"Remember to always support your local Rockets!"

She walked back to the guys,"There, that good enough for you? Money is just a start, you've gotta give a business something more than just blunt threats and violence, they only get you so far until the people start rejecting you. Give them a slogan and they'll remember what to do next time you come a callin'.Anyways, let's go then."

"you've gotta give a business something more than just blunt threats and violence"

Dirk couldn't say he'd ever thought of Giovanni's little enterprise as a business made a certain amount of sense. He wasn't sure that Leela was quite his preferred image though.

Dirk gave a sigh. "I don't think we're going to find this guy. I would've thought somebody had gotten to him by now though. Did we have a plan for exfiltration or are we just going to wonder around until we all meet up again?"

Max ignored the brat's attempts to help him up. The little girl was trying too hard to get on his good side and now wasn't the time for this.

"You get those Pokemon down below." he said, pointing at a Pidgey and a Growlithe which had been put there to block their exit.

Without saying anything else, he ran forward. His Nidorino was tiring but had taken care of two the firedogs by himself. A guard was preparing to toss another ball when Max got to him. Pounding his face to a pulp felt fantastic. He continued punching until one of the grunts who had come with Alex came up to him.

"Uh, Max? Don't you think you've done enough?"

The two guards on the stairs above fled after seeing what Alex had done with his bat and Primeape. Fainted Pokemon lay strewn across the stairs after Mayu and the other grunts had taken down the Pokemon in their path.

"Maxxie, can we find more guards? I'm just warming up!"

Max sighed. Alex wasn't thinking straight again.

"Commander, Mr. Connor?"

Alex snapped back, his own fear of Giovanni cutting through his enthusiasm for inflicting pain.

"Right, we found out for sure that he is on the 48th floor."

All these flights of stairs.... Fuck me.

They marched up after Alex issued a few potions.

Mayu had no problem taking out the two Pokemon that Max had pointed her to. With a smokescreen blasting down the stairs from her Koffing, her Vulpix and Ratatta had no problem taking down the enemy Growlithe, and after he was done, Her Koffing moved in to tackle the Pidgey out of the air. Giggling happily at her triumph, she told her Pokemon to follow her as she climbed up the stairs with the others, her potion pocketed for later use. Because of her small size, and a stairs natural discrimination against small people, she had to resort to 'bear walking' on all fours to keep up with the grown-ups.

"... wander around until we all meet up again?"

"Apparently we are all just gonna wander around till we meet up again." Zane grinned. He had been looking for some more Rockets for what felt like days. Even though Leels was a part of this group, he was still happy to find them. She and Dirk seemed to be having some kind of argument anyways. Knowing Leels, Zane wasn't surprised.

"C'mon. This place is swarming with guards. Lets go take a few down!" He kept grinning. Despite getting lost, this night had been a lot of fun. "Then I suppose we should meet up with Max and take out Conners." Zane sighed. "Even if that will end a night that has been nothing but a blast, right Dylan?"

Oh good, another teenager, brimming with enthusiasm. Just what Dirk didn't want. He hadn't actually talked to this kid yet but now didn't seem like the best time to get aquainted.

"This is why I used to work alone. If you don't organize a group properly it fucks up real quick. Screw it, we can't just stand around all day, we need to decide what the hell we're doing."
Frankly, Dirk didn't have any idea how they should proceed and was seriously hoping someone else would come up with a sugestion if only so it wouldn't be his fault when they did something stupid.

Leela heard a familiar voice and audibly groaned. Turning around, she saw Zane running down the hallway and towards them.

"Why couldn't the guy who I'm sure set the alarm off actually get caught? Screw the guards, we're here for Conners, not to satisfy your beat fetish. Let's get moving, next is up on the 25th? Or was it higher?" She turned to the guys she'd been working with and asked them, making sure to leave Zane out of the conversation physically.

She scratched her head, "accidentally" giving Zane the finger for a split second before turning back around and heading for the nearest elevator, she had no intention of using the stairs to climb the whole way when a perfectly good elevator still worked.

For a split second, Zane was tempted to hit Leels, but he resisted.

"He is probably all the way at the top, isn't that were the big wigs usually are?" He grinned. "If you really want to get this over with you should just go straight to the top. If he is wanted personally by Giovanni, he is important enough to be there." His grin turned into a sneer. "Surprised you didn't figure that out Leels. Aren't you supposed to be the smart one?"

