Limit of Infinity: A Shadowrun RP (Game thread)

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Marlowe was shocked to see that the ragtag group did not follow suit with his greeting. The Japanese are very polite, very measured and very reserved. To them, until proven otherwise, you're just another 'gaijin' and thus disposable. Now he know the specifics of the job, he knew his contracts would be glad to help, this shadowrun squad, not so much. The fights had already shown the amount if cooperation this team was capable of this. But still, 20k plus bonuses? Well, the mages would have to stay until control for one and they had to be discrete for another. A minimum of 20k wasn't bad. His mind was made up.

"Tanaka-san, I graciously accept."

Mr. Johnson continued answering the questions posed to him. "Well Shadowdriver-san, It is my suspicion it is impossible to escape from the facilities without being detected at some point, so I can only presume your knowledge of the streets of Seattle will be exceedingly helpful in escaping." he replied honestly with a slight shrug.

"And Nolan-san; I cannot determine the value of the information you seek - it is only to you that my information is particularly valuable. You know the price of it, whether you desire it or not is up to you to decide. But, if it were my brother, I would value the information highly." he answered Nolan, being intentionally vague.

"so how much time do we have?" Roberts asked "I mean is there a finalized date or can we spend as long as we want?"
Please dont be too long he thought a group like this is gonna be at eachothers throats within a week

With every question, violence seemed more and more likely. Building can come down and...wait. Scientific experiment? All the sudden the former option of that suit being a creature seemed much more probable, it also explained his demeanor. Venaticus would have to run a search through his memory bank as to which creatures could speak English. Back to the matter at hand, it seemed likely that a distraction would be made in the recovery of data and the killing of the target which would draw most of the guards away from his objective. At the same time, while he was there he could also shut down any automated defenses, making everyone's lives easier. At least I can go through this without committing horrid atrocities. Except maybe to those computers.

Venaticus coldly stated while sitting down "I'll do it. Also, what exactly is the data you would like us to recover? You will have to be specific here because the underlying details of the mission will change dramatically depending on what you want."

Josh Nolan did not like vague promises. But this Tanaka was not going to me of much help until the job was complete, and Josh knew there was no way he could quit after driving three-quarters of the way across the country.

"Okay. I'm in. When are the specifics of the job going to be given out?"

"So are you going to accept the job friend?" Finwe asked smiling afterwards, and looking rather relieved.

"I will Finwe, but first..." Sebastian replied with, before standing up to address Mr.Tanaka.

"Mr. Tanaka-san, before I sign on to this little mission, I have a series of questions I would like to ask first; to provide context and clarity." He then began reading off a notepad of questions he had made, whilst the other people stationed here, had asked their own.

"Firstly, what kind of defences do you expect that we will encounter during this mission?

Secondly, in regards to the person that we must detain, what made them become a target in the first place?

Thirdly, is there any specific method or means, that the target may be vulnerable?

Finally, as the Orc gentleman had asked earlier, what role will I have in this performance?"

Sebastian then sat back down, and patiently waited for a response.

Questions inspired more questions, it seemed.

"Tanaka-san, would we have any access to any facilities to aid to us in our mission?" Marlowe inquired. "And may I have some of that sake, if I may be so bold?"

As he was ignored by the 7 ft environmental suit clad girl, Edge took to chewing on another stick of gum to alleviate his boredom as the rest of the folk around him turned quiet, as a bunch of what like Yakuza entered the club.

These strange selection of Japs revealed themselves of the Johnsons behind behind the offer, and suddenly they made it clear who they were as the began to explain what the job entailed. They were japanese, after information, from NeoNet. Renraku had revealed themselves.

As they were briefed on the specifics, Edge went over the events in his head. The infiltration of the facility appeared would appear difficult to those unfamiliar with the task, but as a traceur, it wouldn't prove to be that much of a challenge to him; the search for and acquisition of the data may prove tricky, but it would not be the first time that stealth was required of him, and last time he checked, knives were certainly quieter than guns; the destruction of the facility meanwhile was the task with which he felt the most uncomfortable with, as he had never really applied himself to learning about explosives, they were too loud, too volatile for his liking, and as such he had always used various underlings to use them when they were necessary. He was going to let someone else handle the specifics of that task, as there was no chance in hell he was going to risk blowing up his hands, they were the tools of his profession.

The killing of the target, and all the killing before him, would of course be a cakewalk.

