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"I am who I am, and nothing more. If you have an issue with this Slindis," she swiftly draws her rapier, "then I'd say you were acquainted with devils. And although you think the lightning around your fist is intimidating, it's far from it." She rolls and stabs the man, and the tip of the rapier pierces through his kneecap.

Kazuya grunts but not much else.
Thanks to her moving into punching distance, he took the chance to strike in the face as she tried to pull the Rapier out, sending her into the wall and nearly though it.
He pulls it out slowly and tosses it aside.
" are in league with Rugal...and I can't allow him to return to my world, TELL ME WHERE HE IS!"

"Slindis? You still there?" Owen frowns, pacing across the bridge, leaning over the controls briefly before beginning to pace again. "Bloody Richardson, I don't know how to use this thing..."

Richardson overheard Owen's frustration on his comm "Oh for chri- Look, see the Auto-Pilot over there? Set it to go to the source of the signal then use the drop pod to get there, got it?".

"Excuse me? Who is this Rugal you're talking about? You're the one that burst into this house, attacking me and possibly the person that's going to fix up my armor." She grunts in pain, then slowly gets out.

"Look, you'd better back off. I'm already not happy about being unable to stop the rise of a dark goddess in my home, and one of my keepsakes of it have already been lost. So you," She coughs up a bit of blood. "can just sit down so we can talk about this man."

"Don't lie to me, I heard the radio calls you made, Hell, You have Rodem with you, That alone is prove, so I'm going ask you again...Where. Is. He?... Kazuya threatened.

Owen paces over to the auto-pilot, taking a deep breath and punching a few buttons that he thought looked like the right ones, he lets a relieved sigh slip free as a confirmation message appears and he gets back on the radio. "Slindis, what's going on, you still with me?"

"You think I care if I live or die? At this point, if you kill me, I'll be going to Dolurrh, my world's plane of death. And you know what? I've yet to do something I regret. Even if I was split up with the person I was accompanying a day ago. Now please, calm down. You may scare less experienced people with that, but I'm not impressed." She stands up and looks Kazuya straight in the eye.

Kazuya picks her up by the hair and holds her up off the ground.
"You split up? Tell me where he went! That "Person" has committed Horrible actions back home, I know, I worked for him. And I will not let that happen again, now..."
He slams her though the walls of the house and she lands in the front hall where Lukah was gasping for air.

She staggers back up, dazed from the impact. "Hey, if you could somehow get over yourself and take a moment to listen to me without throwing me through the walls of this house here, maybe I'd be a bit more cooperative. Plus, I couldn't tell you, even if I wanted. I. Don't. Know. Where he went. So you can calm down, because I don't really feel the need to cooperate with a brute who goes to violence from the beginning." Her hands glow, and she places them on Lukah. "Get out of here, Lukah. Now!" The redhead staggers and runs straight to the smithy.

There has to be more in this world than Rugal and his "companions", there has to be. Richardson continued to drift, unsure what to do now...

"I know Rugal...He has no friends or companions, only servants and those he kills for pleasure. If you don't tell me where he is, millions cou-WILL die, so excuse me for being a tad bit enraged, it's only the fate of the world we are talking about. So this is your last chance...Where. Is. Rugal?"

"I already told you, I don't know. Last I saw, he was being dragged off by some machines.." She trails off at this new information. "Mind passing that by me again? Something's not meshing here with what I've seen of him. One of us may be mistaken here, and I'm curious to know."

In the forge, Lukah was sending smoke signals through the chimney. What the hell is that girl thinking? Hopefully I can draw some attention here before she gets herself killed.

Owen sprints down the corridor, after spending a minute trying to piece together the message Slindis was trying to send him, after a few minutes of searching he find the drop pods, smiling slightly before jumping in and priming the pod. He took a firm grip of the controls as the pod turns and slides into place, after a few checks it drops from the airship, hurtling towards Slindis' signal, he speaks on the radio again. "Slindis, I need you to throw your communicator as far from you as you can."

