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The bullet misses and hits Knife.

"Hah-hah!" (Me)

I am felled by origami.

Water seeps fills my space helmet, I drown in the pond and respawn in a closet.

"Well...that was fucking great. And now all I have are space boots, gloves, and a helmet! he better not be wearing my suit..." I notice Doctor Com sleeping at my feet. "...nah, too easy."

I walk through the dark and explore the mall for a bit, wondering what I can use when I see it. A door that reads, "employee's only." I run over, tearing off the sign and walking behind the door. Might want to stay low for a bit. I see the usual, a few shelves of stuff, a forklift here and there, fire extinguishers, but then I find the control room. Camera display with basic control of doors, sprinklers, and the com system.

"I could barricade myself, too easy." I remove a few memory cards and circuits from the control panel, wiring them into my helmet and putting a small keyboard on my glove, before smashing it with a fire axe. I notice a tuxedo on the wall wrack and quickly put it on. I turn on the forklift and drive it out of the room, at top speed. I view the screens in my helmet.

"Hmm, Saltarius should be right here!" I come around a corner, lift out my arm with the axe, and chop his head off.

"Oh, now we're in business." I say driving off.

I respawn, and return Salt's nod as he runs off. I then head to the food court.

"Hey Salt? I wouldn't recommend using homemade ammo. You never know when that thing might explode in your face."

"Also, the gun-ban is still technically in effect. I'll let you use it for a little while, but when I say stop, you'll stop or I'll have it taken away. Got it?"

I spawn in an IT store. Knife falls back into the still open trap door.

Seeing a goddamn forklift heading my way, I throw my hands up in a motion for the driver to slow. I walk over and place my hands on the forklift, asking him if he needs a boost. The forklift short circuits, yet the man in an astronaut suit remains unphased. I chalk it up to the suit's capabilities as I whip out my gun and blast his face off.

I then get to work melting the forklift into more bullets.

No, no I don't Eric. Because that would be stupid.

I arrive at the food court, and start gathering hot sauce.

I waltz over to the food court before wondering how much longer the gun will last on my makeshift bullets. My electro-gauntlets are well enough for now, so it's best to hold off until I find a convinient source of ammo. I see Knife gathering hot sauce as I sit down and start reading a menu, feet on the table. When he makes eye contact with me, I tip my hat at him and spark my gauntlets on and off to signfiy not to try anything.

I sit next to Knife.

"Seen a sword around?" (Me)

I walk over to Draven and Knife's consortium and sit next to them as well.

"Who'd like to call a temporary truce for lunch? Get to know each other, maybe learn something? Besides, killing on an empty stomach is such a nuisance."

I then make sure they see I'm armed. And effin' dangerous.

"No, I haven't." I say to Eric as I strap a bulky contraption to my back. "Eh, sure." I reply to Salt, "Say, do you two like spicy food?"

I slowly walk away, feeling somewhat frightened by Knife's bizarre mechanism. I turn back before he presumably turns it on, and give him an encouraging nod and mouth a 'Get him good, for me.'

I take a butter knife and shove it into Knife's brain.

"I feel like we are not making an effort to find my sword, but I would still like to do that." (Me)

I shout up into the air at the G-Man, "How much longer is this gun going to last? More specifically, how long until I can use this freely?"

"Another hour is fine with me."

I throw the knife into Sal's knee.

I respawn, and deliver a wicked uppercut to Erics jaw. While he's laying on the ground in pain, I use one of the smaller hoses on my contraption to paint a simple 'K' on him with hot sauce, before fleeing into the night.

I pull the knife from my knee, spark my gauntlets and electrify it, and huck it at Draven, landing in his heart and most likely exploding it from the *cough cough* amount of volts.

"Do we ever win, G-Man? Do we just leave and carry on? WWill someone die? Will we all?"

"Well... That's kind of the point, isn't it? Everyone dies. And everyone carries on."

