Serial Killer Round 41: A Game of Cat and Mices (Cycle 6: Entwined dead. Now vote... you monsters.)

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@=y: Ordinarily I don't play zombie-based games... but if L4D3 has the same comedic nature as Whose Line, I might have to break tradition.

Entwined death! :O

See! Ignoring a medic save has now cost TWO more lives, not just one.

@Zombie: The way you died, I immediately thought of this.

There you have it. The Entwined are dead

Hope you're happy with yourselves, 'cause I certainly am with you guys

Shall we vote who to lynch then? Yes, yes we should. Send them to me. I'll try not to throw the ballot box away.

In unrelated news, my school choir may be singing the Skyrim theme. We have the sheet music and everything too :p.

@Nouw: Are you singing it in the dragon language? You better be. I can kind of sing it myself, even though I've never played Skyrim and have wanted to since its release. Thanks, YouTube! =/

@CA: Of course we are :p. All the uung and aahs included. If we have a show, you should come watch xD.

@Nouw: Maybe. Although I am kinda lazy, so if there's video involved...

Vote sent, and... um... Don't have anything else to add atm...


The leprechauns are trying to kill me...

@Malyc: I told you not to mix your LSD and Percocet frosting with your marishroomphetamine cake...

@Mortis: >.>

... how did you know what I had for breakfast?

@Mortis: I had never noticed that your avatar blinks.
I'm watching you...

Also vote sent.

@Zero: You just noticed that?
It's freaky, isn't it?

@Vote: Vote on the way!
*writes name on paper aeroplane, throws at Schizzy*

@Mortis' avatar: I was actually the mad genius that made it blink. Now it looks like it's always watching you.

@Malyc: It was the monkey. >.>

@Zero: Yay! Attention!! ^^

@staika: Yes you were, you magnificent bastard, you.

@Mortis: O_O

*throws net made of bananas at monkey*

@Malyc: Wouldn't that crush the monkey D:?

@Nouw: I don't think so... I only used the peels...


Greetings from Bali

Just leaving you guys a note that the lynched has been PMed

Now I'll enjoy my holiday while you guys and gals stew on that

Dun dun dunnnnnnn D:

Well it isn't me.

I wonder who voted for me this round...

@Schizzy: I hear the weather in Bali is nice this time of year.

Mortis Nuncius:
I wonder who voted for me this round...

What can we do? Use dark magic to bring you back to life just for the express purpose of killing you all over again?

Also it isn't me.

@=y: *puts rug over a chalk pentagram*

It could happen...



@Mortis: Did we lose the priest? If not, ask nice XP.

I love being right.

@Randm: I called it 3 rounds ago... when did you call it?

@Zero: Wait...the phone's mating call?


Good run though. ;)

Wow, I haven't been online for about 3 days on a My Little Pony marathon, and we're still on the same page! *sniff* I'm so proud of you guys!

@Jak: Proud? Proud?!?

Under my tenure, this is a disappointment. We need to pursue the records!

Push it to the max!! XP

I called it 3 rounds ago... when did you call it?

Two or three weeks ago on Skype, when axle posted his list. You thought it was Mortis. I told you there was no way it could be Mortis and showed specific evidence as to why it couldn't be him.

"I...I am suffering right now. Far more than I would have imagined possible. My pursuit of knowledge only blinded pursuit of salvation only damned me. Please friend, I beg you...."

Connect the dots. Who is Link's only friend?

My Skype crashes when I try to open up that chat... it can't seem to process 20000+ messages for some reason.

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