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"I say we kill him and add his skull yo our collection."

"Yeah, fuck it" I begin stabbing Eric.

I pull Eric's body from the knife of Zombie and begin to curbstomp it, finally removing his skull and adding it to my bumper, carving a quick 'Eric' above it.

"Now then, where were we? Oh yes, lunch and the G-Man."

I eat the rest of my meal and say "Well that was delicious. Anyway G-man must have answers. When we find him, we question the fuck out of him".

"Well, what if we try and find the rooftop? Or maybe a security room? One way ro another, he's in the mall somewhere.

"What if he's watching this from a remote location though? He could be watching this from the next continent! Plus, we all somehow arrived in the same mall, yet we're all from different places. Something is definitively wrong about this all."

"You're lucky I was too busy eating to reprimand you for killing him. That just means he'll be back pulling this shit again, next time we leave him alive." I stab the corpse with Pimpbastard and it turn it to full blast, charring the body to ash.

"The only way then is through some sort of magical intervention. Anyone know where we can finda genie?"

"Well we needed skulls for the collection. Zeph's is getting pretty lonely. Anyway, we'll be ready for him next time."

"It wouldn't surprise me if a genie was in here somewhere, but G- Man's not gonna be found in here unless he wants us to, we need to get out."

"Then we drive the Van until we hit a wall and the mall doesn't go any further. Then we ram the wall till it breaks."

"Well all the exits disappeared, didn't they? We all came in, but we couldn't leave. We need to beat G-Man at this game of his. Plus isn't there that janitor who keeps repairing things?"

"I like this plan already, but we should reinforce the front of the van, and have some explosives to weaken it."

"I don't think we're gonna get those anytime soon. Not sure why, but it's kind of like how we're only allowed certain weapons."

"Oh, I know a few cheap and easy explosives." I head over to the old timey camera shop and grab more filament plates and pile them into the van. "Trust me, these explode when you spark them." As for reinforcements, we can weld them along the way. Besides, the Janitor isn't going to matter at this point."

"I think he'll give us them in time, we should probably avoid the janitor too, looks like he's exempt from the weapon restrictions."

"Alright then, we can try. I still think it won't work but oh well."

"I saw this shit in a batman comic, it works, believe me."

Without further ado, we pile in and drive, drive away.

"and when Knife wakes up he might to be able to get us to his, or maybe even G-Man himself."

I hop onto the computer, and start playing the Sims to pass the time.

OOC: I'm not exactly sure how this is going to work unless G-Man posts something.

[OOC: Let's just say we're driving aimlessly. Or we could pretend the van has a malfunction and we need to repair it.]

((Or Eric attacks us again, we'll just have to wait for everyone else to get online, and Salt, use your grapple to retrieve any drops from the van))

Suddenly, the van starts to crumple and break apart as we all leap out. "Well shit." Then I notice the parts form a small 'G'. Not to be beat, I get to work retrieving the parts, asking the fellow G-Team members to help get additional parts, namely some armoring to weld on.

I find the DIY store we passed earlier and retrieve all the metal available. I then find a suit of knights armor. I give the metal to Salt.

I construct an electromagnet from parts in a DIY store and run around shops attracting metal, which I periodically dump at Salt's feet.

I respawn and punch the next person to post in the nose.

"This is silly." (Me)

I cut off Eric's legs, the searing heat of Pimpbastard instantly cauterising the wound. Seconds later he turns to ash.

I raise my finger to flip off a cut-out of JB, electrifying it for good measure, before Eric tries to punch me, hits the fist and is fried to ash.

I respawn and pick the van up, tossing it off a nearby cliff.

I cut off Eric's arms and legs and gaffer tape him to floor. Once again Pimpbastard cauterises his wounds.

"Now Eric." I lean casually on Pimpbastard's hilt. "Just what the fuck do you want with us? And why were you trying to lift out van with your feeble arms?"

[OOC: Looks like someone is getting angry. You can't spawn right next to us Eric. It's kind of sort of against the rules.]

I take out the canister of liquid nitrogen and pick it up, ready to freeze Eric if he comes. Don't worry it'll freeze him, but it won't kill him.

((It's cool Salt, he's still alive on the floor, just 'armless. Geddit? Please don't hurt me.))

"I forgot about that. Then we can chain him to the top of the van or something."

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