Serial Killer Round 41: A Game of Cat and Mices (Cycle 6: Entwined dead. Now vote... you monsters.)

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@Sky: I can understand his desire to remain anonymous... I'm the same way XD

@Nouw: NO.

Don't do that.
Bad Nouw.

@Mal: I prefer to remain eponymous...

@Nouw: That picture...godamm you. So very much.

@Jak: You know you can link the exact time of a video if you hit the "share" button? Why not do that for us lazy people? ;D

Or you could simply embed and add &t=38.

Let me demonstrate for you simpletons.

@Randm: I'm not simple! I'm a complicated person... who also happens to be easily amused...

@Schizzy: I've been asked by a friend to tell you to edit your title, because it's grammatically incorrect. xD

By that he means the word "Mices." I said you might be doing it ironically, but then he threatened to hit you with a dictionary. o_o

I will find your friend and when I do I will slap him with a dictionary. Trust me I will, I have eyes everywhere O.O

@Sky: Well I did do it by mistake at first, but I thought it fitting later somehow;
Mice = many mice
Mices = bloody freakin' lots of them

If my bosses see this, they'll wonder why they pay me to write at all.

Cry havoc. Let loose the hellhound of death!

The roles have been doled, and the killer is loose.

Behold its terror and despair!

@Round Start: O.O

*flees and hides in a hole*

*jumps into hole*

We'll be safe here, right?

@=y: I hope so... they'll never think to look in here!

*Starts to fill hole with dirt*

@Schizzy: Schizzy I am ashamed with you. How dare you fill that hole with dirt.

*fills hole with cement*

remember if you're going to do it, do it right

@Staika: *digs hole out side of pit before cement sets*

The killer will never suspect... a hole in the sky! *Jumps into another dimension.*

@Nouw A hole in Sky? You sick bastard...

@Nouw: No comment >_<.

*Makes hole in tauntaun*
This will protect me if the killer has a freeze ray!

@staika: Of course! What was I thinking!?

@Jak: *Fires heat ray*
I will make your tauntaun sweaty and uncomfortable! MUAHAHA!


@Schizzy: Fair enough, I say "Meese" instead of "Mooses"

Dammit, I missed my chance to get in this round AGAIN.

Schizzy, y u put this up at 4AM my time?

@LunaSocks: What? I put this up for practically 2 days before we started! O_O

@Sky: You have more holes than you have any right to have. I'm gonna have revoke your humanity-membership until you get them back to the right number.

We've started? Oh crap where'd I put my safety bucket?

@Miniman: I think u left it on your head from the water balloon fight last week!

@Malvc Of course! Now where'd I put my head?

@Miniman: D:

That's something you can lose?

@Mal: Of course!
*hides in barbershop/illegal organ donation shop/insurance office/cookie stand/cardboard box*

@Trilby: 'Round here, we call that a box-of-all-trades!

@Malvc I have a very interesting contract with a man. I donate vital parts, he replaces them with robotics. Sometimes he likes to steal though.

@Mal: 'round here, we call you a princess.
You just burst into flame with rage, didn't you?

@Miniman: That rat bastard! We may have to *evil assassin laugh* "fix" him...

@Trilby: *stuffs your head back in the rain barrel*

@Malvc Shall we bring a wrench or hammer?

@Mini: We don't call Mal 'Princess Gun-Nut' for nothing!
Bring a tiara.

@Miniman: IGNORE HIM!!!

And... I think a hammer sounds good...

@Trilby: Shut up! You're makin me look bad in front of the new guy!

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