Serial Killer Round 40: A Dance With The Devil (Cycle 5: The Game is Over)

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@staika: One quick question;

@CA: My pay not good enough?


@Fun fact: Apparently rabbits like folk metal.


Sooo... Quiet day on the Escapist, then?

Best thing about working in a bar are the tips. It feels nice to get $25 extra after about 10 hrs of work :P

@Staika: Same as delivering pizzas. Tips are where its at!

@staika: Your avatar.
The fuck?

@Trilby: What about my avatar? I like it so it really doesn't have to make sense =P

@Trilby: My name is Schizzy, and I personally approve of staika's logo.

And it's obviously a day in the life of your everyday nuclear physicist.

@staika: I like your avatar. Much better than Trilby's.

@RaNDM: And definitely better than some picture of a hynotising cat sitting on a director's chair...

@Schiz&RaN: Why thank you, I thought that my avatar was interesting :D

@Schizzy: Good God, that cat.

Every time I glance over it, I swear I get the motivation to smack a furry. It's the devil's cat, that's what it is.

@RaNDM: And it lives in my house...

@staika: I like the avatar. Where's it from? It kinda looks like it's from a music video to some indie british pop punk band. Like Los Campesinos or something.

@WP: I couldn't tell you where it's from. I found the gif while looking around various sites and I thought it was humorous so I made it my avatar.

We have an overwhelming majority for the votes so I don't really see a point in waiting for the others to get theirs in; it wouldn't make a difference anyways.

The mob has chosen their next victim by hugely popular demand.

Check you inbox.

Welp, I'm not dead yet.

*continues doing living type things*

@Mal: That's just tempting fate.

@Trilby: You are correct sir.

*tempts fate to come attempt to kill him with a big juicy bacon wrapped steak*

@Mal: *beats Mal to death with a frozen baguette and a sharpened cucumber*

@Trilby: Interesting choice...

*cooks baguette, puts bacon wrapped steak on it and makes sammich, throws cucumber away*

Stupid vegetables, ruining my atmosphere...

@FoodFight: This is getting way outta hand...

@Mortis: *tosses epic bacon-steak sandwich*


To cut the tension short,

I was executed

And completely innocent.

Will post one much later. Not really in a writing/drawing mood this week.

@Malyc: *noms the sandwich*



@sky: Noooooo...

...I wanted to see awesome drawing.

*waits patiently*

@Mortis: *sandwich salute*

@Sky: *wants to see drawing also*

@sky: *wants to see drawing now as well*

My good friend Malyc just told me about the rules that you don't usually hear about. Would've been useful.

You heard it correctly people. sky14kemea was the most recent victim of the mob's misguided brand of justice. Since she was innocent, we will move on to Cycle 5.

@Killer: COME AT ME BRO!!!

@Malyc: That's what she said... eww...

@Mal: *Comes at you with switchblade concealed in a lemon*

@Malyc Ok then, I will. Wait, what? No, please don't execute me!

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