Serial Killer Round 41: A Game of Cat and Mices (Cycle 6: Entwined dead. Now vote... you monsters.)

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@sky: Oh it get's better.

I love the dolan face I have to admit :P

@Staika: HEY! You stole my chair, you bastard!

@mal: That is impossible since I am sitting in it right now. It is a very comfy chair.

@Staika: How is that impossible? You can sit in a chair after you steal it...

@mal: That is true, but i was just trying to distract you while I escaped with the chair.

@staika: He's not scary. xD I just don't like him.

His meme's are so freaking hard to read...

@sky: There are some that I have a tough time reading but I really just love the face. I have no idea why I like the face I just do.

@Staika: Creeps me the FUCK out... The stare just says he wants to murder me.

I don't like stares who want to murder me. I preemptively strike by murdering them. Now, hold still while the bullet finishes it's 6 second flight time from a mile off.

@mal: but he does want to murder you, with his ax. Just don't get caught in a dark alley with him.

@Staika: Bitch, I am the guy you don't want to meet in a dark alley. And a sword is faster and more maneuverable than an ax. I've got this

@mal: Fine then don't heed my warning. It'll be your loss >.>

@Malyc: haf gun an nitevison gogles gooby pls

@Randm: haf assassin pro, nitevision no affect me. try 'gain pls.

@Malyc: modan wafafr is terible get teh fck out of herr pls

@Randm: use wat u haf. I thin i sta.

@Malyc: i live i hungerf regards

@Randm: Ok, you win. I have NO idea what you just said there...

*Proceeds to kill RaNDM for random posts*

*Raises RaNDM back up as a zombie so he can still participate and be killed in the game*

@Schizzy: YAY! I dodged the bullet there XD

@Malyc: Sorry. Thought we were making a reference.

@Randm: I actually know nothing of Dolan Duck, other than what I've been able to gather from you and Staika...

I thin i sta.

Sounds like Sinistar, which sounds like this.

@Randm: If you say so...

"Hey guys, can I reveal myself yet?"


"No? Okay. I can wait."

So...I died. And my computer refused to revive this weekend so

[this space]

will be a proper death sometime tomorrow-ish.

Wow, I haven't been on here for a few days...
@staika: Your new avatar creeps the f**k out of me!
@RB: Well that explains why it took you so long to realize you were dead.

Murder in Murderville

Death shocks many

May 21, Murderville - Police have stumbled upon the remains of a resident known as RBMidnight.

Police are putting out a call for anyone who may have been witness to her death while forensics work out the details of her death.

In other news, a local Murdervillian =y, barged into the police department this morning claiming he saw death in the sky. Police arrested him for disturbing the peace and locked him in a cell.

It is rumored they lost the key to the cell after.

@Schizzy Actually I uh..... Well....*Hangs head in shame* I stole the key to sell for lunch. Unfortunately I may of sold it back to him.

@Schiz/Mini: Hehehe, I got a chuckle out of that ^.^

@Mal/Shiz Quick question: We are supposed to send the votes to the game master right? Or if Shizzy answers, we were supposed to send votes to you right?

@Miniman: QUICK!!! Hit Schizzy with the vote button! In a pm... unless you want to be a target...

@Mal Nononono don't worry, I've already sent him one. I was just seeing if I was supposed to.

@Mini: Better to ask forgiveness than permission XD

@Mal Indeed. That's why I asked if a man was fine with me marrying his daughter... three years after the wedding.

@Mini: O_O

Well? Was he?

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