The Big, The Bad, And The Brawly. (Yet Another) Brawl RP.

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Alex looked at Desmond, a smirk on his face. "You're crafty, I'll give you that." He turned towards the pool. "EVERYONE, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE POOL OR YOU'RE ALL TURNING INTO ZOMBIES!"

Desmond's plan actually yielded results. As his pulse mine detonated in a violent explosion, every mine in the pool did too. The explosions rocked the room and created holes in the flooring through which the water quickly began to drain out. Before long, there wasn't enough water to even hurt Alex. Though, Alex did get splashed rather hard by some of the water once it detonated. Thankfully, nobody was hurt by any of the water leaving the room. I can't say how well Yasha fared from the explosions, though, nor how Airman will deal with the EMP.

Meanwhile, in the room below everyone, various robots were lounging in a room, a few microwaves reheating some meals, and a few reading the newspaper. That is, until the ceiling suddenly burst open and water flooded in. for about a second, they tried to make their way to the door before the EMP that followed shut them down. They were left to sink and lie at the bottom of the water until something came to rescue them or they turned themselves back on. Way to go, Ugly, looks like you ruined their day.

Dr. Wily banged his fist against his chair, making a loud crashing. "Oh, COME ON! That's cheating! And he drained the room just when it was getting to the good part!"

This explosion was a huge problem for those that were still in Willy's Death Tank thing. Good thing Eyebrows had made her way to the Hydrophobic Barrier and gotten into the next chamber. That didn't stop her from seeing the water drain out through the floor.
"Nice Job Desmond, now get your buts down here. Slow Pokes!" she shouted.
She then called forth Navi and decided she would ask the Fairy about this chamber. "HEY NAVI! what can you tell me about this rooms trap?"

"CUTMAN RUSH!" said Navi. And indeed, that is what happened. Cutman fan into the room, which was much smaller compared to the other rooms. and then another fell from a hole in the ceiling and then another, and another, until they began pouring out of the ceiling like lemmings. 100 Cutmen. 200 Cutmen. 300 Cutmen. There are at least 300 Cutmen. They all stuck a pose and then began to spam Cutter-rangs.

Eyebrows saw the onslaught of orange scissor bots and was a little scared. She ducked under the Cutter-rangs as they flew by, a couple even managing to clip her. "Well shit son, things are finally coming up Eyebrows!" she said a manic smile on her face. With nobody around and a crazy amount of enemies staring back at her, the Bloodlust of the Adventurer took hold.
Eyebrows pulled out a Boombox and her trusty flail, she mashed play on the Boombox and then swung the flail blocking some of the Cutmen's Cutter-Rangs
"I'm going to Cut you all down to size, I am Eyebrows McDunderfelt, and you are all going to FUCKING DIE!"She screamed as she charged at the Cutman Army.

Alex was buffeted by a hail of blades, but was able to put up his Armor. His skin and clothes thickened and toughened into an exoskeletal structure capable of withstanding the blades. He extended Claws of his own and dashed at the Cutmen, slashing them to pieces one by one.

All of the Cutmen shouted in unison with each other. "LET'S SEE HOW YOU DO AGAINST KUNG FU CUTMAN!" They all shouted before dashing right back at our heroes and unleashing on each of them their cutting fury.

With Mercer Jump cutting past the underwater maze that was no longer under water, some how. Eyebrows now had minimal back up for her One woman army of death and chaos. She summoned 30 blobbys along with 30 mushys and sent them out on the attack. She was decimating the cutmen and it was actually rather graphic.
She was swinging the three headed flail like a rhythmic gymnasts baton. As she was smashing heads and throwing the bodies like projectiles.

Not hearing the warning, Airman stayed in the pool, so by the time the explosions carried through to punch a hole the shock wave behind him launched him forward outside the tank while the water drained out through various holes. Pulling himself up he wished he had access to an E-Tank, feeling it would make this much easier.
He then looked up and saw the iron hoard of killer scissor robots making Kung Fu poses at him. "That crappy Dr. Light model? Out of all the options to make you seriously go to that? I think Wily has gone senile in his age" he said as he raised his arm to deflect a Cutterang and decked the first one that came close to him to attack

That was when Cloudman rose down from the ceiling and spoke in a large, booming, echoing voice. Like a god. "WHO DARES ATTACK THE CUTMEN?!" He said. Cloudman looked different. Like he was at least twice as big, as is indicated by the giant hole he had to make where the original Cutman hole was. "I WILL SQUASH YOU ALL LIKE BUGS" He said, as he fired a Thunder Bolt at Alex Mercer.

Komachi ducked and dodged the cutting attacks from each cutman she encountered but that was most of what she could do. Each time she took a swing, shot a coin, or even kicked, a cutman was in some position that she couldn't reach without stopping said attack and blocking. Dispite this, she still sometimes got a hit in, destroying a cutman in the process, and was racking up a nice bodycount anyways. Still, she didn't like the position she was in, purely reacting, not agressing, so she was going to have to change that.

