Serial Killer Round 41: A Game of Cat and Mices (Cycle 6: Entwined dead. Now vote... you monsters.)

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This game has ruined me. Everytime I see that I have a new message on here I instantly think "Oh crap! I've been killed!"

@Mal: Maybe, if you wanted to look good, you would've worn the corset and petticoat.

@razer: Ah, the paranoia...

@Trilby: Fuck you man, this black leather trenchcoat is the only thing I'm gonna be caught wearing around Murderville!

@Razer: I has de same problem...

@Malvc How do you know I wasn't here all along? Watching from the shadows, stealing half your lunches. I mean I wasn't, but lets say hypothetically I was, Because I would never do something like that. *Shifty eyes*

@Trilby I personally think that a tiara would make his corpse look lovely. We appreciate the idea.

@Miniman: I find those shifty eyes to be very reassuring, the hallmark of an honest man...

*is trying not to laugh while typing that*

@Mal: You walk around wearing nothing but a trenchcoat?
The hell bro?

@Malvc I'm glad humour shall remain inside the halls of this impenetrable game (of death and pain and oh lordy the horror).

@Trilby: *facepalm*


@Miniman: I don't actually think I've seen anyone take anything seriously in this series of RP's...

this black leather trenchcoat is the only thing I'm gonna be caught wearing

Oh really?

@Mal Well of course not, that would imply that they would be slightly worried. I mean we need to seem like we have actual lives outside the internet.

@Trilby: Well, obviously that meant that the trenchcoat was CLOSED so I could hide my anti-killer self defense weapons of mass destruction and cake!

@Miniman: There's things outside the internet? WHERE???


@Mal Get this, there are apparently these places called "parks" and people go there when it's nice out. Whatever they mean by nice.

@Miniman: I think I was outside on a nice day once... It was WWWWWAAAAAAAARRRRRRRMMMMMMM! And there was no way to adjust the thermostat to make it colder Q_Q

@Mal *Gasps and shudders* It sounds horrific. How did you survive!?

@Miniman: I don't KNOW! Mebbe I got back inside before I could melt?

@Mal You're a brave soul my good man. I think one day I shall try to make a venture. Maybe to travel to this "beach" I keep hearing of.

@Miniman: O_O

Watch out for the SHARKS!!! I've heard they like to hang out at beaches...

@Mal Don't worry, I'll just bring my various collection of knives. Maybe make myself some sushi.

@Miniman: I like your style...

@Mal So do chats like these usually happen?

@Miniman: Occasionally you'll get a pretty good back-and-forth going, but the good ones aren't all that common...

@Mal I see. So does it take a while for the horror to start? Not that I'm complaining.

@Miniman: To be honest, I've never really noticed any horror 'round these parts... We mostly just bullshit til the killer strikes, bullshit while we wait to vote, and bullshit while we wait for the excecution...

@Mal Understood. So all is going to plan?

@Miniman: So far, so good XD


A door slammed.

*Gasps* Dear lord! @Schizzy why'd you have to do that?! Unless of course...It wasn't you...


@Schizzy: GAH! *accidentally shoots Mal in the face*

@Trilby: *catches bullet in teeth*

Don't do dat.

@Startlement: Bwah!!

*accidentally detonates nuclear warheads beneath Murderville*



@Mortis: Uh oh...

*is blown sky-high, trailing smoke*


@Mortis *Comes out of shop* Hey guys I got a bag of biscu- Oh. Oh fuck. I really wanted to eat these bue- *Is thrown back into shop, which is then thrown up into the sky* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

@Mortis: *hides in a fridge* Yeah, I went there.

@VonKlaw: The only fridge I didn't preemptively disassemble and scatter the pieces to was the one at the place with name that rhymes with "Worm Tank"...


Captcha: smoking guns


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