He began to grow bored with the constant incessant questions that the folk around him asked. It had already been made clear that he would not reveal specifics until those had accepted, so why bother?

As he sat near the bar blowing a bubble with his gum, his eyes began to wander, catching the sight of the beautiful oriental woman who had came with the suited Johnson and his other acquaintance. She was unlike any woman he had ever seen, and bubble exploded as he sat wide-eyed. His eyes traced the voluptuous curves of her body, and as he did so, for a split second, her eyes caught his as he eyed her up.


There goes my gum

His trademark smile grew on his face as he slowly rose from his seat. He made his way over to what others were calling "Ms Tanaka", and he stood with his hands in his pockets, cheeks rosy.

"Ummmm... Could you somethi-I mean a drink?"

"Ummmm... Could you somethi-I mean a drink?"

Those words had just been spoken near Nolan's ear, and he turned to see Tanaka's woman next to him, facing out and speaking with one of the younger 'runners. He didn't look but a few years younger physically, but trying to pick up a Johnson's (presumable) bodyguard? Nolan had to struggle from scoffing. Rolling his eyes, he turned back to the bar and took a few hearty swigs from his beer, wondering how he could make his unique skills valuable among this motley crew.

Mr. Johnson returned his attention to the sake long enough to take a sip before the questions began again. The first was the easiest and most suprising. "Of course you may Marlowe-san." he responded to the well dressed lawyer, before turning to his largest companion and nodding toward him. From a pocket in his suit, he withdrew a small, traditional sake cup, shallow and made of some black clay with green flakes. The large man filled the cup about a third of the way, then did the same, only two thirds, to the second cup before his leader. "Please enjoy, its a fine sake from my home near Kyoto." he said, passing the smaller glass to the lawyer. he then began answering the real questions.

"I can only promise the facilities in this club. The backrooms have several areas with technology to help you plan. Unfortunately, my employer has few resources in Seattle then he would like." he answered Charlie as they each took a sip of the sake.

"I hope you would have the job done within the week Roberts-san. Understand however that depending on how subtle you are at acquiring the data, you may only have hours to accomplish the third objective = they are sure to move high priority figures to safe houses quickly." he answered the dread pirate.

He then began answering Sebastian's questions. It was only because of this that he missed Edges pass at his presumable bodyguard. As the words were said, she smiled at the young runner, flaunting her "assets" slightly more in his direction in response. "I appreciate the offer Edge-san..." the woman started to say. Edge believed it going his way until her next words were spoken. She moved closer to him, startling him slightly and finished "... but I believe my father would not appreciate it as much." the movement of her eyes indicated Mr. Johnson, and Edge suddenly knew fear unlike any other.

Meanwhile, Mr. Johnson continued his game of twenty questions. "You are very inquisitive for an assassin Shade Walker-san. To answer the first, the man who built the archive facility before NeoNET purchased the company prided himself on his data security. He spared no expense on the latest security devices. In terms of active security, expect many drones, piloted by program, and several guards on the outside. The inside of the facility has two sections. the first are a number of office areas for meetings. To reach this, you must pass through a security station at the main lobby. They will be checking for SIN's and access codes. To enter the data access terminal, you must pass further scrutiny. Several passive securities prevent access including a retinal scanner, DNA scanner, voice print with daily password, finger-print scanner and a biometric scan. Access to both sections is blocked on the astral plane via a magical lodge effect. While this will not prevent physical entry, it has prevented several watcher spirits from entering as well as some of my employers best mages.

In regards to the second, the man became a target do to a rather... unique discovery he made. I cannot say further until all have either accepted or declined my offer.

In reagrds to the third, He is not particularly vulnerable, and Novatech Seattle keeps him under close watch. Even my employer does not know his current whereabouts in the Novatech compound. The best chance to reach the target is first to find where he is and wait for the the company to move him. NeoNET will realize the facility has been compromised at some point, and try to move the man. during that time, he will be under heavy guard, but will be in the open.

As to why I brought you into the fold as it were, It is because you are a master assassin and I expect capturing him to be impossible. It would be preferable to capture him of course, but it simply seems infeasible." he finished, taking a moment to finish his sake after the long speach

Marlowe watched and grimaced as he watched the pup get shot by Ms. Tanaka. Fathers, he got on forever about fathers who protected their daughters from men like him like old rottweiler, or in this case a tosa inu. This 'Edge' was a man after his own heart. A younger Charlie would have done the same, anything to get into a hot chick's pants. He even decided not to say "Keep it in ya pants!" to this fellowe simply because of that. What Edge didn't know was this: a girl like that had distinctive style and distinctive beauty; she would be easy to track down. Marlowe smirked as he realised his advantage in the hunt.