He shook his head. "Whatever. If you want to be a bitch that's fine. I came here to have a good time, and I intend to continue." Even though he said that Zane headed to the elevator after Leels. He didn't want to get split up again. Him memory of getting overwhelmed by the guards before Dylan showed up was still very fresh in his mind. This was harder than he had thought it would be... But then, he was in the big leagues now.

Dylan can't shake off the feeling that we did something wrong, but he ignored it as much as possible.
"So, nobody found our target huh? I didn't think our mission was this hard... Especially with those guards running around..." he said, forcing himself to laugh.
" *ahem* I just hope that we could finish this mission before the police comes."
He looks outside the window to see if the rain has stopped, or if there's any sign of the police.
"this is the worst mission ever..."

As Zane and the rest of the gang headed towards the elevator, a grunt popped out of the stairwell.

"Hey you losers! Max wants you all on the 48th floor right away! That's where Conner is! What are you doing wasting your time down here?!"

Zane was about to shoot an 'I told you so' at Leels, when suddenly...


Three Jigglypuffs crawled out of vents so quickly they seemed to materialize out of nowhere. The guard screamed as one landed on his face, knocking back in to the darkened stairwell while the other two advanced menacingly, markers drawn...


And then horrible, horrible singing...

"I vote we get to the 48th floor now. How about you guys?"

Max wiped the blood off his face from the small cuts the Rock Pokemon had opened up on his face.

"Fucking Geodudes. Always at least one of them around to get in my way."

He glanced at the quiet Damian.

"And you, a little slow on the draw there! The grunts, Alex and I took care of that scuffle without you."

And, under his breath he added:

"...even the fucking kid did alright."

He continued climbing the stairs.

This is why I hate tall buildings. Lots of work to get up and down the damn things. Why doesn't Giovanni give us Pokemon that can fly us to the top? Guess that is something only the elite get...

"I vote we get to the 48th floor now. How about you guys?"

"I don't think I'd normally agree with you," Leela said, all the while holding her giggles in at the Rocket's predicament,"But let's get going, elevator's here."

The group squeezed in and Leela punched the 48th floor, hitting the 47th on accident because of the seer number of bodies in the small space.

"Ooops, hope you guys don't have anything wrong with the 47th floor, 'cause we'll be stopping there for a few seconds.

Mayu continued to 'climb' the stairs with the others. Moving on all fours was ideal for her since she distributed all of her energy evenly between her arms and legs, and that helped her keep up for a good while. She had her limits though, and the young girl started slowing down a little bit while panting. She continued to move at a good pace, but she would lose sight of the others pretty fast.

It was then she was bumped by something, and as she turned, she could see it was her koffing. Blinking, she said. "W-what it is koffing?" The koffing made a few bouncing movements, and she realized what it wanted. Smiling, she said. "Thanks Koffing, you're a lifesaver." She carefully climbed on the koffing and held tight while sitting cross legged to keep as small as possible on the already small pokemon as it floated up to catch with the others.

Scott, Dirk, Zane, Leels, and Dylan all crowded in to the elevator.

"...'cause we'll be stopping there for a few seconds"

Zane rolled his eyes, but held his tongue. He wasn't in the mood to get in to another verbal sparring match with Leels. That would be too much work, and all he really wanted to do was get into another battle.

He turned to Dirk and Scott, eager for details: "So! How'd you guys do with the fighting and the looting and whatnot?"

"Fine. These gaurds weren't especially talented and neither were their pokemon. Normally I would have preferred something other than a straight fight but considering how much of a pushover they were it really doesn't matter. If they'd stayed in bigger groups it could've been a problem, though. Geuss we should be glad they didn't think of that."

Dirk was pretty happy with how it had gone so far. Neither he, nor his pokemon had been injured, really and only rhyhorn would be a little tired. He was somewhat put off by his success though. Things had almost gone a little too well.

"Or maybe, we just got lucky and when we get to the 47th floor a 10 foot muscle man with a charizard will be there and he'll turn us into a spit roast. That'd be just my luck."

