Limit of Infinity: A Shadowrun RP (Game thread)

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Roberts watched as the group slowly grew, this was shaping up to be an interesting job. Aside from the suited thing straight out of an old sci-fi film the rest of the people waiting around were your normal breed: assassins, mages, scum in the form of every race under the sun thinking it was time to make a move he looked for someone to strike a conversation with; the elves were off in a booth talking about nature or some shit while the suited fellow was waltzing around with a serious sense of superiority. Johnson was just sitting there, he'd finished his meal and was just watching the group with intrigue as if enjoying their little small talk more than they were, whatever the job was it could clearly wait in his eyes.

Then he saw a girl walk in, she must of been some urchin who wandered off the street. She was about 15 with am aura of quiet power about her, Roberts could always spot a mage but she clearly wasn't, yet the feeling of power remained. Either way she was way to young to be in this place surrounded by a group of people likely to fire two rounds in her head, something made him want to keep her safe; probably the time when he got a bullet in his leg of walking into the wrong club as a kid. He got up out of his seat and as he walked changed his face from grouchy old cowboy to preset 11 an unremarkable man in his late 20's, as he grew close to the girl his skin began to crawl as it did when he saw a particularly large bug around his base. Roberts hated bugs.

"Hey kid. I suggest you run back to whatever shelter you're living in, this is not a good place to be tonight"

"Want to guess which ones are Mages?" Finwe had asked, as he scanned each of the individual members that had gathered here for this assignment. Sebastian looked around the room, giving each person a cautionary glance, as he tried looking for tell tale signs of a magic user. Whilst he himself lacked any form of magical ability, Sebastian could occasionally sense someone who did.

"Hmm, there are a couple here, aside from yourself Finwe. That one over there, guy who looks like he used to be a Lonestar operative. There is also that being wearing the orange spacesuit, although, the magic there seems different, like it isn't natural." Sebastian sat back, and watched as a young girl, no older than fifteen, and having an affinity with insects entered. A twenty year old man approached her.

"Hey kid. I suggest you run back to whatever shelter you're living in, this is not a good place to be tonight." The man retorted, advising the young girl to leave this place, probably due to the array of dubious characters. Sebastian then called out to the man, catching his attention.

"Whilst I commend your act of wanting to keep the young lady safe, you have to ask the question of, what if she wants to be here? She, like the rest of us, have been probably asked to come here, so the terms of the contract can be discussed." He remarked, saying it rather calmly. Sebastian then spoke to the young girl.

"You know Miss, whilst some of us look like we could kill you without a second thought; some of us are rather nice. Take for example, myself, and my young friend here; we're rather pleasant people, aren't we?"

As everyone else wandered in, Venaticus was disturbed by a girl walking in with a large suit. While it was not dramatically uncommon for such occurances to happen, he could see the AI within suit and hear what it was doing. A little girl and her AI accomplice, I had better keep a close eye on this one.

One by one, others joined in and soon the club was crowded with elves, mages, a wolf man and so on. He remained quiet as his goal was to get attention off of himself, not become affiliated with more vagrants and the like. Why is it never a group of people with candy and nice television who want to talk about what they saw on the Matrix yesterday? Always a group of people who kill and rob with no second thoughts about it. A thought occurred to Venaticus that while they might be the organic ones, if they could kill without remorse then wasn't he more human than them? All these atrocities and he was the only one attempting to put an end to them. What a confusing world the gods created.

Venaticus went on the matrix for a bit to check on the husband, to see if he was right. To his disappointment, he was. Three murdered, two children and their father, expected linking to earlier murder of elf and of aged male. He quickly sent a message to one of his contacts asking for him to figure out which gang the elf woman and her husband ran with. The males name was Stephen Cone and Venaticus knew that either it was a rival gang looking for vengeance or their old gang looking to keep them quiet and he would bring a stop to whoever murdered an entire family to keep their "agenda" going.

"You are right you have an excellent eye. and there is something wrong with her magic well not wrong just unnatural I don't know what it is. And yes that guy is a mage and there are also allot of adepts."

Finwe looks impressed.

The young girl enters and the man starts talking to her then Sebastian starts. Finwe takes a good looks and sees some strange kind of magic.

