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The Raiders fired blindly at the Rock until the realised what they were shooting.
One cursed and kicked the stone aside before checking the inside of the next APC.
The Other went and guarded the Exit.
The Quiver had a few enchanted Arrows from before they embraced Laser Weapons, in what way, you decide.

Slindis rummaged through the quiver, seeing odd arrows with fragile-appearing green crystals for arrowheads alongside regular ones. Why would they keep this kind of arrow? It doesn't look like it could harm a thing. Oh well, I'll work with what I've got. She drew one of the odd-looking ones and crawled closer to the bandit guarding the exit.

The Raider at the door didn't see her, but her picking up the bow and arrows hadn't gone un-noticed by the other.
He made his way up the side of the APC.


Changed to Bow and Arrows

Oh well, time to see what this does... She fires it at the man's torso, causing him to start choking on the moss that burst from the arrowhead. Here's my chance! A quick stab with her rapier to the man's throat ended his choking issues permanently, and she dragged the body under the APC, shifting over to another one before she could be seen.

The Raider saw his comrade go down, but not how he did.
He lost his cool and burst of the room before the "SINNER! SINNER!" could kill him too.
He ran down a empty hallway towards the Mess Hall.

Hmm, those arrows could be useful. I'll need to conserve them. She heads over to her armor, seeing the clean shot from the rifle. "How am I still alive after that?" Her fingers run across the hole in the armor, amazed at how it was burned clear through. "At least it's still wearable." It takes about five minutes to put on the armor, and she thinks about what her next move will be.

The Hallway was clear and by following a red and green line, she could head for the Medical Bay or Waste Disposal.

She walks towards the medical bay, listening for any footsteps.

Once she neared the Medical Bay, She saw 2 Raiders messing around with the Shock Paddles and one of them had a radio to the Bridge.
If he was to Radio in, Re-enforcements would most certainly show up.
Also, there were some Meds that should help with the lingering effects of that shot to the gut.
The Med Bay had lots of empty beds that could be hid under but the clear lighting and white colour pattlet would make hiding more of a challenge.
The Shock Paddles where turned off and the power unit was in the corner.

These people are part of the group that attacked us, but it would be wrong to attack in an area of healing. After giving it some thought, she took a moment to see if the raiders had any movement patterns.

They stayed in the same place, one of them pressing the paddles to himself with the other laughed at his friends crazy act.

They're distracted, but it's best to not draw any attention to myself. She quietly moves through the room, crouching behind the beds for cover. Hopefully, I can get supplies without having to fight them in here.

The Medicine was kept in a locker to the right of the room, Providing she didn't make a sound, he should be able to get them.
Still, just a quick glance from either of the Raiders would spell disaster.

She sees the power unit not too far from the locker and slowly moves towards the two, making sure to stay hidden.

She makes it to the unit just in time to avoid a over the shoulder Glance from the Raider with the Radio.
At the Cabnet, it had all the Meds that a Ship's crew would need and then some, but what one's were suited to her needs,
Also, the power button for the shock paddles were in plain sight... >:)

Richardson sat at the controls for the vents, smirking at the gas container he left on the way through the corridor before. This shall show them.... He went onto the comm on a private channel. "Slindis, you there?"

Slindis headset was dropped in a vent when she was captured, There was no way to contact her.

After several tries, he gave up on the radio. Looks like this will be the hard way then.. He placed the canister into a receptacle and fed it into the vents. Soon after Sleep Gas began to crawl into the rooms across the Valiant. "Now to find her on the scanners..." He sprinted out of the vent room, tapping on his phone screen as he went.

The Vent's power was reduced not long after Slindis escaped though there as the Raiders complained about the cold so the Sleeping Gas would be a while going though the Ship.

Well, this one that says 'hemostatic regeneration' seems right. She slowly grabs it so their eyes aren't drawn to a quick movement, then draws her bow as she retreats. Now I've just got to get out of here and find the other two.

"Right, there's one in the Medical Bay with irregular life signs, must be her." He bounded for the lift, loading his Samurai Edge with one of the red magazines again. As it descended, he waited for the inevitable battle...

Richardson sees two Raiders playing with a Depowered set of Shock Paddles.
If he looked really hard he could make out Slindis in the Corner.
The Raider with the Radio notices something next to the Cabinet and goes to have a look...

Richardson flash-stepped forward to knock one of them out with a chop to the neck, then stepping behind the other to disarm him of the paddles. "You can kill someone with those son". He left him on the floor cold.

The Raiders Fell without a fight.
A Concerned Raider in thhe Bridge Radioed in.
"Hello...hello, do you read me, do I read you?"

Slindis stands up, holding the bottle of pills. "I know I stole them, but could I try one of them? I think it could help with some of the blood loss."

OOC:Is Slindis talking to Richardson?


"Given that this crap happened on my ship, help yourself to whatever you need".

She swallowed a pill, and a small warming sensation suffused her body. It invigorated her, and she felt ready for whatever may come. A small grim comes across her face as she looks at Richardson. "So, what's next?"

"We let the sleep gas do its work, drag them onto the VTOL and put them back on Terra Firma. Hopefully they'll get the message not to follow us". He glanced at the radio on the ground. "I also have an idea on how to get them into the hangar". He grabbed the radio and looked to Slindis, smirking. "Lets draw some attention".

The Gas was started to make it's way towards the central Fan but it would be some time before people would star dropping off.

"Okay, what's the plan? My armor doesn't do much against their weapons, So any kind of combat is out."

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