The Big, The Bad, And The Brawly. (Yet Another) Brawl RP.

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Cloudman's life flashed before his eyes. He recalled all the times when he... Um... When he did... Stuff for... Wily? And... he realized his life sucked. As if all the world's knowledge entered him at once, he stared blankly off into space as Airman's shrapnel storms tore the covering to his circuits and Emobrow's lightning fried the final bits of his vital circuitry apart and he fell to the ground with an enormous "THUD". Cloudman was done for, but not his lightning bolt weapon. The last remaining Cutman in the room immediately ran away, screaming like a pansy.

Wily watched Cloudman's demise from his location with anger. "BUT HE WAS SO BIG! HOW COULD SOMEONE THAT MASSIVE LOSE TO MARIO- I MEAN THOSE LOSERS?!"

Wily's shouting could be heard from the room where everybody was currently at. He was just in the next room, down another very long hall with supposed traps. And traps there were! Sawblades and drills were falling from slits in the ceiling and flying from slits in the walls.

Eyebrows shook her head, she was both dizzy and felt real nauseous, but at least she was back to normal. "URgh fucking Cloudman making me go all Emo bitch for that." she said rubbing her forehead.
It was at this point that the screams of Dr. Wily could be heard by everyone. "HEY WILLY GUESS WHAT WE JUST FUCKED UP YOUR CLOUD, BITCH. WHO IS THE GOD DAMN WOMAN I'M THE GOD DAMN WOMAN WHAT YOU GONNA DO NOW SON WHAT YOU GONNA DO....." it was at this point that the saw-blades and drills dropped from the ceiling and rose from the floor, "Oh well that is certainly something Touche Willy touche"

With Cloudman out of the way Komachi looked down the next hall, hearing Dr. Wily on the other side. "Now we know where he is, but right now...", she muttered before turning to Yasha and saying, "You don't need to push yourself so hard. We're all able to pick up the slack if you're too injured to fight. Besides, at this rate you're going to start being a hinderance. Now, i'd suggest you take a page from my book, go back, and rest...but if you're going to refuse, like i suspect, at least please tell me you can move..."

Alex almost laughed. "Pray to you? I, uh- sure."

He leaned his head back against the wall and started thinking prayers to Yasha. Shit. Uh. Our father, who art in... fuck, I dunno. I have faith in you, Yasha, you've got the power to do this! He kept praying, rather unfamiliar with the practice but making a good effort notwithstanding.

Suddenly, blades popped up, and Alex's eyes sprang open. He kept praying in the back of his mind while lifting Yasha onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry. "Alright, let's get you out of here."

"Well, that was fucking stupid of me!" Said an injured Desmond Lockheart, standing shakily amidst the wreckage that was once cloudman (and bits of cutmen to be seen here, here and here) and clutching his bleeding side, "Christ, of all the days not to have a stimpack on me 'yer not gonna need them, you've got radiation, I said, 'in this world, it's hard to find a place that isn't crawling with radiation!' WELL I'M NOT IN MY FUCKING WORLD AM I!? It's gonna take weeks to get the blood out of this damn suit!" He grumbled.

Dr. Wily chuckled feverishly in his room, knowing that our heroes were just outside his doorstep. He was in no way worried and, in fact, hoped that they got here alive or chopped into a thousand pieces. "You'll never make it through that room alive! HaHA!" He shouted.

Eyebrows looked at the room full of painful looking buzz-saws and spikes and shit. "Hmm i have no idea what to do, I mean i'm not a fucking rouge...wait that's it a rouge." with that thought she reached into her pocket and pulled out a dodecahedral dice and said, "Alright I'm gonna role my acrobatics, and pray cause its kinda untrained." She then rolled her D20 like a boss, and mumbled under her breath as it role, "come on natural 20,come on natural 20, come on natural 20,come on natural...HOLY SHIT YES!" she screamed out as it landed on the number 20.
At this point she jumped and flipped through the traps with the epic skills of a ninja, "I love rolling natural 20s! WOOT WOOT!" she called out as she punched the air in victory.

"...Yes we will.", Komachi said back to the doctor, wondering if he was just saying that to repeat a stock villian saying or if he had a nasty plan for when they got there and wanted to egg them on. Reguardless, She followed Eyebrows lead and began running and jumping down the hallway of spiky and cutty doom (Doomydooms-dooms-dooms of doom), not as flawlessly as Eyebrows did but only picking up minor cuts a few times (and nearly getting impaled by a spike at one point but she got away just in time).

Y'know what? Forget you people. I'm not waitin. SO.

