The Big, The Bad, And The Brawly. (Yet Another) Brawl RP.

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As much as your conversations are all so interesting, I believe I'll just have to skip ahead a few pages.. Hmm... Past Yasha recollecting more things about Asura and the gohma and threatening more people... Past Eyebrows riding on a Blobby... past Fiddlesticks laughing as he fears everyone around him.... Past Airman singing to himself about how he can't defeat himse- Here we go! so our heroes got to the zoo, and, as expected of anything abandoned, there were no animals in sight. Well, not true, the flamingoes were still there, just being flamingoes.

Fiddlesticks felt disoriented, and confused about the Flamingos. "Ummm, ok so why are we here? I thought we were supposed to be...what is going on now? I feel like we got fast forwarded or something, like a cutscene was skipped."

"Bloody hell, this place is a mess." Mumbled Desmond stepping through the gate. The facilities were in better condition than a lot of other places he'd been in, but the smell was nearly as bad as the swamp. Or it could just be his own necrosis, he wasn't sure. In any case, he hadn't eaten in days, and the birds looked edible enough. He shot one and carried it over to the Misfits. "Anyone up for some of the other other other white meat?"

Fiddlesticks queried "You do this all the time yet I wonder, do you have any idea of what it is like to be shot at and would you like to find out?" He felt bad for the bird, it was by large innocent unlike most things.

"It's a long story." Alex paused as stolen memories were brought up in his head. "It all started when I joined a company called Gentek. I was put on a team who worked on a project called Blacklight, which was an experimental weaponized virus - do you know what a virus is?" Alex realized that Yasha's world might not have the same nature as his.

Alex paused, realizing that he was now at the zoo. "What the- Okay then."

"No, continue, I'm interested." Said the ghoul to the unliving abomination now entering. "The shapeshifting power could really come in handy, and the fact that I'm apparently talking to a pre-war thug in the paper thin guise of a scientist just makes this all the more interesting." He chuckled after that, realising his mistake in shooting the animal before he located a fire or an oven.

Murasa leapt into the flamingo pit and slowly proceeded to drown the rest of the birds while smiling with a very distressing smile, she then threw the bodies around where the others were standing not accounting on whether or not she would hit someone.

Eyebrows dismounted from The Toxiblobby she was riding when then arrived at the Zoo with the others, She looked around this was not like any Zoo she had ever been to...not even a monster zoo.
"MURASA! What are you..."She never got to finish as she was knocked out by a flamingo, the Toxiblobby caught Eyebrows and planned to cart her around till she woke up.

As Airman was scanning around the abandoned grounds all of a sudden a horrible GRRRR-VSHHHHHHHHHH filled the air as one of the Flamingos were sent through the back of his chest turbine and projected forward into empty space in a disgustingly beautiful spray of pink and red. Brushing some spray gore off of his front he looked down into the pit where Murasa was cheerily drowning a large number of pink birds.
"You there, Splash Girl or what ever your name is" he called down. "While making your tour of these animal pits call up if you find anything. We were supposed to be finding something here but the place seems as dead as those avian playthings you have"

Murasa beamed with awe as she looked at the amazing blending-man man who had absorbed the bird."Wow..." Murasa gave a salute."Sure thing Puree guy! I'll make quick work of these pits!" The captain said as she flew around the exhibits disappointedly as nothing else seemed to be around.

And that's when Murasa heard it. That strange noise which made her shudder. It was the cry of seals in the distance. Happy little seals playing in what remains of their zoo. Someone was obviously feeding these animals. Wait a mintue. Seals? Oh good lord, I can't watch this.

Yasha held up a hand to stop the others as he listened to the noise. "Apparently this place is not ENTIRELY abandoned; who is keeping these creatures here?"

Murasa's face contorted into a horribly distasteful grin as she floated through the walls towards her prey. "Hey there little fellas~! Come out and plaaaaaaaaaaayyyy.." Murasa made her way towards them and her face was now in full on Sink mode almost nothing, not even an act of God would stop her now.

"No idea," Alex said to Yasha. "But whoever it is, they must have a lot of spare time.


Saber and Protago managed to dodge the onslaught of dead animals and sat on a nearby bench."This play is truly in bad taste Praetor, if this were Rome, this place would be far from abandoned, wasteful things like this would not have occurred." Saber ranted while Protago got up and took a look around without Saber noticing, he still had the sort of 'Ray gun' from earlier and he figured out how to hack more ammo for it.

Safe in the Dark:


Saber and Protago managed to dodge the onslaught of dead animals and sat on a nearby bench."This play is truly in bad taste Praetor, if this were Rome, this place would be far from abandoned, wasteful things like this would not have occurred." Saber ranted while Protago got up and took a look around without Saber noticing, he still had the sort of 'Ray gun' from earlier and he figured out how to hack more ammo for it.

Alexia's eyes scanned the ants inside the insect house.
It was probably the first thing that has actually piqued her interest this entire time. Worrying really. Waking up in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of bizzare creatures and people? Boring. Watching a small girl annihilate a turtle creature? Yawn. Fighting (or rather avoiding) robotic hedgehogs? Abysmal. But give her insects and a quiet place and it was almost nirvana.
Perhaps I'll stay here. I mean whatever that hologram said is no threat. I'm still with the group, just...not with them, I do not listen to anthropomorphic riddle-saying...this is ridiculous. ...I shall call this my home for now...perhaps.
Putting her hands against the glass and watching the scurrying ants in their farm, reminded of fond childhood memories spent with her brother, pulling the wings off dragonfiles and feeding them to her own collection of ants. A small smile at the thought.

