The Big, The Bad, And The Brawly. (Yet Another) Brawl RP.

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Though the ends of their lives cannot be put into much detail, it is worth noting that their screams were recorded by a passing journalist, and to this day are the most chilling stock screams in modern horror cinema.

Porktail shot his head out forward and straight, not aiming for anyone in particular, but taking out one very unfortuneate Pigmask named Steve. We'll cover the life and times of Steve whenever there is need of more filler, but for now, Porktail shot out his head beyond the group and kept it there. His lower body began twisting as the length of his body that he shot out began spinning. Faster and faster the Porktail goes. Who he'll kill, nobody knows! Win a Prize, win a Prize! If you win, maybe nobody dies! Faster Faster, goes his neck! TILL HE ENDS YOU WRETCHED FLECKS! ... none of you heard that.

Komachi jumped back, trying to avoid the twisting and flailing lower body of Porktail. This didn't work out well as she'd hoped as t5he tail end of it's body flailed around and smacked her, knocking her back a small distance.

'How are we supposed to hit this thing? It's body's flailing about too much.' she thought to herself. She could try locking it into place but that would be near impossible with each segment trying to twist independantly. If only she could stop the head from twisting...

Suddenly, an idea hit her. If she could attack the head, at worse, it would dodge and momentarily stop spinning, and at best, she'd hit it and do some damage. It didn't matter how far it was, she could still catch it...she just hoped that she could get back to the ground safely. She jumped towards it, shooting a barrage of coins at it before changing her distance from it to mere feet and striking out with her scythe, hoping for a hit.

Porktail was too large to dodge every coin danmaku and some of them became lodged within it, visibly causing it some distress. Porktail spun faster, but didn't have much time to as Komachi leaped for it's head and whacked it with her scythe, cutting through the nose of the scary pig face on the front of the pod. He didn't stop spinning though, and the scythe became lodged within it. Komachi was going for a ride, now.

Fury Is Me.:

A short exerpt from Komachi: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-"

She deperately hung on to her scythe as Porktail kept spinning, not wanting to be catapulted into the next century.

Desmond rounded the corner and reloaded his shotgun. Just as he readied his weapon of choice, a lone Pigmask appeared, running full-pelt towards him. Desmond smiled and pulled the trigger. Suddenly, the snake-thing shot past him, slamming into the soldier before the pellets could. "Well," muttered the confused ghoul, "that was... Unusual."

"Hold on Red! I'll save ya!" Murasa exclaimed before tossing several danmaku anchors into the horrible whirling dervish, and as they stuck they let out bullets that formed chain. The captain knew two things. Drowning stuff. And Sinking stuff. This was a matter of the latter. A few of the anchors and chain snaps but slowly they started to take hold, and the captain wasn't stopping any time soon.

Porktail's head was brought to a violent halt by Murasa's anchors. The jerking of his head nearly caused it to rip off, revealing the wires that kept it anchored to the rest of the whtie, serpentine body. The head was hanging limp now, only holding on by the wires. Porky, the small old boy on the inside, looked visibly angered and distressed. A female, robotic voice was then heard as Porktail raised his limp head, Komachi's scythe still in it and Murasa's anchors as well. "Initiating captured Smash Ball break. Please hold." There was an audible grinding sound for about two seconds, before Porktail lit up nice and bright, and the sky did the opposite. Reacting Quickly, Porktail leapt high into the air, until he was out of sight. Komachi dropping off as he did, landing near Murasa.

Saber froze for a second. "Praetor... As per your modern customs I believe the fitting phrases are... 'F.U.B.A.R.' and 'Hold on to your fucking ass'." Saber said looking quite distressed as she instantly dashed her charge to the safety of the now opened security room. "Saber... Let me fight with you." Protago said trying to force his way back out. "No.. I am to be your sword and shield. Remain here... You know how I feel." And without another word the small statured woman sealed the building with a barrier and rejoined the others.

"... Red. I have a feeling we're going to need a bigger boat." Murasa said as the ladle fell nonchalantly from her mouth. "Oh wait... " Murasa said making sudden realization. "I'm already dead." She then grinned from ear to ear and did a small victory dance. "Have a nice mortality fuckers." Murasa said floating below the floor.

"Caution: Energy Spiking Present, Prepare For Impact! Airman read out. "I haven't felt this grim about an enemy attack since the blue bastard pulled out those damnable rings of concentrated doom he though as he prepared for whatever tricks this creation can take out.
Not for the first time in his existence, Airman lamented the fact that he was not Nuclear Man or Bomber Man, or anything more effective against a object larger than a small building.