"... That'd be just my luck"

At first, Zane was a little taken aback by Dirk's claim that he would "have preferred something other than a straight fight." Zane liked sneaking around as much as the next criminal, but at the end of the day, give him a couple of rich and unwary folks in an alley, his Mankey and a crowbar and he was a happy camper.

Still, he was wise enough (barely) to know that not everyone was like him, and that there were some cool people out there whose tastes ran different.

He laughed at the ten-foot-trainer-with-a-Charizard comment. "Jeez I hope not. Isn't Charizard that fire dragon? We'd get roasted in seconds." He thought for a second. "Aint there some kind of water cannon turtle? Hopefully it'll be that instead. Getting a bath is always preferable to getting roasted."

"Hopefully it'll be that instead. Getting a bath is always preferable to getting roasted."

Leela laughed at loud at that one,"Blastoise's cannons fire off at more than enough speed to tear any one of us apart. And even if it didn't, we'd have more bones broken than we'd care to count. You may not be that smart Zane, but at least you're amusing." The elevator doors opened and Leela ordered Bellsprout to fill the hallway outside with Sleep Powder.

"Try not to breathe for a few seconds,"She warned, a few seconds before the Bellsprout on her shoulder released it's sem-toxic spores.

"And you, a little slow on the draw there! The grunts, Alex and I took care of that scuffle without you."

"Well sir you guys didn't look like you needed any help so I didn't feel the need to interject in your fun." Damian responded before the group headed up the stairs. On the 48th floor he saw max grab a fire hose and told them to get in position. He could hear battle noises coming from another room. Damian took position behind max waiting for his signal.

Mayu gasped at the order to get ready and hopped off of her Koffing, who was visibly tired from carrying the small girl the rest of the way. Smiling, she said. "You did good Koffing, thank you. Now rest up. Me, Vulpix and Ratatta can handle it from here." She recalled the koffing into its pokeball before saying to her other two pokemon. "It's the three of us from here on. Let's do our best to prove that we can hold our own!" She just hoped there wouldn't be any jigglypuffs to get in the way.

Leela was surprised that although they had stopped a floor short, these guards were ready and prepared, which meant there was something very valuable on this floor, she giggled in anticipation. Her new Bellsprout was pounced on by a Growlithe, but the fool pokemon wasn't using his fire attacks against the grass pokemon, just it's claws.

"Bellsprout, vine whip!" The pokemon wrapped it's root vines around the Growlithe and squeezed, and they both fainted. She returned the Bellsprout to it's pokeball and put it back on her belt.

"We'll stop you here while our boss gets to the emergency line to the cops. Then we'll get a nice bonus and you guys will be behind bars. So why not just give up now?"

"Because silly, your little turtle can't stand up to the strength of my Machoke!" She sent out her pokemon, who after a command from Leela, picked up a nearby Geodude and threw it underhanded through the mass of pokemon, bowling them over like pins.

"Shit, I hate it when I'm right."

"Then why the hell didn't you take the stairs? Or tell anyone about what you were "right" about. Now let's get rid of these guards and steal their precious safe they're so busy protecting."

Seeing his Rhyhorn being swarmed, she sent Machoke over, who picked up the rampaging pokemon and shook off the small ones still holding on. How she had no idea, the pokemon was pure rock, there was nothing to hold onto that she could see. She set the pokemon down again, and it started right back up again, trampling the ones on the ground and through the ones that weren't. With the two on that side, it looked like they had a chance to make it out going that way, especially since the two were not afraid to put holes in the walls with the pokemon they were beating into submission.

The screech and shock from Voltorb knocked Leela back to reality. She took out Rainy-Day to protect their other side who were still recovering from the Geodude-turned-bowling ball, at least the ones on the ground.

"Dammit, why do they only give us three pokemon? Wouldn't trainer regulation permit us to do our jobs better?" She said it to no one in particular.

"Then why the hell didn't you take the stairs? Or tell anyone about what you were "right" about?"

"Well, what I meant was that I thought something bad was going to know, now's probably not the best time."

Zane leapt in to the battle with Dirk and Leels, sending out his Mankey and flying in to the fray.

"... Dammit, why do they only give us three pokemon?...

"What?" Zane yelled at her over the sounds of battle. "You want this to be boring?" Laughing he ordered his Mankey to attack the Pokemon on Rhyhorn's flank, thinking to use Rhyhorn's bulk and destructiveness as a shield so Mankey could take out some easy Pokemon. "Use your low kick then karate chop! Get 'em on the ground and hit them when they're down!"

