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"Oh. Sorry 'bout that. But there's not really anywhere else for me to go seeing as Knife and Woon are in the back now."

"The police station. Which is where you were going anyway..."

"No. I was already at the police station, Salt went there and picked me up. Then we met up with you guys. God."

"Didn't Salt go there to find out what the hell happened at the auction? And then before he could do that, we met you guys... and... I don't even know any more."

I respawn next to Trilby.
"Well that was an enlightening experience."


"GAH..ello there Sigma." I say, slightly startled by his respawning ontop of me.

"Uh Padster, you do know there's acually still a bit of space back here, right?" Knife says.

I take another bite of the Schnitzel. "Nah I'm good thanks."

You have been driving for twenty minutes now. Your destination is only ten minutes away.

You look in your rear-view mirror. Only now do you realize there are no other cars on the road.

Terra careens down an on-ramp and rides alongside the Challenger.

"Well this is all very exciting."

I set fire to the Challenger.

Knife takes out a fire extinguisher and extinguishes the fire. Then he hit's Sigma over the head. "Bad Siggy, no fires."


I am hit by a swerving car and end up respawning in the already crowded vehicle among everyone else.

"Well, fuck."

"There are too many people in here! Paddy, go hang out in the tank. You too, Sigma."

"I hate tanks!"

You quit screwing around and keep your eyes on the road.

Now you know why the streets are empty. There is a barricade up ahead. Several bulldozers and armored vehicles block the road, with military types armed to the teeth with rifles. They don't look like cops.

You are speeding too fast to stop in time. You're going to hit them head on.


>.50 HEAT
>For Vehicle...
>T-270 unit 44316
>Targeting systems engaged.

You hear the tertiary guns rack. Bursts of fire tear through an Unimog and the gunner up top.


You floor it, and Terra effortlessly barrels through the blockade. The Challenger is not far behind.



I light a Molotov and toss it out the window as we pass through the blockade.
"This is not going to end well for us."

i put a cigar in my mouth then i lit it "yeah but we'll go down fighting and then we'll get up again and again" i says as i pull out an Tommy Gun and i lock and load

"Yeah, but we don't want to go down at all! Unless it's in the sex way, I guess. But this isn't."
I turn back to the road, then remember Paddy is still blocking my view of the road.
"Oh for fuck's sake."
I open my door and lean out of the car, keeping one hand on the wheel and holding the top of the door with the other.

I clamber up onto the roof of the challenger and start playing a rousing battle-song on my ukulele.

I continue flooring it.
"Sister, can you see if there's any spare ammo in this tank? That we could, perhaps load into the weaponry?"

i stick my head out in the window with a trumpet and i shout "CHARGE!" before putting the trumpet to my mouth

Knife leans out of the window and starts blasting away with his MTs while playing Highway to Hell.

Meanwhile, I lower myself in my seat to avoid getting shot.

I start dropping bricks of C4 onto the road every few seconds, leaving a long trail of explosives behind the Challenger.
"You should probably put your seatbelts on right about now." I say as I root around in my pocket for the detonator.

i strap myself in, i then pull knife back in

I continue playing my ukulele at 5,000 db on top of the Challenger.

I pull out the detonator, toss a final brick of C4 out of the car, and press the switch, detonating the explosives and making the road behind us unusable.

I fire off some revolver shots at the military vehicles. "I'm gonna need you to get me in closer Tril!"

I fire off twice with my revolver.

"Vehicles are surprisingly much less fun to shoot."

"I know a song that'll get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves, I know a song that'll get on your nerves and this is how it goes..."

"Don't think about shooting vehicles. Think about all the people inside them, thinking they're safe." I lean backwards, keeping one foot on the pedals, and load a 40mm phosphorus grenade into my Gauss rifle.
"Oh how wrong they are..."
Grinning gleefully, I raise the rifle, aim at the nearest vehicle and fire right through the windscreen, filling the vehicle with shrapnel and fire.

"...ow a song that'll get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves, I know a song that'll get on your nerves and this is how it goes..."

I pull a hole in the roof above me and stand up, shouting back into the car. "Get me closer you prick!"

"Paddy, just kill yourself and respawn wherever you want to go."

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