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X walks back to Knife's safehouse with the footage of THE RETURN OF ERIC!!!

I walk over to Miniman.

"So, uh, Miniman, is it? Would you do me a favor and take me to your mansion? I would love a good shower."

"Mansion burned down. Thanks to an asshole named Knife. Don't worry, he has to come back to the mall sometime. Sometime soon..."

X begins to pack up all of her gear in case she has to make a run for it, and lock's the safehouse up.

"I'll assassinate him for you."

"You're like...almost my new best friend just for saying that. Instead, I'll cut you 8% of our drug dealing profits next time payday rolls around.

"Sure. Though the last person who undercut me got radioactive ink penned into their skin, and was tricked into brutally killing their girlfriend."

I look at Sal, smiling gingerly.

"Just saying. So, drug dealing? All legal, I assume?"

X begins to mumble "I thought I killed him... fucking deadites"

"My friend, you know what we do here. I am the biggest mob boss on this hellhole. Granted, I'm not sure what drugs are legal and what aren't but let's just assume they're illegal. But believe me, a Lannister pays their debts in gold. Wait shit wrong media."

"I really fucking liked that mansion. Damn." I pick up a bucket and slam it over a civilians head. I then roll them into the road, and they're hit by a bus. I then pick up one of the disembodied arms, and beat another passerby to death with it. I then notice X nearby.
"Come here you little prick." I say as I release my arm blades.

"It'd be easier to really, officially take over Gashog 2. Just raise an army and push out the real ruler. Make crime legal and you can peddle your wares on TV and billboards, from the softest of drugs to hired murder. Hired murder being especially useful to me."

"I like the way you think kid. That goes far with a guy like me in a position of power like this. Boys, we're taking over Gashog 2. All of it."

OOC: X is in a safehouse... you can't see her

"Can I be you're second in command? I know a thing or two about this sort of thing."

OOC: damn forum doubleposted me...

I walk over to the group, notice Eric and do an acrobatic fucking pirouette off the handle and would win a medal if this were the Olympics or some shit.
Then I punch him in the head for no good reason.

X begins to plot an undetected way into the mall

I get up and rub my head.

"I'll pay you back for that, when you least expect it."

I stab Trilby in the balls.

"Right now."

[OOC: Please, I've lost my mind! I mean, I saw you walk in.]
I kick down the door. "Come out, asshole!" I slice through a door, and find X drawing something. "Knock...Knock..." I charge at her, blades drawn.

"See, thing is, everyone's equal in the Midnight Crew. Not the people who aren't in it but that's besides the point. And no offense to you, but your counterpart left a bad taste in my mouth. Still, I can appoint you Overseer of Hired Assassinations. Or something."

X grabs her gear and sprints out a window pulling parkour moves along rooftops away from the safehouse towards knifes base...

"No, sounds fine to me. I like everyone being equal. Very nice. What is our first objective?"

"Bollocks... my one weakness... how did you know?" I groan as I collapse.

I leap up onto the roof after X, not bothering with pointless fancy flips. As such, I catch up to her, and stab her in the back of the knee.

"Some douche named...Erik Lensherr. Apparently he's the prime minister or something. From there we take down the governors and we're home free."

X falls down and chops off zombie's legs with her Vibrosword while falling.

I leap over the attack, and step on X's hand. The sword clatters of the top of the building. I then grab her by her neck and lift her up.
"I'm pissed off. You're going to be my stress ball."

"Isn't that Magneto?"

X pulls a knife out of her jacket and stabs Zombie in the torso

The knife is fairly blunt, and X is having a hard time breathing. The knife cuts me, but doesn't dig in much. I drop her, and re-release my arm blades.
"You really don't want to try this." I kick her, and steal her jacket, to make sure there isn't anything else. There wasn't. I throw it away.

X leaps off the building and lands through a window

[OOC: I stabbed you through the back of the fucking knee. That wouldn't allow leaping I imagine.]
I grab her before she jumps, and throw her through the window instead. I follow and stomp on her ankle, breaking it.

OOC: forgot about that...

She whips out another knife and pulls herself down some stairs

OOC: ...but adrenaline does allow some amazing things

I follow her as she tries to crawl down the stairs, but just ends up rolling down.
"Good attempt. You almost made it half way!" I stomp on the knee I stabbed. Now they're both broken. I scratch my sword along her arm, cutting it.

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