Eyebrows was extemely desprite to get the zoo back to nature intended it...On the Ground. Having spent the entire fight smacking the Porktail rocket pods gripping the zoo, and not having anything happen. Eyebrows was finally over that stupid shit and was going to help fight.
It was at this point that the PorkTail start glowing rainbows and fly into the air. "OH SHIT I KNOW WHAT IS...ITS THE SUPER DEATH SPHERE...We are all in deep shit!" she cried out in terror

"Land" was a subjective term. It was more like Komachi collapsed next to Murasa, too dazed to land properly. She shook herself out of it just as Murasa began diving into the floor, as ghosts are want to do.

"Just hope that the thing decides not to burrow..." she said to Murasa as she wemt ducking for cover. She figured that either bombs, a (few) beam(s), or another digging act were in store for them and she stared up into the sky, ready for either.

High High High above the zoo, were the stars began to be visible, Porktail coiled into a ring, taking an Ouroboros shape in the sky. Each segment of his body produced a small, thin barrel cannon-like gun on the inner part of the coil, and fired a concentrated, red laser beam into the center. Instead of dying, like Porktail should have, the lasers instead began quickly charging an enormous sphere of energy. Hey. Hey Murasa, Komachi. Guess what time it is? Bullet Hell time. Porktails segments also released the same laser cannons on his outer coils and began firing donward, spreading them around and firing in all directions, half were firing laser bullets rapidly, the other half were firing the continuous lasers. Death from laser was raining upon the the form of lasers. They didn't penetrate the ground, but scorched it. Once the ball of energy was nearly filling the ring Porktail had made of himself, he released it, and it began slowly falling towards the zoo like an omen of Death. Porktail continued firing, and, according to the "rules" Was not allowed to stop until the giant ball hit, then he HAD to stop because he'd run out of the overflowing energy. GAME MECHANICS. Porky was laughing like a very old man trying to do an evil laugh. It sounded like "HUHUREEHUUUHACKHACK"

"Sweet Mother of the Diggle Gods, I knew it we are ALL going to die!" Eyebrows screamed adrenaline fueling her.
Far from cowering in the corner Eyebrows grabbed her flail and summoned a Grandblobby a large horse sized Blobby, with a saddle. She sat upon the saddle of her stead and pulled out a stetson, a Cowboy hat, and said, "Well if I'm going down I'm going down fighting, CHARGE!" She screamed as she rode off to where the Portktail bullet hell was bringing ruin and damnation.

Komachi bobbed and weaved and dodged and grazed in betweeen the lazers, firing off danmaku at the sphere in retaliation every chance she got (Aka, rarely). Everytime she moved though another lazer bolt was waiting in the wings, ready to try to occupie the space she was in. At least she had had practice with such things or she would have already been blown to tomorrow.

She began to move towards one direction, though instead of doing what eyebrows did and moving forwards, she moved backwards, trying to avoid the giant ball of death slowly coming down and waiting for the attack to time out.

Eyebrows pulled out a bucket of baseballs and began to throw them at the Porktail. She summoned all her strength and her expert aim and let her weapons fly, she hit the porktail with absolute perfect deadly aim...and they made silly *ping* noises and bounced off lamely the rest disintegrating in the laser sphere.
"Well new plan...strategic retreat followed by duck and cover." she said as Grand Blobby and her took cover behind a crumbled building.

Murasa felt the smallest twinge of guilt and flew back up to the surface to take note of the horrors above."Oh... That's not good." She remarked as she did the one thing that came to mind. Rapidly hurl anchors at the sphere and hope for the best.

With the incursion of a massive deathly disco ball coming at them, Airman saw an opportunity for a counter attack. Much of the projectiles, other than the lasers of course, were simply bullets. Sweet, sweet deflectable bullets. Condensing his shot type Airman sent out a cluster shot of cyclones in a buckshot pattern, they stood still for a moment before suddenly flying off, any time they contacted a bullet they were sucked in and launched in a random direction, some right back towards the Porktail but most of them in the general Not-Airman direction, which was good enough for him.

The gigantic ball of Death and misery was closing in, closer and closer, being visibly slowed, but not stopped by Murasa's anchors or the return fire it was getting shot at it. It was now only about 200 feet above the zoo and closing in. Porktail was getting weakned by the fire coming back at him, Some of then nearly cut the wiring that was the only thing holding his neck back to the serpentine body. Porky was feeling a bit nervous, but not really, because he was Porky. He figured he'd have to get out if this didn't kill them. He did his job, he'd go back to get repaired and then return to New Pork City at a later date. Then one of Komachi's coin's beaned the glass of his capsule where, if it had gone about a foot farther, it would have gone right between his eyes. He stopped laughing.

