Serial Killer Round 40: A Dance With The Devil (Cycle 5: The Game is Over)

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@Razer: Sadly this is the type of world we live in. It's not so much about how skilled you are it's about who you know. All the jobs I have had I only got because me or my dad knows the owner.

@Skye: I know the feeling. If my dad is home my boss won't call me if he needs something he'll call my dad and then have my dad tell me the message. It's like he doesn't trust me to answer my phone right away but I can see why he does it since I am terrible at answering my phone >.>

@Staika Well I think the job market is slightly better here in the UK than it is in the US, so I'm hoping that's true. I'm not going to be picky either, so hopefully I'll at least get a job somewhere like McDonalds or something.


Don't expect a good job right of the bat. Just don't, I spent about 2 months sending out applications to everywhere in the city, and the job market isn't really all that bad. I lucked out and got a job shipping groceries at Loblaw. It's easier to get a job once you have one. Also, go for warehouse jobs rather than retail, retail usually requires some experience or prefer you to be young. A warehouse job doesn't really care- as long as you can lift 50 pounds (20kg) unassisted, you can get hired on pretty easy.

@warehouse: 50 pounds? *no upper body strength*

@Skye: *waves*

@staika: My Dad has worked in a warehouse for over 15 years, and one thing my Dad always tells me is: Don't ever get a warehouse job...


Oh, it's a shitty job, no doubt about that, but you have to start somewhere, and it's better to start out with a job that you absolutely hate- you have more incentive to get out. I've just finished my 3rd month at this job- I despise it, but considering I had very little experience otherwise, it looks good on my CV that I have job experience, particularly in a mind-numbingly boring job that requires you to be somewhat alert. Now I have a couple more interviews with various employers, some of whom passed my CV by beforehand. Don't scratch off a job simply because it's unpleasant, particularly if you have no work experience. If it is actually dangerous, sure- I would never go up to the oil fields to work, but most warehouse jobs you're not required to make any connections with anyone there aside from maybe your managers.

But as a career- hell no, don't consider it. I can barely stand working there for 3 months, doing it for years would drive me further into the depths of insanity.

@Jak: Even if it's a troll post, that's still hilarious.

Just saw the first episode of Game of Thrones. Now I see why people keep talking about it at work.

@Jobs: I wouldn't be able to work two jobs XD I'm exhausted enough doing 50-60 hours as is

@Redlin: I should take your head for going this long without watching that show

@Void: Heh. I know next to nothing of the series, nor the books.

@CA: I don't blame you because *turns to NZ t.v.* they don't air it here *hnnng*.

@Lost: I don't jump into series on TV because I don't really watch TV. Even when I do turn it on while eating I'll skip over shows that I haven't seen the preceding episodes to. My dad picked up the DVD's so now I'm watching them.

And I need my head. The killer will probably take it though...

@Nouw: They do show it on SoHo. Or they used to. I don't know which.

In other news, I just finished the first Mass Effect. Since I haven't played many games in a while, I'd forgotten just how awesome it can feel when completing a game like that... the final conversations, the last boss fight... powerful stuff. Very powerful.

@CA: Aaah sky t.v. I only have Freeview.

@CA: Still no excuse, books are world wide, I'm afraid I need you both to set your heads on a block

*Picks up Ice*

After all the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. /Winter is Coming

@Redlin: You too mister, man three heads today, I'm taking more heads than Sir Payne

@Void: The problem there is that the books are expensive in NZ... and since I recently bought a new computer, a term's dance fees and an entry into an MtG prerelease event, I'm a bit short on money.

@CA: Still gotta take the head man, company policy, its like deserting the Night's Watch, you can have an excuse, but rules are rules

@Void: Do you know how many weeks I've been waiting for it? There are hundreds of people wanting to read it and I'm after like 200 in the library waiting list xD.
@CA: Pity you can't abuse your librarian powers :P.

@Berezen: " and it's better to start out with a job that you absolutely hate- you have more incentive to get out"

That's awful advice! D:

If you start with a job you absolutely despise, you start thinking all jobs will be like that, and then you just slump back on benefits because you actually get less stress from it...

I'd aim for an inbetweeny one. One that you can do while running on auto pilot.

*Totally hasn't had bad experiences with job trials and hated every single one.*

@Jobs: Ive worked 6 job▀s in as many years, and the only ones ive bated have been working retail. Not because I didn't like the work, but because my managers were dicks ...

@Lost I also haven't seen Game of Thrones yet, just haven't got round to it.

@Mal: What's with the ▀ in 'job▀s'?


@Nouw: Same here... the only decent channels I get are C4/E4, and sometimes Dave.

@Trilby: posted from a kindle... it doesn't care how stuff is spelled, it does what it wants.

@Mal Ah, right.

@Nouw: As I said to Counter, I'm just enforcing the rules man

@razer: Seriously dude; I gotta take your head too?

@Lost Well it would seem so. though I do plan on watching it in the Summer, along with reading my stack of books that I have neglected for too long. Before that, though, exams!

@Lost: Make sure you use the Eyelander. The speed and health bonuses can really pay off, maybe even save you from death. :P

Soo, the votes are private stuff, I take it?

@David: Pretty much. It'd be unfortunate for you to make your vote public and then get killed to try and throw us off the Killer's trail...

@WP: Dude! I totally found a picture of you online!

Wanna know something kind of ironic? The Penguin is actually my least favorite Batman villain. I mean, it's weird, considering that he has crazy hair like mine, dons a top hat, and (obviously) loves penguins. But I don't care for him. At all. Don't ask me why, but I just find him kind of dull. Mr. Freeze is where it's at! :P

Mortis Nuncius:
@WP: *takes card and looks at it*


It's where you put your message. These aren't difficult concepts to grasp, people!

@Jobs: Unemployed, here! Living with my mom while in a community college never felt so good! :D


*hasn't stopped working since he turned 16, even through full time school*

It seems as though the mob has made its decision. Check your inbox.

@Nouw: Would you believe that I haven't actually shelved any of them? Seriously, I haven't seen them come through the system.

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