Serial Killer Round 40: A Dance With The Devil (Cycle 5: The Game is Over)

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Serial Killer Round 40

A Dance with the Devil

Good day everyone and welcome to the newest round of Serial Killer. I am Link_to_Future and I will be your GM for the latest round of our favorite little game. Things were quite exciting around here last round for many reasons, not the least of which being that through a little bit of strategy and a tremendous amount of luck I was able to become the second killer in history to eliminate every other player in the game.

But we're not here to dwell on the past. We're here to start anew. Now is the chance for you to write another chapter in our history.


Round 40 Participants:
CounterAttack - Execution, Cycle 1
sky14kemea - Execution, Cycle 4
War Penguin
axle 19
NeoAC - Murder, Cycle 3
Lost In The Void
Schizzy - Killer - Execution, Cycle 5
Fragrance of Mtn Dew - Entwined Pair - Entwined Death
Ynnek89 - Medic
staika - Spy
RaNDM G - Entwined Pair - Murder, Cycle 1
Diablo1099 - Murder, Cycle 4
hobohazard - Arbiter - Murder, Cycle 2
TrilbyWill - Execution, Cycle 3
Lil_Rimmy - Priest - Execution, Cycle 2
Malyc - Murder, Cycle 5
Mortis Nuncius
David Bjur
Sonora 49
Redlin5 - Celebrity

Let the ritual commence!



Sorry about that.

Fuck. Yes.

I really should get some work done but... meh. :P

@WP: I'm feeling the same way right now. I already wrote eight pages about shaft design today.

Any additional labors can wait until tomorrow. >.<

And now that I am here the round will be taken over by my deadly army of bears. You all have no hope now!

My number has been sent.

*Slips into the shadows*

Number sent in :).

@Link: Finally got that GM role, eh?
Proud of you.

@staika: Bears? YOU FOOL! THEY'LL KILL US ALL!

@RaN: That isn't possible since I have trained them so well.
*bear slashes face off*

He's just playing with me.

@Link: Must... resist... penis joke! <_<

At least you got some shit done. I'm the kind of guy who puts things off until the morning hours before class starts. Wanna know something that pisses off all of my friends? I usually get a passing grade. <_<

@Zero: I know, right? It's about time. :P

@WP: Yeah...well, I can't really afford to procrastinate much more. That hilarious sounding writing was actually just one section of a huge design document for my Senior design course. I've been working on it all semester but now it's crunch time. :/

I'm the same way though. My grades aren't amazing or anything but I do well enough for how long I put things off. ^_^



@Link: Number sent.

*Finds face lying on the ground*

Oooh, look! A mask that looks like staika's face!

*Puts it on*

Staika powers, ACTIVATE!

*wakes up and looks at Schizzy*



All righty. Good to see the new round up and running. I shall have my number in soon. *grabs dice*

Christ, that last round went on forever...
Sent Number.

Number sent - just one of each role this round hmm?

Number sent - just one of each role this round hmm?

That's right.

Hmmm good to be amongst the living again. Good luck to all.


I liiiiiiiiive!! die again, 'cause I'm in.

Number away!

This looks fun. I'll sign up. Number, AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Number has been send.
Cereal is prepared for inevitable doom.

Guess I could give it a shot. Never played a Serial Killer before.

Ma Number Been Sent 'N!


Number away! Fire the number cannon!

Totally worth all the money I earned off last round's life insurance.

@Mal Now Mr Coin is telling me to throw a rock at you during a hurricane.

@Steke ...
What in sweet Jesus crap fuckery is that?

@Trilby: Obviously, a number cannon...

@Mal *throws rock at Minnesota*
*gives you the finger*

@Trilby: Conrats, the rock likely just killed a few fish...

( everyone knows Minnesota has more water than land)


Do u have a license to fly that thing?,,

Count to 5 3!

*Sends a raven to tell you my number*
Yes! New round! Maybe I'll finally get a role...

I still maintain my position as most prolific killer in SK history. I killed more people than Link, I didn't do it in tandem, and I looked much better doing it!

Anyway, number is sent!

@Neo: I won't dispute you on the second two points, but you're wrong on killing more people than me.

Both of our games ended in round twelve. That means that we each have twelve murders under our belts. If it hadn't been for Malyc, it still couldn't have been any higher than 14.

Plus, since your win we have introduced The Arbiter, The Double Voter, and The Priest, all roles with additional power to destroy the killer. Those extra concerns had me staring at the screen for hours trying to figure out my next move. Additionally, I couldn't be certain how many of each role was left because of this new priest blanket.

Go ahead and claim what you want but please at least get your facts straight before you rain on my parade. :P

@Link He won the game he can piss all over your parade. Also I'll give you my number after I post my death from last round tonight.

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