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Everyone is eaten by rampaging Pun Bears. They supercombine into the Mother Bear, which eats the Multiverse.

The End

Everything respawns. Again.

"Wow, that really took balls to do."

I pull the pin out of a grenade, then ram it down Knife's throat.

"You should really watch that explo-" The grenade goes off, and I respawn. "-sive temper of yours Trilby."

I set Knife on fire, then start throwing bottles of vodka at his head.

"I always knew I was pretty hot stuff, thanks." I say, catching one of the bottles and taking a swig. I don't get very far, as the contents of the bottle also catch on fire and cause it to explode.

I respawn.

I knock Knife out and start sewing his lips shut.

I fall onto my still burning dead body and burn to death, then respawn. "You know any attempt to stop me now would be a mute point."

I remove my eardrums.

"How come everyone else gets to have fun with puns?"

OoC: can i join at some point?

[OOC: Yeah sure. We're basically walking about with no goal, waiting for Paddy to finish his quest.]
I give the Corn God some chocolate.

((OoC: Hell you could probably join right now, just make puns with the others while:))

I wait for the narrator to return. "Come on you omniscient asshole!"

I make a noose, then hang it from a sturdy... something... and put the noose around Knife's neck.
Then, I draw a sword, chop off Knife's shins and kick them away, causing him to be hanged.

"Eh fine by me." I say with a shrug, "It's not like I was doing anything other than hanging around anyway."

"Fuck you, Knife."

"I would prefer you didn't." I say, respawning, "I'm sure Salt wouldn't mind though, he is an Incubus after all."

"Knife, if I wanted to fuck you, you'd know. Because I'd be hitting on you, instead of just hitting you." I point out.

"True, at the moment you just seem to be a very mad hatter."

I superglue some elf-ears onto Knife's head.
"Look, Knife. Look with your special eyes."

I look around to see... "GASP, MY BRAN!" I point to a pile of bran nearby, currently being eaten by Pun Bears.

"And don't you forget it, Knifey." I say.
Then I throw a knife into Knife's face.

The corn god starts beating Trilby to death with his baseball bat.

"4800 contacts? They can't take my brand"

"This is incredibly stup-" I start to say, before getting my head smashed in.
I respawn next to Sigma.


"Augh, wounded by my own namesake! That really cuts deep Trilby."

I find a gardening shop, get a lawnmower and then re-enact the lawnmower scene from Braindead, with Knife as the zombies.

"Trilby, you seem to have alot of pent up anger, I mean all I'm doing is makung puns and you keep mowing me down every time."

I find a freezer, get a load of ice cubes, then start shoving them into Knife's mouth, nose and ears. Once his head is sufficiently filled with ice, I grab a two-by-four and smack Knife in the face with it.

"You need to chill out Trilby."

I sigh.
"Shoulda seen that one coming..."

"Oi!" I slap Salt over the back of the head, "I'm the one that does the puns, no use Trilby giving us both the cold shoulder."

I grab a power sander, and start sanding Knife's face off.

"Gee, you could sand to not be that rough with me."

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