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I facepalm.
"God damn it Salt."

"Hey Salt."

"Fuck off man, it's my life.

"You know, I could go on some long overblown spiel how it's bad for you and it's illegal ect, but I know your not going to listen either way." I say, before knocking all the equipment out of Salt's hands and walking away.


"Oh. Hey Ran. So what new developments are underway for the ol' Fight?"

I kick Salt in the groin.



You successfully abscond from Megrel police, leaving RaN to fix your rides in a garage. You sneak up on Fortress Armament, the storage facility where the door is held.

You really hope that cock kicker's info was right.

Now what?

3x edit combo!

"Alright, let's get in there I guess." I say, looking for a stealthy entry point.

I bring up blueprints of the building and look for external air vents.

"Why don't we just walk in the front door, say we'd like to get a storage unit, then just go find the one we're looking for? No need for stealthy bullshit, no need to go in guns blazing."

"That actually my be the best idea you've ever had Trilby."

"...I already know you're going to try something."

I drop the bass.

You successfully drop the bass.

*wub wub wub wub*

I look at the bass, wiggling and flopping around on the floor gasping for breath.
"Paddy, where did you get a fish?"

"That poor creature."

"I went to the nearby market to buy some bread." I eat some of the bread. "Don't know where the fish came from."

I walk out of Paddys bread, cracking my neck.
"Alright guize less do dis"
I put a candy cigarette in my mouth and set it on fire.
"wait, where are we?"

In front of a store room.

The door is in there.

You are out here.

I go in there.

You successfully go in there.

"Hello, Sir. How may I help you today?"

"Yes, I was wondering if I could use a storage unit."

"Of course. Is this your first time visiting us?"

"Yes it is."

"Excellent. We have four economy units available for sixty-nine, ninety-nine a month. All we need is payment and signature."

The clerk's dorky little glasses slip down. He pushes them back up and reaches for a contract, sliding it toward you.

I hand a bundle of money to Trilby to cover costs. "Store that crate out there Tril." I stuff the other fighters and myself into the crate.

I hand over the cash and sign the contract as 'Sage Porter'.
"There you go." I smile.

"Did you put air holes in this crate?"

"One or two."

"Well, that's just crate, isn't it." I say.

"Well this was *gasp* a great fucking idea wasn't it."

I find a convenient way to transport heavy goods to and from storage units, and drag the crate onto it.
"Wait, why are you guys inside the crate?"

"We're going to break out and get the door once closing time comes around, dumbass."

I take another deep gasp of air.

"Drill like twelve more airholes while you're at it."

I hand over the cash and sign the contract as 'Sage Porter'.
"There you go." I smile.

The clerk glances over the signature and files it.

"Alright. Unit 1146 is available. Down the hall on your-"

He glances up. You have already left.

"First time my ass."

I punch a fist-sized hole in the crate.
I continue moving the crate towards the storage unit Sage said the door was in.

You do not seem to recall the storage number. What was it again?

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