Serial Killer Round 41: A Game of Cat and Mices (Cycle 6: Entwined dead. Now vote... you monsters.)

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@Medic Saves: I announced it in thread. Still doesn't seem to help, the Saved have still be lynched. It's that right Sky?

@Schizzy: I'd PM who's been saved if you're going to tell them, so the thread in general still won't know. Some people do announce it in the thread for all to see, though o.o

@Mal: Thanks o: It's still traced though, so I can't take full credit.

@NeoAC: I have no idea what you just said... If it was "The saved can still be lynched" Then yes, that's right. xD

totally not bitter about that, nope. Not at all

@Sky: Pretty much. It's summer. My English is on a vacation right now.

@Sky: You're welcome ^.^

Also, tracing still counts...

@Sky: Perhaps I will PM the victim... it'll be up to him or her to reveal themselves... perhaps write a story even.

Does the Medic get to know who was the one he or she saved?

@Schiz: Letting anyone know who was saved, bar the intended victim, can prevent said person from being subject to execution. With the exception of the Spy's influence, people should treat everyone with equal suspicion.

@CA: That actually could give the Medic significantly more power. If saved person is announced, then that person clearly isn't the killer and would then be removed from the lynch list. It would make the medic more than an inconvenience for the Killer. But then again with all these roles that have been added, it makes it more and more difficult for the Killer to win. How much is too much?

@CA: Tru dat. Sounds like a game breaker when you put it like that.

@Medic Save: Sooo...

...should I announce my victory over Death, or no?


@Zero: The Spy and Arbiter are bad enough, I believe, without the Medic taking a more active role.

@Mortis: Oh, you can announce it, but I dunno if everyone will believe you. lol

@CA: Well, looks like I'll have to just rely on everyone's trust in me. I'm screwed.

@Mortis: 'Twer moighty noice knowin ye, may yer whiskey always be cold, and yer tankard full!

@Malyc: Aye, Ah 'preciate the though' laddy, but I dinnae think mah tankard'll be full fer very long.

Well, mayhap the barkeep'll let ye 'ave the next one on th' 'ouse.

Just a warning for everyone using a windows OS. There is a virus out that has learned to mimic the code to windows update so it can trick your computer into downloading a trojan since it thinks it's receiving something from Microsoft. There is an important update out in windows update so try and double check to see if you have all the updates or you are at risk for getting a trojan. Here is a story about it.

A body has been found.

and it ain't breathin'

The dead has been PMed. Pry open those inboxes, people!

You heard it here first, folks!

Let the bloodbath begin (again!)

I mean, send me your votes and lets decide who to lynch, like any civilised democracy would.


*slow clap, manly tear*

@Link: That's how we do in the shire, son.


Oh snap.

Well... Vote sent. Let's see where this execution goes.

Vote sent by raven.
*ties vote to CA and pushes him out of the tower*

@Trilby: Good grief. I might be the Don of the JIB, but I'm not a courier.

Good thing this conveniently placed pile of hay broke my fall... *glares upwards before calling my chauffeur*

@CA: I am sorry about that peon's actions oh great don raven. Shall I get the boys and go break his knee caps?

@Staika: *pulls out kneecapping shotgun and loads a shell*

I'm right behind ya SIR!

@Staika: Dead people cannot intervene. At least not until I get the zombie serum working. AND THEY NEVER WILL.

@Malyc: calm yourself son, we need to wait for the Don to give us our orders.

@=y: we ain't gonna kill him, just rough em up a bit

@=y: Last I checked, I'm not dead yet... and a ghost can give some good ideas!


*slow clap, manly tear*

Truly a masterpiece

This round is real close. Will need votes from the Final Four. :)

Well I sent my vote earlier. Now! We must wait. *Sits on a soft recliner, and gathers dust.*

@Miniman: *hoovers off the dust*


*starts eating the dust*

@Sky: O_O

Is the dust made of cookies?

@Mal: I'm on a diet....

/obscure reference

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