The man finishes brewing himself a pot of coffee and pours himself a cup.

"For now, don't worry about it. All of you were summoned. You will find out why soon en-"

The Mall is shook with a loud bang that cuts off the feed. Everyone is knocked off of their feet. An automated message plays over the intercom.


"Oh shit."

I ran as fast as I can and jam my electrified gauntlets into a fuse box to darken the mall so no one can find me. I unpsark the gauntlets for good measure.

I respawn and keep looking for Raven Razor.

Using some nightvision goggles I swipped from the army supply store I sneak up on Eric and fire a few blasts of super hot sauce in his eyes before dissappearing again.

I run over to the food court only to run into pitch black. "Well shit, this can't end well. I start blindly firing my flaming nail gun into the darkness, hoping to hit something.

As I hear a volley of nails flay overhead, I hit the floor, as return fire with a blast of hot-sauce.

The revolver's hammer locks in place. It can no longer be cocked and fired.

I feel the hot sauce hit touch my hair. I then run backwards out of the darkened area with my head down. "I need a car to drive or something with wheels." And so I run to the outdoors store and find a ATV propped up like a showpiece on some fake rocks. I jump on and drive it to my regular stop, the hardware store. I weld two chainsaws on the back, douse them in gasoline, taking extra caution not to get on me or the ATV itself, and set the chainsaws on fire. I then drive my death machine into the darkness of the food court screaming "How about some offroad fury?!?!"

Fortulently, I can see Grim's death machine coming from a kilometer away, and easly dodge. I chuck my hot-sauce launching backpack cannon at the ATV, and, freed of it's weight, run to the Tron store and steal a light cycle.

I run away from the cloud of deadly gas, my reflexes dulled by the pot ((I was asleep you guys)) swatting at it with the sword in an attempt to disperse it until someone portals it away to god knows where. Inan attempt to find some relief for stomach cramps I head towards what looks like a pharmacy but is actually a blacksmith's "How does that even work? Oh well, let's get a Homestuck reference all up in this bithch." I break the blade of the sword in two, I then go to a hardware store and strap a battery pack to it before smashing a Molotov cocktail on the end. "Srider never thought of doing this" I then Hear the strange and unmistakeable sound of an ATV with flaming chainsaws attached and move swiftly in the opposite direction.

"My Homestuck reference sense is tingling!"
I crash my lightcycle out the front display of the Tron store and speed towards Paddy, leaving an orange lightwall behind me.

I wake up in the local KFC. Once again still with all my weapons that I started with. I must have bled out from the nails. I look out the door and see... complete darkness. I can sense the carnage though. Before I leave I eat some food.I use the darkness as an advantage and sneak into a liquor store and find one of Paddy's unused Molotovs from earlier. I light it and throw it into what I guess is the center of the mall. I find more and throw them into random locations. "Guess that was the last of them" I quietly say to myself. I wait and see what the results of the fire are, with a tomahawk in one hand and a machete in the other.

" A light cycle!? I knew I should have watched Tron, is there way to stop these things?" I leap out of it's path in a dramatic fashion at the very last second and shout.

"Be you friend or foe?" I ready my flaming electrified sword in case it's the latter.

Paddy the Second:
I break the blade of the sword in two, I then go to a hardware store and strap a battery pack to it before smashing a Molotov cocktail on the end.


Eric's not going to be happy about this. *chuckles*

Well at least it's one less deadly weapon to worry about. Yet somehow I'm certain it won't be the last. "Hey G-man, Are we gonna find out why we're here anytime soon? Because I'm getting pretty bored of watching it burn down."

I dismount the lightcycle, the vehicle derezzing as I do. "I be..." I start, advanceing on Paddy with a stotic expression, "...Friend." I finish, my expression softening as I hold out a hand. "Name's Knife, yours?"

"Paddy, pleased to meet you, please excuse me not shaking your hand, this sword's pretty heavy. Have you been here before?"

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