The Limit of Infinity: A Shadowrun RP (Sign-up Thread - Closed)

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The Limit of Infinity: A Shadowrun RP



Game Information:

The world of Shadowrun is easily one of my favorite settings. Set in the near future, it is a world filled with advanced technology and arcane magics, corporate control and political scheming, subtle maneuvering and blazing gun barrels. In celebration of the upcoming "Shadowrun Returns" video game that was successfully kisk-started recently, I have decided to make an RP as a bit of a primer. Beside that, this little plot bunny has been growing in my head for months.


Disclaimer: The world of Shadowrun has more elements than I can possibly explain in such a limited space, so I will explain only the most basic and important elements for ease of understanding. If you have any specific questions, PM me or check the Shadowrun Wikia (link below).


Technology has advanced dramatically in the last 60+ years. The most notable of these innovations fall into one of two groups: The Matrix or Meta-Human Augmentation


On December 21, 2012, magic returned to the world of man. It, like so many changes, came quickly and without warning. At midnight, the world shook - volcano's the world over erupted, earthquakes, tsunamis and storms appeared, as if to reckon the end of times. And, from around the world, Dragons flew to reclaim their lairs. The Mayan's fifth world had ended, and the Sixth had begun. People with magic are rare and few people can ever claim to have met a truly awakened person. Magic itself however, flows through the world, and people can see its effects everyday - from the images of dragons flying over their lairs to the devil-rats that infest every city.


Character Creation
Name and/or Alias: What your character's name? What is he/she called on the streets?
Age & Gender: Quite clear I hope
Race: Races include Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Orcs, and Trolls. If you wish to be something more exotic (From A.I. to Pixie), PM me for approval.
Height & Weight: More simple questions.
Type: Just a general description of what your character does (e.g. Adept Warrior, Technomancer Rigger, Street-Samurai, etc)
Appearance: What your character looks like.
History: What your character has done until now? What kind of life he has lived until now? This is good place to explain a few facts of the topic below this one.
Reason to be here/things to do: Why, against all odds, do you want to live in the Shadows?
Personality: Well, again, this is maybe quite complex, but lets other people to see more clearly the reason behind your actions.
Notable skills: Both in combat and outside of it. Do you swing a sword, cast spells, silently sneak around, use big guns and cyber-ware, etc? What do you know - are you a conspiracy theorist, are you a Lovecraft buff? etc.
Equipment: Note anything worth mentioning on your character. What weapons you have, what armor, B&E equipment? chemicals? drugs? etc
Contacts: In the shadows, its often more about who you know than what you know.
Other: Anything else that makes an impact on your character? Character hooks you would like me to try and work in. etc.


If you have any questions, I encourage you to PM me or leave a post below and I will do my best to answer it.

If you need help making a character concept work, please feel free to ask - I'm always open to try to help someone make a great character.

Shadowrun Wikia

Common Character Archetypes:

For those who are looking for inspiration for characters, I have included the Archetype Characters below as examples. All ideas can be mixed and matched or ignored completely. These are in no way required reading, but I encourage you to look at them if any catch your attention.
EDIT: Removed to make room for characters. the descriptions are available upon request.

Character List (in progress):

Character List (in progress, continued)

Shadowrun? On here, time to get out one of my favorite characters...

I've heard of Shadowrun, but never actually attempted a game. Here's what I have so far, though I will probably totally rewrite it. :3


Not trying to burst you bubble or anything, but Insect Shamans are normally at the very least, unwanted, at worst, KOS, by most people. At least in my experience. Just trying to warn you if the idea is shot down. Except for like one or two aspects, if I remember right.

I'm interested. Expect a sheet at some point tomorrow evening.


Well, I'm glad to see someone knows the setting. ^_^ I hope you won't mind that I took a few liberties with the setting above - trying to simplify it for people who haven't spent far too much time with their head buried in a rule book like me.

For the "8 powers" thing - I was trying to give players who are unfamiliar with the setting a sense of what is normal for each set of magic since the power of magic varies so much from RP to RP on this forum - it's only loosely affiliated with the SR4 rules mechanics (e.g. at magic level 4 to 5, most people can get between 6 and 10 powers depending on their build, so average median to 8). If you had additional powers, you can add them.

Now: on to Wulf

So... is your brother named Romulus? Were you raised by wolves? Did you start a city that became a republic and then an empire? (sorry, just enjoying the name)

I have no trouble with Night Ones - I'm not particularly familiar with all the meta-variants, Night Ones included, but since I'm not using any of the rules mechanics, It won't make too much of a difference.

I have a tendency to use contacts throughout the game (especially the early parts), so if you have any specific NPC's you would like to see (say a fleshed out version of an Ancient you know or the Renraku Capt), maybe add that in. If not, I will just make up contacts as I see fit.

