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"Have I been here before?" I repeat, before laughing and throwing an arm around Paddy's shoulder. "My boy, I've been here before, yes. Heck, I even have my own Mall!" I point one of my tanto at the large window above the entrance of the mall, where outside, A mirror image of it sits, shimmering. "Look liked there was a bit of a party over here tho' so I decided to sticky beak around for a bit."

I leap down in front of the two. "Hey!" I exclaim. "Mind if I join your little group you got going?"

"This is evidently more complicated than I suspected. Some honky called G-Man appears to be running this one, I think someone's trying to rebel though, shit's been getting real in the food court, explosions and vehicle crashes and fiery chainsaws, someone could get hurt."

Zombie hits the floor and requests forming a trio. "The more the merrier, and maybe we could get somewhere we're not in constant danger of violent death."

"Well, sounds like that's the place to be then!" I say enthusiasticly to Paddy before turning to Miniman, "And sure, join the club." That taken care of, I toss both of them a light-batton, before drawing one of my own and pulling it in half at about waist height. As I to, the two halfs become the handlebars of my lightcycle, and as it finishes forming, I indicate to Miniman and Paddy to do the same.

"All I've seen of Tron is snippets from a Pixar featurette at the end of my Toy Story VHS." I rocket off towards the food court desperately hanging on, I leap off and hit the floor moments before the light cycle collides with the front of a McDonalds.


I decide to follow Knifes and Paddy's lead. "Where are we headed then?"

I sigh and shake my ead at the sight of Paddy crashing his cycle, before responding to Miniman. "Well, there was a guy around here riding an ATV with flaming chainsaws attatched to it, but I think he's buggered off deeper into the mall." I say.

"I'm fine guys, sorry for crashing it, but I suppose there's more." I grab a working replica of Ed's scooter from a store devoted to Cowboy Bebop merchandise.
"This is more my style anyway."

"Flaming chainsaws, huh? Is it Grim? Because I think I saw him in the ATV. I could try and lure him out. I tricked and decapitated him earlier so he may still want revenge." I say to Knife.

"Won't you have a bit of trouble keeping up?" I say to Grim.

"Somebody evidently hasn't seen Mushroom Samba. Also you killed me as well remember? But I did kill you once, so I guess we're even."

"Yeah, I suppose so. Sorry about that by the way. So I guess we're set to go?"

I gaffer tape a boombox to the back of the scooter and plug in my mp3.

"I'll leave our destination up to Knife."

I shrug. "Eh, lets look around shall we?" I rev the lightcycle and speed off, traveling deeper into The Mall.

I take off, following in Knife's light trail. I start playing some electro to accompany our journey and drag my sword along the ground, leaving a trail of sparks and flames.

I ride behind Paddy, causing sparks to fly into my face. "Cut it out asshole!" I say as I speed up and ride in front of Paddy.

"Oh christ I'm sorry, but maybe next time don't ride directly behind the pimped firesword." I crouch forward and point the sword ahead of me.

I file 'Pimped Firesword' under 'Awesome names for a rock band' and continue to ride onwards, ramping off one of the escilators.

"A fire sword huh? That won't do you any good in an aquarium". I start to ride next to Paddy now.

"That's where the electrification comes into play." I bunny hop onto the bannister and ride up, carried by it's motion.

I try to ride up the stairs, but immediately face plant into the staircase. "Ow." I say. I ride up the disable access ramp instead.

I spark my electro-gauntlets to see just where I am in the mall, and spy a trio ascending the floors. They're the only alliance that I've seen so far, so it'd be wise to join them.

I rush over to their group, and offer my hand. "Care for one more?"

"I'd let you join. As long as you don't shock us to death." I reply.

(OOC: I'm gonna go away for a few minutes. Just pretend I'm here.)

"I'm not the betraying kind. I'm generally the betrayee."

I walk up the stairs alongside Zombie and his party.

OOC: Where is everyone now?

OOC: Our group is ascending some escalators. I wouldn't recommend taking on four guys, two of which have really f**king powerful weapons.

Doctor Com walks about for a fair bit. He had cleaned the Rancor pit earlier, and had repaired the walls. He continued to ride his segway with its homemade shotguns, filled with forks and homemade gunpowder. He had yet to fire it, though. Either way, he drove around, mop on back, Subtle Knife by side, and third cannon shotgun homemade in pocket. He continued cleaning up the mall.

OOC: Then what am I supposed to do with an ice-cream van made into a war machine?

"Listen, I think we should just ignore the Janitor guy. He seems to be intent on cleaning this mall up. And seeing how my 'f**k the system' plan isn't going so well, we need to find a way to win. Somehow..."

I spark my gauntlets to provide some better light, and spy a Japanese antique store. Seeing my prize, I rush in and grab a fairly-lengthy katana. I wrap some scrap metal around the handle and test it by sparking my gauntlets.

Say hello to the Blade of Saltarius.

OoC: Try to attack Doctor Com?

Doctor Com finishes up re-building the mall, and re-stocking the shops. He sits down, and tries to make a pistol for flaming CD's

I continue to add more armour to the Van, adding launchers for flaming projectiles.

OOC: I recommend joining us, because you aren't going to survive attacking us, ice cream death machine or no.

OOC: I'll be gone for a while, just say I'm my safe house or something.

Doctor Com drives around, and looks for a Golf cart. He finds an old golf cart, and attaches an absurd amount of weapons to it, including fish hooks, flaming ball flingers, coin machine guns, a duct tape cannon, potato guns with forks shoved into the potato, a PVC shotgun, a Jembe, a Didgeridoo, and a horn. He begins riding around the mall on his new golf cart, waiting to find something to fix.

I additionally find a toy store, to which I rush inside and grab a large water pistol, filling it with some gas I borrowed from the car dealership. I then take out a lighter and attach it to the front of the barrel.


Doctor Com begins making an absurd array of wepons that he places in the trunk, including a flamethrower, and everything else everyone made. He drives around, carrying the trunk full of weapons..

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