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"Ok, Start shooting!" he ordered before he dashed forwards.
The Scanners in front expected this and fired several grapples, two to the legs and one embedding itself in the back of his shoulder.
The fell and dropped Slindis before being dragged off as she took a Grapple to her left forearm.
Also here's a picture of what they look like because I never said what they looked like:

She twists her arm and grabs the cord for the grappling hook, pulling it in for a stab with her rapier. "Damn machines, you won't get me like this!" Adrenaline rushes through her body as she begins fighting like a Starving hound does when it sees a meal.

Despite his best efforts, Rugal is taken away as the Scanners grapples were too long for him to get in an attack.
The remaining Scanners gang up on Slindis, fortunately, most of grapple's fired at her hit the armour and slid off rather then get a grip on her, but did result in the armour being totally wreaked.

She grabs the cords of the grappling hooks that managed to get a hold and draws them in, quickly stabbing each one cleanly while slowly moving forward. One fires a grapple at her right arm, and she grabs the rapier with her left hand while yanking the scanner close in. "Tell your boss that this is not appreciated." She glares at the machine before skewering it, still in that adrenaline high.

After several downed scanners, they decide to back off and flee as quickly as they appeared.
To the direction Rugal tried to escape from, there was a small shed.
To the East, there was a path leading to who knows
To the West, there was trees, too tightly bunched together to allow easy travel.

"Hmm, a path. There could be an ambush, but a path means that there's civilization somewhere near." She pushes the earpiece, inadvertently broadcasting on all channels. "Rugal, if you can hear this, I'm heading down the path. Hopefully we'll meet up again." As she walks down the path, she sees a knotty stick of wood and a dark green cloak. It was a bit large, but she managed to make it fit after slicing the excess off.

"...Hopefully we'll meet up again..."
A third party was listening in.
"Will you now? will you indeed?..." He said as he formed a plan, Rugal was not going to escape him this time...
As Slindis continued down the path, Rodem soon joined her.
The Path led out of the forest and into a long meadow with a path leading to a nearby town.
She can also make out what appears to be a broken down cart next to the path with a woman trying to repair it.

She pets Rodem. "Don't worry, boy. We'll Find him soon enough. Until then, would you mind staying with me?" Rodem purrs, and follows after her.


Owen woke with a groan, still lying on the scanner bed, rubbed his eyes blearily and staring at the ceiling, he blinked firmly, shaking his head a little, muttering under his breath. Before settling back down and lying back on the scanner bed, staring at the ceiling again, sighing softly.

As she enters the town, she recognizes the smell of a forge and heads towards it. It wasn't the largest of places, but she recognized the superb craftsmanship in the suits of armor in there. As she entered, she heard a blunt feminine voice call out, "Unless you have a challenge for me, get the heck out of my forge." Slindis laughs. "You want a challenge, huh? Well, you've got one. Ever work mithral before?"

Loud laughter can be heard from the back. "Cute, girl. What, do you want me to rework your tableware?" She walks to the entrance, and the laughter dies down as a small, slender girl covered in soot from head to toe sees the drow. "You're kidding with me, right? Most of the time, the mithral's not been used in ages. This has to be steel." She removes Slindis's cloak, and looks at the armor, clicking her tongue in a mixture of amazement at the material and the fact that it's still held together. "What in the nine hells happened to your armor?" Slindis shakes her head. "If you must know, it was a mixture of sharkmen and hordes of constructs. I was lucky to get out alive."

"You're right, you were lucky. Not many could survive all of this. Here, let's make a deal." The blacksmith wipes her face to reveal freckled skin. "If you let me examine the workmanship of this, I'll fix this up free of charge. I've got the spare materials around from other morons that got themselves killed trying to 'prove their love' to me, and I'll help any skilled woman that is out to prove that we can do more than just be another pretty face."