"Of course you may Marlowe-san." Mr. Tanaka responded. "Please enjoy, it's a fine sake from my home near Kyoto."

Sake was truly a drink for companions, whether they be co-workers, contacts or close friends, given the etiquette for drinking. Never pour a cup for youself. At least Japanese alcoholics never drank to death alone on sake. As the sake was being poured out, Charlie looked at the label and approved. Always trust Japs to have good taste in rice wine.

"I can only promise the facilities in this club. The backrooms have several areas with technology to help you plan. Unfortunately, my employer has few resources in Seattle then he would like." he answered Charlie as they each took a sip of the sake.

It was a fine sake. However, this contrasted with the answer the Johnson had given him. Fewer resources? Damn. No wonder you brought me in and the rest of the circus as well. Marlowe thought. Bring in enough people and sure, there'll be resources. Tch.

Roberts winched as the young blonde got shot down, the man had good taste but this really wasnt the time for picking up mobster daughters. He was on the cusp of saying some smart-ass comment before he checked himself; Mr. Tanaka might take it as an insult and to be honest that man was the scariest of the three; no matter how civil he seemed there was an air of danger around him. As for the others the big one was threats; Roberts couldn't ignore the fact he was 80% tec, anyone that highly augmented wasn't sage to be around, fun to be one though. The girl looked dangerous is her own was, typical femme-fatal, kissing you neck one minutes slitting it the next, he'd been warned about them.

"A week? No offence boss but that's going to be tough even with all of these runners. However I'm certain everyone here is willing to try"

He was trying to push along the conversation, question asking was getting them nowhere and with such a small time frame they needed to get started fast.

Nova realised someone had responded to her and briefly felt bad for ignoring him.
"Sorry I forgot to respond. But you can watch this."
She wandered over to the nearest plug she found and put her hand to it there was a crackling sound before she withdrew her hand, glowing slightly.
She then held her two hands and shot lightning between them creating a lasting current before stopping. It'd created a lot of light and her gloves started to smoke slightly.

At long last, the Johnson had arrived and was answering questions. Nik had been sat alone, carefully avoiding the infighting and other jackassery that Runner groups always seemed to end up acting out before a big job. When it got to the questions, he frowned.
After silently waiting his turn, he stood up from his seat at the bar.

"Coupla questions, Mr. Tanaka."
He raised his index finger.
"One. I don't know about anybody else here, but I need to know this building's location 'fore I can consider the job. My skills are restricting, I need lines of sight and I need crow's nests. What's more, I need to know what we could run into in the local area. Unless you're hirin' me for my 'talent' slinging mojo, those are my conditions. Sound fair?"

His mouth felt dry after so much talking, so he took a gulp from his scotch before continuing, raising another finger.

"Two. I second the defences question. If we're running against heavy awakened shit, I wanna know what specifically. That's me."

He sat back down and awaited the Johnson's reply, casually scanning the new crowd. He'd need to keep an eye on that Ancient, the boy was way too cocky to work on a team. Hell, at the moment he seemed more suspicious than the damn trogs- the orcs, the orcs.
Nik tried to expel that thought from his mind and went back to looking at the Japanese businessman.

"...As to why I brought you into the fold as it were, It is because you are a master assassin and I expect capturing him to be impossible. It would be preferable to capture him of course, but it simply seems infeasible." Was the response that Mr. Tanaka-san gave to his final question, along with providing answers to the other questions that Sebastian has asked.

"Very well Mr. Tanaka-san, consider myself on board with this mission. Your client has made a wise decision in hiring someone like me." Sebastian remarked, complementing on whoever made the call to bring these people together. He then sat down, and continued to listen to other conversation that had occurred. It was then that the former Lonestar officer had spoken.

"...My skills are restricting, I need lines of sight and I need crow's nests."

"Hmm, must be a sniper, given that description." Sebastian thought to himself, noting the man's skill set. He waited for the man to finish, before speaking.

"It seems as though, we will have two snipers on this mission. Shall certainly be an interesting affair." Sebastian remarked with a sly little smile.

