One Hell of a Family [dead] (thanks you to everyone who played im sorry im a terrible dm)

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"To be honest I've never made a long coat, or long anything after all, my principle model is hardly long herself. But I recon I can get it done.
So does anyone still have a reason to be here because I'd probably work better in my special room at the apartment.
Helena are you done playing with the special toy of yours?"
"It's not a toy! It's an incredibly complicated bit of tech." Someone sure knew how to press her buttons. "But if you're asking if I'm ready to go I guess sure. Not like anything interesting is going on here"

Richard smiled he's easily one of my favorites I don't know, I know of this fantastic woman named Terra L. Price, her work is genius. Far better than the indiscriminate babblings of a humble scribe like myself. Richard held her closer and frowned, using his free hand to dig his phone out of his pocket and glance at the text he received, plainly letting her see it.

'Jacq-he asked me out! I'll bring you one of McGinnis's cakes!'

Richard just smiled "Well that turned out well. You're gonna get some of the best confectionery possibly ever made. Mickey might be an aloof recluse, but he is GOOD at edibles. I suppose it's all the practice he has in alchemy." Richard looked at her, seeing the metaphysical bonds they had rapped in various runes and patterns he would have thought impregnably advanced just yesterday.

Richard managed to take his eyes off his significant other, and turned to the tailor briefly nodding, he quickly and discreetly placed a good deal of money on a small unoccupied part of her chair "For materials and labor. It's about one-fifty, I was planning to buy something later tonight that I paid in a different tender." Richard then turned back to Terra "Would you like to leave soon as well? Cynth will be leaving the port soon, and I'd at least like to clear breakables from edges before she tackles me into them." Richard had a humored grin near the end, he was quickly gaining more of an open sense of humor than the closed off snarky intellectual he was before.

"I'll handle the money." Helena was already there.
150, someone clearly didn't know where to get parts. Then again if that was his offer who was she to correct him.
"So how much is it Hel?"
"It's a fair bit, a generous offer for the work. Was there anything you wanted to spend it on?"
"Is it enough for that toy I wanted?"
At some point Helena was teaching Loupa how money works, of course she'd also need to run through numbers that aren't under 10. "Trust me it's more than enough."
"Enough for two."
"Trust me; it's more than enough for anything you'd want."
"Now come on, it's getting late. And my arm is getting tired. See."
She pulled off a little of the skin showing a little battery icon mostly drained.

"So would anyone else like me to do anything? I guess now's as good a time as any to take requests." Loupa had asked the group, with which Richard responded in saying that did she do longcoats. This got Seras thinking, as her arms was still linked with Theon's. She had thought about getting a replacement fedora hat, after it had been damaged a month ago; now was as good a time as any.

"Say Loupa, have you ever made hats before?" Seras asked sounding slightly nervous.

"Would you like to leave soon as well? Cynth will be leaving the port soon, and I'd at least like to clear breakables from edges before she tackles me into them." Richard said, letting his snarky mask fall in place of one more directly humorous.

"Sounds like a good plan to me." Terra responded, watching as the last of the people made there way to the stage. There weren't many people left, so she decided to wait for the last of them to finish - it was only fair after all. "I'm just going to wait until for the last of the others first." she said, indicating the crowd. "Then I'm all yours" she finished, speaking to Richard obviously.

"Mmmm, I guess I'll just have to spend the torturous wait. It's hell, but for you, I'll go through it every day." Richard smirked, mentally sending her a sincere feeling of trust and love I'd still be an antisocial recluse if not for you. Might have even simply died at my Ascension. Most of my people never even get the chance to try. I say you're the one that made me cooler. So thanks.





After 30 mins of waiting the moment Dwight had been waiting for came. "And now a very special announcement will Dwight Luvence please come to get your diploma. Now as some of you know Mr. Luvence is very special due to him being fully human. So please give a huge round of applause for Dwight Luvence." Dwight turned to thank the person who talked to him but he had dissapeared.