Finwe adds
"Yes we wouldn't hurt you. And we are pleasant people like my friend said. If you want you can take a seat."
Finwe pushes a chair backs and looks at her with a smile inviting her to sit down at their table.
He whispers to Sebastian.
"She has some strange kind of magic. And is probably stronger then me with magic watch yourself"

Did he say friend?... Did he mean that?... I hope so..

This night was turning out to be a looong one. Just sitting there and watching the Weirdo Brigade increase in number as more people turned up reminded why he chose not to become a private investiagator. Sheer boredom. He looked over to the group and picked up a snippet of conversation:

"That guy is a mage and there are also a lot of adepts."

What sort of job was this going to be? One with mages and adepts and magical explosions everywhere? He cursed, this wasn't his sort of job. He looked back at the twins. Totally exhausted after that number on the dance floor.

"What is it now?" Lindsey sighed.

"The pair of you need a rest." Charlie said "As a good gardener I take care of my flowers. The cab is waiting outside if you wanna crash in your house."

"You don't have to tell us twice." Lisa replied.

And with that, they were gone. Marlowe sighed with relief, they wouldn't be caught in this, they would be safe and it was all thanks to him. Charlie took his pencil and paper out and added the two to The List. After that he walk over to the Weirdo Brigade.

"Anyone here because of a Jap Johnson?"

"How long was I a cop. Quit in '62. So no, not a bust. Don't think I ever went against an Ancient either."

"Good for you, it's probably why you're still alive."

Wulf looked out again at the group assembled, very magic heavy, by the look of it, more adepts than had gathered in the last ten years from his experience. Whoever was in the suit began casually throwing a ball of energy from one hand to the other, seems whenever it didn't know what it was doing, it yelled first, and then tried some kind of intimidation? Whatever, it mostly bored Wulf and made him choose whoever was in it to die first if this run went sour, right before the cop. If they were that stupid or that inexperienced in the streets then they didn't have the right to live on them.

He stayed with his decision to quit drinking for the rest of the night and instead watched the room swell, content to sit and watch the drinking,bickering, and general joviality of the place. It was much quieter than he was used to, so he easily heard conversations all around the room to listen to. Maybe give himself some kind of a heads-up about who else was here and any discontents so that if the cop was lying, he knew who to watch for and where not to go.

Clay was through with his water and halfway through his scotch before something caught his eye; a faint glimmer from across the club. His eyes quickly spotted the source: a metal necklace, or rather a collar from the looks of it. The gleaming jewelry definitely stood out from the rest of the man's attire, which was the sort of clothes one might wear when they had little to no intention of doing so much as even looking at their front door that day. In other words: certainly not the outfit one would be wearing to any sort of formal gathering. Clay hopped off the barstool, making sure grab what was left of his scotch to bring along, then made his way over to the booth that the man with the interesting piece of metal sat. Deciding to go ahead and take a seat on the booth bench across from the man, he set his scotch down along with his hands on the table, making his unique extra features clearly visible.

"Say, pal," said Clay, smiling cheerily, shortly before taking a sip of his scotch. "Mighty fancy piece of metal you got there. Not somethin' ya see in your run-of-the-mill jeweler's catalogue. Anyways, bad ice breakers aside, the name's Clayton. Though you can just call me Clay. Judging from the muttering I keep picking up on from the rest of the crowd, I feel I can safely assume you're here for the same reason as most of us. Though I suppose it'd be pretty rude to not at least ask what brings you to this side of town."

Whilst? Roberts was starting to remember why he didn't like Elves. This one looked familiar though, Roberts was certain he had seem him before in some of the less savoury clubs Seattle had to offer. He looked the Elf up and down,he was carrying unremarkable equipment, nothing that gave evidence of his trade, but those eyes. Red and gold. Roberts was always told that know everyone with a reputation in the city and when you're an assassin running around with those kinda eyes you were bound to be noticed.

"Yes Mr Shade, some of us are nice people"

Nolan was feeling more and more out of place in this bar. So many mages, so many augmentations, and so many metahumans. He was just a man with a machine pistol, a switchblade, and his skills. Perhaps it was time to make an ally here. He downed the last sips of beer, rose from his bar, and walked over to a group of people in time to hear Charlie ask, "Anyone here because of a Jap Johnson?"

