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(makes sense)

My tulpa launches face first out of a portal which disappears behind him. He is dressed as Father Christmas. "Ho ho ho bitches!" He shouts while throwing candy canes at everyone nearby.


I take a sip of hot chocolate, push my chair away from my desk, look at the others and say;
"Good job guys. It's been a good year so far, and even though Christmas sneaked up on us, I do believe we're prepared for it."
I admire our decorations, and more specifically, the tree. I look at the pile of presents beneath it.
"Alright then, I suppose we should all get to bed, so we can wake up nice and early tomorrow...Who wants to watch a Christmas film?"

"sure why not what we got?" i say looking from my laptop before putting it away and picking a glass of whiskey and taking a sip

"We've got...Elf, Polar Express, The Snowman, Arthur Christmas, A Christmas Carol, and some others upstairs. Yo Paddy, go upstairs and see what else we've got."


I eagerly start ripping into my presents.

Because it's December 25th.

You know, Christmas day.

"a Christmas carol? hasn't that the one that's got Jim carrey starring in it?, if so i say watch that one if not i'll dip into my collection" i say before standing up and walking over to a pile of DVDs

"Yeah sure." I put the film on, and sit down on the sofa.

i make some popcorn then afterwards i sit down in an big old looking arm chair and put the popcorn between me and zombie

"Where in the high holy motherfuck did one of you assholes put all the sugar cookies?"

"Top right cupboard, at the back in tin shaped like a British Post box."

"Why don't we watch the quintessential Christmas film?"
I look around the room.
"Die Hard, guys."

"Nah man, everyone watches Die Hard on Christmas. I got something better."

"Batman Returns, douchebags."

"That's a good one."

"More like the best one. Aside from like...all the Nolan movies in chronological order."

I fall down the stairs, a stack of presents clattering down behind me. "Merry christmas you shits." I fall asleep, my headphones still lodged in my ears playing old Talkradar christmas specials.

"merry Christmas to you too" i say laughing at how paddy falls down the stairs

"No one warned him about those stairs."

"I call the Xbox."
I begin playing Assassins Creed 3.

I become Skeletor from the He-Man Christmas special. "Christmas! What's Christmas?"

I slink into the shadows to play the Wii U away from prying eyes.

I fall through the ceiling.
"Merry christmas everyone :D"
I get out my new Bamboo Tablet and start drawing fanart of the Mall Fight team.

"Wooooooo! Happy Boxing Day everybody!" I yell while flying around on my jetpack.

You know, 'cause I'm in the future and all.

OOC: Sigma that would probably be the most awesome on the thing I've seen.

i sit in my old armchair and play Borderlands 2 on the ps3 "can't wait to find all these Easter eggs in this" i say as i shoot some bad guys

"I may have spent all my money on books." An avalanche of books begins coming through the door, burying the team.

"damnit paddy AAHH!!" i get buried by a small mountain of books

"No where in here is a copy of The Long Halloween."

I push the pile of books on top of me onto the floor.
"Jesus, Paddy. You nearly broke all my crap."

I look out the window at Knife.
"You're a dick, Knife. An actual penis. That's what you are."

I scribble out Knife's head and replace it with an impressionistic penis.

"Don't be mad just because I technically get Christmas before you." I say, still hovering around with my jetpack.

"Hey, Knife. Your extended family's just got here. Your auntie wants a hug."
I throw a dildo at Knife's face.

"Trilby I'm flattered, but you really shouldn't re-gift Salt's presents." I say, throwing the dildo back.

I stuff my face full of chocolate candy.

"Knife, I am twelve fucking paces away from going Vaas on you."

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