Serial Killer Round 40: A Dance With The Devil (Cycle 5: The Game is Over)

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@Trilby: You'll know it when you see it.

@Berry: That sounds right to me.

@=y: I'll have none of your lies!

@Trilby: Not pressing the spinning button is a good decision!

@=y: No shit.
I'd think someone who's posted 40093 times would know that.
Why click it again?

@Trilby: I actually was trying to use reverse psychology on you. The button is fun but not as fun as it used to be.

Now it is more boring. But still, I like the button. Compared to its evil cousin its a blast!

@Berenzen: Kind of, we pronounce vowels differently than the rest, and we do also use rolling R's. You were correct with the rest of it.

@=y: You tried to trick me!
I... I can never trust again.

@Trilby: WHY would you ever trust in the first place?

@=y: You're smart (lol), so could you possibly teach me how to get a high post count just like you?

@Mal: I don't. And now I never will.

@Trilby: YAY!

@David: Forum games. That is all.

@Malyc: I didn't ask you, truck.

@David: Fine. Throw away my perfectly good advice.

A consensus has been reached. The mob is primed for execution.

Do you have faith in your decision?

@Link: No. No i don't. My decision got me killed XD

I'm safe, I assume that Schizzy is dead


Just kidding. But seriously, did you do it?


No, no I didn't. I voted pretty quickly actually, unless everybody voted for someone other than Schizzy or I, then I might have, or someone else is dead.

@David: Be constantly bored and have friends to talk to.

@Link: Now I have doubts! D:

@Link: The mob is primed for execution...

Does that mean the mob is getting executed?

@Randm: Possibly, if it turns out that neither Schizzy or Berenzen are the killer...

But that would mean that Staika was LYING!!!


What's true anymore?


@Randm: You done just went and opened a can of worms you can't possibly contain...



@Randm: That's odd... those were only warning shots!


@Randm: Oh that's cold... Invoking the name of the great Jimi Hendrix...



@Berenzen: I can't help but notice, that ye invoked the Great Big Sea!


Sooo... How are all the residents of Murderville on this fine Sunday?

@Malyc: headachey -o-, you?

@Malyc, Sleepy, just about to Skype my mother for Mother's day.

@Malyc: Well I was just looking through my photobucket and I discovered an avatar I made for myself awhile ago that I completely forgot about. So I just changed it to that now :P

Other than that I'm at work so I get to waste 4 hrs in front of my computer now.

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