"I'm here to meet a Johnson. Don't know if he's a Jap or not. Josh Nolan." he answered extending his hand to the man who had asked the question.

Avalanche surveyed the occupants of the bar while waiting for the contact to show up. A couple elves conversed at a table, trying to guess who all had magical abilities, a human that looked to be a cop talking with an elf that looked to be a gangster. Someone in a giant enviro suit, which had him a bit on edge, if only because he couldn't smell what was inside. Another, trying to avoid attention, was leaning against the back wall of the club. That one made Avalanche uneasy as well... No scent from him either...

The man that had been sitting at the bar made his way over to Avalanche's table, and set his drink on the table before sitting down. Two thumbs? He thought, not showing any surprise to keep the man off balance. That's not common among humans. Wonder how he got that way...

"Say, pal, mighty fancy piece of metal you got there. Not somethin' ya see in your run-of-the-mill jeweler's catalogue. Anyways, bad ice breakers aside, the name's Clayton. Though you can just call me Clay. Judging from the muttering I keep picking up on from the rest of the crowd, I feel I can safely assume you're here for the same reason as most of us. Though I suppose it'd be pretty rude to not at least ask what brings you to this side of town."

"Well, Clay," Avalanche started. "I'm known as Avalanche. I'm here because I was offered a job through an old friend of mine. He requested I take it, and because I respect him enough to trust his judgment, I decided to at least see what it's about." Clay seemed friendly enough, didn't appear to have any cybernetics, but that didn't mean he wasn't magically modified. "As for the jewelry, it's something I picked up a few years ago. I like the way it looks, so I figure I'll keep it around." Avalanche wasn't particularly concerned that Clay would pick up on the evasion, as he had no way of knowing what the collar was really for, at least without seeing Avalanche work.

Hmm... Lets see if I can get a reaction out of him. He thought. Judge his temperament a bit more. Considering Clay's hands again, Avalanche asked: "So, not that it's any of my business, but doesn't the extra pair of thumbs make gripping things... difficult?"

"Yes Mr Shade, some of us are nice people." Roberts asked. Sebastian could only help but chuckle slightly.

"I suppose some people are, Dread Pirate Roberts. You know, that name reminds me of an old film I used to watch. It involved, swords, action, adventure, comedy, love. What was it called though?..." Sebastian asked aloud, racking his brain for an answer. Suddenly, it came to him.

"Ah yes, The Princess Bride. Ever heard of it? Certainly was a classic film. One of my favourites actually." Sebastian remarked, reminiscing in some happy memories. He then returned from his little nostalgia trip, with a more serious, but calm attitude, as was his usual demeanour.

"So, you've heard of me then?"

Chromad's eyes boggled at the menagerie that lay before him. He'd spent all that time trying to stay on the low down. Covering up his burns and wearing the most generic shit within arms reach and here he was, penetrating a super secret underground populated by a bunch of furrys and cosplayers. All those times he'd been called a clown and believed that he wasn't professional enough for the big leagues rang hollow. All the shame and worry associated with his BTL induced lateness melted away as he took in the scattering of peacocks and- perhaps worse still- the plethora of commlinks either cruising on public or openly firing signals all over the place. He sunk onto his ass in a corner, hid his head in the hood of his jumpsuit, ad began fiddling with with his commlink in a deep front pocket.

Out from his leg crawled Vera the Shiawase Microdrone. She would be his eyes and ears. His sniffer program snorted away at the ID's in the place, mining hard into all that unsecured data. His contact lenses were a blur of AR feeds now, occasionally interrupted by nervous glances at the freak brigade.

"Well, Clay, I'm known as Avalanche. I'm here because I was offered a job through an old friend of mine. He requested I take it, and because I respect him enough to trust his judgment, I decided to at least see what it's about."

Sounds reasonable enough, Clay thought as he nodded to show he understood.

"As for the jewelry, it's something I picked up a few years ago. I like the way it looks, so I figure I'll keep it around."

"That's good enough a reason as any, I suppose," said Clay as he begun to rapidly spin his glass of scotch with his fingers. He was a little skeptical of the simplicity in Avalanche's answer, though he didn't let it show. He thought to himself as he spun the glass, Sure, pal. And my name is Shirley Fuckin' Temple. But ya haven't given me a reason to doubt ya and I haven't seen my official birth certificate, so for all I know both those statements are true.

