The Big, The Bad, And The Brawly. (Yet Another) Brawl RP.

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"Komachi I found for documents saying the exact same thing, but Mercer didn't care, so forget him. Lets have an epic High Five, ya know because we solved the fucking Mystery. " Said Eyebrows puting her hand up and waiting for some skin

No, Murasa. You must go, I am sorry, but there is work to be done. Go out and be a Drowning Ghost.

As Alex and Eyebrows reached everyone agian, they were suddenly interrupted by a large rumbling which was soon followed by an enourmous, metal serpentine body bursting from the ground and rising high into the sky. The ground began to rumble more, as if something were spinning incredibly quickly underneath the zoo. the serpentine body rose about 20 feet into the air, Alex and Eyebrows along with everybody else there were looking at the head, which looked back at them. The head, unlike the rest of the body, which was smooth white, was purple, and had spider like legs, and seemed to be a pod, which had a crudely drawn evil face with a pig nose on it. In the pod, the body of a small body, who seemed very old at the same time, was held inside. It looked at them for only a minute before it dove straight at them, destroying the storage area they were in. Its serpentine body began springing up all over the zoo. It was very obvious that this was an enormous creature.

Airman saw the animatronic creatures, and after quickly shooting the head off of the disturbing little monkey he took a look at some of the other creatures. Completely peeling the face off of the Tiger he appraised the electronics underneath, scoffing slightly.
"An admirable effort, but plainly embarrassing in execution..." he said. Turning to see the Red headed woman smuggling volleyballs under her shirt he consented to follow her to the computers.
"What did you fools do? I was feeling the tremors from halfway across the park!" he said as he looked onto the screen. Seeing the mention of W-Fed Airman was filled with a sudden sense of, in this order, Realization, Surprise, Anger, then annoyance. "Well, it seems that whatever happened, you just paged in the man we all angered earlier. Congratulations, you couldn't have screwed up better if your squishy little brains tried harder
He heard a massive crash outside.
"That was faster than I thought it would happen..." he said, his normally metallic voice seeming to drip with a sense of well placed disgust

"Praetor, while you were in there did you plug in the overlord?" Saber asked jokingly. "Of course not!" Protago said before noticing the thing that was currently bursting from around the zoo. "Looks like we can't stop it." He sighed. "Saber, prepare yourself..." He said anxiously.

"It never ends this shit." Murasa remarked as she glanced at the security screens and saw the massive... Thing. She let out a long whistle and ran outside. "You guys there's this.... Oh, you already know. Cool." Murasa remarked with a shrug before hauling her anchor up into her hands.

"Well, damn," Alex said, switching to his favorite sword-and-claw combo, "yet another big, ugly bastard."

He ran forwards and slashed at one of the device's legs, trying to stumble it, realizing that running-and-slashing was becoming his modus operandi.

"We'll do it later..." Komachi said to Eyebrows as the storage building was destroyed. She dodged the bits of rubble that came towards her and started firing ghost danmaku at it, prefering to hit the head but accepting a hit anywhere.

"OH FUCK NO! Can't we just have a few seconds you fucking spider pig asshole. I will End you! and then I will get a bubble bath." She shouted brandishing her trusty Flail-o-matic She charge at it twirling her flail and striking the robot's body repeatedly

The size of the beast was too massive for it losing one of the segmented legs on its head to be stumbled by, though Alex knocked on off The size of the creature began to become more apparent when the entirety of the zoo became surrounded with three coils of the beast. It was becoming clear, it was digging out the zoo. Each segmented part began to stop as a large hissing noise and a ceasing to the tremors was heard. there was a very loud click and then each segment of the coils surrounding the zoo revealed jet engines at their sides and began firing them downward. The tremors began again as the ground steadily became smaller to our heroes and the clouds seemed closer. They were ascending, slowly ascending. Three hundred feet.

The loud clicking noise turned out to be the head disconnecting from most of the coils that were now propelling the zoo upwards. The much shortened snake-like robot, still very large in comparison, began to violently assault the group, diving out of the ground and directly at them.