Once she got the chance, she quickly let out a barrage of ghosts, pushing the cutmen back while heavily damaging those nearest to her. She then let out a large amount of danmaku, spamming it towards each cut man in front of her, destroying them, before leaping towards them, swinging her scythe with skill and dismembering a few. She didn't stop to pay attention to what the newly introduced Cloudman was doing, all she knew was he wasn't attacking her and that was fine. Now the Cutmen would have to be on the defencive.

Cloudman was STEAMING mad. I'm fairly certain that the way Cloudman is now, he could turn water into VAPOR with just a touch. The peak of his rage was CONDENSING on his face.



"YOU DARE DEFY ME? YOU WILL DIE." He shouted, before the room darkened and lightning struck in a flurry from a large cloud in the middle of the room. It was a lightning storm in there!

Eyebrows summoned even more blobbys and Mushys and sent them out to attack the cutmen. "Alright team you take care of DJ Pauly D and Snooki over there" she said pointing to the Cutman Army. "ANd I'll take care of that big fat dood over there" she said pointing at Cloudman. "Ready and break!" she said high fiving a Mushy before running at cloudman. "I HOPE YOU'RE WATCHING WILLY, BECAUSE YOUR ROBOT IS ABOUT TO GET RAINED OUT!" She screamed as she jumped up and swung at Cloudman

Alex was hit by the lightning bolt and stunned, but he got up quickly. "It's a fight now," he shouted, running at Cloud Man and driving both sets of foot-long claws at his chest.

Yasha stumbled into the room, clutching his chest and panting for breath. It would be some time before he would be able to fight at that level of strength again, but at least he had plenty of time to res--oh, wait. That appears to be an army of Cutmen. Bearing down on him like hawks on a rabbit.

Oh dear.

Cloudman was laughing very very heartily as all the Cutmen still swarmed around our heroes as they dodged the lightning. That is, before he noticed Airman. inside his eyes, Cloudman saw many informational whatzits and doosies and scanners fly over Airman, before they all flashed and a beeping sound was heard. "Airman... An older Wily model! A much older Wily model. DWN-010, to be exact! What's an old bot like you still doing up and about? I thought Megaman destroyed all the second generations, and that Wily only rebuilt a few of the older ones, like Gutsman. Or did you get away somehow? And why are you back to fight Wily?"

"Destroyed? Yes, the last thing I remember here is combat with Mega Man, and then falling in battle to him. Though I admit that my restoration here is something of a enigma to me as much as it must be to our creator. Though whatever fateful wind blew me here, I will not waste this chance" he said, eying the overstuffed Cloud Man from his current vantage point.
"And I'm not here to 'fight' Wily. Think of it more as pest control. You've experienced what I have, even an overblown watered down copy of my motif such as yourself should be able to see why I'm doing this. In fact, it's amazing none of us ever tried this before."
Airman was clearly in no mood to fuck about, he was currently aiming his shooter at the fat dirigible ready to fire. "So, right now you have a choice. You can either hover right out of this room on cloud nine there and pretend this never happened, or I'll tear you down so fast you'll see just why Wily should have called it quits after my generation!

"Haha! Christ, look at hese fuckers!" Chuckled the ghoul, hanging back and firing shot after shot at the Cutmen, "And you lot have been calling me ugly!"
A cutman threw his blade at Desmond, but the old ghoul dodged skillfully. The hoard approached slowly, clambering over piles of broken machines destroyed by Desmond and the Misfits.

Saber who was already furthest into the room seemed t be enjoying herself, she narrowly dodged and gracefully weaved through small waves of the scissor headed dolts, wile the embryonic flame sliced trough them accordingly. "It has been ages since such battles could be fought like this! Come, and if you so desire fall on my blade!" She said as she maintained her divine airs.

"Overblown?! WATERED DOWN MOTIF?! CLOUD NINE?! YOU LITTLE RAT! I'LL SHOW YOU WHY WE WHO STILL SERVE WILY ARE SUPERIOR! I'LL FRY YOUR CIRCUIT WITH A LITTLE-" And that's when he noticed Alex Mercer. He didn't have time to do so much more than move slightly and get his vital... Circuits out of the way, so Alex's feet impaled him through the right side of his gut. Cloud man grabbed him and squeezed him hard. "LITTLE RUNT! GET OUT OF HERE!" And with that, he threw Alex back down, into the clutches of a bunch of Cutmen, whose numbers were seriously whittling down.

Alex kicked back to his feet and swiped his claws to either side of him, dicing the Cutmen. He slammed his claws into the ground, which extended and erupted out of the ground below another group of Cutmen, impaling them.

