Serial Killer Round 40: A Dance With The Devil (Cycle 5: The Game is Over)

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@Hobo: Ssshhhh! That's in the other thread...

But no... no i havn't...


A boop.

A doop a boop.

Doop doop boop a boop.

@Rimmy: Please don't post random nonsense that doesn't have a topic for conversation.

@CA That was my waiting music. So it has a point. A veeeeery small point. A tiny point. But I hardly think it fair to be told off when people were talking about laser spiky glasses, sniping butt cracks and other... odd... things. Let's just enjoy the murders, shall we?

In the end we'll return to the topic when the topic catches up with us.

@Red: *looks back*

Uhh...I think we've lost it...

@Redlin: Deal.

RaNDM G was the first victim of our fun little game. Now is your chance for retribution.


@Link: Yeah, I told you guys that yesterday.

I'll have it up tomorrow. Just get on with the voting.

@RaN: I'm aware. I just hadn't gotten the chance to post it until just now.

It's been one hell of a day. :/

@Link: For you too, huh?

Do we send in our votes or post them here?

@Rimmy: PM is preferred.

@Malyc: was the big group proofreading session for the paper on our semester project. Since I ended up writing a majority of it, I've spent most of the day defending stylistic decisions and content choices. :/

So that's why I'm fairly exhausted. How about you?

@Rimmy: PM is what most people use but any way of contacting me privately will work. :)

@Wildcard: You know, despite being a joke, it ain't a half bad idea.
I like the concept of the decisive roles though.
I'll be honest, I feel more useful as a spy than a medic.

@Link: Ah, I hate it when people try to correct something I've spent a lot of time on.
Even if they're usually right >_>

My vote hath been cast.

On thy winds it'll travel.

Be thy gods, I am not all thath greatth...

Atth speakth Oldeth Englishth.

Vote is on its way.

@Trilby: You use ravens to send messages too?


I prefer messenger penguins, myself.

@Jak: Only on Saturdays. On Wednesdays, I use bears with jetpacks.

@Mortis: Interesting that you say that...

Here's my card.

@WP: Dude! I totally found a picture of you online!

@WP: *takes card and looks at it*


@Mortis: So where were you last night when our dear friend was murdered?

@David: I'd tell you, but there's children present.

But where were you when our dear friend was murdered?

@Mortis: I don't really want to tell you... It's private...

I finally got a second job, I start next Saturday. Now I can work more than 8 hrs a week! :P

@David: Hello Kitty Online? I should've known...

@staika You lucky bastard.
So, where is this so called 'second job'?

@Trilby: I get to work as a cook in my dads new bar. I get to work in a small room with a bunch of very hot things but at least I get more than 8 hrs of work a week now.

@staika And here I can't even get a single motherfucking job.

@Trilby: It took me a few years before I even got a job and the only reason I got it was because my dad and my boss are good friends. And with my new job the only reason I got it is because my dad owns the place :P

@staika: Fair nuff.

@Staika @TrilbyWill

You guys are not filling me with hope. I finish my final year of university in 3 weeks and will then have to find a job. I can't afford to live without one for 2 years. Damn you world!

Now anyway, I am off to buy some Swedish flatpack furniture. Damn you Captcha advertising!

@second jobs: i want one :(

the one i have now is because my dad an boss are good friends too... but its kinda embarrassing when your dad calls your boss and tells him to tell you something like "ill be 5 minutes late" or "can you get a ride home"

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