Finwe listend in to all the talk around him he decided that he had no further questions.
He stands up and says.
"Mr. Tanaka-sama i have no question for you. And I accept the job just tell me where to go and when to be there and i will."
Finwe sits down again looks around.

"It seems as though, we will have two snipers on this mission. Shall certainly be an interesting affair."

Right, interesting. New to the Sprawl isn't he? Probably a squatter at this point. What exactly is the deal with that smile? Not very good around people obviously, otherwise he wouldn't have made his skills and equipment known right off. Now the only thing would be is to tail him and then go in and nick his stuff when the moron was gone.

The cop had a reason to tell of his abilities, and good questions considering. Without an elevated position he was alot like his brother, probably useless in a close combat situation.

"I appreciate the offer Edge-san... but I believe my father would not appreciate it as much."

Edge looked over at the Japanese man in the business suit, pre-occupied with answering everybody's question. The look she gave him said all that was needed.

"Oh...well... I get it, I'll... see you later then...Ms Tanaka"

He walked away slowly, looking disheartened and chewing on his gum, he pulled up a stool next to the bar yet again, looking over at the elf whom he'd had the skirmish with previously. Wulf gave him a look of disapproval. Looking around at everyone else, he could tell they had all thought the same as they had seen him crash and burn.
Not one to appear vulnerable at such a moment, he leant over the bar, stealing a bottle of bear whilst the bartender was distracted by a pair of bickering dwarves. Edge flicked open one of his knives, using it to take the cap off the bottle. Looking up at the ceiling, he took his gum out of his mouth and placed it behind his ear before taking a long swig of beer.

Thinking about the job at hand, all these new developments, all the fancy security, he began to reconsider. It was not until he realised,that the best chance of seeing this woman again, was by doing this job.

"I have but one question for you, before I accept." he said before pausing and taking another swig of his beer.

"Where did you get your suit?"

"It seems as though, we will have two snipers on this mission. Shall certainly be an interesting affair."

"Ok so our best bet its to split into teams, one for each job. We've got two snipers, an assassin, a spaceman and like seven magic users, anyone here with any experience in infiltration and or corporate espionage?"

He looked around examining each runner in turn, this many people on one job would only end badly, better to divide, conquer and actually get things done.

"Three jobs; burning a building down, stealing what I assume is sensitive material and then blowing a guys head of. Whose in what?"

"Anyone here with any experience in infiltration and or corporate espionage?"

Edge overheard the man trying to organise some sense of tactic and order out of this rag-tag bunch of runners.

"I have experience in getting in and out of dangerous places, so I suppose that's where I'll be best at. If anyone wants to come with, feel free"

He finished of his beer, placing it on top of the counter before looking around at any possible takers.

"I have no idea how to destroy the building, but I'm open to suggestions on that one. I'm also assuming that the sniper guys are going to take down the target, amiright? "

"Three jobs; burning a building down, stealing what I assume is sensitive material and then blowing a guys head of. Whose in what?"

"I'd say wait a bit kid, we've got a damn room in the back for us to discuss everything that needs to be known about each other can be said there. Out here, we're still in the public eye,ear,nose, and fucking throat."

"I'd say wait a bit kid, we've got a damn room in the back for us to discuss everything that needs to be known about each other can be said there. Out here, we're still in the public eye,ear,nose, and fucking throat."

"Have you looked around? Ain't no one here beyond us and the serving staff and I'm pretty sure they're to scared to even come close. And don't call me kid."

AS he spoke he changed his face back to the old grizzled cowboy, no one would listen to the face he as just using.

"Anyone here with any experience in infiltration and or corporate espionage?" Asked Roberts, as he tried to organise the group into an effective unit, assigning them tasks that would compliment their unique abilities.

"You know Roberts, I can handle being in any of these three tasks. But, I am most suited for dealing with the target. As someone of the assassin profession, infiltration happens to be one of my best qualities. I also have some skills in hacking, which could make for navigating the security easier." Sebastian said, commenting on his overall usefulness to the mission at hand. He then sat back, and asked Finwe a question quietly.

"So Finwe, which job are you going to partake in?"

Venaticus watched as everyone got the impression that the NeoNET HQ had to be destroyed for some reason. Which was entirely untrue given what he had said earlier. The investigator stood up and said.