Eyebrows made contact with the fat cloud robots skull with her flail and it was shaken off like the small spikey metal dude to robot thing it was...or something like that.
"This is fucking hopeless, wait NAVI, give me this fat fucks weaknesses." she said pointing to Cloudman

And so Navi flew up to Cloudman and circled around his back in a wide, perfect circle pattern. "Cloudman: A very big, very mean weather control robot created by Dr. Albert W. Wily. If you had an attack that could Capture him and drop him onto the ground with a kaboom, you could beat him easily. Or, if you had lightning attacks, those would work too." That's right folks, Cloudman is indeed weak to his own weapon.

"OH Fuck You NAVI, I hate fucking doing this shit Soooooooo Much" She raged at the tiny fairy.
"love will teleport us apart" she sighed really not wanting to do this like at all.
She blinked out of existence and then reappeared 10 feet to the left, except she had dyed black hair and way to much black make up as well as being only 16 years of age.
"Like fuck you, Cloudman you are such a Prep, I HATE YOU!" she screamed at Cloudman.
She took out a pleather bound journal drew out the Sigil of Whatever the turned it and shout it out at Cloudman. "Like Sigil of Whatever"

As the, like, Sigil, I guess, went after Cloudman or something, Yasha walked in on the scene.

He was clutching a gash in his arm that he seriously hoped would heal with time, and he dragged one of his legs in an odd manner. Apparently The Death of A Thousand Cuts is a dangerous strategy, even towards a god. At least, one that was currently completely out of the power that gave him the majority of his combat ability.

Still, he was there, panting heavily and leaking a bit of orange fluid from the gash. "The Cutmen... are dead." was all he said, before bracing himself. His work was never done. As fast as his tired legs could take him, he sprinted towards Cloudman and attempted a mid-air axe kick.

Komachi stood and watched as the two robots shouted insults at each other, somewhat interested in their relation. She would have let it continue if not for Alex nearly dropkicking him in the gut. She then started taking note of her surroundings again and noticed a very badly damaged Yasha jumping at Cloudman, attempting to axe-kick him.

'The man's going to kill himself if he keeps this up...' She observed, sighing. Oh well, time to stop him. She quickly pulled out some coins and shot them at Cloudman, hoping to gain his attention and take it from Yasha, before jumping at him and lashing out with her scythe.

"Yasha! Get the fuck back down here, you've done enough!" Cried Desmond who, in his life of more 200 years, had only witnessed such witless bravery once before, when he and The Lone Wanderer had confronted Prof. Calvert. "Fulfill your death-wish another day, just get down here and rest!" Despite his words, though, Desmond was horrified to find himself impressed.
Very MacUgly sighed and swore before he drew both his pulse gun and his ripper, joining the melee. What the hell, the guy probably deserves a little help, thought the ghoul, even if it does cause me some serious pain.

Cloudman was getting a beatdown, and his lightning storm seemed to have taken out more Cutmen than enemies. When he noticed that nearly every Cutman, except five, were dead, he became a very angry, very ripped up thunderhead. "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" He shouted. Gathering up his storm, he began firing lightning webs in front of him. He knew he was going down, but he wasn't going down without a fight.

Alex was hit by a lightning web and was thrown into a wall. He slid down, groaning. The electric shocks were taking their toll on him.

The Sigil of Whatever doesn't work on robots you Emo idiot try something else thought Eyebrows inside the head of her emo self.
"Shut up, what are you like my mom or something fuck you and fuck you Cloudman." she screamed at Cloudman as she fired a giant beam of Angsty black lightning at Cloudman's stupid Prep face.

If Alex weren't so busy frying to death, he would notice that Yasha was currently suffering the same fate, far too weakened and slow to have had any hope of dodging the web. The electricity seemed to be doing less to him than Mercer, but considering his current state it was likely he would go down first, regardless. He writhed around, searching for some kind of escape method, when something occurred to him.

"Mercer, I must--URGH--make a request."

Alex looked over to Yasha, his armor plating still covering his body. He managed to get himself to one knee, his viral proteins slowly recovering from the heat of the lightning breaking them down. "Yeah?"

Yasha, never before considering lightning to be the slightest threat, had no inkling on how to stop the horrible, horrible pain. If it hasn't been mentioned that it was horrible yet... it was. As his body convulsed, he stuttered out, "I--YAH--am comp-pletely ah-out of m-mantra! I n-n-n-need m-more t-to fight! There is on-lyaaaargh--only one way to r-r-replenish it..."

He took a deep breath, interrupted by another zap. "I n-need you to p-p-pray to me."

While Airman was prepared to destroy his incompetent 'cousin', his cohorts were doing a fine job of tearing him apart. Though the chain lightning he was firing out did indeed catch him off guard as a massive bolt tore right through him, quickly regaining himself he did a instant check up of his internal systems. It read out that his damage threshold had reached 50%, nothing to hinder him though enough to make him wary until he can make repairs.

You are nothing more than a massive gas bag, why not just disperse quietly? Save us all some time! Airman began to open fire back up, launching his tearing winds by the trio, with the added bonus of a number of Cutman detritus to add some more bite to his attack, turning it from it's usual dangerous wind and into a veritable scrap storm.

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