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"Wait, I just got an idea. Instead of just one of my weapons being posioned, why don't I make all of them?" I add the same poison on my tomahawk, to my other axe, and machetes. "Introducing...The Zombification"

I respawn and look over at the Cooper wreck. "Man that thing was pretty cool for the few seconds I got in it..."

I run off afterwards and go to the grocery store to grab some potatoes, and then head to the hardware store for the rest of the materials I needed for my potato cannon.

"As highly impractical as this weapon is, always have to making it at least once in these."

"I'm noticing a trend that the four of us all seem to out-do each other with badass weaponry. All the more encouragement for us to work together."

I give him the Blade of Saltarius and motion for his container of poison and make a small pouring gesture.

"Got it." I pour the poison onto the blade, and hand it back to Salt. "Just be careful not to cut yourself. I'm pretty sure the stuff is deadly."

I shake my gauntlet covered fists, to give him a hint of my protection measures.

"Everybody else has a badass vehicle. I say we make our own. What if we make the A-Team's van with what we've got?"


"Oh right, the gauntlets. So I guess we'd better get working on the G-Van?"

"We need to find something big, and metallic, and strong enough to..."

I spy a carousel for kids, the kind you pop 25 cents in for a minute maybe of plastic pony riding.

"I think we've found our building material."

I start slicing and dicing the carousel to small-ish pieces and begin welding them together with my gauntlets.

"Now all we need are some tires and a steering wheel."

I hear some yelling from a couple floors below. I shrug and continue to finish my spud gun.

Once finished I grab a hockey bag strap and connect it to the spud gun.

I then look over the edge of the walkway with a mirror to see who was talking before.

I see Zeph spying down upon us and make a quick 'just passin' through gesture'. I then show him, in succession, the Blade of Saltarius, my home-made flamethrower, the new- G-Van, and everything else my partners have.

"Hold on, I saw a crashed cooper a while back. Infact it nearly crashed into me." I run bac and get the rest of the parts we need. "Here they are! Wait don't we need an engine of some sorts?"

I take out some pocket change I had and ask the rest of the party for other small metal objects. I melt them into a makeshift engine and pour the gasoline in my flamethrower for fuel.

The G-Van is go.

I hop into the van, to inspect the insides. "I reckon we could furnish this a bit." I say to Salt.

Avalanche the mallcop, father of 4 children and only 2 days away from retirement died in the third explosion.

I rush over to the furniture store and start taking just about every comfy chair that isn't nailed to the floor and come back to the van, welding them in.

I also use a plate for a steering wheel, because necessity is the mother of bullshit DIY work.

"Now, we need to start armoring this biznatch."

I get up after seeing all the stuff the G-men had. Looking back at my spud gun. I'm going to need a bigger gun..."

'I wonder if they'll simply attack me on sight? Other than using Grim as a meat shield to protect myself against his own attack, I haven't stepped on too many toes have I?'

"Ah well... We'll see how things turn out I guess. Let's get some apples." As I go off in search for a grocery store, a blender, and an apple corer.

I begin to find bits and pieces of scrap metal around the scattered bodies in the surrounding area of the G-Van, and begin welding them on when a certain canister catches my eye.

Liquid Nitrogen.

I don't know if it's a sign from God, the G-Man, or just dumb luck, but I pile it into the back of the van.

"Interesting. I'm gonna go and get something for us to eat". I run to the food court and grab all the food I can find. I begin to head back to the van when I see a DIY store. I drop of the food, and grab all the metals I can find.

"Been a while since the G-Man said anything. Think he's going to send a weapons drop?"

I look at my now useless-revolver. Grim's chainsaw at least WAS a saw, even if it was on charge. The best I could hope for was to pistol whip someone with this. I spy a fire hose on the nearby wall, presumably in a fire emergency. I spray the hose in a ring around the Van and invite Zombie to watch.

I spark my gauntlets and touch the water, forming an essential death circle about the G-Van.

Perimeter secured, indeed.

"If he sends a drop, it'll be during mass chaos. That's what happened with the last two." I reply. "Although I am impressed by the circle of death. I guess this is our new parking spot."

"Do feel free to add any additions to the van."