Dwight walked the up to the podium he only heard maybe 10 people applauding most of it he heard people whispering that his father paid off the school. Dwight didn't care as soon he got the diploma he was going out to Arizona to one the more swank human settlements. Still Dwight had to go through the motions as Dwight understood it everybody at the school had a seal placed on them when they started and the diploma removed it,and it allowed you to use your true form and your powers were allowed to grow naturally. Hell even Dwight had one so "as not to discriminate" as they put it. Dwight finally reached the podium. Mrs. Lewis smiled at him she handed him the diploma. Dwight gave his best fake smile as he grabbed the diploma.

As Dwight took the diploma he felt an unlocking sensation as the seal was unlocked. But suddenly Dwight felt very strange. He began sweating very profusely as a large purple aura surrounded him. Black markings began appearing all over his skin and his skin began to go pale as two small horns grew on his forehead. His hair unfurled and his patch fell off as his other eye glowed red as well. Dwight then smiled as people in the audience shrunk back slightly in fear. Dwight threw his arms back and yelled as his power blew outward "I'M FREE!". Before anymore of this spectacle could go on the teachers had thrown 5 seals on Dwight. The markings dissapeared and his skin went back to its natural tone. Dwight looked around and ran out the hall and laid against the wall breathing heavily. He looked at his hands "What the hell was that?" Dwight stayed there for the rest of the time.

Richard had instinctively thrown up a magical shield around Terra before the beast had even spoke, and had prepared a repulsion spell, when the seals went up his magic dropped and he looked around to the people not clapping. Frowning, he started a casual clap. You okay, Love?

Helena was looking at the stage, fascinating. Looks like this guy's she'd never met before and just assumed wasn't important might be worth her time. Might. Maybe.
She turned round to see Loupa snarling. Now this was something she had to deal with.
Helena patted her on the head stroking her.
"There, there it's ok. Nothing to be worried about."
Loupa calmed down, pretty quickly.
"Now if you'll excuse me I've got some investigating to do."
Helena walked forward eyeing him up this man. Instinctively her hand reached up to her glasses ready to pull them off. But she wasn't quite there yet.

When the man changed Theon had grabbed Seras and brought her close to him. He had grown the arm he wasn't holding her with into an shield which grew a few inch before them and protected them both. He was looking through an small hole in the shield. When he turned back and ran away Theon sighed relieved and changed his arm back. He looked at Seras with an relieved smile.

Then Helena walked away toward the demon man. Theon looked at Seras with an worried expression. "It might be best if we were to go after her just in case." He smiled and stood up ready to run after her unless he was stopped.

When she saw the man called Dwight change into supposedly some kind of demon, Seras was about to cast a spell to protect herself; but it seems Theon already had that covered. He quickly pulled her in with an arm, whilst changing his other arm into a shield. After it was over, both of them could see Helena go in the direction that the man was heading. Theon first looked at Seras with a relieved smile, then a worried expression.

"It might be best if we were to go after her just in case." He remarked, his smile soon returning.

"Your right, better make sure that the pair of them are okay. And also, thank you, for protecting me." Seras said, her cheeks were blushing by the end. She then hugged him.

"Your right, better make sure that the pair of them are okay. And also, thank you, for protecting me."
He was then hugged by a blushing Seras. He smiled brightly as he hugged her back. He whispered to her. "From now on I will always be there to protect you Seras. No matter where you go or who threatens you, I will always be there to protect you." He held her in a loving embrace for a few seconds and then he released her. He was smiling as he asked. "Shall we go?" He extended his hand for her to grab it. And then they would go after Helena just to make sure she was safe.

Theon smiled brightly, before hugging Seras in return. He then whispered something warm and reassuring to her.

"From now on I will always be there to protect you Seras. No matter where you go or who threatens you, I will always be there to protect you." The couple then held the embrace for a few more second, before Theon released Seras. He then smile as he asked "Shall we go?" Theon then extended his hand for her to grab it. Seras quickly kissed him on the cheek, then took hold of his hand.

"Indeed we shall." She said with a smile. The couple took off, and moved towards Helena, meeting up with her soon after.