As a series of unholy sounds could be heard and a sort of gurgling, bubbling, and squelching could be heard from one of the pits another series of bodies were tossed from one of the enclosures. Several dead seals of all ages collided with the insect house, shattering the windows and entering, each letting out a large quantity of water, as if they were a demented sort of water balloon, or as if all of their blood was replaced with water. "Unless those were what we were supposed to find, I don't think there's much else around." The young ghost called with a wave towards the large Robot she had monickered Bj.

After a series of confused screaming, splashing and what sounded like smashing, Alexia eventually managed to step out of the now almost flooded insect enclosure.
C-Calm... Stay calm... Not worth it...W-Who...
Although she was thinking that, heat and steam radiated off her, admittedly patience was one of the many virtues that Miss. Ashford was missing. Sufficiently dried by her anger, she scanned around, looking for the seal-throwing monster that had destroyed her ants, all the while, adjusting the rifle on her back around to her front.

The Captain had emerged from the seal enclosure wearing various bones on her person and beaming like someone who was just given a particularly nice present. She took note of where the seals had landed and chuckled. "Did I do that?" she asked rhetorically. "I was hoping to land them in BJ's fan blades." The ghost remarked half heartedly. "Well, no harm no foul, not like anything in there was worth much." Murasa said admiring her handiwork.

Alexia felt her eye twitch uncontrollably, bestowing upon herself ungodly amounts of restraint as she stepped towards the grinning sailor-suited girl.
"Child... I sense that although you did not mean to destroy that beautiful place... the next time you throw discarded carcasses filled with water and endanger so much as one of those wonderful workers, serving their queen, I will be less than-" She stopped momentarily for another twitch before putting her feigned composure back on, "-understanding."
...I do not have time to pick fights with children. ...Especially...seal-throwing...creepy children... I will avenge that poor queen...

"You mean those bugs?" Murasa asked with a slight, stiffled chuckle. "Well, alright, if I can manage, I'll try not to bug you lady." Murasa said fiddling with one of the skulls the ghost had taken from a different exhibit. "If it's any consolation they went out with a splash instead of a crunch." She said making a stomping motion for reference.

"R-Rather..." Alexia visibly recoiled, feeling another twitch and her hands grip her brother's rifle as a way to stop herself from attempting to ignite the sailor suited girl out of pure spite.
You little brat...I'll show you a "crunch"... This isn't amusing...
Putting the composure back on and flashing a toothy smile, she considered returning to the insect enclosure to see if there had been any exhibits saved from the seal bombardment.

The seals then blew up with several horribly loud 'splurch' sounds and it began to rain slightly on the two conversing figures. Murasa simply said nothing but her face clearly read something like 'lol whoops'. As the droplets continued to fall and the water overflowed onto their feet Murasa simply shrugged. "It can't be helped I guess."

C-Calm down... Composure...
Alexia's face was almost scarlet with annoyance and rage, the water that rained down on them made small hissing noises and immediately evaporated off of her body.
Alexia took a deep breath and ran a gloved hand down her face before turning away from the girl.
"...I have much more important things to be doing..."
With that she turned and walked away, shaking with anger.

Murasa simply shrugged and waved goodbye. "It was nice talking to you lady! The names Captain Murasa by the way! ...Sorry I guess!" The Captain had a hard time relating to people and their various quirks, she had clearly angered this person and even though on the outside she appeared to not care particularly a tinge of guilt had washed over her, realizing in her own slightly warped way that she shouldn't have done that. She looked down at the skull."What do you think Ben?" Murasa asked, only the skull didn't answer because Ben drowned. Murasa sighed and flew into the enclosure, and appeared behind the person she had angered."Hey lady look at this!" Murasa said holding a completely dry tank full of unharmed ants."I missed this one!"

"That's Miss. Alexia Ashford..." She said through gritted teeth before turning and noticeably brightening up, seeing the tank.
"Oh my..." Alexia said with mild surprise, looking closer to admire the ants inside trying to see if she could identify the species from sight alone, noticing that she had let her guard down around the insect-destroying menace.
"...I suppose they all did not..."splash" as you say." She attempted a joke, none-the-less looking pleased with the find.

Fiddlesticks was still utterly confused, just standing there with his emerald green eyes and unmoving smile. A bit like a scarecrow, which was what he most resembled. This just complicates things, our purpose here can't be to entertain flamingos...can it? He figured he would now wait until something of consequence happened.

Komachi stood there, poking a dead seal with her scythe. She wondered why nobody was actually searching for whatever fed the seals. 'Probably because their waiting for whatever did it came around instead of risking being caught off guard.', she thought.

She was fine with that, she would just rest for a moment then. Leaning up against her scythe, she ended up zoning out and faling asleep.

Would you two hurry up and stop with the tsundere crap and kiss or whatever it is you two are building up to already? Seriously,you two are starting to remind me of an old married couple who have a lot of problems. Except you just met. And one of you is a ghost and the other is a... Hmm, that's interesting... Oh hey, my lunch needs to be somewhere else except my stomach. I'll be right back.

Alex looked into one of the exhibits. A group of wolves looked up and immediately started barking at him. He turned away, but they scratched at the walls of their enclosure, barking at him.

"I guess animals hate me, too," Alex muttered.

Meanwhile, on the back of the Toxicblobby, which seemed to have made its way over to where Protago was, Eyebrows was still asleep though she had no intention of remaining this way.
"Wa huh...GET OUT ITS TIME FOR THE COOKIE PARTY!" she screamed as she lunged off of the Toxiblobby and onto Protago..."Oh God we have to finish the Cookies man." she screamed still half asleep

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