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"Huh, well hi Dot, wanna help me find The Mall's power generators? You know, seeing as it's dark as right now." I say, waving an arm at the darkness surrounding Mt Chocolate Sprinkles.

"Hi, Dot." I say, as I slice off the leg which is now on my face, then throw it into Dot's face.
I stand up, and look over at Knife.
"Sigma happened."

"hey dot seems like some kind Mall Reunion going on" i say pulling out another cigar and lighting it "hey knife wait up i'll come and help" i say before getting up off whatever i was sitting on and check if my revolver is full loaded

OOC: ow shit hurt my leg getting down off my bed's ladder last night now it's hurt like fuck

"Yep. I'm half expecting Waffles to come crashing in..."

while i'm busy reloading "another Mall Fighter i'm presume?" i say

Satan disperses, his power useless on page 667. "NOOOOO." My tulpa sees Dot and his tears turn to those of joy. "I've missed you Dot."

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"Yeah, he shows up every s-hghflghlghgghghgh..." I start to explain, but am cut off when a large amount of electricity begins to course through me from somewhere.
I wake up a few moments later, two rectangular burns on my chest.
"Woon, why did you just try to defibrillate me?"

"huh? what? no no i didn't" i say innocently

"Sure you didn't."
I pull out my flare gun, and shoot it at the base of Woon's feet, creating a tunnel of melted chocolate, which sends Woon sliding down to the floor, before the chocolate seals the tunnel back up, trapping Woon in a delicious, yet sticky, tomb, which is well-ventilated enough to prevent him from asphyxiating, and not dense enough to crush him.

quckly i break my own neck and then respawn next to trilby pulling out a machine gun i shoot him in the head and everywhere else really "LOL respawn bitches" i say after i'm done

I respawn in a fridge store upstairs, then drag a fridge over to the railing, and push it over, with the door open, then jump on top of it to try and guide it.
Through sheer luck, the fridge lands on top of Woon and pushes him straight down into the still slightly melted chocolate, which then starts to solidify around Woon.
This traps his body in the chocolate sprinkles, preventing him from killing himself, but leaves his head in the air pocket created by the refrigerator.

"ok let me think uum oh i know" i listen to a one direction song and this is what happens


and then when i respawn i run at trilby


Unfortunately for Woon, he doesn't have access to One Direction songs from his current position.
"I'll let you out, but you'll owe me big time. Deal?"

"oh fine deal fuck" i say

I get some helium from a party supplies store, then punch a hole in the fridge and connect up the helium.
Slowly, the gas begins to fill up the fridge.
"Just say when your breathing begins to hurt."

"heheheheheh this is fun oh now it hurts ow ow ow ow"

I start to chuckle at Woon's squeaky voice.
And then I leave him to choke on almost pure helium.

"so will my head explode or what" i say in squeaky voice

"No, you'll just asphyxiate. Your body is getting absolutely no oxygen. It's a wonder you're still talking, really."

"actually some people have said it's a wonder i'm still alive I've been through what the same people would call hell, good old respawning abilty" still in a squeaky voice

"Did you know we once literally went to hell? Although it was on a food/drug induced hallucination, and this is the first time anyone has really mentioned it I guess. So, I guess we didn't really."

"Screw this."
I throw the helium tank away, then fire a flare into the fridge, which starts cooking Woon's head, before turning to Zombie.
"So... how was it in hell?"

"oh really was it before i arrived or after i left?" still in squeaky voice

I don't hear Woon considering his face and vocal cords have been burnt too badly by now.
"Well. It was hot I think. We got Cerberus who replaced the G-Van. That was about it."
I look at the chocolate pile.
"We should do something about this before it melts and ruins all the nice carpet stores over there."

"Who cares? It's not like anybody is going to be shopping here. And the damage wouldn't even be permanent." I point out.
I lift up the fridge that Woon is under, then drag his corpse out of the pool of melted chocolate.
"Now we have a chocolate-coated Woon statue. So... go us."

"soooooo what now?"

"Hey. It's me. Again."

"We need one more touch."
I scoop some melted chocolate onto Woon's face.
"Maybe one day we will have chocolate statues of all of us. That'll be cool."

"Cough. Me. Salt. The guy. I'm sort of important, not to sound like a self-centered dick."

"hey salt long time no see"

"On it, Zomb."
I reload my flare gun, and fire three flares; on at Zombie's feet, one at Salt's and the last one under my own feet. We all start sinking into the melted chocolate, rapidly.

"Thanks for the obligatory blind joke. Dick."

"And the chocolate shit, Trilby. I honestly don't care much for chocolate. Shit's filling, and honestly gross beyond a certain point."

"joke? what joke?"

"And now, we wait. Also Salt, what makes-"
I stop talking as a result of the chocolate.

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