"So, not that it's any of my business, but doesn't the extra pair of thumbs make gripping things... difficult?"

Clay had been taking a sip of scotch as the man before him prosed the question, then looked at his own thumbs as he gave the answer he'd given countless times before.

"Y'know, you would think so, at least for most people, but given enough time and practice this 'defect' becomes more helpful than hindering," Clay replied, then held his four thumbs up before his eyes. He looked at Avalanche through the gaps between them and began to spread each pair of thumbs while wiggling them, alternating between the inner and outer sets. "See? Each one can be controlled individually, as I was lucky enough for the tendons to have been developed seperate from one another. These little guys even earned me the nickname 'Fingers' as I was growing up. Wasn't too fond of it at first, but it grew onto me after a while."

Roberts face darkened, he'd expected someone to work out who he was but this was way too soon. Rookie mistake, never change face when people could be watching the elf must of noticed and put two and two together.

"So, you've heard of me then?"

"Lets just say I've heard some things about a nimble little man jogging around slicing necks, assassination seems like a bad game to get into when one looks a certain way dont you think?"

On the last sentence Roberts shifted his face, it was subtly enough so that the kid wouldn't notice but to the elf it would of been obvious. He reached out his hand to the elf

"Dread Pirate at your service. Now tell me, happen to know anything about this gig beyond those twelve angry Asians glaring at us?"

Sebastian gave a cautionary glance over to the group of twelve Japanese men in business attire, before shaking Roberts hand in response. He noticed a slight difference about the man's face, but decided not to speak up about it.

"Not in the slightest I'm afraid." He remarked, referring to the suited men.

"In any case, the name is Sebastian, but of course, you know me by my other name, Shade Walker. I must say though, it certainly is an honour, to meet the famous Dread Pirate Roberts. The legend of the masked man, is a breathtaking one. I admire your abilities. Please, have a seat." Sebastian, then motioned to the table that he and Finwe were stationed at.

"I suppose in a way, you have a point about it being a bad gig to get into. Then again, when one was trained since childhood, it is a difficult path to move from to say the least. The Wings are not soulless killers mind you, we act with a certain air of grace, precision, and professionalism. We have fraternities, situated on a global scale, that recruit those who have talent. However, the best of us, come from those, who were born into the order."

"I'm here to meet a Johnson. Don't know if he's a Jap or not. Josh Nolan." he answered extending his hand to the man who had asked the question.

Charlie similed, someone had bit the line. Finally. The meta-humans and adepts were mostly talking among themselves, about their powers or whatnot. He seemed to him that the circus had come to town and invaded the club with all the colourful cast of characters here. In Marlowe's experience meta-humans put people of the same race first before boring humanity, and from the reaction of the table this theory was up to scratch. However, he was surprised when a hand was extended towards him. He had mostly thought until now that he was the only 'normal' one here.

"Charlie Marlowe." He said as he shook the hand with gusto. "Seems an odd job if they bring an ex-lawyer and a mechanic for a job along with mages and adepts. You think whatever the problem is just could be solved by a large force of mage, dutiifully appilied."

You can tell a lot by a handshake. This guy was just looking for a 'normal' guy just like him, still couldn't fault him on that, or his hat. It was a nice hat.

Nova still wasn't sure what she was doing here, they were all saying things she had no idea about, she'd never heard any of the words, and it was so new to her.
She decided to ask them since Mr Suit wasn't explaining things.
"So what exactly is this place?" She asked in general. "Do any of you know Mr Suit?" The answers were semi important to her but really she was just looking for any information available to her. Speaking of which.
"What's a Jap?"

"Forced destiny huh? Always fun"
Roberts joined the man at his table and nodded his head at the other elf, he looked over to the girl wondering why she hadn't said a word, she seemed lost in her own little world.
"I guess a free room and training in the deadly arts is worth it though. Not sure how useful grace is when backed in a corner but to each their own" Gazing around he saw that other small groups had formed each in conversation, everyone here must be a member of the group but there were so many, must be a big job. He turned to the other elf
"So what's your game stretch?"

Venaticus had been paying close attention to the suited woman and now that she spoke it seemed like a good time to introduce himself. He broke off the wall and approached her.

