Serial Killer Round 40: A Dance With The Devil (Cycle 5: The Game is Over)

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@=y&sky: Yes It was a group I made for an RP awhile back and now it's basically a general conversation group. I make it strange all the time with my random talk >.>

@staika: *pokes*

Can I join it?

@Sky: I keep saying I have skype but nothing changes! D:

@=y: Surely, I just need your skype contact info to add you to the group.

@sky: You can join too if you are interested, I already have your contact info too :P


David Bjur:
@Sky: I got a question!

What's the question? :0

I've seen people with black-colored names (normal users) and people with purple names (mods) and people with yellow names (people that work here) and I've seen people with red names, though I have no idea who these people are. Why are their names red?

@staika: Yes please :3

@Bjur: I asked that just last week.... I think I know the guy you're talking about.

I'm pretty sure he's a Game Dev. His title says he works at some gaming company anyway. So I think any Red names are Game Developers >.>

@sky: *pokes*

@Sky: Wow, Game Devs get colored names... I need to become a game dev XD

@sky: Added you to the list

@Sky/@=y: Why does everyone keep asking me this? STAIKA IS THE OWNER!!!

@=y: Yes? sorry Im not paying full attention o:

@Skype: I have Skype. Can we Skype? I like Skype.

@Everyone asking to join Skype: Dear god what have We DONE???


Woah! 5 pages since I was last on? This always happens when I get new games...
And who is =y, and why are we pretending he's Redlin?!?
Wait. There's a Skype group and I didn't know?

@=y: Why did that remind me of a cartoon, but i can't remember what he actually said...

That's gonna annoy me for a long time, i'm going to embarass myself because im gonna think of it in the middle of a crowded place and shout it...

@Jak We're not pretending he's Redlin. That's the point.

@Berry: So wait. He is Redlin, but we're pretending he's not? This is why I shouldn't go offline for days at a time.
EDIT: Yes! I found a working Game of Thrones link!... Don't look at me like that.

@Jak SHHHH. Sky isn't supposed to know.

@Skypegroup: Yes there is a skype group, it was supposed to be for an RP I made awhile ago but it's since become just a talking group. The talk is strange and the chat can move really fast depending on how many people are on and I make it strange at times. If you want to join the group you just have to send me a contact request saying who you are and that you want to join the group and I'll put you in.

Be warned that I am the lord of the chat and I can kick people and delete messages at will. So try not to be an undesirable.

Edit: oh yes I also have sleeping to do so you may have to wait until I wake up in order to get added to the group.

@staika: I heard Skype :p.

@Skype: I'm on Skype... but I'm already in a fair few chats, mostly dedicated to role-playing.

Bit of an unrelated note, but I started playing Deus Ex: HR for the first time today. Anyone have any recommendations for early-game Praxis point allocation?

@CA: Probably hacking (if you're going for a stealth playthrough).
If you max your hacking by the time you get into Tai Yong Medical, the level will go a lot smoother. Plus, you can get more exp, and more Praxis, by hacking.
Get your storage and movement abilities quick as well. As well as wall-punching. You can find a lot of upgrades, Praxis points and other stuff by wall-punching.

@Trilby: Since you seem to know about DE:HR, is it possible to play through as a gung-ho nutcase or do you have to use stealth? Part of me wants to play it just blasting everyone ;S

@vonklaw You can play all guns blazing, but you're still no bullet sponge, you can't just run into the centre of a room and hope to kill everyone, especially when you start going up against guys in heavy armour.

I personally liked the stealth combat playthrough. Sneak around and snipe everyone you can see.

@Razer: Thanks for the answer. I guess stealth combat would be a nice middle ground if you can't spec as a bullet sponge. Let's me play slightly aggresively without having to worry about avoiding everyone.

@VonKlaw WIth the Dermal implants you can take a lot more damage than normal, and the Typhoon implant is good for taking out difficult enemies, so with effective use of cover it is possible to play pretty aggressively.

Also, it seems like every time I post I have to do a Captcha, have they changed the system or something? I thought it was only once a day.



Fun (and rather unfortunate) fact: David really hates being ninja'd 'cause it happens to him all the time.

So, everybody try and make your posts into something he'd say!

I swear to god, if someone ninjas me one more time I'll be pissed.
I get ninja'd all the freakin' time.

@Nouw: you heard right, if you want to join you just need to send me a contact request and I'll add you to the group. But I'm in class right now so it will have to wait till I get to work later.

@staika: Wonderful work ethic there. "I can't add you to Skype in class. I'll do it at work".
Though, to be fair, your job does sound boring. Unless the pigeon, or whatever it was, comes back.

@trilby: I don't have access to my computer in class but I do have access to it at work. Besides I'm allowed to do play around on my computer when customers aren't there, my boss doesn't care what I do as long as I do everything he's asked me to do.

@Schizzy: HOW COULD YOU!!! (´・ω・`)

Yes, Schizzy was executed. Since he was the killer, the game has ended.

But don't rest too easy. It will all begin again soon.

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