Yasha stared at the situation around him, unmoving for the longest time. Then, he sat. He just sat, put his hands on his knees, and he watched. The cogs in his brain moved, and spat out nothing but dust. This battle had moved past his comprehension, and he was just going to sit out for a while. Maybe when they stopped fighting old pig men snake robots he'd have another crack at it.

Eyebrows looked out from behind her cover and saw Airman and Murasa hurling there unholy death kill weapons upon the Porktail.
She jump out of her hiding spot now having form an plan, not a brilliant plan, or even a moderately intelligent plan, but still a plan. She rode her Grand Blobby over to Airman and said, "Airman I want you to throw me at that shit like some kind of fleshy projectile weapon!" she said in a dramatic heroic fashion pointing at the Porktail as the sun flashed in the background.

Saber took note of the fact that the strange mechanized beast's head was hanging on by a few wires and a small remaining amount of support. Thinking quickly she leapt up and narrowly avoided the onslaught of bullets. "Time to make this count!" She shouted as Saber tossed the Aestus Estus at the wiring. She wasn't a lancer, or an archer but she had to try. After throwing her blade she got hit with some of the bullets in her carelessness and she grunted in pain, with several wounds about her person

Porky saw the sword coming and he was a sad panda. He couldn't move, lest he stop firing, which was not allowed. Underneath his breath, he again cursed GAME MECHANICS, as he fired frantically down to get a few more hits in. Aestus Estus severed at least 80% of the wiring keeping him connected to the rest of the body, but that was more than enough. Porky's main Pod tore the rest off with it's weight and he fell to the ground, narrowly dodging his own orb of death. The rest of Porktail, however, was not so lucky. Saber had stopped the onslaught of laser by having the rest of Porktail fall into the sphere of death, being disintegrated by it. Nice shot and quick thinking there, Saber. Porky's pod was nearly unmovable, but Porky tried to crawl off. However, it was too late for anyone to do anything, because the ball of death was here, and it eclipses even my voice with the resulting explosion, which will not break the zoo nor the motors flying it up. Oh oh, hey. Know what would be funny? What if I tell you all what the villain's main goal is and who he is, if you haven't figured it out. I think I will! The villian is trying to- *Boom*

"Well best laid plans of blobbys and Airmen I suppose?" she said flippantly to Airman, as Saber destroyed the horror of the Porktail. Time to go She got back on the Grand Blobby and high tailed it right the hell out of the way as the sphere of unending pain came crashing down, as it made its escape it engulfed Airman and carried him out of the blast zone along with Eyebrows

Airman saw the bullet spewing head fall down, and even then a number of large red blocks with P and some smaller blue blocks with some symbol on them came out of where it was. That was all well and good, but it seemed that the large explosion was still a thing that was going to happen.

"Anyone who can escape that blast through cover or any other ways, I highly recommend you act on that now" Airman said, as he quickly turned to the edge of the stage and leapt off, hugging to the wall he fired up his turbines and made a large cyclone that supported him, allowing him to hover just below the stage while he hung onto an extended pipe for extra leverage.

Komachi got flung far by the explosion. The only reason she didn't go flying off was because she kept changing the distance between the edge and her,constantly trying to push it back.

After she stopped, she got up and asked, "Everyone alright?"

Saber was caught in the blast almost completely, but if Saver, or Monster couldn't kill her then this sure as hell wouldn't. She made it to her feet and looked around. "I assume you have all survived, yes?" She said with a rasp as she coughed out a small splatter of blood. Her wounds were bad but she was able to ignore them for now.

Eyebrows rode her gooey stead to a safe distance and heard Komachi call out, "I'm fine" she said breathing heavy.

A dozen or so yards to Saber's right, a rock was kicked away with significant force. Not a hugely wasteful amount, but enough that Eyebrows had to duck. Yasha climbed out from the rubble, scraped and scratched, with one shoulder at an odd angle. He grimaced and snapped it back into place, muttering "I am fine." He looked at the remains of battle around him, and gave a curt nod to Saber.

"Congratulations on surviving that. You're not half as bad as you look; a quarter, maybe."

Murasa, who had floated under the earth again came back out. "Whelp... That was some nasty blast. Good thing I am already dead."

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