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"I know, I found the wreckage, Did you see which way they took off with him?" He asks as he sweeps up the remains of his cup and bins it.

"I believe he was dragged off to the east of the clearing through the trees. Unfortunately, I was preoccupied with not getting captured myself. Good thing I was, or else I'd be stuck there as well."

"East, Right, I'll set the course then." He said before he went on his way.

As the ship moves on, she sees the forest beginning to come into view. "That's..a lot of smoke down there..."

After hitting Auto-Pilot, Kazuya rejoins Slindis.
"Think it may be a Forest Fire?"

Richardson enters the bridge, still looking at the phone. "You all wish to get there fast? This ship does have Warp capability you know".

"Could be, or someone could've messed up when they were learning burning hands."

"Hold that Thought, Richardson, Someone pass me a telescope or something..."

Kazuya soon got one of the built in Telescopes and zoomed in on the action.
He saw the aftermath of a long battle, the Bodies being burnt by the Victors.
"Just Post Battle Cremation, nothing that concerns us..." He said as he went in closer and saw several hostages.

"What's that, pass me the telescope". He observes the hostage situation below. He passes it back to Kazuya. "Well..." he stopped to think for a moment, "Only one thing to do".. He bursts out of the window and jumps for ground, a small distance from the action.

"...Proactive, ain't he?..."
Richardson found a rag tag band of Raiders dressed with remains of Robots dancing around the Fire, lit with the bodies of a local militia.
towards the rear, Large Chain Gangs of survivors were being counted and valuables taken.
Their weapons were a blend of swords and weapons taken off the same robots as the Armour.
The Post battle piss up was about to begin...

She rubs her right arm, concerned about the situation. "Any clue to how I can get down there without breaking any limbs?"

Richardson sighted and grinned. Now this is exactly what I needed, catharsis. He strolled over to the Raiders. "Greetings gentlemen, enjoying ourselves aren't we?" He tipped his hat at the hostages.

"Care that much, huh?...If you really want, I could Fly you down..." Kazuya says as he prepares for Devil Form.
The Merry Making stopped the second Richardson spoke.
A Tense Silence filled the Air.
"NICE SUIT!" one goon in the back shouted.
The rest of them soon slowly went for their rifles...

"Yes go for your weapons...... .....they may even buy you a few seconds". An aura appeared around his feet, his eyes taking a slight glow. He began sizing up the Raiders....

She nods. "There could be more down there, but sitting up here solves nothing. Let's go down there."

Richardson counted at least 26 before he began to enter his powered state when something strange happened...
The Raiders were in Awe of the bright light around him, some getting so entranced that they dropped their weapons.
Some even went as far as to bow before him.
"Very well, just a moment..."
Kazuya closed his eyes and focused, taking deep long breaths as his skin turned purple and wings shot out from his back in a manner that did look quite painful.


He shook off the pain and asked "Ready?..."

Oh great, its like that business in Knock all over again. Richardson tilted his hat towards the Raiders now. "Now surely you all can pursue something a little more, constructive?"He gestured them to release the hostages.

Without thinking, the raiders released all the clearly confused Hostages before going back to Bowing.
"Name you're Goal and we shall Pursue..." One next to Richardson said with his lips kissing his shoes.

"My friends, there is only one goal. We shall stand up for the weak, the innocent and the helpless. You will all be redeemed for you past sins as we go to correct the sins of others. We will defeat the enemies of peace and order. We shall fight FOR JUSICE".

The Group gave out a roar of approval before singing praises to their new ruler.
They have found new purpose: To hunt and kill the sins of others, to Defend the weak by attacking the strong and to worship their new god.
Richardson will not know what fruit will bear from the seed he had planted until later...

"Now my friends, you shall join me on our journey for great justice, in my skyship!". He pulled out his phone then tapped it a few times.

A VTOL descended from the Valiant. "Gentlemen, grater purpose awaits."

"Look, I'm not going to ask to go down if I'm not ready."

The Raiders Cheered and boarded the VTOL gleefully at their new lord's request.
This will end badly...
Kazuya was about to take off with Slindis when he saw the VTOL come near.
"What the?..."

Richardson flew up to mett Kazuya and Slindis. "Well apparently I'm the God Emperor of Mankind now, at least we have help now. Although we will need to guide them a little, I may have driven them insane".

Kazuya twitched with rage for a moment, as this was how he entered Rugal's employ, He had taken over His former Master's Dojo and turned it into an army.
"Get. Them. Off. This. Ship...

Slindis looks at the raiders. "Richardson, is it really justice if you're forcing them to do it?"

"Kazuya, relax. I'm not an insane tyrant with a God-Complex. I'm just going to hire them as extra muscle, in case we end up against large numbers or something. Remember that I was the commander of a group of super heroes and the captain of this vessel". Besides, I always wanted to be a pirate captain.

"They will mellow out soon enough. I'm going to pay them anyway and allow them to leave whenever they wish, if you have a problem with it I'll handle it."

"At any rate, after the evacuation, the VTOL is the only notable piece of hardware on the ship. All there is apart from that are a few firearms. What I'm intrested in is where those robots they fought came from."

"What did they look like? If they're of a certain shape, we can find out where that priest is." She rubs her chin and thinks what would happen if this happens to be the case.

The Raiders entered the Bridge and we amazed by the Advanced Tech, for them, it was truly the Promised land.
The all watched as several metal balls held by a string hit off one another, completely amazed.
Kazuya reverts back to his normal form.
"ahhhh...god that hurts...Look, I've seen this happen before, It never ends well..."[/color]

"We will talk to them and even all of this out. It's better than having them pillage random villages".


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