Terra had instinctively thrown her arms up against the blast, only to have it deflected by the magic shield Richard had thrown up in front of them. "You okay, Love?" Richard asked, concern in his mental voice. Terra nodded in response, relief clearly on her face. "Who thought removing limiters from people in the middle of a crowd was a good idea?" she though back at him, commenting on how bad of an idea it was. and thanks Richard/ she added, in a more caring tone, glad for the protection he had offered.

Taking stock of the situation, Terra realized the monster formerly known as Dwight had bolted from the room following his desire for, apparently freedom. Helena, uttering a quick good-bye, went off to follow and investigate; Loupa in tow, and Theon and Seras not a second later. Terra gave a quick look and smile at Richard that said "Coming?", then followed after the four, saying "I'm going with you; you might need some help if things go south."

Richard grinned "Coming?" "You kidding? An ancient beast of immense power and lore, unknown until now and in all likelihood, not meant to be discovered? I HAVE to know more about that." He floated behind Terra, keeping himself relatively low to the ground and a hand on her shoulder

Dwight ran towards the men's room on the other side of the hall. His mind was racing with thoughts that he barley even noticed that where he walked he left a trail of purple energy with crackled with fire.

Dwight threw cold water on his face as soon as he rushed in and looked at his reflection. "Okay Dwight you are cool and fine you are not a monster you are a regular human being okay." he said to his reflection hoping it would bring him some measure of peace. Suddenly his reflection answered "Oh Dwight you as far from being human as you could possibly be" it said in smooth calm voice, "In fact your actually ,if you want to get technical, your actually half human." Dwight reflection changed into the thing that had shocked and awed the entire hall just moments earlier. "What the hell are you?" asked Dwight. The other Dwight just merely smiled and pulled out a cigarette out of his coat and lit it with a match. "Where did you get that?" Dwight asked with more urgency. "I don't know Dwight it's your mind I just rent so where did it come from? Do you you secretly have and urge to smoke or an even more secret urge to get that sweet piece of vampire Helga twisting in between the sheets her han-" Other Dwight was suddenly interrupted by Dwight. "SHUT THE HELL UP WHATEVER OR WHOEVER YOU ARE WHY DO YOU EVEN EXIST YOU MOTHER-" Other Dwight suddenly tilted out the mirror and grabbed Dwight by his tie bringing him towards his face.

"Listen here you tiny insignificant sniveling worm you and me are about to do things which will make us powerful and i'll be damned if I have some brat tell me what to do. I've always been there Dwight screaming at you to stand up and do something for yourself but you never do. So if you won't i'll drag you kicking and screaming all the way if I have to and I will destroy anyone who gets in our way" Other Dwight brought Dwight closer his voice dropping to a low hiss "So get with the f***ing picture and do play your role." Other Dwight slammed Dwight's head into mirror shattering and leaving a gash on top of Dwight's head. Blood dripped on his shirt as fell backwards into unconsciousness his last thought was "Great another person who's pushing me around and I can't even see him." Everything went black as Dwight his the floor blood starting to pool around his head.

By the time Helena and Loupa had caught up whoever it was they were chasing had fallen down. He'd blacked out or something bleeding.
Helena ripped part of her dress to form a makeshift bandage to stem the flow. She had to be careful making sure she didn't catch sight of her own reflection. Loupa wasn't bother by it not quite sure how but she was immune to Helena's powers. Of course mirrors weren't without their problems for Loupa.
"Hey look, other people, one of them looks just like you but I don't recognise the other. Hello?"
"They are us."
"But how we're over here?"
"I'll explain later, for now go get help. If I can wake this guy up I can paralyse him to slow his bleeding."
She held him in her arms, splashing him to try and get his eyes open."

Terra caught up to Helena and Loupa fairly quickly - the benefit of having wings she supposed. She arrived just in time to catch Helena splashing water upon Dwight's face, now bleeding profusely. Seeing the blood, she felt now was as good a time as any to act. "Do you want me to find a first aid kit or...?" Terra asked, not really sure what to do - this was the first time she'd seen someone with a grave head wound.