"So what exactly is this place?"

"This is a nightclub, owned by some gang or another. I have been here once actually, to investigate a date rape for some woman. It was solved quickly so I hadn't remembered until now. The usual comings and goings of this place are not unlike most night clubs here."

"Do any of you know Mr Suit?"

So that is an AI controlling the suit. "No, I am afraid I do not, though I assume you are speaking of an AI that lives in your suit I presume? If I may ask, what is it exactly this Mr. Suit wants out of you? Oh, and a Jap is a derogatory method of which is used to refer to people of Japanese descent."

"See? Each one can be controlled individually, as I was lucky enough for the tendons to have been developed seperate from one another. These little guys even earned me the nickname 'Fingers' as I was growing up. Wasn't too fond of it at first, but it grew onto me after a while."

"I suppose that would be handy, once ya got used to it." Avalanche commented, not really thinking it'd work for him. "So, if you don't mind me asking, what would get a guy like you called to a meet like this?" He wasn't sure about this Clay guy. He was more controlled, less jumpy than most humans Avalanche had come into contact with. That made him interesting, so he would continue the conversation until the man showed up.

Avalanche noticed the two that made him uneasy start talking with each other. Hmm... Makes sense, I guess. Each animal seeks out it's own, it'd make sense that meta-humans'd be no different. He didn't particularly like this development, but he didn't have much choice in the matter at the moment. Relax, the meet starts at 2, then you can go back to your park. Not much more time to wait.

Finwe had been quiet for a while allowing the 2 men to talk it out and wait for a change to join in the conversation.

"What do you mean with game stretch?"

Finwe looked irritated.

Finwe had been quiet for a while he already expected Sebastian to be someone like the Shade walker.
HAha the dread pirate another urban legend dont make me laugh he was supposed to have magic this guy is as augmented as they come. I just thought i met another elf like me i geuss i have but why does this irritaing rip off show up and start talking to us. Well him and me remember you just met him he may look like your master but that doesnt mean he is trustworthy yet.

Edge was already at the Club Raven by 2AM, it wasn't a place that he was a regular, but he knew it well enough that he found his way fairly easily and quickly. It had taken him perhaps 20 minutes of jumping across rooftops to reach the place, having been forced to take a short detour across a series of warehouses, due to have being chased across a construction site by a group particularly angry (and strangely dexterous) dwarves, who eventually gave up as Edge managed to escape the site's perimeter, just before a hail of wrenches hit the wire fence behind him.

As he entered the club, he noticed that he hadn't been frisked by the doorman, although he remembered that the Raven had a reputation for being a Runners den, and it made sense that the club did not want to discourage it's regulars, or deter any potential new customers looking for a unscrupulous place to meet or discuss a shady job. Still, Edge wondered whether letting lots dangerous people who could perhaps be concealing an entire arsenal of weapons, all be concentrated in a single place, without any real security, and adding the unpredictability of drugs and alcohol, was particularly foolish.

But then he remembered what kinds of people owned the place. Never mind then.

He looked around the dark and musty room. It was surprisingly sparse, or at least less packed than he last remembered from being here a couple of years ago. Edge had no idea who he was looking for; he was only told to be here for 2 AM, which, granted, he was 5 minutes late for. Fashionably late at worst. He was not told if he was to wait for a particular person, hell, he didn't even know what the Johnson who hired him looked like, he had only heard about this job from Merchant. He was beginning to think that this was a bad idea. This club stank of magic. He knew the smell well from contact with some pretty shady sorcerers back in the day.

Edge looked around to try and see what kind of characters were around him. He saw a rather varied group of individuals assembling on a table in the corner. There were all sorts gathered at the table; from what he could see there were at least a couple of mages, an ex-fed or possible Lonestar, a strange tall figure in an environmental suit, and a beautiful teenage girl with golden eyes. The other figures all seemed to be in the shadows, not that he saw them, he was awestruck by the innocent beauty of the girl.

This isn't the kind of place for a girl like that...

Snapping out of his initial bewitchment, Edge made his way to the bar and ordered an aged single-malt whiskey. The tingling feeling as it made it's way down his throat cleared his head, as well as filled him with a feeling of class and refinement that was almost alien to him. He told himself that he should get used to it. He would take the money from this job, and then he'd use it to rise to the top of this cesspit.