I spark the gauntlets and spread my arms. "There's plenty of artillery in this mall, so we better make the best of it." I grab a corpse off the floor and remove the skull, mounting and welding it onto the bumper. "Consider it our trophy collection."

I find what I need and start coring the apples. Once I have the seeds I grind them up using a blendtech blender. I then use a kid's chemistry kit I found in a hobby store to extract a particular chemical that apple seeds are know to have.

I look around. I find an old train with a plow on it. I remove the plow, and add it to the front of the van. "There we go, my first addition."

I weld on the plow and sense a disturbance in the chemical force. "Something is wrong. Someone is extracting Seednium. From seeds. Of apples."

I hastily craft a minigun onto the roof of the van, punching a hole wide enough for someone to fire out of.

"I think it's time we venture out of the nest, my friend."

I jump into the gunners seat "Ready when you are." I say.

I hop into the drivers seat and crash through the wall into the grocery store where Zeph has made his residence. I leap out of the van, Blade of Saltarius in hand as I see him blending and coring apples. Sensing what he's trying to do, I rush over and decapitate him, taking the spoils of his work.

Saltarius however had killed a mannequin with fake hair as my, people don't know what I'm talking about senses were tingling, something was about to go down. I had grabbed all the 'seedium' pellets I had made and run to 'Big Al's Store of Dangerous Children's toys your Kids shouldn't really be playing with' store.

-Big Al's Super Awesome fun metal Jacks. Check
-Big Al's Super Springy Break your Neck Spring. Check
-Big Al's Super Nostril Booger Launcher. Check.
-Big Al's Super Rocket Roller blades! Check.

I fly out of the store across from the grocery store and start to make my getaway on the rocket skates.

OoC: I'm sorry but that would be way to easy, and won't you want to have a car chase anyways?

"Damn it, we've got to stop him from making those pellets!" I also made a mental note to stop attacking mannequins, as it wasted my time and energy. I hopped back into the G-Van and once more rammed the G-Van through the wall and allowed Zombie to open a stream of gunfire as I leapt out to take on Zeph, gauntlets sparked and Blade of Saltarius electrfied and poisoned.

I jump off the top of the van, throwing one of my tomahawks on my way down. I grab my machete when I land, ready to fight.

"I know, this sunuva bitch pulled a mannequin bait-and-switch."

I rush after Zeph, getting lost in the twisitng aisles, before clapping my gloves and touching the metal aisle's electrifying them and clearing the way to clearly see Zeph, who I rush after, Blade of Saltarius at the ready.

I take out the Big Al's Super Nostril Booger Launcher and fire it at Saltarius as he leaps for me. He was hit and plastered to the hood of the G-Van by a gigantic wad of snot. I make a sharp turn to the left, as I try to avoid the bullets.

OoC: How did you guys get the guns anyways?

OOC: Lots of goddamn welding and years of How to Craft a Minigun with Electrified Gauntlets for dummies.

I attempt to cut myself from the snot wad and make a mental note to clean the Van as I once more come after Zeph, now just slicing through aisles in my blind rage, hoping to cut him up.

OOC: Don't know, but G-man is likely to take them away. Or maybe not, as it's a vechile.

I continue Salt's chase, and lunge at Zeph with my poisoned machete.

I can't believe three pages just went by while I was in bed. Fucking...

I respawn and start hacking computers to access the security cameras.

OOC: Wait? Are we still in the grocery store? I thought I rocket skated out of the stores down the mall hallways.

In Saltarius' rage he hadn't noticed me setting up my Spud gun, which I fire right into his torso. Zombie almost gets me as he leapt for me, but I managed to get the spud gun up in time to stop the machete half way, ruining my spud gun but stopping the machete. I kick him in the groin, and use the momentum that he leapt at me with to throw him over me.

I slice the potato into two halves as it launches for me, but I lose my mid-air momentum and tumble to the ground. Seeing he has no more than his fists to use, I drive the blade into his chest, just as he throws Zombie away from him.

"Ever wanted to see your name in lights?"

I electrify the blade and send his convulsing corpse to the ground. I remove his skull and weld it onto the bumper of the G-Van, quickly carving a 'Zeph' above it.

I help Zombie back to his feet and get back in the Van.

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