The couple was also going to the bathroom as fast as they could without using their powers. They arrived a second after Terra had entered. Theon decided to go first while he knew that Seras was probably the better fighter, he still couldn't allow her to put herself in harms way. I mean he lost control before who says he wouldn't do that again? Seras meanwhile was worried about Terra who had already entered the bathroom.

They both walked in to see Dwight unconscious on the gound with blood coming from what seemed to be an head wound. Helena was holding Dwight, Terra was standing there looking at Helena with an unsure look on her face, And Loupa looked confused by the mirrors. Theon whispered to Seras."You wouldn't happen to have any kind of healing magic do you?" Seras whispered back."While I do have healing magic I don't know if it will work on such a wound." Seras then stepped forward to Helena she crouched next to Helena and asked."Can I see the wound?". Theon meanwhile began looking around to see who did this. His nose didn't pick up any strange smells though.

Richard flew through into the bathroom, and put his arm on Terra after seeing Dwight "He's alive, though something weird is going on. I'm seeing patterns on him that are similar to the energies before, when he went all evil overlord on us. I doubt he's currently dangerous, but I'm still analyzing what I'm seeing. Should I cast a bind on him?"

"He's alive, though something weird is going on. I'm seeing patterns on him that are similar to the energies before, when he went all evil overlord on us. I doubt he's currently dangerous, but I'm still analyzing what I'm seeing. Should I cast a bind on him?" Richard asked as he examnied the unconscious Dwight. Seras had began examining him whilst these statements were made.

"That might be a good idea Richard, it should help when I'm trying to heal this injury." She replied with, making the final preperations for the healing spell. Using her powers of blood, she looked into Dwight, and saw something somewhat terrifying.

"Yeah, those are definitely some weird energies, almost demonic in nature, as if there is something else inside of him." Seras remarked in a confused tone of voice.

Dwight's eyes fluttered open as he back into the waking world. He looked around at the gaggle of people surrounding him. Their voices distored and garbled. His head was pounding a drumbeat of pain thoughout his skull. Finally he managed to croak out in a weak voice "Ugh.....who are you poeple and where am I."

"Ugh.....who are you poeple and where am I." Dwight asked, dazed and confused - and rightly so all things considered. "Well, I'm Terra, this is Helena, Loupa, Richard, Seras, and Theon. And... I this is the school's men's room... despite all the women." Terra said, trying to reassure him he was safe - no reason to provoke the demon in him.

Terra in particular hoped not to provoke such a beast - Succubi were a type of demon, so she knew just how deep the rabbit hole of problems went. More then a little worried, she kept her mental link open, just watching for any signs that the demon would take hold again.

Richard approached the man on foot, no longer floating, and sighed offering him a hand "C'mon, lets get you up." Mentally, he lifted the bind.

Just as a record statement, if he kills me, I want 'too nice for my own good' on my headstone. That is, if he gets that far. I don't imagine you'd be intensely eager to let that happen.

"Oh good you awake. Sort of."
Thinking about it if he was actually fully conscious then she'd have used her powers on him and he'd be paralysed.
"Guys?" She asked not looking away from this stranger. "Where did I leave my veil and glasses

"Ugh.....who are you poeple and where am I." Dwight asked as he slowly became conscious, sounding dazed and very much confused, which is understandable given his situation. Richard then used his power to help lift Dwight up and get him moving. Terra on the other hand, was bringing him up to speed on the current situation.

"Well, I'm Terra, this is Helena, Loupa, Richard, Seras, and Theon. And... I this is the school's men's room... despite all the women." Seras then gave Dwight a friendly smile as her name was called, trying to show she didn't mean harm to him. Then again, that can change when someone has a demonic entity residing within them.

"Thats me, Seras Rogue. Now don't worry Dwight I'm going to try and fix this rather nasty head wound you've got here. We should get you to someplace a little more sutiable , if of course people agree with that?" She then asked the group.

"Guys?" Helena asked, not looking away from Dwight. "Where did I leave my veil and glasses?"

"I don't know Helena, maybe you left them back in the hall?"

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