With my narrator magic i have whisked everyone through the sawblade room to the other end, since they've been standing there for 4 days. from their Vantage point at the entrance to the door there is a very large spiraling machine on the "stage" of a grand, almost theater-like room. There were seats and everything, balcony seats too. Looks like this is where Wily dropped all his budget. On top of the very large spiraling machine sat a very happy looking Wily inside a glass sphere with a crucifix behind him. What was on the crucifix was turned away from the party, but Wily's voice was heard clearly through the mega speakers in. The machine below him glowed a brilliant cobalt blue through deep sapphire wiring set in obsidian black metal. Energy flowed through the entire machine through those wires and tinged most of the theater a deep aquatic color. "Welcome! Welcome! I take it your all the heroes here to stop me. So I guess formal introductions are required! I am Dr. Albert Wesker Wily, Robotic Engineering genius. And I'll be your overlord from today on! Anyone wish to go next? Hm? It's like a game of musical name chairs! Only you'll all be dead soon, so it's not like i care much anyway. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Alex set Yasha in one of the seats. "Alright, Wily, game's over. Come out and I might not rip your chest cavity open."

"Come on out, doctor! We're running a little game here too, it's a lottery. If you come out here right now, then you're in the running to win the grand prize of me not cutting your face off and feeding it to you! If not, well," the decaying immortal unholstered his trusty shotgun, "we can always do this the messy way."

"WILLY! We meet at last, prepare for your reign of terror to end. I will give you 5 minute to pack your clothes." Said Eyebrows striking a heroic pose

Wily merely laughed at the three who decided to speak up to him. "How cute! Just adorable! You're all so admirable with your sense of justice! It makes me sick! Sick sick sick! Now why don't you all try to back those claims you just made! Come on, I'm right here! In this bubble of thick glass!"

Alex almost grinned. "Justice? Maybe they want justice, but I'd love to see what knowledge is in that ugly head of yours." His arms gathered mass, shaping into Hammerfists, and he sprinted at the bubble. He threw his fist forward and let his momentum propel him forward into the glass.

Desmond laughed "Please, doc, this is embarrassing! you've got quite the army here, I admit, but you don't hold a candle to any of the Players I've dealt with!" He said, drawing his pulse gun, "Come on! Let's see what this mid-life crisis-bot of yours can do!"

The glass was much much sturdier than Alex had originally thought. It was about as hard as those walls in every sandbox-y game that aren't destructible. Dr. Wily laughed out loud into the speak at Alex Mercer. "Did you really think it would be that easy? Your an incredibly dull-minded being for thinking that!" Dr. Wily hit a switch on the arm of his chair and a streak of electricity came from two rods firmly affixed to the ceiling of the "stage" and struck Mercer directly, sending him down to the ground below the "stage".

Dr. Wily scanned the room and found an old friend of his. Airman. He leaned forward and gave Airman the "Stern Father" look. "Now why are you with these hooligan's, Airman? Why defy the man who created you as you are now? It pains me to see one of my own against me."

Airman side stepped the char-broiled New-York style virus as it fell to the ground with a comical splat. It was then that he heard himself being called out by Wily, essentially his 'father'. Or at least his creator.
Looking up to the glass dome, looking for a weak point in it's construction. "You actually have to ask why? You're even stupider than I concluded. In fact, I am genuinely surprised that none of your models have ever stepped up and did this before, so I guess it comes down to me. You've wasted too many chances and how many generations of robots now?

Simply put, do you remember what happened with Dr. Cossack and his creation Skullman, in which he captured him and his daughter and held them captive at Scythe-Point on live television? It's going to go a lot like that, except I don't think I'll be talked down. And there certainly won't be any Mega Man to stop me...

Dr. Wily gritted his teeth. "How DARE one of my own creations talk to me in such a way! Even Bass was never so adamant! But speaking of Bass... I'd like you to meet a little friend of mine, since you're so set on bringing me down..."

Dr. Wily grinned a massive and almost painful looking grin as he clicked another button on one of his arm rests and thus opened a hatch in the ceiling. There was a "VWOOSH" sound as something flew straight downward from it before making an almost perfect 90 degree turn to right itself before hitting the ground and landing next to Wily's machine. The object in question was another robot, but a much different one than usually. This robot was black all over with a tinge of purple here and there. It was human sized, but it's head had large, fin-like "ear" shapes, with yellow inner linings, and large, mechanical purple wings. Oh yeah, everyone, we're already meeting Treble-form Bass.

"Bass, please teach these fools the error of their ways. They're powerful adversaries, worthy of your skills." Said Wily, who began to cackle loudly as he furious started doing things and processes which were no doubt activating the machine below him, as it began to make strange, powering up noise.

Bass scanned the room, a very serious, analyzing look on his face. "They seem strong enough..." He said to himself. Without a moment's notice, Bass began opening rapid fire upon everyone, a hail of Buster Bullets raining everywhere.

As the Buster Bullets fell, a blue flash lit up the room. A ricocheting figure bounded off the walls, making up for lost time as he deflected any shot that dared to get closet to the individuals gathered up against Wily. As the barrage finally slowed, the image of Yasha faded into the center of the room.

A pulsating energy ball caught between his clenched teeth dissipated as he bit down.

"Think fast."

Moving once more, Yasha opened with a spinning axe kick that propelled a frankly ridiculous distance as he assaulted Bass.

"Wily," sighed Desmond, "that is the ugliest damn thing I've ever seen and I own a mirror." He fired off a series of shots with his pulse gun, grinning, before ducking behind a row of seats. "It's also a bigger fucking target than it needs to be!"