"Of course. I'll need a change of clothes, though. I lost mine a good bit ago." She scratches the back of her head and laughs awkwardly. The smith smiles. "Deal. I'll take you back to my place and get you a change. It's not fancy, but I bet you don't care about that too much." Slindis shakes her hand and introduces herself as the smith takes her to her small home. "Nice name. Lukah here, and your armor should be done in about a week. Our local pub is more than a bit grimy, so you can stay with me until it gets done."

As she walks outside, she accidentally broadcasts on all channels again. "Rugal, are you there? I've found a small town, and my armor should be repaired soon. Lucky, huh? Come in contact when you can."

Owen glances at his helmet as Slindis' voice came through the radio, with a groan he reaches over and places it on and broadcasts back to the frequency. "Hello, hello, this is Owen, calling person unknown, is there anyone out there?"

"Owen, huh? It's good to hear someone else on this communicator. Ar least, that's what I was told this is. May I ask how you're listening to this? From what I saw, there were only two of these." She walks outside the house, and the sun was getting ready to set.

While she was outside, Lukah approached her and put a hand on her shoulder. "Look, I know the place is a bit dirty, but I think we can touch it up tomorrow. Stay outside for a bit more if you want, but you need to get some sleep. You're still beat up. I'm going to hit the sack myself, okay? I set the spare bed up for ya." Slindis watched as Lukah went inside.

"If you just heard that, sorry about that. This is still fairly new to me, after all." She chuckles, and a deep purring from a large cat can be heard over the communicator. " Luckily, I'm staying with a pretty good smith. I almost thought it was ruined!"

"You're on an open channel, anyone can listen in, do you know how to change frequency? There's certain people I don't exactly trust in this place." Owen swings his legs off the scanner bed and sits on the edge, feeling a little dizzy as peers around the room.

"Anyone can listen in on this? Well, that may be interesting in a bad way, but I don't have anything to hide from anyone here. Still, this earpiece seems a bit odd. I can't seem to find how to switch this frequency you're talking about. Maybe if I fiddle around with it a bit, I'll be able to find out." She takes it out for a moment, and eventually she stumbles on how to change the frequency to Owen's, and resumes the conversation.

"Who wouldn't you trust here? I know I've been hunted by a group of people for absolutely no reason, and it's torn my poor armor apart. I never knew mithril could be damaged like that before, and I've had run-ins with rust monsters." She sits down outside the house, enjoying the sunset. "I can't believe it's only been four days since I was warped here."

Richardson listened in on the radio channel, remaining silent as he worked on his shotgun.

"Oh, look at me going on like a trainee when I haven't even given you my name. I'm Slindis, and I guess unless I can find another place to stay, this might end up being my home. Can't go back to my place, but I've got friends that will succeed where I failed. As a matter of fact, I probably should have had them join in when I checked out that cult, but how was I to know that it was Khyber-bound?" She fiddles with her rapier, and Rodem falls asleep outside the house.

"Thing is, it seemed relatively tame at first for a cult. They were using sickles, and the aid of Gnomon and the acolyte were more than enough. Sure, the altars that I saw were troubling, but I'd been trained to handle that type of scenario. It wasn't until I found the acolyte's body that I knew something was up."

Owen sighs and nods as if she could see him, pacing around the room as he speaks on the radio. "You're telling me... I was dropping into New Mombasa, first wave to protect the Oni building, pod hit the ground and that was it, I'm here. Now I'm stuck on an airship with a captain who seems to have one thing on his mind, killing some bloke I don't even know... Hell, I had to shoot some girl down from the sky... I think the best way to describe it is... Disorientated. I have no idea where I am or what I'm doing..."

Richardson sighed ....this is what I've become, He Who Fights Villains.... He dropped his work and walked towards the medical bay.

"Tell me about it. I've been fighting each day since I got here. Sure, I've gotten used to it, but it doesn't make fighting a division of constructs by yourself while you wait for someone to finish fighting a Warforged Titan. Believe me, the name says it all. I'm actually glad I can rest for a few days until my armor is repaired. It's riddled with holes. Practically useless!" She sighs, and looks up at the night sky.