That's what he told himself anyway.

Growing increasingly bored with sitting at the bar chewing away on his gum, hoping for what he assumed would be his client approach him, Edge decided to take a stab in the dark, and made his way over to the table in the corner which was populated by a ragtag bunch of people. It became obvious that they were all runners here for the same job, as he had overheard them all mentioning a certain Mr Johnson.

Swallowing his last drop of liquid courage, he introduced himself to the group.

"Evening people. I'm assuming you're all here for the same job that I am? 20K, 2 AM? I couldn't help but overhear on your conversation y'see..."

His eye caught the young girl's again, this time he quickly composed himself before continuing to talk.


"Anyway, the name's Edge. I hope we can all get along" he said with the usual upbeat tone in his voice and the obnoxious grin on his face.

He extended a hand from his jacket pocket, to anyone who dared to shake it. Accompanied by a large "POP" as his gum bubble exploded.

"Anyway, the name's Edge. I hope we can all get along"

Wulf was pulled from his watch over the room by the swaggering step of a human, little more than a child, and his subsequent joining of their table and the particularly painful *POP* of his gum. The kid looked the part of a ganger, and judging from that stupid grin and staring off into space after seeing a girl, not a very bright one either. He'd given up his guns at the front before, but the human, his name "Edge" of all things, did the next stupid thing, he extended his hand. He didn't feel like taking chances today, those kids he'd roughed up earlier may have found a friend, or the damned Halloweeners may have seen him coming this way. They still hadn't forgotten about the warehouse fire where he'd killed that one guy, Bbq, something along those lines.

Wulf shook his hand, and before he had a chance to react, had thrown Edge to the floor, one knee on his chest, and the hand he'd shaken still held in place, though around his throat now.

"Now tell me kid, no, don't reach for anything, you here for the Halloweeners or Humanis?"

Reacting immediately to the situation at hand, Venaticus dashed up to Wulf and grabbed him back. Pulling his hand back and holding the other arm to Wulf's chest. He then locked his arms and hands down to stop any movement. "I might not look strong but I can surprise people. He has done nothing to you and has given zero indication of being affiliated with either gang. Now if you do not calm down I will be forced to restrain you. Please cease this at once. I will not ask again."

Venaticus was not pleased to be in the limelight. A showing of strength would draw attention to him and possibly make people question his humanity. Damn violent thugs. Always making my life more complicated with their paranoia.

From the look on the Elfs face Roberts could tell he wasn't to pleased, he clearly didn't like another person coming over and ruining whatever conversation he was having with Sebastian. Drawing a cigarette from his pocket Roberts placed it in his mouth an snapped his fingers, a small flame popped up on the tips which he used to light the thing; spark gloves, developed by his master, unlike him that guy could really cast a spell. He'd enchanted the things to create a flare when snapped, hell they even created a small magic serge when used, just enough to fool your average mage.

In truth Roberts never smoked at home the whole thing was just a show; it made him seem nonchalant as well as implying he could use magic. Given that most elves could weave some sort of spell it was worth acting like could, mages had a tendency to act all high and mighty around "regular people"

"I meant, what do you do? You look like you're able to handle yourself"

Finwe grinned

"What do I do well for starters I don't lie about my identity. That just now wasn't magic but just a simple trick. And put out that cigarette would you? I know what smoking can do and believe me you don't want to know. But if you must know I am a mystic adept who can handle guns and knives and a few spells."

Finwe looks at Robert's cigarette with disgust.

Finwe gave Sebastian a look.

I hope he understands that I don't want every one to know that I am a doctor that causes some people to charge in thinking I will fix them up which I wont in most cases.

The arms holding him were much too strong to be human. The surprise that accompanied it lasted for an instant as he realized this was a machine, not a man. He spun out of the thing's grip, but it caught ahold of his duster, which he allowed to be lost. Edge was just getting up when Wulf spun and kicked him in the jaw,dropping him to a knee. Reversing his stance in the blink of an eye he dropped to the floor, sweeping the legs out from under the machine that had held him moments before and grabbing his coat as it fell out its hand.