"There is no reason to burn the whole building down. The data we are destroying needs to be destroyed by hacking in to a computer and wiping all the hard drives, backups, and backup backups. Simply leveling the building will be a setback, but it won't accomplish what we are hired to do and Tanaka said himself that the building does not need to be leveled. I and any other computer hacker should lead the data destruction as several of us working on it at once would be ideal. I can also find any data we require while I am doing that. When it comes to the assassination deal, I can give you guys insight on the interior but I refuse to go along for that. The corporate espionage has to be done quietly and efficiently, adepts blowing the place up and causing mayhem would only be a hindrance, not a help."

Mages, assassins, snipers, brawlers, and killers. Charlie thought, Where did he find in?

"Anyone here with any experience in infiltration and or corporate espionage?"

Like the rest of them, he was nervous about talking about his weaknesses and strengths. However, it was nearing 3AM, when even the most hardcore of clubbers took off. This club was owned by the employer of the Johnson, he would make sure the Raven Club was a safehouse for the group. Charlie gave a shrug, then took a sip of sake. Might as well give teamwork a shot, even with a team like this. For this job to work, they had to know his abilities and he had to know theirs. Might as well spill the beans.

"I could charm the pants off your mother, I have experience of boardroom politics and whatnot, I know people in NeoNET and could probably save you a lot of ammo." Marlowe said, "But I ain't much good for anything else."

Pity this wasn't a kiss and tell session, Charlie would have them beat by miles, no contest. With this contest, even he wouldn't bet on himself.

He was over-hyping his abilities, sure. But wasn't everyone else doing the same?

Roberts looked the Hispanic man up and down

"And how do you suggest we get into the building? Given time and the right S.I.N I could get myself inside easily but then there the issue that I cant hack for shit. Frankly blowing the place up would make life a lot easier. As for you Mr Shade" He turned to the man "surely your expertise are in the final job?"

Finwe whispers back.
"I dont know, I think in all of them people are going to get hurt. So I dont really care all that much where i am going to help. But I think I wouldnt be much help with the hacking part. Which part of the mission are you going to take part in?"

"Kid, you took the face of a kid, therefore that's more than likely your real face. I've been to enough bars,strip joints, clubs, and street raves as the next guy to know that there's almost always someone watching. Now how about everyone that wants in on the nuyen go with Tanaka-san and talk in the back room, where we at least know who's listening to us?" Wulf stood and turned to Tanaka-san before giving him the normal farewell/going with you gesture he normally gave to Tatewake.

The place was still pretty packed from his point of view, and considering this was a runner hideout, most of them probably were here for one job or simply exchanging information.

"This isn't some club with whiny civies or corp cunts wining and dining...Whatever your name happens to be. Over there, that little human woman,"He jerked his head towards a woman in the back, pretty, but not overly so, sitting across from an old, grizzled troll,"She's got more tech than most of you combined, eyes,legs,spikes,and smartlinks are just the beginning, no normal person has that, and if she were high corp, she wouldn't be caught dead here in the same room as Tanaka-san, considering that tattoo on her ankle," He gestured in a completely different direction, towards another troll,"He's big,tough, and he knows it, but he's got dirt, grime and dust covering his clothes and he doesn't have any chrome, now what troll on the streets doesn't have any of that stuff, but can afford the drinks he's been getting and the gold tips on his horns? My guess is that he's a street shaman, Rat or Crocodile, maybe. This is not the place that has the best security in it's main areas. This is not the place we want to be talking. Kid."

"And how do you suggest we get into the building? Given time and the right S.I.N I could get myself inside easily but then there the issue that I cant hack for shit. Frankly blowing the place up would make life a lot easier."

Venaticus turned to Roberts and stated coldly. "Obviously you just ignored me, but blowing it up won't destroy the data, and would be a mere setback for a large corporation such as NeoNET. I can get in there fairly easily as I have to floor plans, a security suit from the building and I also know when they come in and out. Let's just say I used to work for them before I got tired of their methods. Once in, the hard part is to go around mostly undetected, knocking out any guards we come across silently and then getting to an executive's computer. Those will have the access codes and be secluded from most of the guards. There we can get the data we need, then destroy everything else. Simple."

Roberts remained seated while addressing the elf

"You left off the black guy in the far corner with the Level 2 Vision SPU and the Cyberfinger Lockpicks. Do not talk to me about augmentations Fluffy, given that I'm currently 80% tec you're a bit out of your league on the subject. Obviously you've noticed that no-one in here has anything to improve their hearing and since they're currently about 50ft from us we wont be overheard. The names Roberts by the way, you look like you've been in the game awhile, I'm sure you've heard of me"

The names Roberts by the way, you look like you've been in the game awhile, I'm sure you've heard of me"

"Just gave a few musings, Roberts, nothing beyond that. The fact that you're as chromed as you just means you've got a rich uncle, kid, not that you know anything about it. And no, I haven't heard of you.And you call me fluffy one more time, and you'll have substantially less chrome soon enough, the name's Wulf, and don't forget it."