Desmond was knocked to the ground by the shaking of the earth...brawl? Whatever. Anyway, he got groggily back to his feet and ran outside, drawing his shotgun. Seeing the enormous metal monster, he put it away, slowly backed away, and drew different, slightly smaller weapon featuring a radar-dish. He fired it once before making a hearty attempt at getting the hell outa dodge.

Saber leapt at the large mechanical beast and began slamming her sword into the long white bode of the creature before taking note of the many jet engines. "There!" She shouted as she began hacking at the engines in an attempt to slow the rise of the complex. Saber wanted to at least slow the rise of the zoo. Protago had readied the ray gun and tried to open fire whenever he could get a clear shot at the head.

Murasa simply remarked. "We're going to need a bigger ladle..." Before trying to run at the head with her anchor.

Eyebrows being rather impatient and not completely stupid knew that it was time to give up on the rocket coils, get back here you stupid fucker!" She shouted as she chased after the fucking pod. throwing molotov cocktails at that fuck and watching them explode in all around it .

Komachi dived out of the way of the serpent's dive attack. Getting up, she wondered how to try attacking it next, taking note of the damage alex did to one of the segments. She decided to shoot another barrage at it in the mean time.

Fury Is Me.:

Alex swore as the serpentine head shot past him. He stuck out his claws to the side, leaving a set of gouges in it.

Desmond ran through his considerable arsenal in his mind, searching for something that might be more effective than the weak pulse-gun he had on him. Nothing came to mind. Well, if the hammer won't work, use the scalpel instead. Where was this thing the weakest? The shell was clearly tough, but the being it protected clearly controlled it in a manner similar to a brain-bot's human brain. If Mercer, Yasha or the princess could get the shell open and Murasa took an anchor to it, the rest of them could move in for the final blow. Now to get the plan in action...

Fury Is Me.:


Fury Is Me.:

Yasha's exploration had proved fruitless. That wasn't so much of a problem as a delaying action, though. he showed up a little late for the slaughter.

He was determined not to let that impede his progress, though. As the serpentine body raced along, he determined that, yes, so long as it wasn't punching or slashing him he was PROBABLY strong enough to hold it still for the others to mess up. Probably. There was no time to really test his theory, and he dove straight into it. The demigod landed from his usual aerial entry beside the snake-bot as it made one of its leaps out of the ground to strike at the members of his party.

Yasha let loose his mantra, and grabbed the end of its tail, and braced himself.

In an undignified shoop noise, he was sucked into the ground as the snake dove again, a single cry of pain his only goodbye.

The silence lasted a few seconds, until the bot came up for air and carnage again. This time, Yasha held onto it with a single hand, and gripped the hole he'd just exited with the other. Though the pain made him feel just about ready to be split in half, this time it seemed to work. The monster slowed itself significantly as the seconds passed, struggling against Yasha's grip. He hoped one of his allies was smart enough to strike at the pod while they had the chance.

Plop got up from his spot, only to start combining spells. His started floating into the air as silhouettes of gears appeared around him, truly this spell would be the greatest of all spells, it would destroy this monster once and for all. The sky got dark and cloudy, the area around him became dark as well. The wind started blowing. After all this buildup, Plopp managed to make it.


It started pouring buckets. Truly this was the most useful spell he has ever casted for any time ever. He knew he couldn't follow it up, so he started firing his bolt pistol at the giant worm thing as it came up from the ground.

Oh, okay Plopp, i see what you want me to do here, you want me to make it rain pennies, you funny man. You tickly my funny bone, you do. Ohohohohoho.

Saber leapt up ten feet into the air and brought her sword down onto the head of the horrible beast with unstoppable force before kicking off of it at high speeds and slicing off all the legs on the head. Saber then yelled with great fervor and dashed at the head with unshakable will and began rapidly stabbing at the machine since the opportunity had arose. She cared little if at all for Yasha's well being and even seemed to be hitting it in an attempt to wear him out.