"What war were you caught up in? It's kinda obvious from your voice that you've been in real battles, life-or-death situations."

Owen slung his rifle over his back, still pacing around the room. "THE war, the one against the Covenant. And it's less I got caught up with it... More... I chose to fight, it was either that or watch out planets get glassed... Just like Reach."

"I'm going to be honest, Owen. I have no idea what the Covenant are. The same applies to you not knowing what Droaam, the Sovereign Host, the Silver Flame, or devil armies are. Still, I've found that life works in odd ways." She went inside after the lights from the rest of the town went out. She was feeling tired, but she wanted to talk to someone else so badly that she chose to stay awake.

"For example, you move from living in sewers to becoming a champion for a continent."

The man had tracked Slindis down to the Town and was soon the topic of whispers and mummers for his strange appearance, Topless and bare-foot with red fighting gloves, a scarred and war torn body, sliced back hair and a red eye.
He soon reached his target by finding Rodem.
The Man Eating panther welcomed his formed friend and allowed him to knock on the door.

"What... What planet are you from Slindis?" Owen leaned against the wall, rolling his head back to stare at the lights on the ceiling.

Richardson walked into the Medical Bay, "Owen, I'm heading off for awhile, you now have command of the ariship. I took the liberty of installing drop pods while you were unconsious". Or more accurately, while I was finishing that sentence. "You shan't have to worry about me, I'm going off for a walk to clear my head. I'm not sure when I'll return".

With that, Richardson went to the deck I'll leave them alone for now, lets see what this void has to offer. He spread his wings and flew off the side of the ship. Where he was going, he was unsure.

"Command of the airship... What? How am I...? I don't know how to fly this thing!"

"Eberron. It might be possible that you haven't heard of it, but I'd hope that those Covenant don't arrive there, or yours for that sake. They've already have plenty of tension as-is due to that almost-war and the rise of a malevolent goddess there, and Magic isn't something to be trifled with." They had been talking through the night, and the sun was beginning to rise.
"Still, if you do happen to ever go there, anyone that has a torch symbol on their armor is trustworthy. They may not be well-known as a group, but they've stopped quite a few wars and dark gods from causing trouble."

"Heh... It's too late for earth, that's where I was when I got zapped here... A cruiser in low orbit... Word is the Chief was there but one spartan against a whole cruiser... God help them down there." Owen said sadly, sliding down the wall to sit down.

"Can I help you?" Lukah asked the strange man.
"I am looking for the one called Slindis, I have reason to believe she is residing here..." He said in a heavy Japanese Accent.
"And why are you looking for her?" She asked as she slowly went for her blade in case it was a psychopath, perhaps the one who did at that to Slindis.
"Need to know only, that you don't need to know..."
"Well Can I at least have a name?"
Kazuya folded his arms and said:


"Names are for friends, so I don't need one..." before lashing out with a massive straight to the chest, winding Lukah and preventing her from alerting Slindis.
He entered the house and began to look around.

A small chuckle can be heard. "I've learned in my time that one person can be underestimated by armies. This Chief of yours can cause some major trouble if he plays his cards right. As long as he's not reckless about how he does his job and has a plan, he could be a mayor wild card."

Seeing nothing better to do, Slindis decides to take a walk around the town, rapier on hand. It may be crazy, but it's better to be safe than sorry here.

Slindis nods. "Owen, mind if I talk to you while I do that patrol? After all, you're probably in for a dull job, being in command of an airship.."

"Not at all... I've no idea how to work this thing... I guess the brudge is the place to be. I'm a sharpshooter, not a pilot damn it." Owen stands up and trudges up to the bridge, walking over to the controls, his head already beginning to hurt as he tried to fathom their uses.

As she leaves, she runs into Kazuya.
"You. Your name Slindis?" He asks as a small bit of lighting arcs around his fists.

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