"Mankey!!" His Pokemon responded gleefully, then leapt in to the fray. At first Mankey followed Zane's orders, taking out one of those rock Pokemon with ease, then a Growlithe. But Mankey kept taking hits...

Out of nowhere it seemed a Growlithe landed a solid hit on Mankey with a bolt of fire. Mankey went down, struggled to get up, and then lay still.

Zane snarled and returned Mankey to his Pokeball. He still had Zubat, though Zubat was hurt. And that other mystery Pokemon, which he was loathe to use in the middle of a battle. He had hoped to have time to check it out first. I guess it has to be Zubat..." he thought as he pulled the Pokeball from his belt.

That wartortle looked like it could be a problem. Dirk glanced at voltorb. It was clearly down for the count. Damn.
"Alright grimer, hit it with a sludge." Grimer chucked a blob of toxic sludge, filled with all the worst stuff nature could come up with, directly at the watrortle.
"Withdraw!" ordered the lead gaurd. The wartortle pulled it's head and limbs inside its shell and took the hit without too much trouble. Still, being too close to that kind of stuff was bad for your health as Dirk knew all too well. The wartortle's head poked out. It looked pissed.
"Water Gun!" The wartortle welled up it's chest too deliver a shot of water.
"Disable, now!" Grimer glared for a second and there was an ear splitting screech. Wartotle doubled over coughing, unable to finish it's move. Unfortunatelty, Dirk knew that his grimer didn't have the attack power to do any real damage. Rhyhorn was exhausted and wouldn't be any help. Time for desperate measures.
"Hey, somebody give me a hand here would you?!"
If they could deal with this clown before the reinforcements arrived maybe they could escape...

After climbing a quite a lot of stairs, not encountering anyone for some reason, Kuro arrive on the roof, where he saw a guard messing around with some radio equipment.
The guards didn't seem to notice him and Kuro was trying to decide whether to stick to his original plan of pretending to just a kid who got caught up in a Rocket attack or to attack him.

Dylan was confused who to help, but he finally decided to help Dirk.
"Drowzee, use headbutt on that wartortle!"
Drowzee started charging towards the enemy
"Wartortle,rapid spin!"
Wartortle quickly retreated into its shell and started to spin.
"Aw..." Said Dylan. "That wasn't a good move.. damn."
Drowzee hit the spinning wartortle and took damage.
"Okay drowzee, let's try this again. Use confusion!"
The attack hit wartortle, confusing it.
"Use headbutt again!"
"Wartortle, withdraw!"
The attack did little damage to the wartortle, even though it was confused.
"This is harder than I thought.."

"Come on, why won't you work?!" said the leader of the guards, hitting the equipment and fussing with the antenna.

"There are Rockets in the tower and I need help."

He wiped the rain off his face and kept at it. Damn storm, the interference must be what's stopping it!

Things were starting to go bad. Machoke and Rhyhorn were beating back the tide at one end of hall, but there was a never ending swarm of pokemon. They were simply being taken down by the sheer number of goons, little by little, and on the other end of the hall, it was lighter, but that Wartortle was causing far too many problems, but she didn't have anything to take care of it permanantly, but she did have Rainy-Day, and he might be able to push back the horde of pokemon.

"Rainy, use Twister!"

The Dratini used his ability, pushing back most of the pokemon, slinging the Rattatas and Jigglypuffs that had started to band together back, slamming them into walls,furniture, and each other in the hallway. The Wartotle withdrew into his shell again and was thrown back a few feet, but nothing but minor damage to the shell, the Geodudes had been hurt more than that thing.

"Come on lads. They still have Pokemon standing!" said the leader of the guards irritated. The guards redoubled their efforts, their Pokemon getting hits both on the Machoke and the Drowzee causing problems.

"Well lass, you have a bit of a fight in ya. But I know how to win and there is no way you're leaving this hallway!" he said, pulling out another Pokeball. It flashed red and a Pidgeotto emerged. It screeched and headed into the fray along with the Wartortle, which had shaken its head and regained a clear picture of the situation.

The door in the hallway opened and more guards streamed in.

"We don't need you but thanks for coming anyway. We've got this in the bag."

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