Mercer switched his claw arm to Whipfist, and shot the blade end at the robot, impaling it where the cover met the rest of the robot, loosening the top a bit.

The Snake, let's just call it Porktail, was indeed restrained by Yasha's grip s he attempted to hold him in place, but before anyone could land a hit on it, it wriggled out of his grip with it's oily lubricants, and Porktail was free to dive back into the ground and continue its carnage. It leaped straight into the air, rising at least 400 feet up, dragging the entirety of the body that was still attatched to it with it. It coiled up into a serpentine position and hid it's head within as hatches opened on the sides of each segmented part and out came slightly portly looking men wearing pink military uniforms with large, evil looking pig masks. I know! Let's call them Pigmasks! I'm so original. Anyway, yeah, the Pigmasks aren't friendly. What'd you expect them to do?

A pigman charged at Alex, who sidestepped the strike and swung with his Blade. The pig head flew through the air, and Alex impaled the body, which melted into gore as it was absorbed into Alex's body.

"Finally - real food."

He shot out his Whipfist and impaled another Pigman with his Whipfist, then yanked it upwards, bisecting the creature vertically.

Disregard. I read that post totally wrong. Even omniscient narrators slip up while reading the book.

Komachi made sure to keep her distance from Alex as he fought, not wanting to get caught in the crossfire. She instead focused on the pigman charging at her. She changed the distance between them, catching the pigman off guard as the shinigami that was still a few yards away became but mere inches. She sliced into him, cutting him in half, before turning and charging at another one, giving him three rapid hits from the scythe and smashing him into the ground with the hard end.

As Airman was fighting off the few Pigmasks who were foolish enough to come near him, Airman looked up at the now looping structure. Each segment had a massive purple W "You just have to be kidding me now. His ego is as massive as ever it seems" Airman said with a feeling of familiar disgust came wafting back like a fine summer breeze.
Looking over the side he saw how they were a high distance above the ground now. "Well, for those of us who have difficulties flying it seems that you missed the boat on getting out of here. First lets just stop that annoying fool at the controls before destroying the engines and killing most of you" he called out, it would probably be detrimental for most of them to die right then. Good meat shields were always difficult to come by.

Taking aim he fired a low cyclone that tripped up a pair of Pigmasks that were on the offensive, sweeping them off the edge and to their doom, in an odd mostly white explosion once they were out of sight.

Two thousand feet. Porktail reared its head up again and began making long distance, incredibly quick lunges for our heroes, without ever truly moving the entirety of its body from were it sat, rather like a snake. The Pigmasks stopped coming, the ones on the field were sufficiently numbered.

Desmond moved from cover and opened fire on the assembled Pigmasks. Finally, something he could deal with. Bullets and shotgun pellets filled the air as the masked soldiers fell, one by one. A bullet grazed the British ghoul's cheek, but he hardly felt it. How he had missed this. The pigmen advanced slowly, just as Desmond planned. Just a little further, then they'll see how he'd survived all these years with the most dangerous job under the sky.

Alex spun, his outstretched Blade and Whipfist acting as a Pigmask blender. When he stopped, he performed a wide, sweeping strike that chopped several Pigmasks in half. He pulled one of the dying ones in and Consumed it. However, a Pigman took him by surprise and tackled him to the ground. He stabbed it three times and Consumed it, as well.

Yasha's current preoccupation was dealing with the main Porktail. That was easier said than done, though. It mostly consisted of desperately dodging back and forth, to avoid testing just how resistant his body was to the monsters of this world. As Porktail made its latest lunge, Yasha managed to get in a few quick strikes before it retracted. He growled and came to the conclusion that his efforts were completely worthless for the moment.

He turned his anger onto a trio of Pigmasks that had been sneaking up on him. Though the ends of their lives cannot be put into much detail, it is worth noting that their screams were recorded by a passing journalist, and to this day are the most chilling stock screams in modern horror cinema.

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