Finally, if someone wanted to offer Wulf a "job", how would they contact him?

Otherwise: Approval Granted!


First off - I like this character. The "creepy little girl" trope has been one of my favorites since I first watched "The Ring" so I want to see this character work. Outlined below are the handful of concerns.

Redryhno is correct about insect spirits. In my attempts to simplify the setting, I failed to mention that the world (or at least parts of it) was invaded by toxic bug spirits. While I won't ban the concept - I've seen some phenomenal insect conjurers in the past - you suffer the disadvantage that if anyone finds out about your insect affinity, they will likely be less than kind to you.

To make the concept work, you may want make the insect powers more secretive. Consider having most of the insect summons be tiny individuals or swarms, that way few people will notice them, then save the mantises for only the most dire or straits. Maybe your character has made a pact with a friendlier off-shoot of the bug spirits - you know they are not the villainous bugs everyone hates, but others don't know. Or, alternatively, maybe you made a pact with the toxic bug spirits for other reasons - even knowing how dangerous they are.

Also, strictly speaking, using the astral plane for travel doesn't work (you need to have a physical body to inhabit and you leave your body behind in a comatose state when you go into astral form) but I have never been much of a fan of that particular aspect of the world, so I ditched it in favor or a house rule (I'm just letting you to know should you ever try another Shadowrun game.) For the purpose of this game, I'm going to use the same house rule I use when I run a tabletop, just minus the rules mechanics: while in transit, your old body still exists and is linked to you - meaning if you are shot, it hurts and can even kill you. Also, the act of re-materialization is exhausting. Distance is not a factor, but it's a very draining spell.

Next, I'm not clear on why she's a shadowrunner - is it to get money for her shaman brethren? And what happened to the shadowrun team she was with before? Why is she in Seattle (where the game takes place)? Also, she can pick up languages easily so I'd like to know what languages she can speak (mostly because I'm curious)

Finally, like I said to Redryhno, if you have any specific details you want worked into your contact, either flesh-it-out or let me know. Similarly, if someone wanted to offer her a shadowrun, how would she be contacted?

Bottom-line: you know the disadvantages of insect spirits, but if you still want to do it then that's fine - just let me know how you address the insect-spirit hate and the other half dozen questions above.

Hei, ive gotta say I like you already. You go into far more detail than most of the gm's ive played with, so it makes it easier to figure out my char via eavesdropping ;)


Yes, his brother's name is Romulus, no, they didn't start up a republic, no, he hasn't tried to kill Remus...yet.

I put contacts up there,to answer your Ancients question, he has a brother that contacts him, it's put in more detail on the sheet now. I just put up a few of my favorite contacts he has, feel free to use them as you see fit and make up names and personalities for whoever you want. If I can only keep a certain number, all I really want are the two Ancients and Fireman Tim, the rest are not as important, I know I put up alot of contacts.

Don't ask me if it's ok to take liberties with the setting, you be the gm, you hold our balls in the palm of your hand. You say we get attacked by a horde of Roach Spirits, we run as fast as we can and hope we can possibly hurt them.Damn Brotherhood run

Edit: so, is Moonlighter just an example sheet, or are you planning on bringing her in?


Wasn't really asking permission, more like informing you; but I see your point.

Thanks for the contacts - at least one of them will come in handy. I still need to know how Wulf finds his runs (or more accurately, how specific clientele might find Wulf)

As for Moonlighter - I haven't really decided. I made her just as an example, but I can't help but like the character (if nothing else, she is going to be filed away for future use). My normal rule is not to have a character AND be a GM (as I have been in too many games where GM-PC's unbalance the game), but that doesn't seem to be as much of a problem in these pure RP threads as long as you know how to stop yourself from being too OP. I'm figure I'm going to wait and see what Malyc brings to the table (and anyone else brings if they are hovering around unheard) and make my decision then if I feel the party needs some thieving/tech-support. Why do you ask?

Edit: Nevermind - not playing her. We have enough players.

Lastly, unless you annoy the insect shaman, I don't think a swarm of roach spirits will be on the menu (which was a poor choice of phrasing but whatever)

Well, kinda like it says in his background, he's done almost everything there is to do. Drive-by killings, protection payments, chip and drug running, pretty much everything but political assassination of a dragon and various other federal crimes.(*laugh*laugh*)

Specifically what clientele, I suppose they'd hire him for extra muscle and his specialized skill set. Maybe as a stalker of sorts, since he's somewhat known for his connections and previous *cough*employment record*cough*. Night Ones aren't exactly a common occurrence so there's also the rumors that come with them.

This sounds quite good. I'll probably write up a character sheet later this week, after I read up on/play Shadowrun.