Wulf began walking towards the room Tanaka-san said the meeting would take place once the runners finished accepting the job. Whatever happened next didn't matter, but he had no intention of showing the Edge kid his back, the Cutters and Ancients might have peace right now, but wars had started over distributors enough times that a killing would just give another reason profits to go down.

Nolan sighed. So much infighting and dick-measuring, and Tanaka was still in the room.

"All we need to know now is if you're on board with the job or not!" he snapped over the bickering. "Wait until we know who all is in, then what they can do, and then we'll figure out specifics! Keep the planning quiet until then!"

As Wulf walked away Roberts turned his head towards him

"You call me Kid one more time and you'll end up looking like a hairless cat. Also I recommend you do a web-search once you get home, might help to know who you're working with."

Roberts had noted Wulfs reaction to his last sonic pulse, he drew a tiny disk from his belt and gently threw it out the window onto the mans coat, in about 3 minutes it would go off, hopefully just when Wulf away from him. He turned back to the table to address the other man speaking

"In that case I've got dibs on your team, anyway you can get me an employees S.I.N? You seem to know the place well."

"The data archive has only one entrance and exit, a main gate. Only guards, maintenance personnel, and certain executives have access. As for the target, I will let you know after I see who has accepted my proposal."

That gives me an opportunity... Avalanche thought to himself. If I can get one of the guards to believe I'm a simple dog - which shouldn't be all that difficult, considering - I could get an opportunity to knock him out... He was already planning where to set up for the info-gathering that he'd have to do, likely from a park or an alleyway close enough to NEONet that he could monitor the comings and goings, shift changes, and security strength around the building. I'll probably have to head there right after this meeting is over, that'd give me the greatest amount of time to gather intel.

He continued to silently observe the interactions between the other runners and Mr Tanaka, as well as his body guards. Avalanche tried not to let a grin show when he overheard Edge get shot down by the girl, who was apparently Tanaka's daughter. Careful, pup... That's a dangerous road to travel on.

Avalanche feigned disinterest, until Roberts and a man who introduced himself as Wulf got into another altercation. Meta-Humans... He thought. Worse than coyotes, always fighting over every little thing that goes by. It's a wonder there's so many of them. As Wulf headed for the room where they were to discuss the fine details of the operation, Avalanche noticed Roberts throw a small object after him. Hmmm... Perhaps Roberts is the culprit in the glass breaking caper... I'll have to confront him about that little bit of unpleasantness...

What Taylor felt, as best as she could describe, was uncertainty. These corporate officials were not good men, and she had reservations for much of the team. Everything was foreign-and not just the location, but the things you couldn't see. How these people thought, talked and acted was wholly unlike her. But she had never doubted the lead shamans- they had chosen her of all their resources. There must be some reason, some element that made her the best option. But what exactly it was was elusive.

She drew back on the memories of her own corporate life. As severe the rejection of her old life was, it couldn't be denied that that environment would benefit her, now that she would be immersed in it. Ironically- from the other direction. Where as before her caretakers had worried about outside intrusions, the outsider was now her role.

She listed as her homrades began to reveal their own skillsets. Taylor was hesitant, understanding the fears of the unenlightened, and didn't want to reveal too much to begin. But how to put it to words? What can I do?

I have a shared affinity with the most successful forms of life on Earth. over 750,000 living species have been identified- Of all the millions of animals on our planet, eight out of every ten are some kind of insect. Moreover, this order has been blooming since the Carboniferous at least, and shows no signs of slowing. In a world where wolves are literally going extinct from habitat loss, an entire universe of tiny life thrives around us. And though a wolf may bite, perhaps even kill- locusts destroy nations, malaria and plague eradicate whole societies, bees pollinate your flowers, and your ancestors worshiped the scarab, all with indifference of the human world. They embody an earthiness, a strength of survival, a genetic vessel endlessly weird and amusing. And an untapped power, for their spirits surround me.

"I can fly." She said. "I can get inside."

Save the AI as a mind-state. Enter the facility with it on her body.

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