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I crash a lemonade into the plane.

"Dude, why the fuck did you take my pitcher, man?!"

"I mean, how will I become insane? And not the realistic pants-shitting, wall-licking, completely nonfunctioning sort of insane. The idealized sort."

"Sorry, just refilling it."
I hand it back to Tox.

"Oh, thanks, but I'm not really thirsty anymore." I throw the pitcher on the plane.

"That thinking out loud was meant to inspire one of you to offer a suggestion."

"Just drink some of my lemonade."

"Salt, this is the fucking Mall. You'll find a way eventually. Not that you'd actually want to."

"It's simple, Salt. Just ignore all emotions other than rage."

"...What's that supposed to mean?"

"Just drink my lemonade Salt. Tell me what you think."

"How should I know it isn't piss?"

"Well, that would be apple juice, and Tox would tell you. It's just normal home made lemonade."

"Tommy isn't Australian, as far as I know."

I then sense a horrible after-taste.

I cautiously sip the lemonade.

"Yep. Lemons, sugar, hallucinogenic drugs, the list goes on."

"For the record, Salt, if you ever complain about me doing something insane again, I will direct you to this moment."

I see nothing.

Because I'm blind, you dumb shits.

That actually makes it more creepy, because not only you see shit you shouldn't, but you see really fucking wierd shit.

Man, I wouldn't want to be him right now.

I get off the plane and scooch over to Salt.
"Don't you understand Salt? You went insane five years ago. At the moment, you're in a Mental Asylum, hallucinating about some Mall flying through space. So what does it matter if you go a little bit ore crazyyyyyyyyyyy"
My head splits open into a watermelon.


Paddy the Second:
"But why?"

"Because... that's what we do?"

"When was the last time you met a good warlock?"



"And since when are there cops in The Mall?" I ask.

"It's a big place, they could've been hiding anywhere." Knife replies.

Knife crashes the Dodge Monaco through the front of the JC Penney's and into the group. "Well, we're here."



"G'day RaN, Sister." Knife says, changing back into his normal attire behind a conveniently censoring bush.
"Sis, RaN." I say, nodding to the two as I step out of the car and lean on the hood.

I turn to look at the Knifes.
"Wait, I thought you were here this whole time."

"Trilby, as much as you must miss me, we've been gone a little while." Knife says, shrugging on his normal jacket and emerging from behind the bush.

"Yea, it's only been what, 30, 40 minutes tops?" I add.

"So don't you want to break out of the mold? Be better than any other warlock that came before you?"

I grin at Salt, my eyes flashing rainbow colors.

I look at the two Knifes. "Well, shit, there were drugs in that lemonade."

Paddy the Second:
"So don't you want to break out of the mold? Be better than any other warlock that came before you?"

"... No?"

"Why mess with a good thing, lad?"

"Well now's your chance to make history! To be remembered forever by all those who come after you!"

"Huh. Guess I just didn't notice you leave." I shrug.

I slide along the ground and disperse into several rivers of ice cream.

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