Alex kicked to his feet, dazed from the electricity, but he managed to run at Bass and do the same move with his Hammerfists, launching straight at the robot.

Saber shucked and jived through a hail of buster blasts as she approached Treble-form Bass rapidly, she then brought down her sword in a full on slice with all the power a Heroic Spirit could muster. "Is this all that we have in regards of a challenge?"

Meanwhile, Protago idled in the middle of the room.

There was, needless to say, a whole ton of flying shit going straight for Treble-form Bass. He kinda let his eyebrows lower a bit and he put on this really unamused face as it all hit him in the gut, one after the other. There was a very large cloud of smoke which obscured Bass from view for a minute, most of it having come from UGLY's attack. And, like how this always works, Treble was still kicking when the cloud of smoke dispersed. Beaten a bit? Yes. Down for the count? No. Pissed off? Hell yeah. He turned his head to the good doctor and spoke aloud. "Is it time we pull our trump card?"

Dr. Wily's face grew a very horrible smile and his teeth were fully visible. Bastard didn't brush, he must have been way too excited today. "Oh yes! I nearly forgot about that!" Wily leaned forward and spread his hands open in front of him, almost in a mock "Take a look at this shit" pose. "Gentlemen, I have one question for all of you." And with that, Wily chuckled and clicked another button on his chair, which began to rotate around slowly. "To whom does this lovely young lady belong to?" Behind the chair was a real crucifix, fixed to the chair with iron plates on the bottom. Tied to the crucifix in a manor in which you would ACTUALLY crucify someone on a cross was Rin Tohsaka, mouth closed with ropes.

Eyebrows stopped spacing out, when she saw the form of Rin Tohsaka tied to the really for reals crucifix. She knew where this was going and she didn't like it. She took out her Mace and began to monologue heroically.
WILLY! You sick son of a bitch, I knew you were evil, but are you seriously going to use this innocent young girl for your on sick and twisted Robot Porn. Its unacceptable, I swear to you WILLY, you will never rape this girl with a bicycle.!" She then charged at Treble-form Bass in desperate attempt at stopping Willy's Dastardly Bastardly Evil Robot Porn plans.

"Listen, kid, I don't know who that little lady is and, frankly, I don't give a flying fuck what happens to her." Sneered Desmond, "And even if I did, why would I show any mercy to a man who gloats about kidnapping an innconet girl?"
He readied another round of shots at the floating gay-pride robot "It's just not your day, is it, you little fucker?"


Saber scowled something awful and looked down clutching her sword slightly harder than normal. "Such a cowardly tactic.... Taking a hostage... And that hostage of all people!" Protago's face was filled with a mix of emotions, he was happy to finally be so close to Rin again, but this situation was not the circumstances he was hoping the meeting would be under. "Saber... Lower your weapon." He said slowly as she obeyed begrudgingly. "What do you want?"

"I guess it's not my lucky day..." Said Bass, half sarcastically. Me, assuming that Vlad Draculugly's shots reached Bass before a charging Eyebrows did, will now have Bass making expert dodges against Desmond's assault, but still getting some dents from the volley.

Wily was a little disgusted at Eyebrow's remarks. "I... You think I... What? No! What's wrong with you?! Just.... Just be quiet. Jesus... Though, if i could do that, i could swing an extra buck... No... no... That's just sick...."

Bass merely sighed at Eyebrow's statement and unleashed a huge volley of rapid fire buster shots at her, still dodging the assault from Monster

Wily diverted his attention from the robot fights to Protag O., who had spoken up about Rin. He cupped Rin's chin in his hand and shook her head from side to side a bit. "Aaah. So this is YOUR little girlfriend is it? Do you know what I want from you? Call off your friends unless you want her to die!" Wily used his free hand to reach into one of his coat pockets, where he produced a very comical looking ray gun.

"Oh shit..takyi mushrooms, Hot stuff coming my way!" she screamed as she dodged the horrible robot laser booms, just by the skin of her neck, it did mange to burn off a good inch of her bushy red hair.
"MY HAIR YOU SON OF A BITCH I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU" she then wailed on Treble with her Mace

"Heha!" Desmond laughed in triumph as another pulse hit Bassman, interupting his flight path and knocking him into a wall, "You know you're not gonna last much longer, don't you?" Desmond cackled as he jumped over another few rows of chairs, "face it, You're busted and bruised, I'm smelling like daisies (metaphorically, anyway) and your father, lovely man that he is, has just abandonned you to me, the sadistic motherfucker with the cool gun who's about to tear you apart. Slowly." Another volley of shots and Desmond reloaded,looking over his shoulder at the battle between Wily and the rest of the Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, "Lovely fellow, isn't he?"

"Desmond, watch where you shoot that damn thing" she said as she dodged Treble Bass' buster fire and some of Desmond's fire.

Wily pressed the barrel of the gun against Rin's temples a little harder. "Do you want your little girlfriend to die, kid? Tell your little friends to stop!" He said, with a big, shit eating grin on his face.

Meanwhile, Bass was being smacked in the face with a mace, while being pelted with expert gunfire. "Get off me!" He shouted, trying to push Eyebrows off himself.

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