Putting it back on, he muttered,"This isn't worth the nuyen, you follow me kid, be ready to die." He began his departure and grabbed his guns from the front where he'd let them be taken by the bouncer. He paid his tab, and an extra hundred for the disturbance and made his way to the door.

"So, if you don't mind me asking, what would get a guy like you called to a meet like this?"

"Ehh, I s'pose it'd have to be the fact that I've got the lightest feet in town, least from those free of any augmentations," said Clay, leaning back into the bench. "None too heavy on the hands neither. I suppose my eager nature for dangerous work and my inexplicable magnetism towards trouble probably didn't hurt my chances. As young as I am, I'm sure my experience also had something to do with my selec-"

Clay was interrupted by commotion at one of the tables and in a flash, his Colt Asp was drawn and cocked beneath the cover of the table as he was prepared to light up anyone who may pose a threat to himself. It only took a moment to assess the situation, apparantly the young newcomer angered one of the more aged and grizzled of the bunch in some way or another. Still, he kept his barrel trained on the small crowd in caution. In mere moments, the kerfuffle escalated then was swiftly resolved, resulting in the would-be hero floored, the new kid knocked to his knees, and the explosive aggressor storming out of the door.

"The fuck is that guy's problem?" Clay started again, keeping his eyes and Colt on the commotion and taking another sip of his scotch. "Anywho, Avalanche, if you don't mind me askin', what do you do that makes you so desirable for this job?"

Venaticus rose from the floor, shook his head and grabbed Edge's hand pulling him back up. He was surprised at the strength of the floor considering his weight normally would cause some damage, had to be some strong metal. "Ignore our violent friend, my name is Rodrigo, nice to meet your acquaintance Edge." He forced a small smile on to his face to seem more friendly.

Damn damn damn damn damn. Why is it nothing ever goes the way it should? I could have him arrested but he might end up telling security and then I would have to leave. Best to leave things where they are for now.

As Edge rose from being thrown to the floor, he was greeted by a roundhouse kick to the jaw.

Fuck! That's what I get for being polite

"This isn't worth the nuyen, you follow me kid, be ready to die."

As the man who assaulted him began to make his way to the door, Edge drew a throwing knife from his sleeve, which he then proceeded to throw at the man, it pinned itself in the doorway, centimetres from his head.

"Does that count as following you prick?" he said as he spat out some blood.

He planted his feet in the ground, and flicked out two balisong into his hands, which he twirled before locking them and beckoning the man with the blades, inviting him to come closer.

Mortis Nuncius:

Roberts smirked, he had guessed someone would bring this up, they always did. Realising he would only be impressed by something showy Roberts had no choice but to go all out. He slid his hand under the table and to his belt, unnoticed he hit a small button on the buckle; a sonic resonator, in 10 seconds it would sound and shatter every glass about 10ft from them. He then pressed the one next to it, again a little device from his master this one created a magical pulse which on its own did nothing but was undeniably magic. It would appear like he had cast a small but effective spell.

He began to speak
"Listen Kid. I Suggest you dont fuck with someone whose been at this since before you were born" On the last word he clenched his fist, it was timed perfectly with the resonance and as if by magic everyone's glass exploded into shard including the elf's which luckily he wasn't holding. Unfortunately it also ruined the drinks on the table next to theirs.

"sorry guys, I'll buy the next round.

Finwe seemed unimpressed. He leans in closer.

"Don't fuck with me you are as augmented as one can be you may have tricks but I have a brain. I might not be a full mage but I know more about magic then you ever will as well as any other mage I can see what you just did. That was magic that it was but not the kind that shatters glass it was just some flashy magic I don't know how you shattered the glass but not with magic."

"Any way pirate are you going to put out that cigarette or do you want to smoke a bit more acting tough."

Finwe says mockingly.


Mortis Nuncius:

Roberts slowly took the cigarette out of his mouth and put it out on the table, this guy was going to be a pain in the ass. Unfortunately he had run out of magic tricks, he hadn't expected such an annoying little elf.
Note to self he thought bring more 'spells'

"Well lets hope that brain of yours doesn't screw you over my friend" He got up and began walking towards the bar to buy some more drinks, as he stepped away he pointed his finger next to Finwe's head, a tiny bolt shot out and hit right above it, another one of his masters tricks.
The Elf couldn't retaliate without Johnson's gang turning him into cheese.

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