Serial Killer Round 41: A Game of Cat and Mices (Cycle 6: Entwined dead. Now vote... you monsters.)

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Serial Killer Round 41

A Game of Cat and Mices

Welcome, welcome, my dear playthings. I have no name. But if you must, you may call me Schizzy. That was the name of my erstwhile host, whom, I must say, suffered a very tragic death. But I did not.

Very much to your unfortunate doom, I'm afraid.

So, like I did with my host, I shall now play with you.

Would you like to be part of my little game? Send me a number. I might let you join in.


The Players
Pm0n3y Executed, Cycle 3
War Penguin Executed, Cycle 4
axle 19
elementsoul Murdered, Cycle 2
NeoAC Murdered, Cycle 6 - Entwined Pair -
Lost In The Void Murdered, Cycle 4
RBMidknight Murdered, Cycle 1
Fragrance of Mtn Dew
Link_to_Future Murdered, Cycle 3
MinimanZombie Murdered, Cycle 6 - Entwined Pair -
staika Executed, Cycle 1
TehChuckles Executed, Cycle 2
Mortis Nuncius Executed, Cycle 5
David Bjur
Sonora 49
RaNDM G Murdered, Cycle 5

Whoa whoa whoa, where am I on the Regulars list? I've been with this game since Round 1! xD

Sending number now

@Sky: Doh!!! My bad :P

Sending ma number now.

@VonKlaw: *Siniterly steeples claws* Excellent...

@Schizzy: Tis okay =P

@Sky: *Sends apology bouquet of flowers/chocolates/other(specify favourite apology gift here)*

Slash where appropriate :P

I survived your devious killings last time, will I be so lucky a second time. Number sent.

I'm in for another round.
Number incoming.

Whoa, that was fast.
Number inbound.

Sent nah number. One more round after this and I'm a regular!

@Schizzy: Oh yeah, I think staika is a regular now too....

You'll have to PM NeoAC, I think he has the Regulars list.... Well, someone does <_< >_>

I hope I'm not late to the party D: -sends number-

Ah, I see we have a fresh round. Good. ^_^

*number inbound*

Count me in. ^^

...and how many rounds does it take for one to become a regular? Five?


@Mortis: Its a secret only known to the council of SK...or I just can't remember >_>

@Void: I'm in the chat that decided that, and I can't remember... O-o

@Regular: Yeah, it's five rounds.

@Schizzy: If it helps, I know that everyone above RaN's name last round was a regular. There's probably a couple more now but I can't be certain personally.

@Lost: I must go on a quest - a journey, sending me to the far reaches of space and time where I will find this council you speak of and... that cake?

@sky: I think we've all had moments like that at some point or another.

@Link: Okay, thank you. ^^

I think that makes me a regular then, I've been here sinde Round 35.

*victory lap*


That is all.

@Mortis: Its not only cake, but the cake of destiny, take it and learn your own

@sky: Yeah Neo and element keep telling me and I keep zoning out

@Mortis: The difference is my whole life is like that... I have the memory of a fish. :V

@Void: Zzzzz... Huh? Wha?

I just woke up so my number is inbound.

@Lost: *noms the cake*

@sky: Well, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

I'm on the regulars list and my number is being sent as well.

Yay. I survived the last round. Let's hope I survive this one, too.

God, I'm so tired, right now. >_<

Just sent my number. Lets hope this is fun.

@Miniman: You dare to doubt the amusement we are able to provide?


@Mortis: curses, I've been found out D:

*swims away*

Imma gonna cappa thisa rounda atta thirtya.

That means we've got 7 spaces left, with preference to regulars.

*Sends CA with my number*

@sky: *gives chase with fishing net in hand*

@Schizzy: I have a hypothetical question: Had I not called you out, who would you have killed that round?

You can choose not to answer, im just a curious bastard like that.

@Mort: That's silly.
*chases sky with harpoon gun*

Funnily enough, staika was my next choice.

But since I was gonna die, you were a tempting target. The confident sheep :P

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