She frowns. "You know what, I'm all ears." She grabs the communicator and tosses it out through the open door. "Tell me. It's got to be more interesting than fighting rakshasa, after all."

"Ahhh... Bernstein brand lies...did he tell you he sold Vodka? He sells weapons and war, hell, he starts them just to rack in the profits. He cares not for humanity or for you, only power and the means to acquire it. Arrogant, takes pleasure in torture, wants to rule the world, what did he tell you while we are on the topic? that you would be his queen? that you would live in the finest wealth?..." Kazuya said as he tore off a piece of his pants and made a tie around his wound.

"Actually, he said he was going to try and get me back to my home. I couldn't care less about power and wealth. Especially when I'm needed to stop a goddess trying to rise that will destroy a calm that me and my companions worked hard to create. Do you know how difficult it is to stop a religious war?" She begins chanting, and Kazuya feels the wound mend itself.

Owen primes four out of the three explosive bolts that release the front of the pod, a few seconds later it slams into the ground kicking up a large amount of dust outside the house Slindis is in, he primes the fourth bolt and the front of the pod launches off. Owen jumps out, brandishing his SMG and stepping into the house, peering from Slindis to Kazuya, his gun held up at the ready.

"What th-" Kazuya was interrupted with a hail of SMG fire.
While he would survive the bullets to the chest, it still would put him out of action for quite some time.
He fell and played dead as he blood flowed

She slowly sits down on the ground and turns to Owen. "So, you're Owen. It seems there was a big misunderstanding on someone's part here, and it seems like it'd be a good time to piece it together. You can be the judge here, Owen. Let this man tell the story of the person I was with, and I can tell you what I saw of him."





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Owen Enters the house with his gun drawn and aiming straight for Kazuya.
"Ah what is this? one of Rugal's goons? Well....what are you waiting for? Shoot."

"I'm not anyone's 'goon' I'm just another lost person stuck here trying to work out what the hell is going on and frankly, the lady has been the only decent person around here, so back the hell off." Owen takes another step into the house, keeping his gun trained on Kazuya, his finger lightly brushing the trigger, not pulling it, yet.

"If he worked for Rugal, would I be here trying to get my armor repaired? He's here to help me, but I think we can all get out of here a good bit wiser if we just work this out." She leans by the broken wall, still feeling the pain. Lukah, I found how I'll repay you for your generosity.

"I've survived being thrown into a Volcano, I fail to see how this is a threat..." Kazuya replies as he slowly advances on Owen

"Last chance, stand down. Now" Owen ordered, shifting his gun to a more stable position, finger curling around the trigger, stepping back to ensure Kazuya doesn't get too close.

She struggles to stand up. "Please, could you just calm down here for a bit? It's actions like these that caused me to defend myself when you entered this house."

Kazuya gave a cold stare to both.
"...If I find out that you were with holding information, I will find you..." he said before he left what was left of the house.

Owen watches him leave before clipping the SMG to his leg and striding over to Slindis, offering her a hand to stand up. He took a proper look at her and grimaced, recognising her as the girl he shot off the griffon.

She laughs with a strained voice and takes his hand. "Funny how this works, huh? Still, I've learned that at times, you can only do what feels right at the time and deal with the consequences later. For example, the consequences I'll face for ruining the interior of the person that's reforging my armor."

Almost as if she were called, Lukah walks into the house. "You've got to be kidding me. Slindis, you're fixing my wall before you go. After all, that man did come in here looking for you."

Slindis nods weakly. "Of course. You're still doing much more than is required of you."

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Owen peers around what's left of the house and frowns. "You're planning on rebuilding this?" He unslings his rifle and rests it carefully against the wall.

Lukah nods. "Maybe your friend there could help you. Still, since you'll fulfill your end of the deal, so will I." She leaves to the smithy again.

Slindis retrieves her rapier from the other room and sheathes it before talking to Owen again. "Thank you for getting the message, Owen. As for the house, it'd be nice if one could just wish it repaired." She leans in without noticing the house rebuilding at that very moment, and barely sees the face within the mask. "Huh, I thought you were Warforged."

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