Colour me interested, only issue is that I have no knowledge of RPGs beyond a VERY basic understanding of D&D. I would love to be a part if you're willing to have an complete novice.

Here is the beginnings of my character sheet, I will finish it tomorrow once I dont have a English exam to study for.

I have only a passing knowledge of the game world via hearing about the kickstarter. Just researching/reading now.
Consider my interest piqued.

Interested...played the Sega Genesis game, and am kinda interested in RPing at some point...I'll roll up a potential character when I have the time later. That okay?

Ignore this. I'm up there ^

Alright, here's my guy. I'm quite familiar with Shadowrun and I love it, I was all over that kickstarter.

Ooh, I want in. I fucking miss Shadowrun.

I'll throw together a quick character and let me know if all sounds okay :D

So yeah, I hope that's all good. Most of it is based on vague recollections of the world and a quick flip through the core book, so give me a shout if any of it needs changing.
Hope you like!

I don't have allot of experience with RP, and no experience with Shadowrun but I am very interested. I am going to try to find out more about the world before making a character sheet ill probably have one in about 1 day. Is that okay?

I found a good site that lists weapons in the universe, might help some people (it helped me).

So what do you think?
If it doesn't work don't expect this to be the last sheet I produce, even if she doesn't get I'm making sure someone does.

So what do you think?

I think that poor girl needs a hug.
But that would only make things worse...
Now I'm sad.

@avouleance: I second that notion... she may also need a puppy or kitten...

Sheet coming soon, I am taking the Occult Investigator so yeah, later tonight it will be up.

To All: I'm glad to see all the interest. If any of you have any questions - post them and I will do my best to answer them. Similarly, if you need any help - ask away.

(seriously though: I sit down, watch Lord of the Rings, and come back to a billion posts)


I guess I'm not being very clear... What I meant to say was: how would a specific client who is looking for Wulf find him? Is Wulf known to hang out in a specific bar? Does he have a go between to set up meets? Does he have an email account (or the matrix 2.0 equivalent) he uses to get jobs. The reason I ask is i'm working on your part of the opening post so I want

Also, we can't all assassinate a magical dragon who is also the president of a fictional nation. (that sentience got me on an FBI watch list or two). On which note: I love Dunkelzahn's will - he's such a jackass.


I'm always willing to have a complete novice! I love indoctrinating introducing new people to the fun of RPG's. Just to be clear however, this is an RP, so there will be no game mechanics involved. If you need any help, let me know.

As to your character - it's a good start. I do have two questions to ask however. 1) Is that a reference to the the Princess Bride I see because if so, it gave me a happy. 2) Is he going to have a Scottish Terrier named Willy? (If anyone gets that reference, they are a nerd like me)


Nice; I like it. If you want to flesh out any contacts, please do. If you have a way in which you want your character contacted in the first post, please let me know so I can use it.

Only thing I can say is your pretty old for an Ork

Otherwise: Approval Granted!


Interesting character. I have a couple of questions - 1) What kind of magic does he use? Adept? Sorcerer? Conjurer? Some combination there of? Just give me an idea of what to expect in terms of magic. 2) As with everyone, how do people looking to hire you, find you. I saw mention of a fixer - is that your preferred method?

Otherwise: Approval Granted! (I don't know why I like saying it that way ^_^)


OOOOH! Good find Sir/Madam!


your ability to make highly appropriate characters is remarkable... and I agree with 3quency - she needs a hug.

I have only two problems with the character. The big one is with "Mr. Suit". You mention he is "half inter-dimensional horror half A.I." The thing about shadowrun is that Magic and Technology are always at odds - just as a dragon can never be a technomancer, an A.I. can never be a Mage.

A solution would be to have "Mr. Suit" be an analysis A.I. or another project related to combining technology and magic (just because it's impossible doesn't mean the corps don't try) - He just can't be a magical.

The second is that I'm not sure if this character is OP. Can I have a list of what she can do with her magic aside from "powers of a phoenix" - can you please elaborate on what she can do with her powers. Does she throw fireballs? How big are her "explosions" because that could be... problematic.

Other then that... Unless you have any contacts you want to flesh out, I have no further comments.

Okay, let's try my hand a creating a forum RP character...

Let me know if this is acceptable. Looking forward to playing!


I feel stupid, I thought you were asking who would try to get into contact with him, not how. A fixer of course. He's out on the streets alot though, so he'll hear quite a bit if there is any open offers at a specific time.

As for a place he frequents, I suppose Ancient's turf and Satyr's Desire, the strip/bar/joint he goes to to meet with his brother once a week. Well, maybe browsing the un-decked matrix, he'd find a job. Maybe have it open with his weekly meeting maybe, and he overhears about a job coming up? Just trying to make your job easier, I suppose,

Back to House and GoT, away...


