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"Okay...okay. We're in the East Quarter, Resistance Territory. Tell them me and Sister sent for you."

"Alright. I hope you don't mind being driven round in a beaten up piece of shit." I drive my beaten up piece of shit to resistance territory and pick up Salt. "I've got something of yours." I hand him the sword Zombie threw into the lake.

"Alright sweet. Just step inside. We've got alot to discuss."

"I'm allowed to smoke in here right? It seems to be the one thing Belano could keep himself supplied with."

"Sure. Now then, I need you to look into this."

"He doesn't need to do that. Gideon's at home."

"That's my job done then." I lie down on the floor and smoke.

"Just to make sure, this kid WAS me and Aradia's, right?"

Sister facepalms.


"Yeah, well SORRY. I didn't know two different species could have a child that easily. Now, start over, where does this kid come in?"

"You need a lift to your place Salt?"

"Two parents in a spiteful relationship, both seeking custody over a child as well as control over Troll Enterprises. You both wanted each other dead. You happened to nail her first."

"Right. And this new CEO...what about this so-called marriage between me and it's CEO?"

"Totally superficial. Troll Enterprises has ties to the Resistance Party. This relationship was supposed to look like an act of good will."

"Needless to say, the people are pissed the two of you sold out."

"...I'm not a good father, I presume."

"You kept him alive so far. That ain't bad."

" was he even conceived? We're two different species."

"Weird genetic shenanigans? I dunno. I'm not a biologist."

"So is he a troll? Human? Some horrible mixture?"

"Well we could go and find out."

"Looks Troll, but there's probably some human blood in him. He's just a grub though."

"Huh. Red blood, I presume. So what is our standing? Me and you, I mean."

As me and my group walk towards my discreet location, we find an abandoned building, with crying coming from it. We walk inside, and find a pretty weird thing. It's a grey grub/baby thing, with one horn, curving upwards. Its tears of blood red. I pick it up, in it's blanket, out of the box, and carry it with us, to the discreet location. Confused, I name it Tom.

I stand up and stub out my cigarette. "I think we got a problem on that front salt."

I notice Zombie and the Grubs icons overlappng and spew smoothie everywhere.
"Salt, Zombie's got your kid. Why the balls did you leave him in that warehouse?"

We arrive at the discreet location, where no GPS, Tracker, map, or anything else can find me. I set the infant on the sofa, leaving Nepeta to play Peek-A-Boo with it. I let Vriska watch some films, and make a call.
"...Uh hello, can I please speak to a...Sollux Captor?"
"hello, 2ollux Captor here, how can ii help a22hole?"
"Hey dude, Zombie here. I'm enlisting you."
"you are? what if ii don't want two?"
"Well, Aradia married Salt, and he enlisted Sister to kill her. There's your reason."
"...fine. i will be there 2oon." Eventually, I welcome him into my humble abode. 3 out of the 12-wait no. 3 out of the 11 enlisted.

OOC: Guys I got an idea. could everyone find pictures of what you look like in the Mall? because at the moment im just imagining Pipboy dude, a dinosaur, Legion and a Big Sister whenever any of you do anything.

((Why would you want it any other way?))

OOC:...good point

"Salt, get in the car. You too Sister. I'm gonna have to go back to my apartment unless one of you has a spare gun lying around. I might have to live up to my title."

I call someone else.
"...Hello, can I speak to a Kanaya Maryam?"
"This Is Kanaya Speaking, May I Ask Who Is Speaking?"
"Uh, yes. This is Zombie. I am hoping to recruit you?"
"I Don't See Why Not. May I Ask What You're Recruiting For?"
"I shall explain when and if you agree to join. Shall you?"
"...Okay Then. I Shall Arrive Shortly."
Great. 4 down, 7 to go.


I rush out the door and collect my things as I pile into Paddy's car.

"I'm coming, Gideon."

I check my watch. 9:30, and she's still not here.
I ring Zombie.
"Zombie, you seen Kanaya anywhere? She was meant to be here about three hours ago"

I light a cigarette while steering with my elbows. My head is pressed against my shoulder, holding my phone in place. "Auxilio! Auxilio? Fuck, we're going in blind guys." I let my phone drop to the floor and reach into the glove compartment, pulling out a cigar box. I shove the lockpicks into my mouth, garbling "Just like old times." while pressing them into place with my tongue. I check the revolver is loaded before stuffing it into my jacket and putting boxes of bullets into my pockets. I push the butterfly knife under my watch strap and throw the box onto the floor. "You got five minutes to prepare."

My transporter malfunctions and I'm suddenly displaced from the restaurant into the front seat of Paddys car, along with my computer.
"Oh sup guys"

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