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"Wanna see his world burn?"

I shake my head from behind the helmet.

"Look buddy, you're not the first to try and-" Suddenly Saltarius was dead and before I could register it, I found myself respawning in laundry mat.


What the hell was that all about? I look around, noticing a lot of loose change lying around and a few broken washing machine parts. I quickly assemble an automatic weapon that fires coins and makeshift saw.

"That'll have to do." I quickly run out and try to meet up with the Saltarius, currently speaking to someone else.

"As I was saying before we were so rudely interrupted; buddy, you're not the first to try and beat the system. You're just gonna find yourself respawning a lot. The mall is infinite and ever growing. Though, I'll admit I want to see how you plan on ending this game."

Doctor Com drives on the segway to Sal.
"You know, I don't think this is G-man's mall. G-mans mall is three thousands universes down the road."

"G-Man? What? I just went to sleep and got my sword stolen. I have no idea what is going on." (Me)

Double post.

Doctor Com drives up, and gives his opinion on this G-man.

"Of course it's not. No body owns the mall, they can only govern it...well, until somebody decides to push their shit in."

"See, no idea what that is." (Me)

Doctor Com sighed, "Lets just agree that, at the current moment, nobody governs the mall."

"Still, he can't do anything if we don't fight. I say we form a badass rock band and sing heavy metal denouncing him."


"What the fuck is a Mall!? I mean, this Mall!? No one governs it, it's a Mall! EXPLAIN!" (Me)

Doctor Com sighed, "I'm not, because G-man does not run the mall."
He looks at Eric, "Where we are now."

"The mall is how he gets you. He trapped us all and he wants us to kill each other over and over. But he can't make us play his game."

I rush to the music store in back, bass in hand.

"Who's ready to rock and roll?"

I slap Com.

"Whatever! I'm on whoever's side can get me Raven Razor back." (Me)

"Hey, Salty, you know what my favorite kind of music is?"

I shoot him with the coin gun before slicing out his intestines with my makeshift saw.

"The sound of metal slicing through skin and bone."

I wave my hand, reversing Naut's gravity, sending him slamming into the roof.

Doctor Com gets on his segway. He goes to a cleaning store, and grab a mop. He comes along, and begins to mop all the blood, and he slowly dragged the body away.

I respawn in the water fountain, before smiling at how clever that Naut was. I then made a mental note to kill him slowly and painfully. I made my way into a security office, presuming I'd get a better look at the mall through the security cameras, only finding the TV's smashed and a small note on the keyboard.

"Tsk, Tsk.


I tore out the wires of the broken TV's and made makeshift gloves out of some scrap metal. I found a discardded taser, and found my new weapon.

Say hello to Uncle Salty's Electro-Gloves.

I lie (or hang) in the wall, looking down.

"Gravity ability, but unfair as fuck!" I yell before dislodging myself.

I stare at Draven for a few seconds and run in the opposite direction.

"You're too OP for me to handle right now!"

"Oh, please." (Me)

I float up to the rafters.

I rush towards Draven, smashing him with my right fist, frying his body and sending his body flying into the roof, embedding itself in the ceiling. I temporarily the taser off and stared dead on at Naut. "Nice coin gun you made. Too bad all that metal makes a pretty good conductor." I grabbed the barrel of his gun before he could react and turned on the taser, electrifying him. I strip his body of his snazzy suit, and decide toleave him naked in the middle of the ponderously large mall.

I make gravity rush me down to the ground, where I slam my fist into Sal's head, blowing it apart in an explosion of gore.

"I am sick and fucking tired of you jokers. Either I find Raven Razor, or I start fucking people up!" (Me)

I once more make my way back to my corpse and re-apply my gauntlets, staring down the floating Draven.

"I'll call a temporary alliance with you. Once we find this 'Raven' thing, it's off. Deal?"

I leave the taser on as starts to extend his hand, reaching out to grab his before he fully extends it, finally killing him with god knows how many volts flowing through him.

I find the nearest power outlet and jam my gauntlets in, overloading the network and plunging the nearby area into darkness.

Doctor Com walks into a closet, and goes to sleep.

I respawn and punch Sal's head into the wall.

"Damn good eyesight you have in this darkness. Let me give you a light!"

I turn the gauntlets on and shock Draven and slam his body into wall repeatedly, intentionally leaving him alive but crippled. Once I'm sure his appendages are broken I rush into the darkness and deactivate my gauntlets to better hide myself in the pitch-blackness.

I use my gravity powers to throw myself around randomly looking for Sal. After about a minute, I hit him and knock Sal through the wall.

"You know I could care less if you fight or not. I just thought it would give you something to do as we hurtle toward certain peril. By the way, we just broke 200."

A small metal box drops down from the ceiling.

"Just like before. First man gets it."

I spark the gauntlets to light the surrounding area, not caring that I've expsoed myself to Draven, I rush to the box and break it with my electrified fists.

I reverse Sal's gravity and grab the reward.

I drop down and crush Draven's face with a electrifying clap of my two hands and grab my prize from his corpse, and un-spark my gloves, plunging the area once more to darkness.

"Sorry Eric. Salt grabbed it first."

I respawn where I was and, since Sal didn't move, punch him to death.


What's in the pretty old box anyway?

OOC: If I get killed, is it up for grabs to anyone else?

Salt opens the box.


"It's yours forever. The only problem is finding ammo for it."

Also inside the box are three .44 Colt rounds. You find it wise not to waste them all of them in one day.

-- Legendary Weapons --




Everyone Else: LOCKED

I climb from the Rancor pit, sticky with blood. "Hey Eric!" I call out, hoping he'll hear, "You'll have to try harder than that!"

I walk over to Knife and kick him back in. He falls to his death.

"Noted!" (Me)

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