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"Like I said, Means to the End, I have to make sure he stays dead this time, If not, millions will suffer, you ever work for a man who's goal in life is Godhood? Heres a hint, a lot of people die, I have many wrongs to right and Rugal is one of them"
"...sit him up...Right, now tie this bag around his head..."
Rugal noted several Water cans as he was strapped down on a table.
"Now, I will ask you again, Where. Is. Adel Bernstein?" Goenitz asked.
There was no answer.
".....start with the 5 Litre...."

"Look, by that point, he'd already been captured." She crosses her arms. "Did you think I would go out and kill people just because I knew him? You don't know me very well, if at all."

"And if you really knew him, then you would know why I had to make sure." Kazuya responded, clearly not impressed with the rate the Tracking was taking.

Richardson smirked again, continuing to work on his phone. "Aye, what better way to make your viewpoint reasonable by punching someone into a wall".

"If I could correct you, it was multiple walls. I've fought hill giants that hit softer." She glares at Kazuya, still uncomfortable around him.

"Enough, Make yourself useful and find me some syringes and some cyanide, I want to be able to personally make sure that the deed is done."

"What makes you think you can order people around on my ship?"

"...This is why I only do Solo Ops..." he grumbled as he left for the Medical Bay.

"What do you think I am, your servant? You can fetch them yourself." She Scoffed and went to take a look around, always making sure to not turn her back on Kazuya.

The Session went on and on, going though around 50 Litres of Water, but still Rugal remained adamant.
The Mask and restraints was soon taken off and Rugal gasped desperately for oxygen, only to have Goenitz wrap his hand around his neck.
"Now Listen hear, The Judgement the Lord will give you will be much harsher then this, NOW TELL ME WHERE HE IS!" He shouted, clearly upset that the torture went on for so long.
As this went on, Rugal managed to pickpocket and palm the Headset off Goenitz.
"Grrrrr...take him back to his cell..." He ordered the robots that I again forgot to post an appearance:


He was soon thrown back onto the ground of the cell from which he crawled over to his usual spot and tried to contact Slindis.
"please...pick up..."

As she walks away, she hears Rugal contacting her on the radio, and responds when she is out of earshot. "I'm here. Look, I'm taking an unorthodox way to find you. I'll need to find some of those scanning constructs and see where exactly it leads off to. What is that sadistic priest up to?"

"uhhhh...I just spent the last....I don't know how long....being's like drowning but...controlled..and longer...also, tha...the rack...arm and leg joints pulled out...keeps asking about my son...." He panted attempting to stay awake lest he never wake up.

"...may not make it...all the years of training...doesn't help...can't use the heal...he'll find out...uhhhhhhhhhhhh..."
He nearly drifted off so he slammed his fist against a wall to send pain though his body to wake him up.

"You can be assured that he will not do that. I know it may not sound like much, but I'm here for you. We'll go and meet that son of yours, alright? Just hold out for a few more days." She thinks of how to get to where Rugal is, racking her mind.

Goenitz returns to his chambers.
It was a simple plan when it started out, now it had gotten so ugly, he began to think it wasn't even worth it any-more.
He pulled out his pendant and saw his wife and children in a black and white photo.
"Rest in peace...the Promised land is coming, just wait for me..." He softly said to the picture.

She woke up the next day on the airship, hunched over in the hallway. I didn't even find a decent spot to sleep... Using her rapier for support, she gets up and begins wandering the ship, hoping to find the mess hall.

Kazuya didn't sleep, not during Ops anyways, too much advances to working at night.
The Scan was boosted by Rugal's Call but it would still be some time before his location was found.
He decided to take the time to polish his Bionic Eye.
He went to the mess hall to find a cloth.

Richardson had spent the night working on his augmentations. He walked towards the mess hall, getting the lift and stopping at the floor where Slinds was.

She sluggishly moved into the hall. "Where can a girl get a decent cup of coffee?" Although there was plenty of food in there, the only drink was chilled coffee with milk in it. "Oh come on, who would drink that? Waste of coffee there." Her dazed search failed to produce any results, so she sighed and decided to drink the brew. "Ick, not drinking this again. Give me a good mug of honey tea any day."

"Look in the top shelf, there should be ground coffee up there." Richardson sat at a table, pondering on what to eat now.

"There's some Instant Coffee in the drawer next to the forks, heat up some water, pour it in, good to go." Kazuya recomemned as he pulled his eye from his head and dropped in a glass of water.

She grunts in approval, then starts heating up some water on the stove. It eventually boils, and she makes three cups. "So, Richardson, where will we start today?" The coffee was starting to wake her up, but her rest had not been the best, or even good.

"Eh, no clue. I was hoping you Owen or that Troll ye encountered could have given us an idea on where to go. I'm thinking on finding who captured Rugal, I'm guessing that he can willingfully cross dimensions so if we inquire..."

"Well, the group that got him had some floating constructs. They didn't seem to be the same make as the ones fron that one city, unless he'd apply much lower levels to capture someone. Whatever they are, they pack a punch for that purpose." She drinks some of the coffee and passes the other two mugs to Richardson and Kazuya.

"If that is the case, then it's only a matter of time before Rugal tries to escape."

"I doubt we have to worry about that at the moment." She looks in the cup of coffee, thinking of how to explain the situation.

"And what makes you so sure? I Know him far better then you do, He gets a chance, he'll take it." He said as he took the eye out of the glass and wiped it with a cloth, blowing on it once or twice.

"And it doesn't matter who gets in his way....."

"He's currently indisposed, for lack of a better term. Believe me, he couldn't leave that priest no matter what he does." She finishes her coffee and waits for the caffeine to kick in.

"I find that hard to believe and more importantly, how do you know his current state?" He asked as he put the Eye back into his head, causing it light up and glow.

"Said priest went and called me, saying he had information on Rugal. I know you two still have issues with him, but it would be wrong for me to let him get tortured." She grimly chuckles. "Of course, from your eyes, that'd be a gift from Siberys, even if the torture is to find someone."

"Find Someone? Did he say who?" Kazuya perked up at the sound of that piece of Intel.

"All i know is that it was a male, and the priest talked about some person called Jesus, claiming he was being merciful when he's torturing someone on the rack."

"Yep, that's a Christian..." He replied as he finished his coffee and threw the cup in the air.
In the blink of an eye, he pressed his fingers to his right temple, causing a laser to fire out of his eye which reduced the cup to ash.
"Perfect, as always..."

She grabs her cup and puts it in the sink. "If we want to track him down, the attack happened in the forest to the south of the town."

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