Done! no revisions or suggestions - I already know how to work you in Character Approved!


I already mentioned my suggestions to you and they have been made. See you in the shadows. Character Approved!


Like drmigit2, I mentioned the changes and they have been made. I await the confusion when you and Wulf meet. Character Approved!

On that note: We are getting pretty damned full.

With the exception of those who expressed an interest in the game (whether personally or privately) and either have not submitted a character (JokerboyJordan, Floris2123, TrilbyWill, Evrant, & Mortis Nuncius) or have a provisional character (Asclepion, Gabanuka, & avouleance2nd), I am closing character submission

I am going to give it until the end of the week (Saturday Night/Sunday Morning E.S.T.) for those mentioned above before I start the game. Try to give me a character idea before then so I can write something up for them or I will have a sad. In the mean time, I'm going to start tailoring my first post for the characters I have now. I do this so I can have time to finish my exams and write the tailor the game as needed (Sorcerers and Conjurers and Adepts; Oh My!)

If anyone needs to make changes/new ideas/questions/plot elements from your characters you want me to work in, leave me a private message or post here and I'll look into it.

Edit: First I will sleep for a number of hours, then start tailoring...



Awesome, glad you like.

In terms of magic, he's more or less a sorcerer, but generally just learns what spells he can find and tries his best at using them. In terms of mechanics he's just your run-of-the-mill sorcerer. Whilst he arguably could conjure, he's weirded out be spirits and doesn't trust himself not to screw up.

I think in terms of getting work he makes use of a network of fixers. None of them are what you'd call contacts as they only occasionally send him a job, and even then most are a little suspicious.

Here's where my knowledge of the setting breaks down. I don't know what specifically the character would do or align with, only that I had an idea that I liked and wanted intact. I imagine she would be an outsider wherever she travels, and thus attempts to surround herself with comrades for the protection they afford. Also, she would lean more towards follower than leader, and likely would obey the elder shamans if they told her to work with the rest of the party. The value to herself would be a chance to help others, go into actual scenarios and gather experience and self-discovery.

First off - I like this character. The "creepy little girl" trope has been one of my favorites since I first watched "The Ring" so I want to see this character work. Outlined below are the handful of concerns.

Aww, that wasn't what I was trying to portray. How about "Eccentric girl in her mid-teens." Also about twice as smart as a normal person. Also, bugs.

Languages would be whatever is used in the area, as long it isn't too obscure. Maybe a programming language or two.

The biggest issue I see is her demeanor. She's peaceful. She wants to make friends. She manages to be a pacifist in a cyberpunk dystopia. While guards may prove to be an obstacle on their mission, they are also people who may not be menacing by nature, merely employees or servants. They may have families, or others who care about them. What to do, then?

The conflict is obvious when she's pared with people who will kill without hesitation when their contract demands. There are potential character moments here, and complications to a mission if she is needed but makes the party swear not to kill anyone.


May I ask what kind of spells your sorcerer uses? - fire themed combat magic? Alchemist/manipulation? Illusions? etc? - Just want to know what challenges to throw and not throw at the party.

And fixers work great - thanks for the intel!


Okay... so I'm a little confused. Are you keeping the insect powers/character the same or are you making some changes? - let me know

The peaceful demeanor will be problematic (being a shadowrun game) but not impossible - you just won't like it when someone asks you to do a wet-work job.

I still want to know how you got from Chicago to Seattle and what happened to your original group of runners.


Well Mr Suit doesn't actually have any magical power anymore part of the point of the character is he has literally no power which is why he needs Rose. He's been trapped in the program causing him to lose any magical connection which is why he needs to get back the power.

As for exact phoenix powers I'll expand them now
Basically the phoenix is an energy being natural ones are more than able to generate their own but Rose can't she's reliant on taking in energy from the outside world and then using it. For example if she was struck by lightning she'd then be able to use lightning for her own power.

Depending on the type of energy she gets different powers, all energy types can be used for regeneration but the more sever the injuries the more energy required and does cause danger for those nearby.

Thermal energy is pretty common and the best for regeneration but it's fairly general, she's barely able to focus it past a foot of so in terms of range. Thermal energy is much more likely to be used for area effects, for example it allows her to generate a heat shield in about a foot or so bubble around her.

Electrical energy isn't so good for healing but is easier to object. Electrical energy can be fired up to a few meters.

She uses other types of energy much less frequently magnetic or kinetic energy can be used for small amounts of levitation or slowing a fall.
As for the exploding it's a fairly small area but it's very intense, it's basically used as a full reset it can take a few days to fully regenerate after the meltdown. It's lifesaving but not pleasant and Rose would never choose to do it unless she really had to.

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